George Gaffley – Bathroom Renovation

“We are six people in the house, waiting in line for a bathroom or toilet is quite difficult so we decided that we needed to make a change here. I actually did a bit of homework and went
through quite a bit of companies. Your company was the one that was more appealing, more cheaper but only a bit, and they worked according to the budget. More a friend relationship, even though they were doing the job, there was a lot of communication and alot of trust was built. There was no stress whatsoever. You just come home after work and you’ll see something else has been done. You as the client have the choice to choose what you want, your tiles, everything is all up to you. They basically ask you what features you want and everything, they’ll show you a catalogue and you’ll choose from it. Life is much easier, there’s no fighting over who’s going into the shower first, and the renovation was fantastic”

George Gaffley – Bathroom Renovation in Manurewa, Auckland

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