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Mark Norris – Kitchen Design + Renovation by Superior Renovations

Video testimonial by Mark Norris (Glenfield, Auckland) Full Kitchen Design + Renovation, and removal of walls to open up space completed by Superior Renovations.

“For me personally, I thought the process from start to finish was actually pretty seamless. We both worked from home three days a week, living in a renovation and essentially working in a renovation to some degree. Obviously, we could hear the renovation happening; you can’t take that away. We weren’t really disturbed by anything else from the renovation unless a question needed to be asked, such as having the power or water turned off. But in terms of day-to-day operations, it was absolutely great, with no problems at all”

The renovation included:

☑️ Kitchen Design

☑️ New Kitchen Cabinetry + Benchtop

☑️ Plumbing, Electrical and Installation

☑️ Removal of walls

☑️ Plastering and Painting

☑️ New SPC Flooring – Kitchen and Dining Area

☑️ New Aluminium Joinery

☑️ Upgrade Power Board


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