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If you’re looking for ways to insulate your home, double glazed windows and doors are a great investment. With double glazing, you can expect to reduce heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of your home. This will help you save money on heating and cooling costs, as well as create a healthier environment by preventing the build-up of mould.

When it comes to insulating your home, there are four main areas to focus on: ceilings, walls, floors, and windows. Single glazed windows have been used for centuries, but they aren’t the most efficient option available. Double glazing is a superior choice, as it provides an additional layer of insulation that can significantly reduce heat loss.

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If you’re curious about the cost of double glazing, we’ve created a handy Double Glazing Cost Calculator that can help you estimate the cost of your project. Simply input some basic information about your home and the type of windows and doors you’re interested in, and the calculator will provide you with an estimate of the total cost. Investing in double glazing is a smart choice for anyone who wants to improve the energy efficiency and insulation of their home. With our Double Glazing Cost Calculator, you can get an idea of the cost of your project and start planning your upgrades today.

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Double Glazed Sliding Doors in West Harbour, Auckland

What is the difference between double glazing windows and retrofitted double glazing windows

Double glazed windows have two panes of glass with a layer of air or gas between them. This additional layer of insulation helps to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. Retrofit double glazing windows, on the other hand, involve adding a second pane of glass to an existing single glazed window.

The main difference between the two is that double glazed windows are designed and manufactured with two panes of glass and the space between them, while retrofit double glazing involves adding an extra pane of glass to an existing single glazed window. Retrofitting is generally a more cost-effective option compared to completely replacing windows with double glazed ones, but it may not be as effective at reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency. Factors that may influence the decision between the two options include the age and condition of the existing windows, the level of insulation required, and the budget available.

In some cases, retrofit double glazing may be the best option for older homes with historic or unique windows that are difficult to replace. In other cases, completely replacing old windows with new double glazed ones may be more effective and offer greater long-term benefits in terms of energy savings and insulation.

What factors determine the cost of double-glazed windows?

  • Size of windows/glass required
  • Type of Glass (Laminated Glass, Tinted Glass, Tough Glass, Low E-Glass)
  • Type of Insulation (Air/ Gas)
  • Type of Frames (Aluminium or Timber)
  • Amount of work required for repair/removal and installation
  • Access/ Scaffolding
  • Number of changes to existing frame/structure
  • Consent requirements
  • Material/Custom Manufacturing costs

How much does double glazing cost?

Double Glazing is the most expensive as compared to retrofitting or installing secondary glazing. This involves replacing your current windows with a IGU and new frames. If your priority is to increase the insulation of your home, then this is the best option to go with as it is the most effective. On an average it will cost around $35,000 to double glaze a 100m2 home in Auckland. If you choose Low-e glass panes along with Argon gas in the cavity then the price for double glazing will go up.

Tips to reduce the cost of double glazing for your home

Different combinations of your IGU (window-panes, sealant, gas or still air and frame) will yield different R values. Some combinations will be more effective in insulating your home but not all homes need a high level of insulation. For example, if your home does not need high insulation then it is a waste to install low-e glass panes or Argon gas in the cavity which is a more expensive combination.

Reduce costs by:

  • Choose clear glass or laminated glass instead of a low-e glass for your panes
  • Opt for still Air instead of Argon gas for your insulated cavity between your glass panes
  • Choose Aluminium as your window frame

Explanation on Cost Calculator for Double Glazing Windows

This New Double Glazing Cost Calculator (Updated on August 2021 to reflect market prices of product and labour) is designed only for you to get an indication of what you can expect to invest based on the provided information  – but there are more factors that could impact on the cost of the project – see full article on cost of double glazing here for a full comprehensive break-down:


— Please note —

For every project there can be so many cost factors which will affect the accuracy of this calculator. Cost generated by this calculator are calculated by averages just to give you an indication and for research purposes. Always seek professional advice and quotations from a project manager if you require an accurate estimate specifically related to your home/property. Never use this calculator as a foundation for your allowances or finances – only for research purposes. Rates & material costs vary from region to region as well.

These results are not substitutes for written quotes from trade professionals. Superior Renovations strongly recommends that you contact reputable professionals for accurate assessments of work required and costs for your project before making any decisions or commitments.

This cost calculator takes into consideration:

  • Costs for material / equipment which includes delivery to site.
    • For standard clear glass, no argon (gas)
    • Includes new frames
  • Costs to prepare the worksite for Replacement Window Installation, including costs to protect existing structure(s), finishes, materials, removal of existing windows and components.
  • Labor costs – setup time, project management time and hourly charges that are commonly included Replacement Window Installation jobs.

The cost calculator does NOT include:

  • Costs for relocating, repairing, or modifying existing framing, surfacing, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems – or bringing those systems into compliance with current building codes.
  • Costs for testing and remediation of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, etc)
  • Goods and Services tax on materials and supplies.
  • Permits, Consents or inspection fees
  • Architectural fees (if required)

Cost Calculator for Double Glazing Windows

Factors in the result includes: Supply, Installation, Removal of Existing Windows, and Labour; it is also based on double glazing windows, aluminum framing, replacing existing frames, standard clear glass (no argon, gas) and no tint/coatings.

Once you’ve completed the form below, you would then be emailed the results – we will then follow up with you to discuss your results if you’ve chosen for us to give you a call back.

Based on standard 2 sash window (1100mm by 1250mm)
Based on standard 3 door unit (1980mm by 2460mm)
Based on standard size window (900mm x 800mm)
Based on standard size window (1500mm x 1200mm)
Based on standard size window (2400mm x 1200mm)
Based on standard size skylight (780mm by 1650mm)
Calculated by multiplying the width and height

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    To sum up

    What is Double Glazing?

    Double glazing involves removing the old windows and frame. A new frame for the window is manufactured which is fitted with an Insulated glass unit. An Insulated glass unit which consists of 2 panes of glazing or glass that are parallel to eachother with a gap between them. A spacer is attached between the glass which is bonded with the the panes of glass with a sealant. This keeps the two glasses in place and provides a stable structure. This cavity between the two parallel panes of glass is filled with either Still Air or Argon gas.

    What is Retrofitted Double Glazing?

    Retrofitting Double Glazing involves installing an Insulated glass unit into your existing joinery or frame. An insulated glass unit has two parallel panes of glass with a gap in the middle. This gap has a spacer which is bonded to the panes with a sealant. This cavity is then filled with Still Air or Argon gas.

    How much does it cost to double glaze my home?

    Double glazing an average 100m2 home in Auckland will cost around $35,000.00. The cost will vary depending on the glass you choose, whether you get Still Air filled cavity or an Argon gas filled cavity. The material of the joinery/frame you choose will also affect the price.

    How much does it cost to retrofit double glaze my home?

    Retrofitting double glazing is cheaper compared to double glazing as you are not making brand new window frames. The cost to retrofit an average 100m2 home in NZ will start from about $18,000. Retrofitting double glazing is not always possible for most homes as your current joinery needs to be in near perfect condition to retrofit double glazing.


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