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Joanne & Steve Hilson – House Renovated While Being on Holiday

Joanne & Steve Hilson

Video testimonial by Joanne & Steve Hilson for their House Renovation completed by Superior Renovations ® located in Greenlane, Auckland.

“Knowing that we weren’t there while it was being done as well was the best part, we were on the beach, and the renovation will be done”

“Working with Kevin and the team was easy because we weren’t having to ring up different suppliers ourselves, it was like one team does this, another team does that – and everything was done for us under one roof. Kevin had a contact for everything, and the experience was simple. You hear a lot of horror stories about doing renovations and I was like, well that was very easy”

The renovation included:

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Removal of wall to become an open plan
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Toilet Renovation
  • Addition of a New Toilet
  • New Laundry
  • New Custom Storage Area
  • Consent Process

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Family Homes Vs Investment Properties – Renovation Guide for 2021

Are you looking at adding comfort and convenience to your home? Or renovating for an investment property?

Intention or motive is a key factor when planning your home renovation.  It will determine your budget, the type of suppliers, raw materials, design and time-frame of your renovation. When you are renovating with the intention of renting it out or selling then your budget can be more limited as you do not have to make the house luxurious.

As long as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing with everything working well then you can look at getting more medium range supplies. However, if you are going to be living in the house then you might want to splurge more on design and luxury along with making it more functional.

In this article we will discuss the following:

We will discuss there broad intentions for renovating a home in Auckland. This guide will provide a comprehensive guide for planning your renovation based on 3 broad categories. It will talk about budget, types of materials that we recommend for the three types of renovations based on your intention to renovate in Auckland.

  1. Renovations for when you want to rent your house in Auckland

  2. When you want to add value to your home to sell in Future

  3. Home Renovations for a family home – to increase functionality and comfort

1. Intention of renting your property

When you are renting your property your two aims should be aesthetics and functionality. When it comes to aesthetics you want to renovate your kitchen and bathroom with a medium range budget. Tenants are looking for a place which is modern and with minimal wear and tear. They also look for homes that are functional so they face the least amount of inconvenience.

Kitchen renovations in Auckland for rentals

Kitchen is one of those places that should always look and feel clean and hygienic. Old Auckland kitchens usually have a dated look about them which make them look aesthetically unappealing. No matter how any times you clean them they always appear slightly worn out and yellow. Hence, giving your kitchen a makeover greatly increases its chances of being rented at a good price. An easy way to renovate old kitchens is to replace the flooring, counter tops and work benches.

You can use mid-range materials for counter tops which will look nice and are durable but will not break your bank. Materials such as laminate, Engineered stone and glass counter-tops could be a great option for the kitchen if you are looking at renting the house out. They look great and will instantly make the home look much more appealing to the tenants. Laminate flooring is also a good option for such kitchens as they look great, are good for the budget and are durable.

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10 ways to increase rental yield through renovations and upgrades

Bathroom renovations in Auckland for rentals

If your bathroom is looking grimy then it is best to get it renovated before renting it out. An average bathroom renovation costs about 15K if you are replacing the shower, toilet, adding a vanity and replacing the floors. You can use Vinyl floors or simple tiles for the bathroom at a very reasonable cost. Basic showers and toilets can also be found at a reasonable price. If you are not changing the pluming around then bathroom renovation costs can be done at a very minimal cost.

Adding Rooms

One of the tricks for getting most out of your rental property is to make larger rooms into two different rooms. If you have a two bedroom home then it would be rented for about $550 on an average in most Auckland suburbs. But if your lounge is very spacious, you could erect a wall making a small study out of the lounge. This would give you a third bedroom or study. This would effectively let you increase the rent of your place. The added wall would cost you as much and is almost always possible because there is no structural change if the wall is added inside the house.

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Rental Full house Renovation in Hillsborough to get better rental yield

Painting in Auckland for rentals

If your home has started looking worn down then a good paint job throughout the house can also prove to be a good investment. The important thing is getting it done by a professional. A good paint job will make all the difference to your home and overall aesthetics of your rental property.

2. Intention of reselling or adding value to your property

If you are thinking of selling your house in the future then you should renovate with the intention of adding value to your home. Adding value does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money to ‘add value’. The perceived value of your home is the buyer’s perception of your home.

They want the foundation and structure of your home to be sound as they do not want to buy something that they will have to put more money into ‘fixing up’. Some of the key elements of the house like kitchen, and bathroom also need to be in good condition so that they do not have to spend money in maintenance like fixing leakages etc or even renovating.

Kitchen renovations and Bathrooms renovations to add value

When trying to sell your home you want to make sure that your bathroom has no plumbing issues, leakage or damage. That is the first thing that you should fix. You do not have to install the latest fixtures or accessories if your present toilet and shower are still in good shape. If they are however dated then it would be a good idea to pull the old bathtub out and install a new shower. The idea is to make the buyer have a higher perceived value of the home.

The kitchen is another aspect of the house that should be looked into before selling your home. If your kitchen is very outdated and has started to look shabby then a change is in order. Change the flooring and pull down the old cabinets to give your kitchen a fresh new look. There is no need for customisation; simply use the most basic cabinets and counter-tops to make it look modern.

Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-14-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Todd Chandler’s Home renovation in Saint Heliers to Add Value before Selling (see case study below)

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Todd Chandler’s renovation in St Heliers to add value before selling

Stay away from themes

When selling your home it is good to stay away from modelling your rooms after certain themes. This might actually become detrimental to the sales process as your personal themes might not appeal to the buyer. If you are going for classic themes then it would be okay as classic timeless themes do appeal to most people. We would however not recommend renovating your home keeping a theme in mind as the return on investment for a project like that would not be great.

Painting in Auckland for Adding value

Adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior and interior of your home can also add considerable value to your home in the minds of the buyers. Again, we would advise you to paint in neutral colours as opposed to bold colours. Buyers will be willing to buy a house at a higher price if the house is well painted and looks striking.

Adding a deck to add value to a house

Add a deck to the house to instantly increase the value of your home. If you do not have a deck but do have the space on the outside of your home then we would recommend you to add a deck. The return on investment for building a deck is exponential as buyers would pay much higher for a home which provides them outdoor living.

3. Intention of giving your Family home to add comfort

When it comes to doing your own home renovation, then the options are unlimited. You can renovate your home based on your priority and needs of your family. If modernising your home is a priority then kitchen and bathroom would be the first few things to consider renovating. If you want a stylish makeover then you have plenty of options based on your budget, trends and personal preference for your home renovation.

DSC06685-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Kitchen renovation in Blockhouse Bay for a family home (see case study below)

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Full Kitchen transformation in Blockhouse Bay of an old dated kitchen to an open plan space

Kitchen Renovations in Auckland for a family home

If you want more functionality then consider changing the interior of your cabinets to the current shelf storage system trend. These cabinets have custom built shelves in cabinets for different types of appliances. This saves space and adds functionality to your kitchen. There are also numerous styles and designs available for designer kitchens if you want to add a touch of luxury to your home. Most renovation companies have an in-house designer that can help you with the design process and source supplies to complement the style of kitchen you are after.

DSC07012-1200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Lynette and Henry’s Kitchen renovation was done keeping their lifestyle in mind (see case study below)

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Lynette and Henry’s kitchen in Bucklands Beach was renovated to make it more functional for their family

Bathroom Renovations in Auckland for a family home

You could renovate your bathroom based on the needs of your family. If you are a growing family then you could convert your en-suite into a separate bathroom and toilet. Or you could convert the bathroom and toilet to make a luxurious en-suite. This type of renovation will really depend on your budget and your needs.

Adding Rooms

You could add or pull down walls to either add rooms or make your current rooms more spacious depending on what you want out of your house renovation.

When doing your own home renovation, you should first ask yourself what you want and how much are you willing to spend. When you have a limited budget then drawing up a priority list is a must. If you have any problem areas like leakage then it is best to tackle that first as opposed to giving your home a makeover. If next on your list is the kitchen due to limited functionality then the best way to go forward would be to increase functionality rather than getting a makeover in terms of design.

mmexport15637605084423-1000-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Before the kitchen renovation

DSC05545-1000-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

After completion (see case study below)

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Amber and Craig’s full home renovation (picture above) 

Materials for family home renovations

When doing your home renovation we recommend using premium materials and supplies even if it means doing your renovation in stages. For example use granite or marble or solid wood for your kitchen counter-tops rather than laminate as you want to be able to enjoy the luxury of your home.

DSC07210, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Guru and Neeta’s Kitchen renovation (Kitchen area + Bar area)

DSC07212, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

(see case study below)

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Guru and Neeta’s full Kitchen renovation to add luxury, comfort and convenience


Featured Projects for Family Homes and Investment Properties

Investment Property to increase rental yield in Hillsborough

Our client had a 2 bedroom house in Hillsborough which fetching very little rent due to its state. It was an old house with a very old and dilapidated bathroom and kitchen. Our client renovated the entire house in accordance with the current tenancy laws. The bathroom and kitchen was renovated with mid-range durable and easy to maintain materials see full project specifications

1-1-300x169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland 5-300x169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
6-300x169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland 15-300x169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Todd Chandler’s renovation in St Heliers to add Value before Selling

Todd Chandler initially started his renovation for the family but then decided to just add value to sell it. We renovated 3 of his old leaky bathrooms with mid-range materials. The entire house was painted and the decks were re-built in accordance to the code of compliance see project specifications

Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-6-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-4-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-14-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Full home renovation in Avondale for a 3 generational family living together

A full home renovation with structural changes, making space and room for 3 generations to live with comfort and convenience. This home needed to accommodate three generations with each generation having its unique needs in terms of convenience, comfort and aesthetics see full project specifications


DSC06873-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06958-1200-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06968-1200-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland




What are the best rental renovations for my investment?

Rental renovations are very different from Family home renovations. This guide discusses these differences in terms of budgets, materials used and customisation. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the top two renovations that increase rental return for investment properties. You can also read our article on 10 best ways to increase rental returns on our article

Do I have to manage my own renovation?

Renovation companies like ours provide a project manager for every renovation who manages the entire renovation as well as all different trades involved.

Do i have to get my own builder, electrician or plumber?

If you are doing your renovation on your own and sourcing all trades then yes. However renovation companies like ours provide our clients with all the different trades which go into any renovation. So we would provide electricians, plumbers, tilers, builders, grouters, painters, plasterers, installers, waterproofer, and project management.

Do i have to get my own products?

Our company will provide all products required to renovate any given area of your home. We have longstanding relationships with our suppliers. We take you to our various supplier showrooms so you can pick and choose your fixtures, flooring, lighting, tiles. For kitchens we built custom cabinets.


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House Renovation

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate in Auckland in 2020

People try to do some kind of renovations to their homes almost every season depending upon the changes and choices they decide to make. Renovations are done to make your home look more attractive and beautiful from inside and outside. It is also often done to increase functionality and make your home more convenient.

Whether you are looking to extend your home area or you are trying to make minor changes in the your interior design, renovating can be a tough experience. We often recommend clients to use specialists to carry out renovations as there are many technicalities involved. It is not as simple as changing your furniture.

In the year 2020, we’ve seen a rise in home renovation project search impressions including DIY projects. For Internal home renovations, we’ve also seen an increase in financing renovation inquiries. This tells us that homeowners are seeing renovating their home as a possibility driven by low interest rate home loans. We’ve also seen an increase in renovation inquiries for rental properties, though the real estate market has been stagnant, property investors are still looking for ways to increase value (and taking advantage of the low-interest loans to finance it)

For more information on Financing your renovation…

Watch Linda from Loan Markets talk about Financing your next renovation

A guide on financing your renovation in Auckland

People think that the proper cost of renovation depends upon the size of the room or the place, but it’s not true. Costs for renovation in Auckland varies according to the different styles, adjustments, fixtures and the material that is used to renovate your place.


Example of a renovated exterior of a house in West Harbour which included: Roof painting, new concrete driveway, painting of bricks, new gutters, replacing all windows/frames to double glazing, new electronic front door, full exterior repair and painting of weatherboards.

Renovations in the year of 2020

It doesn’t seem that the renovation industry will slow down because a lot of renovation work is available. At mentioned above, we’ve actually seen an increase and we speculate that it’s due to to the following reasons:

Our services and interaction with the customers has always been our advantage and has made us the best amongst all other companies in Auckland. If you are currently living in Auckland you might have noticed that the number of renovation cranes has increased in significant numbers and it’s still not enough.

While the renovation builder industry (Auckland) is continually increasing, the construction and House renovation Auckland work has increased to a significant level as well, especially in the residential sector despite consumer confidence. If you are also looking to purchase some property in Auckland and the upcoming areas, let us tell you that this has now also become very challenging.

Having your own home is a blessing. The mood of people changes with time. People want to renovate their homes whenever they feel for a change or see something new in the market and they want that at their place. You do not need to wander and ponder on the internet to look for renovation services as we are always there for you to provide the best and quality renovation Auckland services.

Superior-Renovations-Auckland-2-1000-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Superior Renovations – Kitchen Renovation

If you have considered renovating, then it might be of the following types:

  • Extending your home.
  • Add another level to your home.
  • Make aesthetic changes on the inner side of the home as per your mood and ideas.
  • Upgrading the kitchen or bathroom
  • Subdivide or extend different areas of the home.
  • Improving your lifestyle
  • Increase the value of your home

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2021 Guide for renovations for return on investment and to add comfort for a family home


We renovate and adequately design the place according to the budget and lifestyle of our client. We try our level best to make your place look more attractive and beautiful but also making sure it’s within the clients scope.

If your property is one of your biggest assets, then renovation should be your second priority in order to maintain/increase  it’s value. People are spending billions of dollars for the renovation of their properties. The renovation costs NZ per square meter in the Auckland building industry has been quite stable in recent years and we haven’t seen significant spikes.

Superior-Renovations-Auckland-4-1000-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Superior Renovations

Where to look?

As you know, Auckland is well known for its property and location, there is a lot of room available for renovation particularly in the older regions such as Ponsonby, Mt Eden, Sandringham, Glenfield, Howick etc. Almost in every area of Auckland, there are house renovations happening. The critical role to renovate a property if you’re looking to see is to increase its perceived value and equity in the market to attract the right buyers at your target selling price, which isn’t easy considering the demographics in every suburb is different.

Subdividing also seems to be quite popular in recent years and this is due to the large land available for older homes.

How much does it cost to renovate in Auckland in 2020?

Confirming the renovation costs is a bit tricky and complicated

It depends on requirements and ideas of the client and the range can be quite large. If you’re considering on buying a place to renovate, try to get a ball park figure for the renovation to avoid not having enough budget after the purchase. If you’re renovating for your own home, focus on the necessities first and then the wants later if the budget allows.

There are some renovation costs/rates that can be calculated in advance if you know the size of the area you want done (but keep in mind this would be an average). You should have a 10% contingency budget should you start any renovation, there are also unforeseen costs once a renovation starts – perhaps you want to get extra things, or there was rotton timber that needs replacing.

Example of complete house renovation


This full house renovation in St Heliers (Auckland) included: Renovation of the toilet, Bathroom Renovation x 2, Laundry Renovation, Full Interior Painting, Desk Renovation, Interior door replacements, Interior Stairs and Balustrade Installation (Glass), Wallpaper Removal and Plaster, Exterior Painting and installation of Balustrade

Examples of full home renovations in Auckland

Full home renovation for a 3 generation family in Avondale

Full home renovation in St Heliers to add Value before selling

Full home renovation in Hillsborough of an old house 

Cost of home extensions Auckland

Why consider a house extension when you could sell your Auckland house and move to a larger home? Here are four good reasons to consider adding a house extension:

  • If you like the area you’re living in, you don’t have to move
  • Make the changes you want to make and not settle for something that’s just okay
  • A home extension may be more affordable than moving to a larger home
  • You may be attached to your current home or location and not want to leave

As a general rule of thumb, the average cost of a house extension in Auckland – a 50SQM ground floor house extension costs $100,000 – $150,000. That works out to $2,000m2 – $3,000m2. The difference is in the type of construction and the quality of the inclusions.

You won’t know the exact cost of a home extension until you’ve made plans and know how large the extension is going to be and what will be included in the extension. The cost of Architectural plans will go from $3,000 – $5,000 dependant on complexity.

Want to figure out a custom price for your own extension project? Check out this free to use House Extensions Cost Calculator (NZ) developed by Superior Renovations.

Cost of Two storey House Extensions in Auckland

What about two-story extensions?

If both storeys are the same size, a generally-accepted rule is to add 50% extra to the build cost of a single storey house extension.

$150,000 + 50% = $225,000

Add 20% for professional fees and GST (15%).

Don’t forget about windows, finishings and fixtures when you’re pricing your house extension, Make sure you include these in your planning and cost estimates. If you don’t, you could be in for a surprise when the final invoice comes.

Planning a house extension is a big job that can seem daunting, especially with so many things to think about. It’s best to start with figuring out the cost. Once you’ve got a rough idea of how much your extension will cost, you can move forward with everything else.

There are other places to start, of course. But the best place to start will always be with a general cost calculation.

General Process for House Extensions NZ

  1. Initial enquiry to a construction/renovation company
  2. Feasibility study to be carried out by an architect
  3. Pre-construction costs are proposed
  4. Client agrees to initial costs
  5. On-site meeting with client along with architect and builder
  6. Draft architectural plans are drafted and briefed to client
  7. Final architectural plans are submitted for consent
  8. Consent approved
  9. Quote/proposal/specs are generated by builder based on approved plans
  10. Awaiting client approval
  11. Building contract signing process
  12. Initial deposit received
  13. Construction start date (as estimated finish date) is confirmed

Read more…

Renovations that need building consent in Auckland


Example of a full interior renovation which included: New gib board, redesign of the staircase, installation of glass balustrades, new chandelier, new carpet installation and replacing all lights to LED

Renovations Costs NZ per Square Meter

Different types of renovation costs NZ per square meter made in different areas of Auckland have ranged from $1,800 to $2,500

The interior part takes almost $41,000 and it might range up to $100,000 depending upon the client’s requirements. If you are looking to make some renovation in your Bathroom, then the necessary changes will cost you at least $10,000 and the price will increase with a more attractive renovation. This was just a small cost guideline according to the different renovation rates available in Auckland.

Renovation costs in Auckland as per Square Meter

If you are having a thought of the cost of renovating your place as per square meter, you can follow the guide mentioned above. Although the figures mentioned above for renovation costs NZ per square meter are not exact. They are just an estimate for you to consider your renovation area according to your budget. In the beginning, $1,800 square meter is the cheapest renovating cost. The average cost is 2,500 per square meter. Anything that is over $ 3,000-meter square is undoubtedly a prohibitive renovating price.

Superior-Renovations-Auckland-1-1000-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Superior Renovations


Average Home Renovation Costs Guide

See below on the break-down of house renovation costs:

Renovation Architect Cost $2,000 – $6,000
Surveyor / Engineer $1,500 – $4,000
Heat pump $1,500 – $3,500
Renovation Management $1,200 – $3,000
Electrical $2,200 – $4,400
Plumbing $2,700 – $4,200
Builder $15,000 – $25,000
Joinery (windows) $4,000 – $7,000
Insulation $1,000 – $3,600
Roof $4,400 – $9,600
Interior Renovation costs $41,000 to well over $100,000
Renovation Costs Bathroom Starting at only $7,500 for a basic upgrade with an average spend of $12,000 – $19,000 and well over $25,000 for a full redesign.
Renovations Costs for Kitchen Ranging from $13,000 to $22,000 for average size, $22,000 – $28,000 mid-size and $28,000 + for high end designer kitchens.
House Extension cost $100,000 +
Recladding cost $150,000 +


IMG_0866-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Renovated Bathroom

Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-4, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Kitchen and House Renovation

Is a home renovation worth it?

People are confused if renovating their property will increase its value or not. Let us assure you that if you are a resident of Auckland, then renovation is the best way to increase your property’s value and beauty.

This is the reason that the knowledge regarding Home renovation Auckland is very essential. The best way to pursue is that you should overestimate the budget for renovation and set the sale priceless. This will let you make a proper price and profit analysis.

Whether you intend to modernise an old kitchen or enhance your outdoor space by adding a deck to your home, your first step when planning a renovation will be figuring out the cost, work and time involved in the project.

So here are a few tips to help you get off to a good start for your home renovation.

  • Do you research, figure out what you want

You should have a clear idea of what you want before you start getting quotes and choosing materials. If you know you want to redo your bathroom, but aren’t sure what style you want, you can get inspiration from home improvement and design magazines or use Pinterest to find creative ideas and bookmark them for later.

  • Make a detailed plan

Creating a detailed renovation plan is essential to the success of your renovation project, and while your renovation company can certainly help with this, there are some things you’ll need to decide on beforehand, including your budget and preferred materials and finishes.

  • Allow plenty of time for your renovation

Home Renovation projects in Auckland can often end up taking a lot longer than anticipated, so you should allow plenty of time for unexpected delays. Planning in more time than you think you’ll need to prevent unnecessary stress when things move more slowly than anticipated.

  • Make sure you have considered all your options

It’s best to get advice and proposals from a few different renovation companies in Auckland before making a final decision so you can compare them and make sure you are making an informed decision. Of course, high-quality materials cost more and skilled contractors often charge more than less experienced ones, so check the contractor’s reputation, ask plenty of questions and look for hidden fees.

The key to renovating your Auckland Home beautifully yet inexpensively is to devise a goal for yourself, and paint an entire picture of what you want and then step by step renovate each part of your house with the guide of a trusted renovation company – they’ll be able to guide you through the process by giving you sound advice to avoid costly mistakes.

What should I look for when choosing a renovation company?

Don’t get distracted by flashy websites, and nicely designed vehicles –  the right renovation company only needs to have experience, resources, organizational skills and a genuine interest in helping you renovate your dream home, see below on what you should look for.

Here are the top 5 things Aucklanders should be looking for in a potential renovator:

  1. An impressive portfolio of past projects – Check for case studies and details of the renovation (specifications) and ask a lot of questions. Another reason why you want to choose a company with an impressive portfolio of past projects is that a company that has done a lot of renovations, would have also been through a lot lessons/mistakes along the way that you can avoid.
  2. A proven track record with projects of similar scale and detail – Make sure you choose company that has done work that is similiar if not the same as what you’re looking for. The mistake most people make is choosing a company that does everything, but an expert in nothing.
  3. Great communication – Clues are in their online reviews (unsolicited) and video testimonials (if any, not all companies have this and it’s not easy to get raving clients). Ask for details of past clients who are happy to be called and interview them, if a company can’t provide you a list of at least 5 – there may be red flags.
  4. Excellent organisational skills – This may be a bit difficult to judge, but it’s in the details such as:
    1. What was their sales process like? was it systemised?
    2. How was their follow up and their initiative?
    3. How well did the booking go with the office team?
    4. Was there a clear indication of next steps?
    5. How accurate was their proposal based on your requirements?
  5. Great real customer testimonials, and not from their website: Google them, visit other pages besides their website,  and check out their Facebook reviews/posts ( are there any negative comments?)
  6. Make sure they are affiliated with reputable suppliers: Make sure you know where they are getting their supply from to ensure you’re getting good quality fittings installed, and you’re also backed by independent product warranties.


Renovation Cost Calculators

Due to popular requests for ball park figures, which is a fair request for those who are considering renovating or are just researching – we’ve put together 3 cost calculators (built in-house) to help.


Further Resources for your home renovation

  1. Ideas for Kitchen renovations in our kitchen renovation gallery for kitchens we have renovated in Auckland
  2. Ideas for Bathroom renovations in our bathroom renovation gallery for bathrooms we have renovated in Auckland
  3. Featured projects and Client stories to see specifications on some of the projects.
  4. Real client stories from Auckland


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a choice of fixtures and fittings and can I supply them myself?

Absolutely – if you would like to purchase anything directly and provide it for installation at the appropriate time then we have no objections to this but we always suggest clients to choose our suppliers for a number of reasons, we’re confident of the quality, we can manage the logistics, trade prices, and any troubleshooting during the renovation is easier since we can direct contact.

Do I need to employ any other trades for the renovation?

Generally an established renovation company will have all their trades setup and a network of suppliers they use and trust. It just makes the renovation a lot less stressful and cost-effective. A house renovation will typically require 8 – 10 different trades and if any of which are unreliable they will affect all other trades involved. For this reason we are reluctant to carry out a renovation if a customer wishes to employ trades separately.

All the builders I’ve spoken to say they can do my Job. What makes Superior Renovations different?

Yes, there are many builders out there today, but Superior Renovations are not just builders. We specialise in Home Renovations, and that is important when transforming existing properties into modern contemporary homes – our service isn’t limited to renovation but we also take care of the design process, consultation process with architects, consents and supplier communication/logistics.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?

Generally a kitchen renovation will be between 5-6 weeks from date of demolition and this assumes design is finalised and parts have been manufactured (not including splash back which takes additional time for manufacturing)

How long does bathroom renovation take?

Generally a bathroom renovation will between 3-4 week from date of demolition, however will be longer if it involves consent.

How to plan house renovation?

Work out exactly what you’re getting done first and receive a detailed scope of works from your renovation company. Once this is received, then you know what you need to consider – check lists are very helpful to simply the process otherwise it does become overwhelming. You’ll find plenty of check lists online (eg how to choosing a builder), also check out Superior Renovations E-book (plenty in there for you to use).

How long does house renovation take?

Normally full house renovations would take between 3-6 months dependant on the scope of the renovation, complexity and size of the renovation.

How much to spend on full house renovation?

The average spend for a full house renovation in Auckland (including bathrooms and kitchen) is between $80,000 - $160,000 dependant on the size of home, building requirements, choice of products/fittings and a number of factors.

Do I need a building consent for my renovation?

If you are carrying out building work you may need to apply for a building consent. Here are some examples of work that requires consent: Any structural building including new buildings, additions, alterations, accessory buildings (sheds), and re-piling Changes to original plumbing and drainage Site works for a building Retaining walls higher than 1.5 metres, or retaining walls with a building or driveway near the top Fences higher than 2.5 metres and any swimming pool fence Swimming pools Decks more than 1.5 metres from ground level If in doubt we recommend you ring your local council and discuss your project with them.

Need more information?

Take advantage of our FREE Complete Home Renovation Guide (48 pages), whether you’re already renovating or in the process of deciding to renovate, it’s not an easy process, this guide which includes a free 100+ point check list – will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Download Free Renovation Guide (PDF)


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House Renovation

Guide to Renovating Rental/Investment Properties in New Zealand

SRR_9265-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Are you trying to make up your mind about renovating your property or make improvements in advance before a new tenant moves in? or perhaps your renovating to increase the equity in preparation for selling?

When it comes to property investment, it is recommended you review your finances from time to time. Refinancing, at a better mortgage rate could help achieve a higher return. You may also want to contact your accountant or tax specialist to see if you qualify for any or further tax benefits.

Should I be spending money to renovate my rental properties, is it worth it?

In this article, I help you understand the maths behind improving your property and why undertaking renovations on your rental property could be financially beneficial, but also why you shouldn’t be renovating as well.

Some rental owners think that renovating their property isn’t financially worthwhile.

Common views from rental/investment property owners:

  • It is just a rental property. Even if I put in new fixtures and chattels in it, they will wear out anyway. Why bother?
  • I don’t understand much about the renovation. I’m not certain about where to begin or whom to talk to so it’s a bit of a risky investment.
  • If I make improvements in my rental property, it will be even better than our own home!

These are all valid points and not wrong to some extent, however we’re going to dig deeper to see what the data says. We will also address some of these questions in this article and hopefully provide you with enough information to make an informed/data driven decision that ultimately puts you financially better off.

SRR_9246-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Calculating the potential ROI of your rental property after the renovations

A simple and quick way to do so is to approximate the annual rent increase after renovations are done. Then divide that into the renovation cost.

For instance, imagine you spend $7,000 on making improvements to your kitchen between tenancies. We don’t mean setting up a brand new kitchen, but renovations such as repainting walls and cupboards, new floors, replacing bench top or acquiring a new stove.

Consequently, you can obtain a higher rent, probably about $30 every week.

  • By attracting higher income earning tenants
  • To retain existing tenants with the upgrade (after the increase in rent)

You can determine your return by calculating your yearly rent increase (52 weeks x $30). Then divide your answer into the renovation cost ($7,000). You should get 0.22, and you can multiply this by 100 to get a percentage (22.28%) – and that is your return on investment, which will pay for itself after 3-4 years (assuming you’re not increasing rent further, and you’re not selling).

Real estate investors are always looking for a high return on investment (ROI) when buying rental properties. Higher returns can be achieved and influenced in many ways. Real estate renovation is one of those ways.

Renovated rental units justify a higher rental rate – but it’s important you’re spending on the “right” renovations. There are a couple of other factors behind real estate renovation:

  • To maintain or improve the value of the investment property through necessary repairs or replacements
  • To increase equity
  • Rental property improvements to attract better-qualified tenants
  • Tax advantages
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower vacancy rates


Five things you need to know before you consider renovating your rental

  1. When undertaking renovations on your investment property, avoid looking at it like it’s your own home, it should be a data-driven decision. What you want for your home is not necessarily what your investment needs to ensure best return.
  2. Create a strict budget and research thoroughly and ensure to create room for contingency for unexpected costs – it is common with renovations – for example, if you’re renovating the bathroom, you may find that there is water damage in the subfloor which is common with the older properties.
  3. Choosing the right renovations should not only increase the property value but also the rent.
  4. Good renovations are “bulletproof” In the long term, a durable renovation will outdo a fancy renovation.
  5. Don’t forget to consult your accountant, finance specialists and local renovation company (project manager) – get all your ducks lined up and make an informed decision based on data.

DSC05478-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Renovations that add value in the property

I want to make improvements to my property to add value. To achieve this, I plan to spend $15,000 to paint the interior and replace damaged carpets to increase my property value by $30,000 and similarly raise weekly rent by $30.

Sounds good in theory! But it doesn’t always plan out that way. We can definitely speculate the return on investment, and the increase in rent (but is that what the tenant wants?).

If you are looking to renovate to add value, instead of looking at the “end result” first – begin with focusing on what you are in control of which is choosing what to renovate. By choosing the right renovations to begin with (within your planned budget) backed by data – the end result of the renovations is a given. Rental property owners tend to make the mistake of assuming what they think should justify increase the value or rent, but this subjective thinking leads to making the wrong decisions.  Be careful where you get your advice from as well, everyone seems to have an opinion on what they think you should do to your property.

So we’ve put together a list of renovations that proven to add value and justify increasing rent.

  1. Kitchen renovations

According to, kitchen and bath remodels offer nearly an 85% ROI, making them sound investments whether renting or selling. In lower income locations, renovating the kitchen can be extremely expensive and not worthwhile. However, there are simple kitchen cheats that you can use to ensure kitchen makeovers are cost-effective and still create an appeal. One of these is purchasing second-hand cabinetry online and using stain-block on your old cabinetwork. Perhaps even consider replacing the kitchen cupboards and draws assuming the carcass of the kitchen is still in good condition. For mid to high income locations, a full kitchen renovation is definitely worth considering because it would appeal more to the target audience. But with both options, consider the value of your property and make sure not to overcapitalise.

  1. Street appeal

Although this appears overly simple, re-staining your fence, painting the roof and installing a new letterbox can give your home a new look that appeals to buyers and renters alike. This kind of renovation is best suited during spring when the weather allows you to paint outside, and your paint will dry quickly because of the warm weather. If you’re looking at selling the property, painting the home is the most cost-effective way to give the home a spruce up.

  1. Bathroom renovations

A bathroom renovation is widely considered to increase the value of home significantly and it’s been stated by Business Insider that it can be up to a 70% return on investment. Whether a renovation is structural or simply cosmetic, an attractive bathroom will always appeal to the savvy buyer. But again, the decision to make minor alterations to the bathroom or to fully renovate the bathroom comes down to the location of your property (it would resonate with the target audience, eg Location with mostly growing families would prefer to have a bath), and to ensure you’re not over capitalising. Get the right lighting – Plenty of light is essential for a bathroom, but so is a warm and cosy glow. Check your lighting and see what you can change to make your bathroom appeal to your type of buyer.

  1. Gardening & Landscaping

A smart garden appeals to everyone, and it all narrows down to your audience in the location (families, working professionals, or flatting situations). One thing to note is always go for plants that don’t need much gardening time or maintenance – don’t expect tenants to look after it (if they do, great!). These may be natives that are endemic to your area. Always ensure that your garden’s front lawn is tidy and trimmed. Also, berms ought to follow suit.

  1. Floor Renovations

Carpets in old rentals act as hind outs for various crawling insects, including such as ants. While a carpet can be costly, there are cost-effective options to acquire one.  One of these is purchasing in bulk. You will buy them at a reduced price, and you can use the extra carpets across your multiple rentals.

The most common floor renovation for rentals is converting from Carpets to Laminate flooring for multiple reasons such as:

  • Laminate flooring is much more durable, which means it will last longer then carpets (which leaves marks). After a while, carpet will start to fray and show obvious signs of wear. Although landlords can request for the carpets to be cleaned, it’s not going to stop it from general wear and tear. It’s important to note, landlords cannot get compensation for fair wear and tear, and distressed carpets usually fall into that category.
  • Tenants are becoming more health conscious and carpets are much more prone to attracting and clinging onto dirt, which means they get dirty quickly and need to be cleaned regularly. So it’s preferable to both buyers and tenants that if they’re choosing a property, laminate flooring would be ideal.
  • Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain, the process only requires a very moderately damp cloth and a sweep. For a thorough carpet clean, a specialist vacuum and shampoo is required, and it becomes more of a problem when there is spills/stains (which in some cases don’t come out)
  1. Painting

Always seek professional painters to do the job – it seems like something that can be done by yourself but if not done properly, it’s very obvious and visible. Here’s an article that outlines whether you should DIY or Choose a Professional Painter. The most common painting project clients undertake is interior and exterior painting (not so much roof, normally a roof wash is sufficient), or replacing wallpaper to painted walls.  Painting the property is one of the easiest and most cost-effective way to improve the perceived value of the property especially if surfaces look tired – it is also value added to potential buyers and renters. Check out blogs from Superior Painters (North Shore) for more information on painting your rental property.

  1. New curtains and Blinds

Normally something easily forgotten – but it does make a difference. To give your property a refreshing impression before selling or renting it. Installing/purchasing new blinds and curtains can be as low as $2,500 for standard 3 bed home (8 windows).

  1. Call in your mates

While you can have someone to provide their services in your house within a day, you can accomplish the same tasks or even more in much less time with your mates. Besides, you will have more fun doing it together.

  1. Let there be light

Light shades offer decent and stunning looks in your rooms, but they can get pretty dingy after some years. Although it is relatively simple to get a replacement, you can restore their new and fresh look by performing an effective scrub. A common choice we get from home owners and rental property owners is replacing all the lights in the home to LEDs, for the following reasons:

  • LED lighting uses less energy (90% less energy)
  • LED bulbs last much much longer (landlords are responsible for replacing)
  • No need to change the fitting
  • LED bulbs are coming down in price every day!
  • And lastly, LED lighting is the preferred choice for all new builds now

DSC06884-1200-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

What is the cost of renovating a rental property?

We need to be certain that the costs of carry out a renovation will be recovered in the long run through increased capital and rental appreciation.

The cost of renovating a rental is different (due to requirements) compared to if you were renovating your own home because:

  • Choice in materials – you’ll lean towards durability and what is cost effective
  • Features and extra amenities will be limited, functionality will be more important
  • Design will not be on top of the list, for example, you would rather choose to go with an acrylic shower base than a full tiled shower/bathroom.
  • Choice in fitting/product supplier will be on the lower end (but still good enough quality to be durable and long term) – although in saying this, taps, shower heads/fittings and mixers, always choose the better quality option over the cheapest.

Here is a break down of costs you can expect to pay for different renovations:

Note: Copied from our article on: How much does it cost to renovation in Auckland for 2019

Heat pump $1,500 – $3,500
Renovation Management $1,200 – $3,000
Electrical $2,200 – $4,400
Plumbing $2,700 – $4,200
Builder $15,000 – $25,000
Joinery (windows) $4,000 – $7,000
Insulation $1,000 – $3,600
Roof $4,400 – $9,600
Interior Renovation costs $40,000 to well over $100,000 (dependant on size of home and specs)
Renovation Costs Bathroom Starting at only $8,500 for a basic alterations to an average spend of $18,000 – $22,000 for a full bathroom renovation.
Renovations Costs for Kitchen Ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 for minor alterations (changing cupboards and draws) to an average spend of $22,000 – $28,000 for a full kitchen renovation.
House Extension cost $100,000 +
Recladding cost $150,000 +

SRR_9300-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Common mistakes made when renovating an investment property

In most cases, the renovation of investment properties is regarded as an unfailing plan that guarantees an increase in rental returns.

While this seems straightforward, the truth is it’s not always the case because when operating in an unstable market, the monetary gains of improving a property may be outweighed by equity loss.

Here some mistakes that are made by renovators of investment property.

  1. Ignoring market trends and audience in the location

Some people who have owned investment properties for over a decade tend to think that they are in an advantageous position to carry out renovations. But what they might not know is the market keeps on changing. Such changes range from interior designs, property value, to tenants’ tastes. Thus, you are likely to miss out on your projected returns by ignoring current market trends. So before renovating your property, undertake research on recent sales of property, analyze current trends in the market, and consult those in the property industry business. A good example is like people leaning more towards properties with LED lighting (as mentioned above).

  1. Failing to monitor the rental market

Monitoring rental markets are often not in the priority list of most property renovators. But property prices keep of changing, and if you don’t monitor their trend, you might be left with vacant properties to fill after prices fall. If you have old properties, you need to keep monitoring the rental market to ensure they remain competitive.

In saying that, if the market is flat lining and not appreciating in value – it might be a good time to renovate to increase it’s value if you are intending to sell/ or increase rent.

  1. Tenants living in the property

If there are tenants residing in the property you are renovating, it will cause rental income loss if they need to move out while renovation works takes place. You may also be responsible for their belongings (storage cost), electrical bill, and water bill.

To avoid all these issues associated with tenants living in the property, make renovations plans in advance and plan out the renovation in stages to minimise loss rent – try to avoid having the tenants move out or do it when they are away on holiday. For example, if you’re renovating the bathroom, hire a porta-loo for them to use for the time being (negotiate a reduction in rent as a compromise as it’s not exactly ideal). Make appropriate scheduling for delivery of renovation tools and materials to minimise issues with the tenants.

  1. Overcapitalising

There are cheap alternatives that smart renovators use to minimize costs while providing added value to their clients. But cheap renovations doesn’t always mean the best return on investment, it may even be detrimental (dependant on the location of the property and the target audience).

You need to recognize the amenities and services that drive tenants’ demands. Some alternatives will drastically minimize cost and end up with a finish that delivers projected value and results.

  1. Refinancing to renovate

You are likely to get into arrangements that don’t pay off, for instance, by extending your home loan to cater for your property improvement. This is because a huge portion of your returns will go into loan payment.

If you must borrow to carry out renovations, you need to be confident that your improvements will bring about higher rental returns. This will help you to evade risky situations of making zero returns, considering the unstableness of the market. We’ve put together an article exactly for this, on how to finance your renovation via loan – courtesy of Linda from Loan Market.


SRR_9251-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

7 questions to ask before starting renovations on your rental property

  1. How will renovation influence my rental returns?

This should be the first question you need to consider before considering any renovation. Understand your reasons for conducting a renovation and what you’re expecting in return financially.

For example, renovating a devastated three-by-two house can increase the weakly rental rate by $50. (at a minimum, always use minimums to determine affordability – not what you think it’s worth) –  Your weekly rental rates might shoot from $320 to $380. In a year, you will realize an extra $2,600.

Remember to be realistic with your estimations and projections. Don’t invest less and expect huge returns.

  1. Repair or replace?

Never replace things that can otherwise be repaired or fixed. Since renovation is an expensive undertaking, you need to save it for those areas that require it.

In case you are working with a limited budget, and you still want to increase your returns, try these:

You can give your kitchen a new look by replacing countertops and handles, and replacing the cabinets/draws. Replace carpets and repaint walls to give the home a new freshness to it and give the impression of it feeling new.

Instead of thinking about replacing your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity, just cut costs by replacing the tapware (makes a bigger impression, if the cabinet is still in good condition)

  1. What you should renovate (important)

Focus on vital and functional areas like the bathroom and kitchen, where tenants are likely to spend much time. Restoring these areas will have a huge impact on the daily living of tenants and rental returns as well. Is renovation vital to tenants?

Not every renovation work is important to your tenants. Some restoration will only enhance the resale value and not the rental value. For instance, a new toilet may appear good in the house; a tenant may regard it as just a toilet.

For your rental property to appeal to tenants, focus on aspects that are regarded highly by tenants. This includes having additional space or room and installing a heating pump for cold seasons.

  1. Which material do you plan to use, and are they practical?

Although maximizing your property’s ROI is vital, you need not compromise on quality. Cheap fixtures and repair materials are prone to wear and tear fast, and you will be called to replace them sooner than you expected (focus on long term return/cost)

Besides, analyze the prices for different materials as they are likely to vary from one hardware store to another. Ensure that the materials you have chosen are suitable for your rental. About renovation materials, think more about their durability and not just costs. You will maximize your ROI by using long-lasting materials and it’s not an area to cut costs.

  1. Is it too little or too much?

You shouldn’t overcapitalize the upgrades. In other words, keep it simple. The majority of the tenant will not bother to know how much that you invested in the renovation. They just want to have it functional so that it can fulfil their needs.

Be flexible in terms of considering cheaper but quality accessories. Also, think about the locality of your rental property and determine whether your upgrades would warrant an increase in rent (is it important to your target audience).

  1. Is it a legal obligation to your tenants?

In New Zealand, rental laws are continually changing. From installing smoke alarms to making sure your property is healthy and safe, you should comply with all the legal obligations about rental properties and focus on these first before any other renovations/alternations.

It is worth noting that all forms of renovations should reflect and conform to the set laws as well – so make sure you’re using companies that are able to provide certificates/warranties. Rent increase also needs to conform to established stipulations. This includes giving advance notice prior to the increase.

We hope this guide has been helpful, and it gives you enough information to make an informed decision about renovating. Do let us know if you have any questions, and we would try our best to answer every question posted. Lastly, don’t forget to share your experience and tips that’s not mentioned here that you think will be valuable to those interested in renovating your rental property.



Please note: Whilst all information is considered to be true and correct at the date of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the information. The information may change without notice and Superior Renovations is not in any way liable for the accuracy of any information printed and stored or in any way interpreted and used by a user.


To wrap up

Should I renovate my rental property?

Depends on what you’re trying to achieve and what you’re renovating, not all renovations are equal and all delivers different returns on investment – including a number of variables to take in consideration such as location, target audience, financial circumstances, current market trends etc

What renovations can add value to my rental property?

Kitchen renovations, renovations to increase street appeal, bathroom renovations, New Curtains and Blinds, and Lighting are amongst the most common renovations.

What are common renovation mistakes made with rental properties?

Ignoring market trends and audience in the location, Failing to monitor the rental market, Tenants living in the property, Tenants living in the property, and Refinancing to renovate if they can’t afford to.

How will renovation influence my rental returns?

Understand your reasons for conducting a renovation and what you’re expecting in return financially. For example, renovating a devastated three-by-two house can increase the weakly rental rate by $50. (at a minimum, always use minimums to determine affordability – not what you think it’s worth) – Your weekly rental rates might shoot from $320 to $380. In a year, you will realize an extra $2,600.


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Bathroom Renovation

Colin White – Bathroom Renovation – Video Testimonial

Colin White

Full Bathroom Renovation

“These guys are very very professional, every single one of them. They came around, they’re courteous, they put down drop sheets on the vinyl floor and put down sticky carpet covering through to the bathroom to make sure there was no mess and they’re just hard-working.

When you have people working in the house, that can be kind of annoying you know but with these guys it wasn’t annoying because you really didn’t know they were there, there was no upheaval, there was no chaos for weeks, it was just so smooth and that’s the bit that impressed me…”

Glen Eden, Auckland

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House Renovation

Kamalpreet Kaur – Bath & Tile (NZ) Ltd – Video Testimonial

Kamalpreet Kaur

Bath & Tile (NZ) Ltd

“As I have seen them with dealing with their client, I have seen their professionalism in their work, so we can recommend them confidently to people to deal with them – very confidently because we have seen how hard working they are, and as I mentioned the word patience they do have….”

Albany, Auckland

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House Renovation

Todd Chandler – Full House Renovation, Glendowie – Auckland

Todd Chandler

Full House Renovation

“It now feels like a big, simple, inspiring space, whereas before it was a big space but it was very dated and there was a lot of distractions around – now it’s quite a nice clean, modern, minimalist feel to it. It felt like before, it was a 1980’s home, but now when you walk in, the house is impressive, it’s a lovely space to be in, it feels impressive and everyone who comes here are impressed and enjoys it – but it still feels like a home..”

Glendowie, Auckland

Todd’s Full House Renovation Project included:

☑️ Renovation of the toilet
☑️ Bathroom Renovation x 2
☑️ Laundry Renovation
☑️ Full Interior Painting
☑️ Desk Renovation
☑️ Interior door replacements
☑️ Interior Stairs and Balustrade Installation (Glass)
☑️ Wallpaper Removal and Plaster
☑️ Exterior Painting and installation of Balustrade

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renovated bathroom
Bathroom Renovation

Expert Tips For a Modern Renovated Bathrooms

 Here are our 5 must-know bathroom remodelling ideas and tips.

 A beautifully renovated bathroom can not only be a reflection of your personal style; it can also boost the value of your Auckland home. In fact, a bathroom overhaul can give you

the highest return of any home improvement! Here are our top 5 expert tips for a modern, luxurious renovated bathroom:

1.   Know how much it costs

The first step is to determine how much money you’re willing to spend. Knowing your budget will help make better decisions on the scale of your remodelling project, the materials you’re going to use and what details you can splurge on. As you plan your budget, it’s always a good idea to allocate a little extra cash for any unexpected costs that might add up later. Your initial budget planning will go a long way as you move towards a better, renovated bathroom.

2.    Plan your bathroom layout

The next step is to finalize your new bathroom layout. To start, we usually recommend thinking about who is going to be using the space and what functionality and features that person might want to have. Adding an extra sink might be a popular choice for many Aucklanders, especially if your renovated bathroom is going to be used by more than one person. Aside from aesthetics and decor, it’s also a good idea to plan for functional storage and use your bathroom space wisely. Do not hesitate to speak to your contractors if you need any layout ideas and planning. Our experienced interior designers can help you come up with beautiful renderings of your renovated bathroom while keeping functionality and comfort in mind!

3.    Add a few high-end materials

Here’s a little designer secret: adding a few high-end finishing touches might take your bathroom from great to luxurious! Look for wall coverings, countertops and sink fixtures that are on the higher end of the spectrum. Because bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, you’ll be surprised to discover that this extra step is actually within your budget.

4.     Convert your tub into a shower

If you don’t take baths, having a bathtub might be the waste of your precious space. Converting an old tub into a modern, spa-like shower might be very cost effective because you won’t need to reroute your plumbing. While it makes for better use of space, it can also drive the value of your home when it’s time to sell.

5.    Get an automated fan

Installing a quality fan is definitely worth every penny. From ensuring an optimum air quality to sucking all the moisture, having a fan is crucial to your bathroom remodel. Those Aucklanders who have younger kids or simply do not want to turn the fan time and time again, consider installing a fan that comes with a motion sensor. You could also get a remote controlled timer so that you could turn on your fan anytime and anywhere.

Whether you’re planning on putting your house up for sale in a few years or living in your home for many years to come, a bathroom renovation is a sure-fire way to add comfort and style to your everyday. It’s also a great way to add value to your house if you decide to sell later on.

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Renovation ideas NZ
House Renovation

Your Top 5 Renovation Ideas for NZ homes

Are you planning on selling your house?

Here are some of our best renovation ideas to help you increase the resale value of your home.

So you’ve decided to take on a house renovation project? Great idea! Breathing new life into a place you call home, rescuing a rare period gem, or simply making your house more comfortable to live in can be incredibly rewarding. It’s also a great way to enhance the value of your property when it’s time to sell. Since major upgrades can come with significant costs, it’s helpful to know what exactly you can do to get the highest return on your investment.

Here are our top 5 renovation ideas NZ that will result in the increased resale value:

1.   Kitchen remodel

We can all agree that a kitchen is not just for cooking and entertaining friends. Creating a modern-looking kitchen space is one of the sure-fire ways to add value to your home. From upgrading appliances to refacing cabinets, there are a lot of things you could do to make your kitchen more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the best renovation ideas NZ are installing new countertops, changing flooring, Cabinets, painting and adding modern sinks and faucets.

Costing around $25,000, a kitchen remodel can recoup a whopping 80% of the cost making it one the most popular renovation ideas NZ.

2.    Deck addition

If you’re one of those lucky Aucklanders that own a house with a big yard, you can consider adding a wooden deck. You won’t be the only one to enjoy the outdoors around your home, as your potential buyers will appreciate it as well. In average, adding a wooden deck from scratch can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. The good news? This improvement can hold more than 75 per cent of its value come sale time!

3.    Building a master suite

Many modern homes feature a spacious master suite that speaks to the Auckland homeowners taste and style. So if you happen to have a small bathroom by your master bedroom, it might be the time to upgrade. Typically, elaborate master suite amenities include a walk-in closet, separate bathing areas and built-in functionality. Despite being a costly undertaking, this feature may drive up to 80% ROI when it’s time to sell.

4.     Bathroom update

It’s all in the little details when it comes to home resale. If your bathrooms have seen better days, selling your house might be an excellent opportunity to take on minor renovations. Installing a new vanity or adding trendy tiles won’t break the bank, and you can expect to see the full 100% return on your investment. With such a high yield, what is there not to love?

5.    Upgrade your basement

One of the most underrated renovation ideas NZ is updating your basement. It comes especially handy if you don’t have enough space to add a room to your house. A well-designed basement can be easily turned into an upscale bar or a functional media room and can serve as a playroom for children. You can also add a bathroom if you decide to remodel your basement, as this can increase the resale value even more. The key idea is to keep the space as open as possible to avoid making it look too dark or cramped.

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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services – Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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House Renovation

A Handy Auckland Home Renovation Guide

Follow these practical steps before starting your renovation project.

Deciding to renovate your  house is a big decision. Renovating your home increases the resale value of your home, brings more comfort to your daily life and showcases your creative side!

Whatever is your motivation, a successful home renovation lies in smart planning. If done correctly, it can be completed on time and on budget. With extensive experience in home renovations in Auckland, we know first hand what it takes to plan and execute a successful house upgrade.

We have gathered all the information you need to kick-start your stress free home renovations Auckland

What do you want to change?

The best way to start planning your home renovations is by making a list of all the things you’d like to change. This is a crucial step in your planning process as it will help you to finalise your wish list. The list might include anything from “must-do” repairs to re-modelling and refurbishment. It’s also worthwhile to note things that you’d like to keep and preserve. For examples, if your current house features beautiful antique windows, you might want to keep them and figure out a way to safeguard them against any re-modelling pitfalls.

The next step is to describe your day to day life and to write down some of the most common problems you’d like to solve. An example is a growing family having to deal with only one bathroom and toilet. Once you identify your pain point, it would be easier to come up with solutions and prioritise your wish list. It will also help you see what “needs to be done” vs what you “would like” to do which can save you money in the long run.

Setting a budget for your house renovations Auckland

No two houses are alike, and the improvement costs differ from project to project. The final renovations cost will depend on your home’s current condition, age and the scope of the work you plan on doing. However, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself within a budget.

Look closely at what you already have. For example, some Auckland homeowners might assume that they need an extra floor space when all they really need is to rearrange their interior walls!

Consider long term investments. Energy efficient lighting means long term savings. Likewise, water conserving features and high-efficiency heating systems will save a considerable amount of money over time. Our renovation specialists have extensive experience in renovating homes especially in the Auckland market. Hence they can help you make wise decisions for long term investment homes.

Do the work in stages. Doing your home renovations in phases can allow you to achieve your goals without putting you through an undue financial burden. We can help you develop a renovation plan and come up with the proper sequencing of tasks and timelines.

Renovating your Auckland home is a big undertaking that requires a lot of careful planning. However, with the right help and tools, you can achieve your dream home without breaking the bank. We hope you found these tips useful. As always, feel free to contact us here if you have any questions!

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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services – Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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