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Bathroom Design Ideas For Classic, Vintage, Modern And Contemporary Bathrooms

How to design a bathroom? There are many steps and factors that you need to consider before you get started. Some say that your bathroom is almost like your very own spa. It’s a room in your house where you go to relax by taking a hot shower or soaking in the bathtub with wine and a movie. Which is why it’s important to think about the layout of your brand-new bathroom and which kind of style you might be going for. There are many bathrooms design that can be suited towards your needs and your families.

In this article:

  • Modern bathroom designs
  • Contemporary bathrooms
  • Traditional bathrooms
  • Cottage and Vintage bathrooms
  • Rustic Bathrooms
  • Industrial bathrooms

Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas – How to Design a Contemporary Bathroom

There are many bathrooms design NZ that can be suited to your home. As you know there are many different bathroom styles available to you. Our contemporary bathroom design ideas reflect a more design approach with flowing curves, hard angles, and geometric patterns. This bathroom design is starting to appear more in homes nowadays as we move away from traditional bathroom design. Of course, this is all about preference. So, if you’re move interested in a traditional bathroom design then we can make that happen for you.

What is the difference between contemporary bathroom design and modern bathroom design? Firstly, the main difference are the years. Modern design begun around 1920s and 1930s. Secondly, you can also tell the difference between the two based on the different looks. Modern bathroom design is characterized by clean lines, neutral colours, and natural materials. This will help give the house or the bathroom a minimalistic aesthetic.

Contemporary bathroom design often draw inspiration from modernism and mid-century modern and doesn’t commit to a single aesthetic. It can have many different aesthetics, but they all tie together and make the room look nice and not overwhelming, Contemporary bathrooms also use glass and metal materials to even copper as this can work very well in a contemporary bathroom style. Which is why this bathroom style gets mistaken for a modern bathroom style.

Whilst traditional bathroom style use more wood, stone, and porcelain materials. Whereas contemporary bathroom designs use synthetics material like laminates and plastics, granite, stone, and stainless steel. This is what you’ll see in a contemporary bathroom. When trying to see which style is which, keep an eye out on the materials that are used, and you’ll have a rough idea.

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8 Elements of a Contemporary Bathroom Design in NZ

1.    Clean Lines

Contemporary bathrooms feature unbroken horizontal lines. Curvy, undulating planes are not relevant here, and cabinet hardware is kept simple.

2.    Authentic Materials

How to design a bathroom? With a contemporary bathroom you’d want to choose materials that have and authenticity to them. We should be celebrating materials like wood or concrete instead of trying to alter them.

For this bathroom design idea, cabinets will lack any kind of decorative features like face frames or mouldings. Everything has been reduced to its most basic forms and components; there are only the necessities here. Cabinet and vanity doors have smooth, single-plane surfaces. Bathroom tiles design will be perfectly flush with the grout.

For this style, we’re going for a cleaner, simpler design. Once you consider having tiles patterning on the wall or chose more complex tiles then we’re moving away from the simpler design of the contemporary bathroom.

DSC00179, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Bathroom tiles design perfectly flushed with the grout

Interested? More information here. 

3.    Lack of Clutter

If you love to organise and keep your space nice and tidy, then this style is perfect for you. Contemporary bathrooms have a minimalist aesthetic which is why you can incorporate asian themes into your bathroom. This is due to how everything is put away and everything has a home to go to. Nothing will be left on the countertops except for the necessities.

DSC00160, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

A bathroom does not have to be cluttered with toiletries. It can be a beautiful space but it is important to think about storage before choosing your fittings. A mirror cabinet is a perfect way to increase storage in your bathroom which can be seen in this bathroom. The mirror cabinet is from Methven which we get from our supplier Reece.

4.    Contrast

Our designers use contrast to provide interest and drama to contemporary rooms instead of using ornate décor and details. For example, textural bamboo cabinets blend with polished concrete. Modern interiors keep to hues and colours that are at opposite ends of the colour spectrum. Your bathroom would be more pleasing if there is a wow factor.

DSC00169-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This bathroom is a great example of a bathroom design that combines different textures and patterns within a small bathroom space to create a cohesive bathroom design.

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5.    Simple Lighting

Once more, simple shapes take precedence over anything extravagant or detailed.

6.    Open Space

This is a crucial component when designing your contemporary bathroom. How to design a small bathroom? Whilst the space might be small, You can always create the illusion of space by making your bathroom more open and having more light in. The style is characterised by floating vanities, wide flooring, and a general sense of lightness and airiness.

7.    Colours

Contemporary bathroom design ideas can use many different colours. There isn’t just a specific colour tone or shade you need to stick to. Whilst some people do agree that contemporary styles lean towards cooler colours. Others have disagreed used colours that fit well with them and they own style. It’s more important to consider how your material selections and colour choices interact.

8.    Chrome

Because it is elegant, polished chrome is widely used in modern fixtures. Many of the faucet and fixture designs that are so effective originate in Europe, where chrome is preferred because it is durable, simple to clean, and true to the material.

One of our displays in our renovation showroom showcases a dark contemporary bathroom with chrome fittings as it is one of the most popular finishes for our clients. It works really well with modern and contemporary bathrooms. Our renovation showroom showcases 5 displays of renovated bathrooms and 3 Kitchens so clients can explore different materials and get ideas for their own renovation.

20220412_133952, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Visit our showroom at 16B Link drive, Wairau valley, Auckland – See what you can explore

How to Design a Modern Bathroom? Modern Bathroom Ideas

How to design a bathroom? Modern bathroom design may be for you if you enjoy a clean, uncluttered appearance that keeps the focus on the architecture. Continue reading for essential information about this well-liked bathroom design, including its essential components, colour schemes, fixtures, and finishing touches.

Modern-Style Bathrooms at a Glance

  • Flat-panel doors and drawers on floating vanities
  • Simple faucets and hardware
  • Frameless mirror
  • Simplified or integrated lighting
  • A neutral, minimalist colour scheme
  • Finishes and materials should be repeated for a consistent look.

What You Won’t Find in Modern Bathrooms

  • Door faces with carvings or ornate knobs
  • Detailed wainscoting, millwork, or moulding
  • Vibrant colours and patterns, unless used as a small accent
  • A unorganised approach to materials and finishes as opposed to simplicity and consistency

Neutral Colour Palette

For your modern bathroom ideas, you might want to consider using a neural colour palette. A modern bathroom design will lean use more crisp, clean white, subtle neutrals and black. Accessories such as bath towels and plants add a splash of colour in your modern bathroom design.

Colours for Modern Bathrooms:

  • Neutrals – Beige, slate, putty dove grey and taupe.
  • Black and white – Matte black and architectural white
  • Pops of colour – Teal, chartreuse, red and blue

Floating Vanity

How to design a small bathroom? Not only are floating vanities popular with modern bathroom designs but they’re also very useful when thinking of a small bathroom design. They create more space in your bathroom for more storage use underneath and provide you with an opportunity to be creative.

A floating vanity works well in a modern bathroom and should be incorporated into your modern bathroom ideas as they help provide a light, streamlined look. Choose engineered quartz, marble, granite, or a solid-surface material in a neutral colour for the top. Combine with undermount sinks for a seamless look that is also easy to clean.

DSC06614, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Floating Vanity in this bathroom renovation

See how the floating vanity allows more storage space underneath. – See project specifications + More pictures

Design Detail – Vessel Sinks

In a modern bathroom design, vessel sinks can be a striking alternative to undermount sinks. Simple rounded or rectilinear shapes in white, glass, or stone are ideal. This is a design detail you’d want to think about in your modern bathroom ideas.

luxury-bathroom-designs-35, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Vessel Sinks in Bathroom Design

View here for more bathroom design ideas 

Key Element – Breathing Space

Creating an open space bathroom can also help improve the visual effect of the room. How to design a small bathroom? Space does not matter when it comes to creating breathing space in a modern bathroom design. The space between objects is just as important as the objects themselves in a modern bathroom design. Consider clean-lined furniture on bare floors or a neutral rug, crisp white walls and bare windows, or a single sculptural vase on an otherwise empty surface in your modern bathroom ideas.

DSC00262-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

A calming bathroom design in our renovated bathroom in Albany

Read more about this modern bathroom renovation in Albany + See pictures

Can Modern Be Colourful?

Of course, a modern bathroom design can be colourful. A modern bathroom focal point is on material and structure, rather than a specific colour tone or surface pattern. If you’re thinking of adding colour into your bathroom design ideas try not to use busy patterns as that will take away the modern style. Instead opt for bold hues to an upholstered piece or a bunch of glass vases.

Design Detail – Sculptural Lighting

For your modern bathroom ideas consider using pendant lights as they really stand out in a modern style. Consider choosing a sculptural shape in gleaming gold, copper, or silver, matte black, wood, or white.


Rustic Style Bathrooms

If you’re an outdoorsy, adventurous person who loves nature then having a rustic style bathroom is perfect for you. You’d feel right at home with materials like stone and rough-hewn wood beams.

Rustic Style Bathrooms at a Glance

This style entwines the outdoors with warm, cosy textiles and raw natural materials, as you’d expect in a rustic bathroom. If you’re interested in creating a rustic bathroom design, here are some elements to consider:

  • Handcrafted wood beams, cabinetry, and wall panelling
  • Natural stone floors, accents, and wall treatments
  • Hammered or matte finishes on dark metal hardware
  • Natural-inspired colour palettes
  • Patinated materials, such as natural wood, copper, and stone

What You Won’t Find in Rustic Bathrooms

  • Lush colour palettes
  • Cutting edge trends
  • Immensely polished finishes like chrome
  • Lucite, moulded plastic and man-made materials
  • Mix and match approach to finishes and materials

Nature-Inspired Colour Palette

For a rich, cosy look, repeat the hues of natural materials such as stone and warm woods with paint colours and accents in similar shades.

Colours for Rustic Bathroom

  • Neutrals – Buttermilk, cream, straw, wheat, stone
  • Earth tones – Chestnut, mushroom, umber, terra cotta, sepia
  • Spicy hues – Cinnamon, saffron, pumpkin, chili pepper, baked apple

Furniture-Style Vanity

Some bathroom design ideas you might want to consider wood or wood like vanities with furniture style details like legs and open shelving. The example below shows one of our clients take on a rustic bathroom but adding gold accessories to give in a more rustic luxury look and feel.

DSC00203, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Wooden Vanity with brushed gold tapware in this Rustic Bathroom design in Westmere

Rustic Bathroom Renovation in Westmere – See full project specs + Pictures

Design Detail – Vessel Sink

A stone or copper vessel sink can be the focal point of a rustic bathroom or powder room. Look for natural shapes that are rounded and organic, and that have a tactile texture or patina.

Natural Stone

Bathroom design NZ uses natural stone for their rustic bathroom design. Stone floors, counters and wall treatments help deliver a natural texture to a rustic bathroom. You might want to try incorporating slate, fieldstone, travertine, soapstone, and pebble tile are all rich, earthy materials in your rustic bathroom design NZ.

Design Detail – Weathered Metal

Patina is common in rustic-style metal finishes, which are softly gleaming or matte rather than shiny or high-gloss in a rustic bathroom design NZ. For bathroom design ideas try cabinet pulls, faucets, and lighting in dark, weathered metal finishes like oil-rubbed bronze, antique brass, or hammered copper are ideal. Choose something more whimsical, such as twig- or stone-shaped hardware.

Finishing Touches

Tie up your rustic bathroom design NZ with wood, stone, or copper accessories. You’d want to use finishing touches with nature incorporated into it through nature art or photography. That way it will give your bathroom an outdoorsy vibe. Consider using these finishing touches in your bathroom design ideas.

DSC00237, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Gold coloured finishing touches for this rustic bathroom

Want a more close up look on these finishing touches? Check out this case study!

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Cottage Style Bathrooms

Cottage style bathrooms aren’t seen as much in bathroom design NZ as most people either choose modern or cotemporary bathroom design NZ. With that said though, cottage style bathrooms find beauty in simplicity and can be the change you may need. When thinking about bathroom design ideas for this style, you’d want to incorporate these elements:

  • Open shelving
  • Wall panelling
  • Freestanding bathtub
  • Simple hardware
  • Natural wood accents

What You Won’t Find in Cottage Style Bathrooms

Cottage style bathrooms mainly priorities on rustic and simplicity charm. Which is why when planning your bathroom design ideas, you’d want to avoid any modern elements. Here are some elements you won’t see in a cottage bathroom design NZ:

  • Busy patterns
  • Cluttered surfaces
  • Super sleek finishes

Heritage Hues

Simple, natural colour palettes are preferred in cottage style bathrooms. White with crisp black trim is a popular option; for deeper hues, consider nature-inspired neutrals and other classic colours. For your bathroom tiles design you might want to consider using these colours to help tie the room together.

Colours for Cottage Style Bathrooms

  • Crisp contrast – Black, White, Cream
  • Natural neutrals – Stone, Buttermilk Khaki, Straw, Grey
  • Other classic colours – Deep Green, Barn Red, Sage, Denim Blue

Shaker Style Vanity

How to design a bathroom? With different bathroom styles, they all have different elements that are required to complete the look. For a cottage bathroom design NZ, you’d consider getting a shaker style vanity. This vanity is well suited for a cottage bathroom.

Shaker cabinets can be painted or simply finished to show off the natural beauty of the wood grain. Cabinets with flat panels and furniture-style designs in natural wood tones can also look good for your bathroom design ideas.

Design Detail – Barn Lighting

Cottage bathroom design ideas for lighting can come in different shapes. You can choose from a bold shape barn lighting which can add a stylish touch to your bathroom design. Another option is going with a cylinder shape vanity lighting or a simple glass bell with filament bulbs. Lastly, you can look for pendants and sconces made of traditional galvanised steel or vibrantly coloured powder-coated steel. This will elevate your bathroom design ideas.

Design Detail – Subway Tile

Bathroom tiles design for this bathroom is going with subway tiles. This is because subway tile is crisp, clean, and reasonably priced, and it pairs well with almost everything. It bridges the gap between rustic and modern aspects with ease. For a novel twist, try mixing it with dark grout. Consider using subway tiles in your bathroom tiles design.

DSC02176, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Subway tiles with dark grout combines with black hexagonal tiles with white grouting

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Claw-Foot Bathtub

Having a claw foot bathtub will most definitely be the star of the room. Including a claw foot bathtub in your bathroom design ideas will help add character to your cottage bathroom. The only problem is that not every bathroom floor can handle the weight of a claw foot bathtub. An alternative to this would be having a freestanding pedestal bathtub, consider this as a backup plan in your bathroom design ideas.

Design Detail – Sliding Barn Doors

How to design a small bathroom? Having a sliding door will help eliminate the space that is needed for the bathroom door. This is perfect for a small bathroom as it will provide you with more space to decorate your bathroom and storage area as well. The only downside to this is that a sliding door does not provide 100% complete privacy like a normal door. Including this into your bathroom design ideas will add a more cottage character to your cottage style bathroom.

DSC02255-3-1170x800, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Sliding Barn door was created for this bathroom’s entrance due to the tight space in the corridor and to avoid the door opening into the bathroom. This provided more space for all bathroom fixtures without being congested

Sliding bathroom door = See full details of the bathroom + All before and After pictures

Trough Sink

In your bathroom design ideas, you may want to consider getting a trough sink and it will add to the appeal of a cottage style bathroom. This type of sink is ideal for busy households because it is made of white fireclay or porcelain and has multiple faucet options. When installed as a drop-in with a lovely wood counter. A trough sink strikes the perfect balance of functionality and elegance.

Wall Panelling

Panelling can be tricky especially if you are planning to renovate with an old home, but we can always work around it to give you the cottage appeal. It’s been said that shiplap panelling can add an architectural interest in your home and really set the tone for your cottage bathroom. Some bathroom design ideas may also be using beadboard panelling as well.

Finishing Touches

To finish off decorating your bathroom, we recommend woven baskets, striped rugs, modern stools, and matt black hardware. As this will go well in your cottage bathroom style. You may also want to add some artwork surround nature or farm life. Farmhouse-style bathrooms combine rustic appeal with modern sensibilities that value simplicity.

DSC02159-2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

The matte and intricate fixtures of the tapware combined with white ceramic fixtures make the bathroom what it truly us – a classic vintage bathroom design in Greenhithe, Auckland

Pastel Tones

Your bathroom should feel nice and relaxing the second you step in. The bathroom is the place where we can relax after a long day. To create a more relaxing environment in your bathroom, opt for using pastel, neutral colours to create a comfortable atmosphere.

pink-bathroom-interior-bathtub-3d-rendering-picture-id1152437750?k=20&m=1152437750&s=612x612&w=0&h=DfXsIC6qxzkB0FIsxRCJ6gueOdaX1Ixj5G8dBATaYOI=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of using pastel tones in bathroom | Photo Credit – iStock

Pastel – Coloured Tiles

Stuck on bathroom tiles design? For your cottage bathroom you can choose a timeless style for your bathroom tiles design. Or you can opt for a peachy pink, or powder blue. Keep in mind that you can use your bathroom tiles design to frame your bathtub or make a little statement wall.

Soft Creamy Towels

Towels add colour and texture, instantly calming the atmosphere in your cottage bathroom. Add delicate pastel hues to your decor to give it a cottage atmosphere. You may match them to a prominent element, like pastel tiles, or combine multiple hues for a shabby-chic look.

Traditional Bathrooms

Another popular bathroom design NZ. It’s often said that the bathroom is the place you relax so you’d want to make sure all your accessories and furnishing all work well with one another to create a harmonious scheme. How to design a bathroom? For a traditional bathroom you’d want to incorporate unique pieces that helps give the room a timelessness feels. It’s best to avoid any modern furnishing or accessories.

7 Elements of a Traditional Bathroom Design

1.    Cabinets with Character

In your traditional bathroom design ideas, you’d find cabinets with character in this style. Cabinets and vanities in traditional settings are defined by rounded legs, carved door faces, and ornate knobs. Be sure to pick a vanity with these features to add character to your bathroom.

2.    Antique Style Lighting

In your bathroom design, you’d want to ensure that you aren’t picking any modern lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures for a traditional bathroom is unique and ornamental. Instead of tubular or streamlined fixtures, consider curvy antique sconces.

3.    Calming Colours

There will be no bright colours in a traditional bathroom design as that will move away from the style. In this bathroom design colour scheme opt for neutral colours like black, grey, or white. If you want to be a bit more creative and add colour you can choose a pale green or blue colour.

bathroom-2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Neutral colours in this bathroom

View more details here.

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4.    Plenty of Moulding

Moulding is important in a bathroom as it can help add decoration to the room, help protect wall surfaces and cover any gaps in the walls, floor, ceiling, or cabinets. This may be something to consider in your bathroom design ideas.

5.    Lots of Details

Details are important in a bathroom. In such a small space you can make the room seem big just by the details. How to design a small bathroom? The attention to detail in a small bathroom is one of the distinguishing features of traditional spaces. In traditional settings, tilework, millwork, and cabinetry all have extra ornamentation.

6.    Unique Tilework

Bathroom tiles design may be a bit trickier for a traditional bathroom. We recommend choosing a lighter colour and veining for your bathroom tiles design. An example may be choosing something like a Carrara marble material. Another option may be to use a black and white hex tile floor for your bathroom tiles design.

7.    Stand – Along Storage Cabinets

In a traditional bathroom style, artistry is brought forward and shown more than functionality. In many traditional bathrooms design, you’d see that vertical cabinets are used as linen closets.

modern-traditional-bath-with-toilet-bathtub-ceramic-tiles-all-around-picture-id1352709170?k=20&m=1352709170&s=612x612&w=0&h=bQTxtYQ-stTneuFGtX0D9zJD-SalEFRW_E_hNFD4CoA=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Stand – along storage cabinets | Photo Credit – iStock

Design Highlights of a Traditional Bathroom

Calm Colour Palette

Traditional bathroom colour scheme tends to lean towards softer and relaxing instead of bright colours. You can opt for wood tones or deeper shade of grey or blue for a richer look in your bathroom.

Colours for Traditional Bathrooms

  • Soft neutrals – Snow white, cream, silver, beige
  • Serene hues – Sage green, misty blue, blue-grey
  • Rich colours – Espresso, slate, chocolate, navy
bathtub-clawfoot-or-claw-foot-bath-in-a-luxury-bathroom-uk-picture-id1305286595?k=20&m=1305286595&s=612x612&w=0&h=f3Ozjmtm4oofn1Qk-NM-NdWkEquPZIY3xp9DgCIeCxg=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Use of soft neutral colours | Photo Credit – iStock

Use of soft neutral colours in bathroom renovation in Avondale 

Design Detail – Dressing Table

Having a dressing table in your bathroom might sound odd but in a traditional bathroom style, it makes perfect sense. Not only does this dressing table work will with light hues stone but it also has a double purpose. More storage spaces! How to design a small bathroom? Creating more space and making sure you have enough storage areas to eliminate any clutter is essential.

Elegant Stone

Another element that can contribute to your traditional bathroom design is having stone floors, counters, or wall treatments. This can be a focal point in your bathroom style. A bathroom tiles design idea for you can be using rectangular and square pieces to create a basketweave effect.

Classic Bathtub

This is another bathroom style that you can integrate a claw foot bathtub, or you can stick with a classic pedestal style bathtub. Though if that isn’t what you’re looking for you also choose a freestanding bathtub as that will still stick with the style.

bath-picture-id146813830?k=20&m=146813830&s=612x612&w=0&h=icZ4z6tRC8yi2QFjRb8rO5XriZhZjEztXGJhA3wDR3c=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of claw foot tub | Photo Credit – iStock

Before and after pictures on one of our bathroom projects 

Finishing Touches

In a traditional bathroom, the right details create a sense of luxury and pampering. Classic brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze faucets and hardware hit the right note. Finish with an antique stool, embroidered hand towels, a vase of flowers, and a pretty tray filled with bath products.

Industrial Style Bathroom Design

This style of bathroom can come in different many colours and different accessories but still stay within the style. This bathroom style might not be right for everyone. If you love raw materials and utilitarian spaces, then this style is perfect for you.

Industrial Style Bathrooms at a Glance

In an industrial style bathroom, you won’t find any busy patterns or bright colours. It’s often stated that raw materials and tough fixtures would be the star of the bathroom and take centre stage. Some elements to look for in an industrial bathroom:

  • Exposed raw materials
  • Minimal details
  • Glass and stell shower enclosures
  • Trough and basin sinks
  • White subway tiles

What You Won’t Find in Industrial Bathrooms

Surface ornamentation plays no part in this bathroom design as it focuses more on the beauty of how things work. Here are some elements you won’t see:

  • Light or pastel hues
  • Luxurious comforts
  • Elaborate moulding
  • Delicate fixtures

Minimalist Colour Palette

Unlike other bathroom styles, you’d want to avoid using any bright or pastel colours as that will not be on theme with your industrial bathroom design NZ. The colour palette for this bathroom will be from the raw materials you use with a tiny bit of saturated colour included.

Colours for Industrial Bathrooms:

  • Saturated colours – Navy, rust orange, royal blue, brick red
  • Shades of grey – Charcoal, cement gray, slate
  • Black and white – Matte black, architectural white
    bathroom-in-industrial-style-picture-id889463702?k=20&m=889463702&s=612x612&w=0&h=lDzjh02gDZznCtijFfCvDXNV0OM5NrRgTCX3dgDzyyQ=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

    Neutral colours in industrial bathroom | Photo Credit – iStock

Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is popular and it often a key feature that many homeowners purchase in their bathroom design idea as a freestanding bathtub goes with most bathroom styles. Your freestanding bathtub can a focal point in your industrial bathroom, and you can choose from a white or silver bathtub as well.

DSC07558-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Adding modern functional elements to a historic Epsom bungalow to suit the lifestyles of new homeowners

Adding modern functional fixtures to a historic Epsom bungalow – See before and After pictures

Glass and Steel Shower Enclosure

If you look at any industrial bathrooms, you’d be able to see that matte black fittings look amazing for this style. It really makes the room pop! For your shower you can get a black framed shower door made from steel or aluminium. These materials are vital for this style. You can finish the look off with a sliding door or a glass shower door.

Hardworking Raw Materials

To add authentic character to your industrial bathroom design, focus on using raw materials like stainless stell, brick, timber beans and concrete. This would be a main point in your bathroom rather than having paint. Another benefit to this is that this material won’t deteriorate as quickly as other materials.

industrial-loft-style-bathroom-with-polished-concrete-3d-render-picture-id1135910697?k=20&m=1135910697&s=612x612&w=0&h=qZDEWksN9hi2Gj-YzSx4NeKpyew6HKDc0lDGztZZKuI=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of raw materials used in industrial bathroom | Photo Credit iStock

Need more inspiration? View more photos from our bathroom renovation in Half Moon Bay.

Design Detail – White Subway Tiles

Bathroom tiles design can be trick with an industrial bathroom design style. We recommend going with the white subways tiles as it provides the bathroom with a clean, crisp look. You can increase your contrast by adding dark grout to your bathroom tiles design.

Design Detail – Hefty Sliding Doors

For such a complex bathroom, you’d want to go all out with this style. We recommend choosing a sliding door to finish off the room. Larger, heavier-duty sliding doors are a factory-inspired take on the barn door trend that are ideal for industrial bathrooms. Furthermore, heavier sliding doors offer more privacy than standard wooden barn doors.

Finishing Touches

An industrial bathroom style is not for everyone as there aren’t many opportunities for you to add colour or have decorative flourishes. Finishing touches for this bathroom is just a few carefully chosen details are enough to complete the space. Exposed pipes, gear like faucets and hardware, metal stools and potted plants are excellent choices to finish off your bathroom design NZ.

industrial-style-loft-bathroom-picture-id1304916997?k=20&m=1304916997&s=612x612&w=0&h=jzxufxFkm0Ij9fEPPC6Bz1zVVRib8N9_oPjMRbSHuDM=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of exposed pipes and hardware | Photo Credit – iStock

Designing a bathroom can be tricky sometimes as there are many different styles that may be best suited for you and your aesthetic. Some people put a lot of work and effort into making sure their bathroom is perfect and others don’t. It’s all about preferences and if you’re interested in these bathroom styles, be sure to check out our showroom and speak to our bathroom designers to plan your dream bathroom.

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How can you get a smart home? – Tips to create modern Smart homes in NZ

In our digital world, technology is constantly changing and getting better which should come as no surprise that people have invented ways to make our homes smarter and our lives easier. But if you’re still unsure about investing into smart homes, then this article is perfect for you. There are plenty of benefits to having a smart home, keep reading to find out more!

Smart homes may seem convenient for others, but others may also struggle with the idea of smart homes. Smart homes are a huge change and can impact how you and your family live for the next few years. When considering your kitchen or bathroom renovation and design consider installing some smart home appliances.

Curious about smart bulbs or exploring the new amazing capabilities of your new voice assistant? There are many researches that can be found on smart homes NZ and how you can make your house a smart home. Best thing about it, is that you don’t need a full house renovation to make your house a smart home. Having some kitchen design ideas with smart solution home ideas can work wonders in just one room. This can be done in many ways and you’ve probably come across two keywords that is repeated in all your research findings. Smart home and home automation. So what are the differences between those two key terms?

If you assume that these two terms are somewhat similar, you are correct! These two terms are closely related, but they do refer to different things that makes them different from one another.

Smart homes in NZ refers to electronic devices and sensors that can be controlled over the internet or your own local network like your phone, computer and other devices. These devices most often have their own separate app that you’d use to control within certain ecosystem. And it also doesn’t require a full home renovation for it to work. For example, Alexa is a home assistant smart device that you can set up and make it towards your liking. As Alexa is a part of Amazon, there is a separate app needed in order to set up you Alexa.

Home automation refers to a methodology for using smart home devices. The purpose of home automation is to make devices work automatically so that it can response to what you’re doing. While also requiring little to no interaction with any app or physical interface as we try to incorporate this into smart homes NZ.

For example, Philips Hue smart bulbs. You can set them up to a certain ‘scene’ or lighting for a movie night. With a smart home, you’ll open your smart home app to adjust the lighting. But, with home automation, you can set up an automation that can detect when you’re watching a movie and adjust the lights for you. While this can be done to any room you pick, consider going for a full home renovation to be able to have all those nice features in every room.


  • 7 Benefits of having a Smart Home
  • Cost of Setting up and Running a Smart Home
  • How to get started on a Basic Smart home
  • Top 4 energy efficient Smart appliances
  • Creating Smart bathrooms
  • The future of Smart Kitchens in NZ
  • Tips to have a secure smart home security system
  • Our top 4 automation systems

7 Benefits of Having a Smart Home in NZ

1.      Entertainment

The main form of entertainment we indulge in nowadays is connecting our streaming services to our Tv’s. Which provides you with a bigger screen to watch your favourite movie or tv show on. When first starting to invest in smart homes, Google Chromecast or Apple TV is a good starting point. These are smart home gadgets which can be controlled via voice if you have a compatible smart assistant. Not only is it exclusive to watching movies and tv shows, it’s also another way to blast your music while doing chores.


photo-1461151304267-38535e780c79?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8c21hcnQlMjB0dnxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Chromecast/Apple Tv

2.      General Appliances

There are many appliances that be control towards your smart home and make your life easier. There are a huge variety of smart appliances that you could choose from. Few examples are fridges, ovens, heaters, air conditioners, which those appliances are able to give you notifications. A popular appliance that most people have in their homes are automatic vacuums which will send you a notification once it’s finished or if it’s stuck somewhere in the house. Some appliances can be controlled on your phone or by using voice commands. Voice commands only work if you have a smart device, like Alexa or Google Assistant.

3.      Lighting and Temperature Control

Are you all comfy and warm in your bed but forgot to turn the lights off? With your smart home appliances like purchasing smart lights, you can turn the lights off from your phone and stay in your cocoon of warmth. Having a smart thermostat in your household can also be controlled from your phone or using voice command.

4.      Home Security

Security plays a huge part in our lives as we want to keep our belongings secure. With a smart home, you’re able to control your gates from your phone. Install cameras which you can also see from your phone and purchase a smart doorbell which comes with a camera. Works best if you’re connected with Wi-Fi.

5.      Sustainability

Smart home appliances are environmentally friendly and can be sustainable for you as there are gadgets and appliances that can track your energy usage and water consumption. This can help you use less energy and water.

6.      Remote Access

The best thing about investing into a smart home is that everything can be controlled from your phone no matter where you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. Think you left the lights on while you’re on vacation? Worry no more because with remote access, you’re able to turn the lights off from your phone.

womans-hand-holding-mobile-phone-picture-id1094152938?k=6&m=1094152938&s=612x612&w=0&h=h2hwQMBv2-vJqSXIrOBd1VywWSyq4DCZG9LUTCog0IE=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Remote Access through your smart phone | Photo Credit – iStock

7.      Accessibility

Smart homes are easy to use and accessible to everyone. This can be extremely helpful with people who have a disability as they can use voice commands to turn things on and off and be able to control things without having to get up.

Cost of Setting up & Running a Smart Home

With upgrading your house, there will always be associated costs and creating a smart home is no different. Smart homes NZ do have smart home appliances and smart home technology that do cost significantly more due to the lack of interest and popularity in them. But it’s been predicted that these prices may drop and become more popular in the next few years. Running a smart home can also be costly as you’re introducing more powered devices to your house. Look at it this way, buying a house is an investment. Doing a full home renovation so that you love your house even more is also an investment. Setting up a smart home is also an investment.

Setup Costs

Setting up your smart home NZ or purchasing your very first smart home technology can cost significantly more than ordinary items that does the exact same things but with manual assistant. An example of this could be having LED bulbs. LED bulbs can range between $10 – $20. Whereas smart bulbs can range from $30 – $40. A little jump in price but it’s enough reason as to why consumers prefer not to adopt in smart home technology.

Running Costs

It’s no secret that having a smart home will incur additional running costs to your power bill. However, with intelligent choices and enough research, you can reduce your costs and lower you water and electricity usage.

Taking your time and carefully considering when choosing your smart home technology, setting up and managing your IoT (Internet of Things) appliances can have a positive impact on the cost in smart homes NZ.

Do Smart Homes Save Money?

Smart homes can indeed save money. As said before having a smart home is an investment that can pay off in the long run. To save money you’ll need to set up and manage the devices correctly. When setting up your smart home devices or items. Consider on-time and power consumption. Creating smart solution homes by choosing energy efficient smart homes technology. When you do a full home renovation, we encourage you to think about incorporating smart solution ideas in your full home renovation.

When purchasing smart bulbs, consider buying the more energy efficient LED lights. With many researches, LED lights are shown to be the better option as they run cooler, use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Studies have found that LED bulbs use between 75% and 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb.

Another benefit to encourage you to use LED bulbs is the extended lifetime they have. Most if not all LED bulbs have around 25,000 hours of life. Compared to incandescent bulb which can last around 1000 hours.

As said earlier, LED bulbs are significantly cooler than incandescent. Incandescent bulbs in the house can slowly increase the ambient temperature of the house, increasing the costs of cooling the house. When thinking about a full home renovation, consider opting for LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs in smart homes NZ.

Another way a smart home can help you save money is investing in purchasing a smart thermostat which can help you save on energy bills. Smart thermostats can allow excellent control over heating and cooling the house and you’re able to monitor the temperature with your phone.

How to Get Started with a Basic Smart Home?

Starting to move towards having a smart home is very exciting no matter if it’s one smart item or multiple smart items. But if you are looking to create an 100% smart home. It’s important to plan it out and consider smart home technology and smart solution homes. Which can help you get the best possible solution for your budget.


Thinking of having a smart home? But not sure where to start? There are many smart devices that is advertised to you. But not all of them are the right fit for you or your house. This is where planning becomes a vital stage of creating a smart home. There are many tools to help with this process and make your planning easier.

Firstly, you’d want to do research in which smart home device is compatible with your home. Start by writing down the different devices that would work well with your house. If there’s too many options, consider a pros and cons list of them all.

Secondly, you’d want to decide where you’ll place the device. The most popular place that people put their smart devices is usually in the living room or the kitchen. This is due to having easy access to power outlets. Some smart devices also have a wired network capability and can often work better when wired.

Once that is all sorted, you can go ahead and set up your smart device. You’d want to set up schedules which can help reduce your energy bills as well as playing around with it to get more comfortable with the app. Trying out all the features that your smart device can provide. This is a great way to slowly inch your way to making you house a smart house with smart home technology.


When it comes to setting up smart devices that are somewhat like Amazon Alexa, they are easy to set up. But with smart bulbs and smart outlets, it can be a different story entirely. If you need help installing new outlets or needing new cable runs. It’s the safest choice for you to hire an electrician who can do all the electrical work.

Top 4 Recommended Energy Efficient Appliances

1.      Smart Thermostats

When renovating your house, consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your house. Or if you’re designing your house, switch out your old thermostat for a smart thermostat. This can help cut down on energy consumption. Smart thermostats help regulate and automate your heating and cooling. They can also be controlled from your phone.

smart-thermostat-with-a-person-saving-energy-with-a-smart-device-on-a-picture-id1192217349?k=6&m=1192217349&s=612x612&w=0&h=VdxrXzrgn1YjyQqJTq30tfVXzMAZV5s8-kNR-G0ucbc=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Thermostat which can be controlled from phone | Photo Credit – iStock

2.      Smart Lighting

When designing your house, consider purchasing smart lighting that can connect to your smart home device. Having smart lights in your smart home means you can schedule when the lights turn on and off. Switching to LED bulbs will also help reduce your energy usage.

Check out some smart light bulbs from Bunnings 

3.      Smart Fridge

When considering your kitchen design, opt for a smart fridge as they are energy efficient and come with heaps of benefits. A smart fridge gives you an option to write a virtual bulletin board for your family with a ‘to do list’, reminders or quote of the day. Sick of having expired food in your fridge? With the smart fridge, the appliance is able to keep track of expiration dates, so you don’t waste any food.

front-view-of-smart-refrigerator-picture-id540518070?k=6&m=540518070&s=612x612&w=0&h=TpNwQ1SGvo_4Yw2tMCC0ErixpjxwXI01gN0OQG2Yx8w=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Fridge with touch screen options | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Smart Outlets

Thinking of making your house more modern? Consider switching some outlets to smart outlets to make your house eco-friendly. Normal outlets constantly drain energy even when you aren’t using it and to stop it from draining energy, you’ll have to turn the outlet off. Not everyone has time to turn the outlet on and off everything. With the smart outlet, they automatically detect when you aren’t using it and cuts the power off. This is a great way to be more energy efficient.

How to Secure Your Smart Home Security? 5 Essential Tips 

1.      Set up your router correctly

A key tip when thinking about securing your smart home security is understanding that your Wi-Fi router is the doorway to your smart home. Setting up your router correctly by following all instructions and these tips will secure your home security. Therefore, eliminating the threat of a possible hacker.

2.      Change the routers default name

It’s important to change your router name as keeping it as the default name will make it easier for people to find default login details. Using the default name will make it easier for others to gain access to your smart home. When changing the router name, be creative and remember to leave personal details out.

3.      Set the password to something unique

Include capital letters, numbers and symbols in your password which can create a super strong password for your smart home security. You can also consider using a random password generator if you can’t come with anything. The generator will provide you options and be sure to write the password down somewhere in case you forget it.

4.      Disable features you don’t use

There are many features that come with a smart device, and most times you’ll end up only using a few things. Be sure to disable any feature you don’t need like voice control on certain features. This is because if someone hacks into your smart device, they’re able to listen to your conversations and hear everything you say. Therefore, disabling features, you don’t use, eliminates the threat of that problem.

5.      Enable multi-factor authentication

Enable a multi-factor authentication onto your smart home device is a great way to increase security and prevent others from hacking your smart home device. The best two factor authentication to use for a smart device is sending a verification code to your mobile device to gain access to the smart home device. As we always have our phone on us, if you get sent a verification code that you’re unsure off you can change the password on your smart home device or improve the security.

Benefits of Installing Smart Kitchen Appliances 

1.      Smart devices provide useful notifications

With technology growing, smart appliances are becoming trendy and somewhat useful. Based on the smart appliances you have, they’re able to send you notifications to let you know if you didn’t close the fridge properly, or if the dishwasher is finished. Mundane tasks that could let you get on with other things you need to do without worrying if you left the fridge open or not as your smart appliances or devices will send you a notification.

With smart appliances and smart devices, they’ll let you know if they’re malfunctioning, and you’ll be able to get them fixed before they actually break.

photo-1584091377126-3817650725fc?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8bm90aWZpY2F0aW9ufGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Notification received on phone

2.      Energy efficient appliances cut costs

Although smart appliances are more expensive than normal household appliances, they’re a good investment to make when creating a smart home. Not only are you just investing in the appliance itself, but you’re also investing into the software and technology that is integrated into the appliance.

Smart kitchen appliances can help you track your energy consumption by letting you know which is using the most energy to help you cut cost. These smart kitchen appliances can be monitor on a regular daily basis from your phone.

3.      Cooking made easy

With having a smart kitchen, it makes cooking easier as there are some smart kitchen appliances that lets you know important information. An example of this would be letting you know the perfect temperature for cooked meat which will eliminate any food poisoning. This makes preparing food safer.

There are some smart ovens that don’t require you to sit around the kitchen and keep an eye on the oven to make sure your food isn’t burning. The smart oven itself will cook your dish for you and then put it on ‘warming mode’ until you’re ready to eat. There are many benefits to having smart appliances in your kitchen and this is one of them.

electric-oven-and-smart-phone-isolated-on-white-background-picture-id576715940?k=6&m=576715940&s=612x612&w=0&h=npAwth2SkVFO8jyvcFiZemzMhMoI7McbJkkUKT1OeEY=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a small smart oven | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Less worry when you’re on vacation

Constantly think someone is going to break into your house when you’re on vacation? With your smart home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home and eliminate any worries you might have. Having smart lights in your smart home will make your house feel less empty when you’re on vacation. Which can give an illusion of someone being home because the lights are on since smart lights are accessible from your device.

5.      Smart Appliances

Some great smart appliances to add to your smart home kitchen are smart dishwashers and smart refrigerators. Smart refrigerators have a camera in the inside so, when shopping for groceries you’ll know what you need. Having a smart refrigerator also helps monitor and control energy usage and sends you a notification letting you know if there is a power outage or if you didn’t close the door properly.

A great feature that is included in a smart dishwasher is that if there were a leak, the dishwasher would let you know. Smart dishwashers stop working once it detects a leak and shut themselves off to protect flooring. Which is helpful as you’re able to get that fixed asap. These are some essential items to think about having in your smart home.

woman-controlling-dishwasher-with-a-digital-tablet-at-home-picture-id1251345063?k=6&m=1251345063&s=612x612&w=0&h=MBTuOwlwuLPsMX4lRwu_RgHFdMbInnxWsx6aSdhcpj4=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having a smart dishwasher and features | Photo Credit – iStock

 How to Create a Smart Bathroom? 6 Tips to Help. 

1.      Voice control in the bathroom

With your smart device, you’re able to take advantage of using voice commands when showering or too busy to do it yourself. You can use your smart devices to adjust smart lighting or to change music. The best thing about this is that you can use any smart device to do this. Using a virtual digital assistant helps add another layer of convenience to your smart home and make your bathroom design more luxurious.

2.      Smart shower

Are you always waiting for your shower to heat up before jumping in? With smart showers you don’t have to wait for the shower to heat up. Smart showers let you adjust the temperature towards your liking, so you can step into the shower with the perfect water temperature. Another benefit of a smart shower is that you can adjust a time limit for your shower to ensure that you’re not late for anything. Smart showers help lower your water usage and smart showers also come with Bluetooth speakers which can connect to your phone. Have a shower, have a party, have a concert.

3.      Soaking tubs

Having a smart bathroom doesn’t always have to mean having smart appliances or a smart device. Creating a smart bathroom can be from how you design the space and keeping bathroom accessories organized. Standalone soaking tubs are a great way to help eliminate clutter in your bathroom.  Having a standalone soaking tub in your bathroom will help replicate the experience of a spa treatment. If your bathroom has space, consider purchasing a standing bathtub in your bathroom design.

Although our past renovated bathrooms don’t feature all smart bathroom appliances and gadgets. The most popular item that most bathroom renovations are standalone tubs or soaking tubs. Check out a few of our bathroom renovations with a standalone bathtub below!

photo-1575245122563-776ff6af7411?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MTN8fHNvYWtpbmclMjB0dWJ8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Soaking Tub | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Standalone Bathtub in Greenhithe

Standalone Bathtub in Redvale 

4.      21st century toilets

Bidets have been around for a while now, most popular in Japan. Although people see bidets as a luxury product and unusual to have in your home. When thinking of 21st century toilets, there are more products that aren’t bidets. So, if bidets aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are other ways to smarten up your bathroom.

Smart toilets have motion sensors that can put the toilet seat up or down, depending on your preference. Some toilets will automatically flush on its own once you’ve finished your business. There are also smart toilets that can self-clean. Some benefits of having a smart toilet are that they’re environmentally friendly, reduce the risk of overflowing and some smart toilets can instantly clean themselves. This will definitely add a new element into your smart home. Consider them in your bathroom design.

Web_1200x900-Roca-Meridian-Back-to-Wall-Bidet-1-Taphole-White, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Bidet in Bathroom | Photo Credit: Reece

5.      Intelligent faucets

Smart faucets have been around for a while and some shopping malls have implemented them into public toilets. This is a great idea nowadays as it reduces the risk of and germs and bacteria spreading as those faucets are motion sensor. Consider smart faucets in your bathroom design. Having a smart faucet in your smart home will help lower your water usage and saves energy. Also eliminates bacteria spreading around the house if someone in the family is sick.

6.      Design

Want a smart bathroom but on a budget? There are many different ways that you can create a smart bathroom without purchasing all the smart bathroom appliances. You can create a smart bathroom by purchasing small gadgets like a smart outlet to start off with. Changing your bathroom fixtures and fittings is a great way to create a smart bathroom without all the expensive appliances. Consider fittings and fixtures that can make your bathroom look smart in your bathroom design.

freestanding-bath-in-modern-bathroom-picture-id483861324?k=6&m=483861324&s=612x612&w=0&h=br7lw339aedHUBaicVE3Sc3sHNqsX_3oK0eXKeaZhrg=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a smart bathroom design | Photo Credit – iStock

Check out our top 15 bathroom design trends blog for more inspiration 

The History of Kitchen Technology

Kitchen technology has always been in the works since our technology has become more advanced. As it helps reduce the amount of work that we need to do in the kitchen. Since kitchen appliances have been around for a very long time, it’s hard to make changes to making your kitchen smarter. As decades go past, the design and style of kitchen appliances have become smarter, sleeker, and more energy efficient. Over the years there has been plenty of changes to create smart homes technology as well as coming up with smart solution homes to make life easier. Especially more creative ideas for small kitchen design as not everyone has the luxury of having a big kitchen.

High – tech Kitchen Trends

As often stated, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In your kitchen design idea, make sure to spend extra time making sure that the kitchen is perfect for your needs. As it is the heart of the home, we often spend a lot of time in there. Not only does it serve as a place where you cook, but a place where everyone can gather and where you can entertain guests. Or cooking a meal but also feeling included with friends and family. How to design a kitchen that can incorporate all these things? Smart home technology has come a long way and there are now smart kitchen appliances that you can purchase. Incorporate them into your kitchen design idea.

Total Integration and Automation

Due to the pandemic, everyone has spent most of the year stuck in their house. Some may have discovered that their house was lacking a bit in terms of entertainment and caring for their needs. It’s safe to say that we’ve had those days where we just want to be lazy. Having smart home technology can really help with being lazy on those days. Having total integration of your smart home devices will mean that you can control every smart home technology from your phone.

Smart homes NZ will need to have smart solution homes so that your device connected to smart home technology is flexible. Instead of having a full home renovation to make your smart home flexible. You can start small and consider kitchen design ideas to make space for smart home technology. Smart devices can be customised and will become more popular in the next few years to come.

Disaster Preparation

Due to climate change and the constant increase temperature of our planet, can cause natural disasters to happen more often. Homeowners are looking to be prepared for whatever my strike. We’d want to feel safe and comfortable knowing that we can survive instead our homes for an extended period. Which is ironic as many if not all of us have stayed in our houses for months, only leaving for groceries. Having these smart solution homes can help make your house more fun and enjoyable to live in if we were to be stuck inside for a long period of time.

To prepare, people are thinking how to design a kitchen? Sure, you’re current kitchen is fine but if you’re looking for an upgrade, you’d want to start thinking about small kitchen designs or kitchen design ideas based on how big your kitchen is.

Purchasing water storage systems, backup generators for refrigerators, long term food storage areas ad solar water heaters are becoming more popular for the unforeseeable future. Some research says that in the upcoming years. As we move into more of a technology age, new builds will also have some technology integrated into the houses to meet homeowners’ desires.

Self – Cleaning

We love a clean house. But sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to clean the house. With smart home technology, there will soon be more smart solution home ideas to make cleaning easier. With touchless appliances, robot vacuums with built – in mops and be able to introduce more voice control integration. That way you can just shout out to your smart device to start the vacuum and the vacuum starts. How cool is that! Especially if you need small kitchen design idea to make your kitchen more interesting. Having self-cleaning appliances are perfect for the lazy days.

Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been cleaning more often and sanitising everything. Not only that but we’ve been spending a whole year at home and more cautious around frequently touched surfaces in public spaces. How to design a kitchen that can also help reduce the spread of germs? Having smart home technology can help enable consumers to have touchless access and be able to control stuff straight from their mobile devices or through voice commands. This smart home solution will make your house even more safer during high risk times and more convenient for you.

Going Green

Nowadays, we are trying our best to reduce our environmental footprint. Therefore, resulting in kitchen design ideas that will ensure having a greener kitchen. Having a greener kitchen is expected to be the next upcoming trend for future kitchen design trends. Which you can think about adding in your small kitchen design idea. This is due to having more appliances that will be more sustainable and efficient.

Smart homes NZ requires smart solution home ideas to reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing smart home technology this is more efficient. Although having smart home technology uses power to work, you may be worried about your utility bill going up. But that’s not the case. Using smart appliances in smart homes NZ can help you reduce your utility bill due to them being energy efficient.

Devices to Expect in Kitchens of the Future

As we move more into the future, our technology will only gross and become more advance. Down below we have found 6 high tech that are already here or for the future that will make your time in the kitchen more fun. And what you can expect your smart home to look like in the next decade or so?

1.     Countertop Projector

Countertop project has been introduced to the world for the last decade or so but not many people are interested in it. As it’s still in the works and coming up with ways to make it better. Here is just a few reasons as to why you should get one for your smart home technology. This device allows you to control other appliances, scan the thickness of food as well as being able to get tips on how to cook certain items.

Another added benefit is that the countertop project doesn’t take up any counter space as we all know counter space is crucial. It can also help improve your cooking and baking skill. When thinking about your kitchen design ideas, consider having a countertop projector to make your cookier easier. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many options available to purchase from in New Zealand so further research is needed.

Countertop projector can be small which is perfect for a small kitchen design as storage space is super important in a small kitchen design as you’d want to ensure that your kitchen is perfect.

2.     Steam Oven

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, you’d love learning about smart solution home idea to make your cooking easier. This is where steam ovens come in. Steam cooking is becoming the healthier alternative to other cooking methods. Like frying or baking. Using the steam oven still provides the same taste as how you’ll cook it normally. This will eliminate the unnecessary oil that pops up when you cook.

An advantage of using a steam oven is that it’s energy efficient and have an energy efficient consumption system. With the steam oven, it can also cook your food faster than regular ovens which also helps you save energy. If you’re having a late dinner, using a steam oven would be more efficient as you won’t have to wait long to cook the food you’d want to eat.

3.     Smart Scales

If you’re interested in eating healthy or staring a new diet like going on a calorie deficit. The smart scale may be able to help you out. Not only does a smart scale tell you how much something weighs but they can break down it’s nutritional value. So, you won’t have to search it up as it’s right there in front of you.

In some cases, you can even use the smart scale to weigh your entire meal and get all the nutritional value of it. If set up right, you may even be able to connect the smart scale with your favourite nutritional app to keep track. It’s small and light, which is perfect for a small kitchen design as you’d want to utilise all the space available.

4.     Digital Backsplashes

In a small kitchen design, the most important thing is space. And knowing how to utilise the space. Having a digital backsplash instead of tiled backsplashes would prove more useful. Sure, it’s a bit expensive to have a digital backsplash but in the end, it’d be money well spent. This smart home technology can allow you to watch tv, look up recipes and be able to control your other smart home appliances.

Feeling bored of your tiled backsplash? With the digital backsplash you can change it to whatever you want. Whether that is photos of friends and family or artwork. Something that suits your aesthetic or mood of the day. you can. Change you backsplash every single day if you’d life. No need to go shopping and spending more money to change your tile backsplash when you get sick of it.

While this technology has yet to be introduced to the market. Consumers are already doing their research on how well the digital backsplash can benefit them. It’d make following a video teaching you how to make something much easier as you can use your entire backsplash as a screen. For small kitchen design ideas this would be perfection for decoration purposes as you have limited space to decorate as well as still being able to utilise your kitchen space.

5.     Smart Oven Hood

Oven hoods play a huge part in making our kitchen functional helps with air circulation and help reduce odours. When you question how to design a kitchen. You’d always want to make space for an oven hood as that is crucial to have in your kitchen design ideas. Smart oven hoods will be able to provide you access with your favourite apps. Even comes with a built in camera so you’re able to live stream your cooking skills and techniques.

Once again, this is perfect for a small kitchen design idea as every kitchen needs an oven hood. So why not get a smart oven hood that is multi-functional!

6.     High – Tech Lighting

As we slowly move into incorporating smart home technology in our homes. Smart homes NZ have introduced smart light bulbs and plugs as smart solution homes idea. This is due to them being easy to install and allow for total customization. As our technology evolves more, we’ll be able to control our lighting with our voice.

How to design a kitchen? Consider kitchen lighting as you’d want to make sure that every inch of the kitchen has light and not a dark corner. Consider ambient and task lighting in your kitchen design idea. In the next few upcoming years, windows and blinds can also be adjusted automatically to reduce sun glare, allow sunlight or darken a room based on your needs and activity.

Which Features Matter Most?

As consumers, we mainly only go for smart solutions home that can really benefit us. For example smart lights that we can control via voice command or from our smart devices. Which can lead to number of smart gadgets that don’t communicate well. Also resulting in have dozens of different apps to control your house.

To solve this issue and ensure that you won’t have this problem. Consider purchasing a smart home automation hub that can support all the devices you wish to have in your smart home.

Smart Sensors Protect the Home

There are many benefits to investing in smart home technology. Especially as they’re able to let you know how well they’re functioning and what needs repairing when faulty. Usually we wouldn’t notice if something was faulty unless it starts acting up. This can result in costly consequences.

Smart thermostats are able to provide alerts if your house loses power or if the temperature goes below or above your maximum or minimum temperature.

Having smart kitchen appliances can also help detect any water leaks. Alerting owner about any potential leaks. So you’re able to get it repaired before it gets worse.

How Environmentally Friendly are Smart Homes?

Smart homes have been known to be environmentally friendly with smart appliances as they help lower your water and energy usage. A popular smart technology that helps make your smart home environmentally friendly are smart thermostats. You can adjust the temperate from your phone and smart thermostats will automatically turn off if a door was left open. This can help minimize your carbon footprint.

Another way that having a smart home can help minimise your carbon footprint is having smart lighting. With smart lighting you’re able to control from your phone. This can ensure that you’ve turned your lights off when going on vacation. Wasting electricity and forgetting to turn lights off leaves a massive carbon footprint, so investing in smart lighting helps make your home environmentally friendly.

3 Reasons Why Smart Home Features Increase Your Home’s Value

1.     Increased Security

Video doorbells are amazing smart home technology that you can incorporate into your house to increase your home safety and your house value. Having a video doorbell is now becoming more popular as people purchase their first homes. This allows you to see who is it at door from your smart device as we’re more cautious when it comes to opening the front door. While it’s unlikely that a burglar would push past you to enter your home, it’s also handy to avoid talking to door to door salesman.

Video doorbells works with wireless technology as they’re easy to install and provides a two way video and audio communication system. That way you can jokingly deny access to your friends and family.

Not only that, but your video doorbell also works as a security camera so you’re able to see when your package has been delivered. And for many other reasons like being able to see if someone was causing a problem or vandalising your property.

2.     Fully Automated Home

Best thing about having one integrated systems that connects all your smart home technology in your smart home is that you’re able to control everything and anything at all times! This definitely creates a huge selling point to buyers as it brings more ease and convenience into your busy lives.

This is where your smart assistant like Amazon Alexa would come into play and be extremely helpful. As you can connect them all to your Alexa and control them from one app. This can work with any smart assistant and is not limited to Amazon Alexa.

Smart home assistants are completely voice controlled once set up and can be voice commanded to control your lights, home media, heating, air conditioner and many more. Not only can your smart assistant control your smart home technology. But it can also tell you information on just about everything. As smart assistants have AI technology, they’re able to learn from interactions and provide you with content that you’ll like.

3.     A Warm Welcome Home

Currently, the most popular smart home solution is smart lighting system. They can add significant value to your home as it provides many benefits. Did you know that smart lighting can increase the security in your home? This is due to you activating them to turn on even when you aren’t home to give the illusion that someone is home.

After having a long day, you don’t want to come home to complete darkness. Having smart lights that can activate around a certain time is a great way to be welcomed home to lift your spirits. Especially when you can also control your air conditioning from your phone. You’ll walk into a perfectly lit warm household. Perfect for those cold winter days.

Another benefit of smart lights is that you’re able to customise the light setting. Perfect if you’re waking up early or going to bed late. You’re able to dim the lights so that you’re still able to see but also not wake or disturb anyone else.

Having the help of your smart assistant, you can tell them to turn the lights on and off as you leave an empty room which can increase the value of your house.

Having automated heating systems allow you to pre-set the heating so your house temperature is perfect at all time. This ensures that your home is always warm or cool but also stops you from wasting money and energy heating up your house when you’re not there. Forgot if you turned the heater off or not? With an automated heating system, you’re able to double check straight from your phone.

There are many great benefits to investing in smart home technology as they have your home more comfortable and convenient for you and your family. If you’re interested, look for smart home technology that will help increase security. Creating a warm, comfortable environment and potentially your dream home without the extra costs of having a full house renovation.

Top Smart Devices to Use in Your Smart Home.

There are plenty of smart devices that are coming out nowadays, which gives you as a consumer plenty of options. Though having too many options can be overwhelming. The top three smart devices to install for your smart home is the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri aka HomePod.

Based on our research we have found some advantages of using these three smart devices. Advantages for Amazon Alexa is that it’s easy to use and easy to set up and Alexa has more than 10,000 skills. Alexa can answer anything you ask her although her response might not be the answer you want. Another advantage of Alexa is that it’s compatible with any device. A main disadvantage of Alexa is that you can’t trigger her from your phone and Alexa doesn’t always understand you inquires.

photo-1568910748155-01ca989dbdd6?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8YWxleGF8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Amazon Alexa | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Google Home or Google Assistant is another popular smart device suitable for your smart home. Some advantages of Google Home are that they’ve proven that their AI is more advance than any other smart devices. A disadvantage of Google Home is that you can only summon it by saying ‘Ok Google”, which can become annoying. Another one is that Google Home also won’t understand your commands and inquires all the time.

photo-1530546171585-cc042ea5d7ab?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8Z29vZ2xlJTIwYXNzaXN0YW50fGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Google Assistant | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Lastly, another smart device that is the HomePod which is associated with Apple’s Siri and some advantages of this smart device is that it’s easy to set up because it works directly with your home kit app that is already installed into your phone. A big disadvantage is that this is only accessible via apple products. So, if you don’t have an apple product then the HomePod is not available for you to use.

photo-1529359744902-86b2ab9edaea?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8aG9tZXBvZHxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Apple HomePod | Photo Credit – Unsplash


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Bathroom Renovation

在新西兰装修一个浴室需要多少钱 – 2022年



浴室装修可能看起来是一项很简单直接的工作, 其实并非如此。事实上, 浴室装修往往是所有装修中最复杂的,因为它涉及到许多工种在一个相对狭小的空间里施工。
















1. 在奥克兰翻新一个浴室需要多少钱?




改变地板、新油漆、改变水管和电气工程,这可能意味着中档浴室的平均费用21,000纽币    ~24,000纽币之间(这可能是最受欢迎的选择)








另一方面,如果您只打算刷一层新的油漆,并做一些其他的小改动,那么新浴室装修的平均  费用可能只有几千纽币。



House-Renovations-Auckland-79-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Superior Renovations



虽然新浴室装修的平均费用会因工作和情况的不同而变化,但您可能想知道您的浴室装   修要花多少钱。在Superior Renovations我们有一些提示,可以帮助您确定浴室装修的费用。

  • 首先要确定您装修浴室的目的。您需要更大的空间吗? 您的浴室是否需要进行现代化改造,以便与您家其他地方的装饰风格保持一致? 一旦您确定了目的,您就会对实现目标所需的东西有更清晰的认识。
  • 将您需要改造的所有东西列一个清单,如灯具、照明、油漆、瓷砖、橱柜、地板等。
  • 把雇人做装修的费用算进去。

请记住,您可以先做浴室装修的大项目,然后再加入一些小细节来帮助您分摊该装修工作  的费用。


2. 为什么你需要重新翻新你的浴室?


不同的家庭对浴室翻新的需求也不同. 人们对配件的选择,以及是选择浴缸还是淋浴间或是两个都选,都由他们的装修理由来决定。

  1. 一个年轻的家庭

一个年轻的家庭和一个有着大孩子的家庭相比,装修的需求是非常不同的。如果你有一个 蹒跚学步的孩子或一个即将出生的新生儿,而你的浴室里没有浴缸,那么在装修中加入一个浴缸将是一个明智的选择。



  1. 成长中的家庭/增加便利

家庭的成长可能意味着你需要更多的空间让成年人更舒适地在房子里生活。这也可能意味  着需要再建一个独立的厕所,或者将一个套房分成一个厕所和一个浴室。如果你的家里有空间,那么你可以增加一个完整的浴室来增加便利。



  1. 增加再出售的价值



St Heliers的浴室翻新,增加销售价值


  1. 提高生活质量,增加一个豪华浴室






你还需要记住,新浴室装修的平均费用只是一个估算的数字。 但是,有一些方法可以降低浴室装修的成本,包括:

  • 浴室橱柜–与其更换浴室橱柜,不如考虑对其进行修复,或将其粉刷成新的现代颜色。您还可以对浴缸和水槽进行修复,使其焕然一新。
  • 使用新的水龙头和把手,而不是所有新的浴室装置–很多时候,仅仅改变水槽和浴缸的把手和水龙头,就足以让您的浴室看起来更加现代。
  • 轻装上阵—实际上,您不必为了让浴室看起来更宽敞而扩大其面积。其实,将您的浴室刷成浅黄色或米色,也可以使它看起来很宽敞,而不是通过拆掉一堵墙。




House-Renovations-Auckland-81-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Superior Renovations




项目 人工和材料花费
亚克力 $700 – $1,600
定制淋浴器 $1,200 – $3,200
淋浴房玻璃门 $800 – $2,000
新水龙头 $100 – $1,200
增加水管设施 $700 – $1,800






拆除旧设备 $100 – $200
清理杂物 $200 – $400
表面准备 $400 – $900
新的淋浴器 $850 – $6,750
总共 $1,550 – $8,250







1.供应和铺设墙砖至天花板高度 – 1900-3150纽币(取决于尺寸和复杂程度)

2.供应和铺设厕所地砖 – 800纽币 – 1000纽币


1.供应和安装01套马桶和坐便器喷头 – 520纽币 – 850纽币(取决于型号)

2.供应和安装01套洗脸盆和水龙头-$250 – $420 (视型号而定)

3.供应和更换马桶的不锈钢管道 – $450 – $800(取决于冷/热)。


1.运输和处理产生的垃圾 – 350纽币 – 600纽币


1.购买新马桶和马桶翻新的配件 – 200纽币至300纽币及以上







浴室装修类型      平均浴室装修费用



$10,000 – $15,000


$21,000 – $24,000




$27,000 – $32,000 +

7. 本文的压缩版本

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in NZ 2021

8. 浴室翻新完成的案例

由Superior renovation完成

莎拉(Sarah)在奥克兰雷德维尔 (Redvale, Auckland)的豪华浴室装修


Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-7, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-24, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


托德·钱德勒(Todd Chandler)在圣赫里尔斯(St Heliers)的中档浴室装修

我们用现代风格的木质瓷砖和橱柜翻修了Todd 三间漏水的浴室。木质外观的瓷砖与白色装置相映成趣,使浴室看起来宽敞而现代。


d064-H2105474-hires.20233-WEB12-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-6-1-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland





DSC00169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00120, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


玛丽·斯图尔特 (Mary. Stuart)的西班牙风格浴室,镶嵌着马赛克瓷砖

玛丽在斯坦莫尔湾 (Stanmore Bay)的厨房和浴室的翻新风格牢记了西班牙别墅的设计。浴室被刷成蓝色,墙上贴着马赛克瓷砖。黄铜水槽和水龙头增加了西班牙乡村别墅的感觉



renovations-auckland-11-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland renovations-auckland-12-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
renovations-auckland-7-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06389-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


To summarise









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    Bathroom Renovation

    How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Bathroom NZ – 2021

    This article has been updated with additional content and project portfolios to reflect the bathroon renovation cost trends in 2021. 

    A Bathroom renovation might seem simple and straight forward. This however is far from the truth. The fact is that a bathroom renovation is the most complex of all renovations due to the number of trades involved in a relatively small space.

    Average bathroom renovation cost in Auckland 2021 can only be determined when all the various factors are considered. Trades involved in a bathroom renovation include a designer, demolisher, plumber, electrician, tiler, water proofer, installer, painter, grouter, and plasterer. Imagine managing the above trades within a small space. You can easily understand why organisation and planning is key to a bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations typically should take about 2-3 weeks to complete if you have a project manager on site managing the trades for you.

    Managing the trades on your own comes at a risk of either blowing your budget as you are dealing with so many different companies or extending the timeline of your project. Our first advice would be to get a company that provides project manager as part of their service.

    But more on project management later, lets talk about the costs related to bathroom renovations.

    Before you renovate your bathroom ask yourself the reason for your renovation and plan from there. Once you have determined the reason for your renovation then we can work out a plan and costs related to them.

    In this article we will discuss the following:

    1. How much does it cost on an average in Auckland for a bathroom renovation
    2. Why the reason for your renovation will determine the budget for your bathroom renovation
    3. Tips for reducing the cost of a new bathroom renovation
    4. Cost to install a tile shower
    5. Cost to install a new toilet
    6. Average cost for a Basic bathroom renovation, Mid-range bathroom renovation and Luxury bathroom renovation
    7. A sharable condensed version of this article in a form of infographic
    8. Featured Case studies of bathrooms that we have renovated in Auckland


    1.How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Auckland?

    Whether you have lived in the same house for several years or just purchased an older home you may be facing the need to renovate that old bathroom. As most Aucklanders know, renovating a bathroom can be one of the most expensive renovations that can be undertaken. Hence it is only natural that one of the first questions people have when considering renovating their bathroom is What is the average cost of a new bathroom renovation?

    However, that is also one of the most difficult questions to answer since renovating a bathroom means different things to different people.

    For example, a major bathroom renovation can involve changing the layout of bathroom, purchasing new bathroom appliances, purchasing fixtures, changing flooring, new paint, changing plumbing and electrical work may mean an average cost between $18,000 and $22,000 for a mid-range bathroom (this seems to be the most popular choice)


    See further examples of Mid-Range bathrooms

    Bathroom and Toilet renovation in Papatoetoe

    Rental renovation in Hillsborough 

    Classic Kitchen and bathroom renovation in West harbour

    Bathroom renovation in Greenlane


    On the other hand if you are only planning on a new coat of paint and making few other small changes then the average cost of a new bathroom renovation could only run a couple of thousand of dollars.

    However, since most bathroom renovations falls somewhere in between the two extremes the average cost of a new bathroom renovation will fall somewhere between these two extremes.

    House-Renovations-Auckland-79-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

    Superior Renovations

    How to Figure Out Your Average Cost of a New Bathroom Renovation

    While the average cost of a new bathroom renovation can change from job to job and situation to situation, you are probably wondering how much your bathroom renovation is going to cost you.  We here at Superior Renovations we have some tips to help you determine the cost of your bathroom renovation.

    • Start by determining the purpose of your bathroom renovation. Do you need more space? Does your bathroom need to be modernized to fit with the décor of the rest of your home? Once you determine your purpose you will have a clearer idea of what you will need to accomplish your goal.
    • Make a list of everything you need to remodel such as fixtures, lighting, paint, tiles, cabinetry, flooring and more.
    • Figure in the cost of hiring people to do the renovation.

    Keep in mind that you can do the bigger projects of your bathroom renovation first and then add in some of the smaller details to help you spread out the cost of that renovation job.

    2.Why do you need to renovate your bathroom?

    Having a plan will ensure that you are spending your money at the right places.

    Different families have different needs to renovate a bathroom. The fittings they choose and the choice between a bathtub or shower or both will be determined by your reason to renovate.


    1.      A young family

    A young family has very different needs compared to a mature family with older kids. If you have a toddler or a new baby on the way and there is no bathtub in your bathroom then it would be a wise choice to include a bathtub for your renovation.

    Bathroom renovation for a young family


    2.      Growing family/Increase convenience

    A growing family might mean that you need more space for adults to live comfortably in the house. This could either mean creating a separate toilet or dividing one en-suite into a toilet and a bathroom. If you have space in your home, then you can add an entire bathroom to increase convenience.

    Bathroom renovation in Avondale for a growing 3 generational family


    3.      Adding Value for Re-sale

    We advise clients to not over capitalise if you are looking at adding value before a sale or renting your home. Renters and buyers alike prefer homes where they do not have to renovate. They want homes that are updated with little or no need of repairs.

    Generally speaking, bathroom renovations add $1.50 for every $1 spent. People looking at selling their home should look at using simple yet updated products and fixtures. There is no need to buy a designer sink costing you $3000 if you are selling as that will not yield any return on investment.

    Bathroom renovation in St Heliers to Add value to sell


    4.      Improving quality of living/Adding a luxury bathroom

    If you are renovating with the idea of adding comfort and a bit of luxury, then overcapitalising is not a bad idea at all. You can opt for a Wet room style bathroom if you have a small space, create a spa like feel or even splurge on that $3000 sink. The possibilities are endless depending on your budget.

    Contemporary bathroom renovation in Titirangi

    Luxury Bathroom in Parnell


    3.Tips for Reducing the Average Cost of A New Bathroom Renovation

    You also need to keep in mind that the average cost of A new bathroom renovation is just an estimate.  However, there are some ways to reduces the costs of your bathroom renovation including:

    • Your Bathroom Cabinets- Instead of replacing those bathroom cabinets consider restaining them or painting them in a new modern color. You can also refinish your bathtub and sink and give it a new bright look.
    • Go for New Faucets and Handles Instead of All New Bathroom Appliances- Many times simply changing your sink and bath tub handles and faucets is enough to give your bathroom a more modern look.
    • Go Lighter- You don’t have to actually enlarge your bathroom to make it look spacious. In fact painting your bathroom in a lighter yellow or beige can make it look spacious without breaking down a wall.

    Whether you want a complete bathroom renovation or just want to give your bathroom a new face lift then give us a call at 0800-199-888 between the hours of 9 and 5 and we will be happy to be of assistance.

    House-Renovations-Auckland-81-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

    Superior Renovations

    Average cost to replace shower NZ

    An average replacement shower costs can be between $1,150 to $8,850, depending on the size and features you want. You might pay as little as $1,150 to install a new acrylic shower box – while tiled showers are a more luxurious option they are harder to clean, so those who are time poor may prefer to go for the easy clean acrylic option. If you need to add plumbing or you want to use expensive materials, the total will run higher, particularly if you’re wanting to do a full re-tile.

    Unit Parts

    Cost of Labour and Materials

    Acrylic Shower Box $700 – $1,600
    Custom Shower $1,200 – $3,200
    Shower Glass Door $800 – $2,000
    New Faucet $100 – $1,200
    Adding Plumbing $700 – $1,800


    4.Cost to Install Tile Shower

    Tile showers are on the higher range and it is reflected in the price, installing a new tile shower runs $1,550 to $8,250. If you only need to replace the wall and floor materials, the cost to retile a shower ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 which doesn’t include waterproofing costs. It offers more options in terms of colour, pattern and design. Well-designed tiled walls can look stunning.

    Ceramic tiles are around $25 per square metre. Natural stone and other high-end options can go up to $75 per square metre.

    Costs to Replace a Shower

    Remove Old Unit $100 – $200
    Haul Away Debris $200 – $400
    Prepare Surface $400 – $900
    New Shower $850 – $6,750
    Total $1,550 – $8,250


    5.Average Toilet Renovation Cost

    Most homes in Auckland have a separate and often neglected toilet. Usually the space is small, there is the old style discoloured Vinyl flooring and an a toilet hardly to be proud of. If you are renovating your bathroom then this would be a good time to consider renovating your toilet as well. This would save you time as both the bathroom and toilet can be renovated side by side. Generally it works out cheaper if the toilet renovation is done together with the bathroom renovation so there is no double up in labour/resources and product.

    This includes removing all fixtures, toilet, basin (if any) and accessories in the bathroom before re-tiling. It takes about 5-10 or so working days per toilet, and new accessories have to be purchased prior to commencement.

    Below is a rough toilet renovation price and job scope as a guide.

    Tiling Works

    1. Supply & Overlay Wall Tiles To Ceiling Height — $1900-$3150 (Depending on Size and Complexity)
    2. Supply & Overlay Floor Tiles For Toilet — $800 – $1000

    Plumbing Works

    1. Supply & Install 01 Set Toilet Bowl & Bidet Spray For Toilet — $520 – $850 (Depending on Model)
    2. Supply & Install 01 set Wash Basin w/ Tap — $250 – $420 (Depending on Model)
    3. Supply & Replace Stainless Steel Piping for Toilet — $450 – $800 (Depending on Hot/Cold)

    Haulage & Disposal

    1. Haulage & Disposal of Debris Generated — $350 – $600

    Items To Purchase

    1. Purchase of New Toilet & Accessories for the Toilet Renovation — $200 to $300 and above

    Estimated Toilet Renovation Cost: $6xxx.xx and up for full toilet renovation overlay job
    Estimated Turnaround: 5-6 Working Days

    6.How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom – NZ average

    Pricing guide for 2021

    Once you know your exact reason to renovate then you can start planning your budget for your renovation. If you are carrying out your renovation through a renovation company then your renovation would include demolition, supplying of products and fixtures, installation, water proofing, flooring, painting and most importantly project management.


    Type of Bathroom Renovation Average Bathroom Renovation Cost
    Standard Bathroom Minor Alterations (Not Demolishing Everything)

    If you’d like to keep the cost of your bathroom renovation on the low side or at least lower than the average cost, you have options. Instead of completely rearranging the bathroom, it’s less expensive to leave the sink, bathtub, shower and toilet where they are. Simply swap the older models for newer, updated versions.

    $8,000 – $13,000
    Mid Range Bathroom Renovation

    Renovating a bathroom has several benefits for the homeowner, aside from making the room look better and improving its function. Adding another sink to a master bathroom, improving the lighting and making the shower function better are a few examples of bathroom updates that pay off in the long run.

    $18,000 – $22,000
    Custom Bathroom Renovation (high-end)

    If you have a bit more to spend, you can upgrade your renovation in a few ways. One option is to get higher-quality, custom countertops, such as quartz or custom-cut granite. Also, you may want to invest in higher-quality fixtures, such as faucets made of bronze or copper and solid wood, glazed cabinets.

    $23,000 – $26,000 +

    7.A condensed version of this Article

    8.Example’s of completed bathroom renovations

    Completed by Superior Renovations

    Featured Projects (Mid Range to Luxury)

    Sarah’s Luxury Bathroom renovation in Redvale, Auckland

    We renovated two of these bathrooms to give a luxury feel but was actually a mid range bathroom. The bathroom was fully renovated before selling the property. One of the highlights of this project was the custom built vanities to maximise the space in the bathroom. See full project specifications + photos

    Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-7, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-24, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


    Todd Chandler’s Mid-Range Bathroom renovation in St Heliers 

    We renovated Todd’s 3 leaky bathrooms in a contemporary style with wooden looking tiles and cabinets. The wooden looking tiles against the white fixtures made the bathroom look spacious and modern. See project specifications

    d064-H2105474-hires.20233-WEB12-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-6-1-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


    Luxury Contemporary bathroom renovation in Titirangi, Auckland

    Our client wanted to renovate her bathroom to match the aesthetics of the rest of her home. The highlight of this renovation was the clever use of patterns for their tiles to give it a contemporary artisan look. See full project specifications + Photos.

    DSC00169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00120, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland




    Mary Stuart’s Spanish style bathroom with Mosaic tiles

    Mary’s kitchen and bathroom in Stanmore Bay was renovated by keeping the design of Spanish Villa’s in mind. The bathroom was painted Blue with Mosaic tiles as feature on the walls. A brass sink and tap-ware added to the feel of a Spanish rustic villa see project specifications.

    renovations-auckland-11-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland renovations-auckland-12-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
    renovations-auckland-7-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06389-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


    To summarise

    How much does it cost to replace a shower NZ?

    An average replacement shower costs can be between $1,150 to $8,850

    What is the cost to install a tile shower?

    Tile showers are on the higher range and it is reflected in the price, installing a new tile shower runs $1,550 to $8,250

    How much does it cost to renovate a toilet only?

    The average cost to renovate a toilet in NZ is around $6,000 which includes products, installation, plumbing, and labour.

    How much does a full bathroom (mid-range) renovation cost?

    A major bathroom renovation can involve changing the layout of bathroom, purchasing new bathroom appliances, purchasing fixtures, changing flooring, new paint, changing plumbing and electrical work may mean an an average cost between $18,000 and $22,000 for a mid-range bathroom.


    Need more information?

    Take advantage of our FREE Complete Home Renovation Guide (48 pages), whether you’re already renovating or in the process of deciding to renovate, it’s not an easy process, this guide which includes a free 100+ point check list – will help you avoid costly mistakes.

    Download Free Renovation Guide (PDF)


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      superior renovations reviews
      Bathroom Renovation

      Olivia – Classic Upgrade to a Much Loved Villa

      Olivia – Grafton, Auckland

      Video testimonial by Olivia for Bathroom Renovation completed by Superior Renovations ® located in Grafton, Auckland.
      “I just had a very pleasant experience with my dealings with Superior Renovations from start to finish; the communication, price, quality of the work, and the speed of the work, everything was just terrific…. I needed it to be easy for me as I have a full-time job and I couldn’t really be here dealing with tradies and scheduling things, I needed something to be easy and that would work with my lifestyle and it did, it was great!”

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        House Renovation

        Joanne & Steve Hilson – House Renovated While Being on Holiday

        Joanne & Steve Hilson

        Video testimonial by Joanne & Steve Hilson for their House Renovation completed by Superior Renovations ® located in Greenlane, Auckland.

        “Knowing that we weren’t there while it was being done as well was the best part, we were on the beach, and the renovation will be done”

        “Working with Kevin and the team was easy because we weren’t having to ring up different suppliers ourselves, it was like one team does this, another team does that – and everything was done for us under one roof. Kevin had a contact for everything, and the experience was simple. You hear a lot of horror stories about doing renovations and I was like, well that was very easy”

        The renovation included:

        • Kitchen Renovation
        • Removal of wall to become an open plan
        • Bathroom Renovation
        • Toilet Renovation
        • Addition of a New Toilet
        • New Laundry
        • New Custom Storage Area
        • Consent Process

        Still have questions unanswered? schedule a no-obligation consultation with the team at Superior Renovations

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          Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator NZ for 2020 (updated)

          Bathroom renovations are an important part of any household makeover and there are a lot of things to consider, vinyl vs tiles, new cabinetry and more. Bathroom renovations have great potential to increase the value of your home for resale, or make it more functional for your family.

          bathroom-ideas-by-superior-renovations-26, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

          This Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator (Updated on April 2020 to reflect market prices of product and labour) is designed only for you to get an indication of what you can expect to invest based on the provided information  – but there are more factors that could impact on the cost of the project (Eg type of cabinets, type of tile, repair work required, necessary plumbing works, custom requests etc)

          Once you’ve generated an estimate and completed the form – you would be emailed a break-down of costs and estimate – we will then follow up with you to discuss your estimate and answer any questions you may have.

          What kind of bathroom are you looking to undertake?
          Only applicable if you are getting a full bathroom renovation, to be installed prior to tiling.
          Length x Width (metres) = Square Metre
          Cost of tiling will be calculated on average cost of product cost.
          Normally done together along with the bathroom renovation because it works out to be more cost-effective.
          If there is going to be additional plumbing or structural changes involved, it’s likely you’ll require consent. For more information about this, visit this blog
          A common add-on for those who currently have a low pressure hot water cylinder, it will give you more options for fittings and improve water flow and heating efficiency.

          Where to send the results?

          Please fill in your details below and your results will be sent straight to your email inbox. (double check your junk mail folder)

            Would you like a call back from us?*

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            ssl-cert-2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            To sum up

            Is the Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator (NZ) free to use?

            Yes, it was developed by Superior Renovations for the purpose of providing costings for bathroom renovations to visitors, and it this was partly triggered by popular requests.

            What is the average cost of a standard Bathroom Renovation?

            The average cost (inclusive of materials, design, project management, labour, plumbing and electrical) can range from $18,000 to $24,000 dependant on choice of materials/fittings.

            Does renovating a bathroom require building consent?

            Renovating bathroom does not require building consent unless there is alterations to the buildings structure such as removal of a wall, or change in the plumbing (adding or removing)

            Please note: Whilst all information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information. The information may change without notice and Superior Renovations is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.

            House Renovation

            Guide to Renovating Rental/Investment Properties in New Zealand

            SRR_9265-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            Are you trying to make up your mind about renovating your property or make improvements in advance before a new tenant moves in? or perhaps your renovating to increase the equity in preparation for selling?

            When it comes to property investment, it is recommended you review your finances from time to time. Refinancing, at a better mortgage rate could help achieve a higher return. You may also want to contact your accountant or tax specialist to see if you qualify for any or further tax benefits.

            Should I be spending money to renovate my rental properties, is it worth it?

            In this article, I help you understand the maths behind improving your property and why undertaking renovations on your rental property could be financially beneficial, but also why you shouldn’t be renovating as well.

            Some rental owners think that renovating their property isn’t financially worthwhile.

            Common views from rental/investment property owners:

            • It is just a rental property. Even if I put in new fixtures and chattels in it, they will wear out anyway. Why bother?
            • I don’t understand much about the renovation. I’m not certain about where to begin or whom to talk to so it’s a bit of a risky investment.
            • If I make improvements in my rental property, it will be even better than our own home!

            These are all valid points and not wrong to some extent, however we’re going to dig deeper to see what the data says. We will also address some of these questions in this article and hopefully provide you with enough information to make an informed/data driven decision that ultimately puts you financially better off.

            SRR_9246-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            Calculating the potential ROI of your rental property after the renovations

            A simple and quick way to do so is to approximate the annual rent increase after renovations are done. Then divide that into the renovation cost.

            For instance, imagine you spend $7,000 on making improvements to your kitchen between tenancies. We don’t mean setting up a brand new kitchen, but renovations such as repainting walls and cupboards, new floors, replacing bench top or acquiring a new stove.

            Consequently, you can obtain a higher rent, probably about $30 every week.

            • By attracting higher income earning tenants
            • To retain existing tenants with the upgrade (after the increase in rent)

            You can determine your return by calculating your yearly rent increase (52 weeks x $30). Then divide your answer into the renovation cost ($7,000). You should get 0.22, and you can multiply this by 100 to get a percentage (22.28%) – and that is your return on investment, which will pay for itself after 3-4 years (assuming you’re not increasing rent further, and you’re not selling).

            Real estate investors are always looking for a high return on investment (ROI) when buying rental properties. Higher returns can be achieved and influenced in many ways. Real estate renovation is one of those ways.

            Renovated rental units justify a higher rental rate – but it’s important you’re spending on the “right” renovations. There are a couple of other factors behind real estate renovation:

            • To maintain or improve the value of the investment property through necessary repairs or replacements
            • To increase equity
            • Rental property improvements to attract better-qualified tenants
            • Tax advantages
            • Reduced maintenance
            • Lower vacancy rates


            Five things you need to know before you consider renovating your rental

            1. When undertaking renovations on your investment property, avoid looking at it like it’s your own home, it should be a data-driven decision. What you want for your home is not necessarily what your investment needs to ensure best return.
            2. Create a strict budget and research thoroughly and ensure to create room for contingency for unexpected costs – it is common with renovations – for example, if you’re renovating the bathroom, you may find that there is water damage in the subfloor which is common with the older properties.
            3. Choosing the right renovations should not only increase the property value but also the rent.
            4. Good renovations are “bulletproof” In the long term, a durable renovation will outdo a fancy renovation.
            5. Don’t forget to consult your accountant, finance specialists and local renovation company (project manager) – get all your ducks lined up and make an informed decision based on data.

            DSC05478-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            Renovations that add value in the property

            I want to make improvements to my property to add value. To achieve this, I plan to spend $15,000 to paint the interior and replace damaged carpets to increase my property value by $30,000 and similarly raise weekly rent by $30.

            Sounds good in theory! But it doesn’t always plan out that way. We can definitely speculate the return on investment, and the increase in rent (but is that what the tenant wants?).

            If you are looking to renovate to add value, instead of looking at the “end result” first – begin with focusing on what you are in control of which is choosing what to renovate. By choosing the right renovations to begin with (within your planned budget) backed by data – the end result of the renovations is a given. Rental property owners tend to make the mistake of assuming what they think should justify increase the value or rent, but this subjective thinking leads to making the wrong decisions.  Be careful where you get your advice from as well, everyone seems to have an opinion on what they think you should do to your property.

            So we’ve put together a list of renovations that proven to add value and justify increasing rent.

            1. Kitchen renovations

            According to, kitchen and bath remodels offer nearly an 85% ROI, making them sound investments whether renting or selling. In lower income locations, renovating the kitchen can be extremely expensive and not worthwhile. However, there are simple kitchen cheats that you can use to ensure kitchen makeovers are cost-effective and still create an appeal. One of these is purchasing second-hand cabinetry online and using stain-block on your old cabinetwork. Perhaps even consider replacing the kitchen cupboards and draws assuming the carcass of the kitchen is still in good condition. For mid to high income locations, a full kitchen renovation is definitely worth considering because it would appeal more to the target audience. But with both options, consider the value of your property and make sure not to overcapitalise.

            1. Street appeal

            Although this appears overly simple, re-staining your fence, painting the roof and installing a new letterbox can give your home a new look that appeals to buyers and renters alike. This kind of renovation is best suited during spring when the weather allows you to paint outside, and your paint will dry quickly because of the warm weather. If you’re looking at selling the property, painting the home is the most cost-effective way to give the home a spruce up.

            1. Bathroom renovations

            A bathroom renovation is widely considered to increase the value of home significantly and it’s been stated by Business Insider that it can be up to a 70% return on investment. Whether a renovation is structural or simply cosmetic, an attractive bathroom will always appeal to the savvy buyer. But again, the decision to make minor alterations to the bathroom or to fully renovate the bathroom comes down to the location of your property (it would resonate with the target audience, eg Location with mostly growing families would prefer to have a bath), and to ensure you’re not over capitalising. Get the right lighting – Plenty of light is essential for a bathroom, but so is a warm and cosy glow. Check your lighting and see what you can change to make your bathroom appeal to your type of buyer.

            1. Gardening & Landscaping

            A smart garden appeals to everyone, and it all narrows down to your audience in the location (families, working professionals, or flatting situations). One thing to note is always go for plants that don’t need much gardening time or maintenance – don’t expect tenants to look after it (if they do, great!). These may be natives that are endemic to your area. Always ensure that your garden’s front lawn is tidy and trimmed. Also, berms ought to follow suit.

            1. Floor Renovations

            Carpets in old rentals act as hind outs for various crawling insects, including such as ants. While a carpet can be costly, there are cost-effective options to acquire one.  One of these is purchasing in bulk. You will buy them at a reduced price, and you can use the extra carpets across your multiple rentals.

            The most common floor renovation for rentals is converting from Carpets to Laminate flooring for multiple reasons such as:

            • Laminate flooring is much more durable, which means it will last longer then carpets (which leaves marks). After a while, carpet will start to fray and show obvious signs of wear. Although landlords can request for the carpets to be cleaned, it’s not going to stop it from general wear and tear. It’s important to note, landlords cannot get compensation for fair wear and tear, and distressed carpets usually fall into that category.
            • Tenants are becoming more health conscious and carpets are much more prone to attracting and clinging onto dirt, which means they get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned regularly. So it’s preferable to both buyers and tenants that if they’re choosing a property, laminate flooring would be ideal.
            • Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain, the process only requires a very moderately damp cloth and a sweep. For a thorough carpet clean, a specialist vacuum and shampoo is required, and it becomes more of a problem when there is spills/stains (which in some cases don’t come out)
            1. Painting

            Always seek professional painters to do the job – it seems like something that can be done by yourself but if not done properly, it’s very obvious and visible. Here’s an article that outlines whether you should DIY or Choose a Professional Painter. The most common painting project clients undertake is interior and exterior painting (not so much roof, normally a roof wash is sufficient), or replacing wallpaper to painted walls.  Painting the property is one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the perceived value of the property especially if surfaces look tired – it is also value added to potential buyers and renters. Check out blogs from Superior Painters (North Shore) for more information on painting your rental property.

            1. New curtains and Blinds

            Normally something easily forgotten – but it does make a difference. To give your property a refreshing impression before selling or renting it. Installing/purchasing new blinds and curtains can be as low as $2,500 for standard 3 bed home (8 windows).

            1. Call in your mates

            While you can have someone to provide their services in your house within a day, you can accomplish the same tasks or even more in much less time with your mates. Besides, you will have more fun doing it together.

            1. Let there be light

            Light shades offer decent and stunning looks in your rooms, but they can get pretty dingy after some years. Although it is relatively simple to get a replacement, you can restore their new and fresh look by performing an effective scrub. A common choice we get from home owners and rental property owners is replacing all the lights in the home to LEDs, for the following reasons:

            • LED lighting uses less energy (90% less energy)
            • LED bulbs last much much longer (landlords are responsible for replacing)
            • No need to change the fitting
            • LED bulbs are coming down in price every day!
            • And lastly, LED lighting is the preferred choice for all new builds now

            DSC06884-1200-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            What is the cost of renovating a rental property?

            We need to be certain that the costs of carry out a renovation will be recovered in the long run through increased capital and rental appreciation.

            The cost of renovating a rental is different (due to requirements) compared to if you were renovating your own home because:

            • Choice in materials – you’ll lean towards durability and what is cost effective
            • Features and extra amenities will be limited, functionality will be more important
            • Design will not be on top of the list, for example, you would rather choose to go with an acrylic shower base than a full tiled shower/bathroom.
            • Choice in fitting/product supplier will be on the lower end (but still good enough quality to be durable and long term) – although in saying this, taps, shower heads/fittings and mixers, always choose the better quality option over the cheapest.

            Here is a break down of costs you can expect to pay for different renovations:

            Note: Copied from our article on: How much does it cost to renovation in Auckland for 2019

            Heat pump $1,500 – $3,500
            Renovation Management $1,200 – $3,000
            Electrical $2,200 – $4,400
            Plumbing $2,700 – $4,200
            Builder $15,000 – $25,000
            Joinery (windows) $4,000 – $7,000
            Insulation $1,000 – $3,600
            Roof $4,400 – $9,600
            Interior Renovation costs $40,000 to well over $100,000 (dependant on size of home and specs)
            Renovation Costs Bathroom Starting at only $8,500 for a basic alterations to an average spend of $18,000 – $22,000 for a full bathroom renovation.
            Renovations Costs for Kitchen Ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for minor alterations (changing cupboards and draws) to an average spend of $22,000 – $28,000 for a full kitchen renovation.
            House Extension cost $100,000 +
            Recladding cost $150,000 +

            SRR_9300-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            Common mistakes made when renovating an investment property

            In most cases, the renovation of investment properties is regarded as an unfailing plan that guarantees an increase in rental returns.

            While this seems straightforward, the truth is it’s not always the case because when operating in an unstable market, the monetary gains of improving a property may be outweighed by equity loss.

            Here some mistakes that are made by renovators of investment property.

            1. Ignoring market trends and audience in the location

            Some people who have owned investment properties for over a decade tend to think that they are in an advantageous position to carry out renovations. But what they might not know is the market keeps on changing. Such changes range from interior designs, property value, to tenants’ tastes. Thus, you are likely to miss out on your projected returns by ignoring current market trends. So before renovating your property, undertake research on recent sales of property, analyze current trends in the market, and consult those in the property industry business. A good example is like people leaning more towards properties with LED lighting (as mentioned above).

            1. Failing to monitor the rental market

            Monitoring rental markets are often not in the priority list of most property renovators. But property prices keep of changing, and if you don’t monitor their trend, you might be left with vacant properties to fill after prices fall. If you have old properties, you need to keep monitoring the rental market to ensure they remain competitive.

            In saying that, if the market is flat lining and not appreciating in value – it might be a good time to renovate to increase it’s value if you are intending to sell/ or increase rent.

            1. Tenants living in the property

            If there are tenants residing in the property you are renovating, it will cause rental income loss if they need to move out while renovation works takes place. You may also be responsible for their belongings (storage cost), electrical bill, and water bill.

            To avoid all these issues associated with tenants living in the property, make renovations plans in advance and plan out the renovation in stages to minimise loss rent – try to avoid having the tenants move out or do it when they are away on holiday. For example, if you’re renovating the bathroom, hire a porta-loo for them to use for the time being (negotiate a reduction in rent as a compromise as it’s not exactly ideal). Make appropriate scheduling for delivery of renovation tools and materials to minimise issues with the tenants.

            1. Overcapitalising

            There are cheap alternatives that smart renovators use to minimize costs while providing added value to their clients. But cheap renovations doesn’t always mean the best return on investment, it may even be detrimental (dependant on the location of the property and the target audience).

            You need to recognize the amenities and services that drive tenants’ demands. Some alternatives will drastically minimize cost and end up with a finish that delivers projected value and results.

            1. Refinancing to renovate

            You are likely to get into arrangements that don’t pay off, for instance, by extending your home loan to cater for your property improvement. This is because a huge portion of your returns will go into loan payment.

            If you must borrow to carry out renovations, you need to be confident that your improvements will bring about higher rental returns. This will help you to evade risky situations of making zero returns, considering the unstableness of the market. We’ve put together an article exactly for this, on how to finance your renovation via loan – courtesy of Linda from Loan Market.


            SRR_9251-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

            7 questions to ask before starting renovations on your rental property

            1. How will renovation influence my rental returns?

            This should be the first question you need to consider before considering any renovation. Understand your reasons for conducting a renovation and what you’re expecting in return financially.

            For example, renovating a devastated three-by-two house can increase the weakly rental rate by $50. (at a minimum, always use minimums to determine affordability – not what you think it’s worth) –  Your weekly rental rates might shoot from $320 to $380. In a year, you will realize an extra $2,600.

            Remember to be realistic with your estimations and projections. Don’t invest less and expect huge returns.

            1. Repair or replace?

            Never replace things that can otherwise be repaired or fixed. Since renovation is an expensive undertaking, you need to save it for those areas that require it.

            In case you are working with a limited budget, and you still want to increase your returns, try these:

            You can give your kitchen a new look by replacing countertops and handles, and replacing the cabinets/draws. Replace carpets and repaint walls to give the home a new freshness to it and give the impression of it feeling new.

            Instead of thinking about replacing your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity, just cut costs by replacing the tapware (makes a bigger impression, if the cabinet is still in good condition)

            1. What you should renovate (important)

            Focus on vital and functional areas like the bathroom and kitchen, where tenants are likely to spend much time. Restoring these areas will have a huge impact on the daily living of tenants and rental returns as well. Is renovation vital to tenants?

            Not every renovation work is important to your tenants. Some restoration will only enhance the resale value and not the rental value. For instance, a new toilet may appear good in the house; a tenant may regard it as just a toilet.

            For your rental property to appeal to tenants, focus on aspects that are regarded highly by tenants. This includes having additional space or room and installing a heating pump for cold seasons.

            1. Which material do you plan to use, and are they practical?

            Although maximizing your property’s ROI is vital, you need not compromise on quality. Cheap fixtures and repair materials are prone to wear and tear fast, and you will be called to replace them sooner than you expected (focus on long term return/cost)

            Besides, analyze the prices for different materials as they are likely to vary from one hardware store to another. Ensure that the materials you have chosen are suitable for your rental. About renovation materials, think more about their durability and not just costs. You will maximize your ROI by using long-lasting materials and it’s not an area to cut costs.

            1. Is it too little or too much?

            You shouldn’t overcapitalize the upgrades. In other words, keep it simple. The majority of the tenant will not bother to know how much that you invested in the renovation. They just want to have it functional so that it can fulfil their needs.

            Be flexible in terms of considering cheaper but quality accessories. Also, think about the locality of your rental property and determine whether your upgrades would warrant an increase in rent (is it important to your target audience).

            1. Is it a legal obligation to your tenants?

            In New Zealand, rental laws are continually changing. From installing smoke alarms to making sure your property is healthy and safe, you should comply with all the legal obligations about rental properties and focus on these first before any other renovations/alternations.

            It is worth noting that all forms of renovations should reflect and conform to the set laws as well – so make sure you’re using companies that are able to provide certificates/warranties. Rent increase also needs to conform to established stipulations. This includes giving advance notice prior to the increase.

            We hope this guide has been helpful, and it gives you enough information to make an informed decision about renovating. Do let us know if you have any questions, and we would try our best to answer every question posted. Lastly, don’t forget to share your experience and tips that’s not mentioned here that you think will be valuable to those interested in renovating your rental property.



            Please note: Whilst all information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information. The information may change without notice and Superior Renovations is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.


            To wrap up

            Should I renovate my rental property?

            Depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what you’re renovating, not all renovations are equal and all delivers different returns on investment – including a number of variables to take in consideration such as location, target audience, financial circumstances, current market trends etc

            What renovations can add value to my rental property?

            Kitchen renovations, renovations to increase street appeal, bathroom renovations, New Curtains and Blinds, and Lighting are amongst the most common renovations.

            What are common renovation mistakes made with rental properties?

            Ignoring market trends and audience in the location, Failing to monitor the rental market, Tenants living in the property, Tenants living in the property, and Refinancing to renovate if they can’t afford to.

            How will renovation influence my rental returns?

            Understand your reasons for conducting a renovation and what you’re expecting in return financially. For example, renovating a devastated three-by-two house can increase the weakly rental rate by $50. (at a minimum, always use minimums to determine affordability – not what you think it’s worth) – Your weekly rental rates might shoot from $320 to $380. In a year, you will realize an extra $2,600.


            Still have questions unanswered? schedule a no-obligation consultation with the team at Superior Renovations

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              Bathroom Renovation

              Maria Chubb – Featuring Reece’s Showroom in Albany, Auckland

              Maria Chubb

              Showroom Consultant at Reece

              Meet Maria Chubb (Showroom Consultant) from Reece – Our Trusted Local Supplier – we’ve put together a video featuring their showroom in Albany, Auckland.

              When you’re renovating your home, you will no doubt be working with a variety of suppliers; we’ve forged valuable relationships with a range of reputable experts in their respective fields with a great attitude towards the end result and who also share the same values as Superior Renovations – putting client experience first.

              After confirming your project with Superior Renovations, you will be personally taken to our supplier showrooms (dependant on your requirements) like Reece to feel and choose the materials you want/need for your renovation – you’ll also receive advice from our project manager along the way to ensure you’re choosing the correct fittings/products that fits your space.

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                Bathroom Renovation

                Do you need a Bathtub or a Walk-in Shower for your new Bathroom?

                When it comes to renovating your bathroom, most people cannot make up their mind on whether they want a walk in shower or a bathtub. A bathtub is great for a nice relaxing bath but a shower is a blessing when you are getting late for work in the morning.

                Choosing between a walk-in shower renovation and bathtub installation could be a daunting task when it comes to getting a bathroom renovation. Weighing features, pros, and cons can make things complicated. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose between bathtub and walk-in showers, and how one of them can be a value adding element to have a renovated bathroom.

                Do You Have an existing Bathtub?

                Walk-in showers are trendy and look beautiful but ripping out tubs will isolate couples having small children. So if you want to sell your home, you need to consider this factor. It’s important to know that houses with one fully equipped bathroom are the best for having multiple combination shower/tub bathrooms in your home.

                House-Renovations-Auckland-79-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

                Superior Renovations


                If you have a tub installed in the small guest room’s bathroom, then you should replace it with a walk-in shower so that one can have enough space to change.

                But if you have a bathtub in your master suite, then you can keep it or update it for resale purpose. Moreover, if it is in your forever lovely home, and you never use it, then maybe you can replace it with a luxury sauna.

                Who Is Going To Use This Bathroom The Most?

                Bathroom renovation in Auckland is costly. So it is always best to go for a bathroom renovation option which is budget-friendly but also serves a purpose/function. Which is why the best way to start a bathroom renovation is to determine how you’re going to use it. Like, if someone elderly or disabled person in your home will use it, then it is better to go with walk-in shower. The benefit is it is convenient for them to take a shower. It is super-easy, fast, and efficient. Many mothers with young kids prefer tubs so that they can give a proper bath.

                IMG_9598-1200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

                Are You Selling The House?

                According to various real estate agents, it’s always recommended to have one bathroom with attached bathtub. Sellers show interest in those houses who have at least one bathroom with a beautiful bathtub. So if you have a plan of selling your house, then it is recommended to consider this option. Check out our article when we sat down with Linda from Loan market – If you’re looking at financing your renovation through a home loan.

                Always check your budget before making a crucial decision

                Yes, this is very important. Always check if your needs and requirements are aligned with your specified budget, or you need to hold off on your bathroom renovation.

                Does Your Bathroom Have Enough Space?

                How much space does your bathroom have? Will it be easy to install a bathtub? If your bathroom has enough space, then it’s fine to go with the tub option. But if it is not, then it’s advisable not to make your space weighty.

                Do You Need to Make an Eco-Friendly Choice?

                Nowadays, people are concerned about the eco-friendly environment. They are opting for every possible option that could support the eco-friendly environment. Below are some benefits of installing walk-in showers.

                • It saves electricity and water bills.
                • A bathtub is not an energy-efficient solution, and it doubles the water wastage ratio.
                • In an average estimate, the walk-in the shower takes 20 gallons water while tubs demand 30 gallons.

                Quick and Convenient Access

                A walk-in shower is super convenient and super easy to use, especially if you don’t have enough time for taking a tub bath. You can have instant hot and cold water.

                Other than this, bathtubs are not convenient. Firstly, you need to wait for it to fill up; you need to sit in and rinse off yourself. But if you are a person with a busy schedule, then surely this option is not for you.

                Is Relaxation High On Your Priority List?

                Having a bathtubs can be a blessing for many people, it’s a nice option to relax, and destress. It gives a spiritual experience and study also shows tha warm water bath relaxes your muscles and softens your skin. So yes, if relaxation is high on your priority list, then we recommend you to have a bathtub.

                House-Renovations-Auckland-107-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

                New Bathroom Renovation and Design


                Pros & Cons of Having A Walk-In Shower

                Undoubtedly, walk-in showers are the symbol of class and trendy. But it comes with pros and cons. Many times, unique designs can compromise the functionality of a bathroom. So now have a look on the pros and cons and then decide.


                • Walk-in showers are made with glass, and so the continuous design without moving parts eliminates the chances for anything to break.
                • These showers are easy to clean. These don’t get rushed. Moreover, you even don’t need to clean them all the time expect the corners where water can gather.
                • It adds to the beauty of bathroom décor. As these are purely made of glass, without rails, so no element will distract others intention from your bathroom décor.


                • A #1 disadvantage of having a walk-in shower is a slip hazard. Yes, when water comes out and gathers, it can make floor slippers, and anyone can get hurt when getting out of a shower.
                • It is an open shower, so hot air is free to circulate into your bathroom, which however makes the environment less relaxing while taking a bath. It can create humidity in the whole bathroom.
                • Walk-in showers are more expensive than regular ones due to needing for tiling and custom shower glass.


                When Is The Last Time You Actually Took A Bath?

                If you are a one who rarely takes a bath in a tub, then this option is not a worthy option for you. According to 2014, Houzz Poll indicates 39% of people aged 23-34 years skip tub bath anywhere in the house.

                However, if you are going to sell your home, then tubs removal can affect the worth of it.

                Bathtub Guidelines:

                • If your home has multiple bathrooms, then any of them should have one tub installed in it.
                • If you have cute little kids, then it’s a must to have a tub.
                • If you like soaking up yourself in the water, then a tub is a must.

                The resale value of a house can be affected with tub-less bathroom. Because usually, buyers like to have a bathroom with a tub. But it is up to you. It’s better not to consider future predictions and trends, and should never compromise on your comfort and preferences.

                Walk-in Shower Cost

                A normal walk-in shower costs $750 to $6850, and it mostly depends on the style, material, size, and features you look for. You can pay $750 for a simple stall with new faucets.

                What Are Average Bathtub Prices?

                A new bathtub can cost between $300, for fiberglass tubs, to almost $3,000 for marble tubs. However, the cost depends on the style, type, and size you choose; however, material like steel, acrylic, cast iron, all these costs differently.

                We hope this guide has somewhat helped you with your decision between bath tub or walk-in shower. There isn’t really a wrong or right decision and it all comes down to personal preference and circumstance. It is not always necessary to follow trends which make you feel uncomfortable or which can be heavy on your pocket; so think about it carefully and make an informed decision that you won’t regret later on.

                What Are Average Bathtub Prices?

                A new bathtub can cost between $300, for fiberglass tubs, to almost $3,000 for marble tubs. However, the cost depends on the style, type, and size you choose; however, material like steel, acrylic, cast iron, all these costs differently.

                What is the cost of a walk-in shower?

                A normal walk-in shower costs $750 to $6850, and it mostly depends on the style, material, size, and features you look for. You can pay $750 for a simple stall with new faucets.

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