Joanne & Steve Hilson – House Renovated While Being on Holiday

Joanne & Steve Hilson

Video testimonial by Joanne & Steve Hilson for their House Renovation completed by Superior Renovations ® located in Greenlane, Auckland.

“Knowing that we weren’t there while it was being done as well was the best part, we were on the beach, and the renovation will be done”

“Working with Kevin and the team was easy because we weren’t having to ring up different suppliers ourselves, it was like one team does this, another team does that – and everything was done for us under one roof. Kevin had a contact for everything, and the experience was simple. You hear a lot of horror stories about doing renovations and I was like, well that was very easy”

The renovation included:

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Removal of wall to become an open plan
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Toilet Renovation
  • Addition of a New Toilet
  • New Laundry
  • New Custom Storage Area
  • Consent Process

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