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Kamalpreet Kaur – Bath & Tile (NZ) Ltd – Video Testimonial

Kamalpreet Kaur

Bath & Tile (NZ) Ltd

“As I have seen them with dealing with their client, I have seen their professionalism in their work, so we can recommend them confidently to people to deal with them – very confidently because we have seen how hard working they are, and as I mentioned the word patience they do have….”

Albany, Auckland

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Bathroom Renovation Blog

Epoxy Grout VS Cement Grout for Tiling: Advantages & Disadvantages

photo-1523413651479-597eb2da0ad6-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandAre you faced with the question of choosing between Epoxy Grouting or Cement Grouting for tiling?

No doubt, kitchen and bathroom tiling can look dull and begrimed when grout begins to flake or discolored. Over time due to wear and tear, some surfaces require an excellent type of sealing between dissimilar surfaces like countertops, and underneath basins and sinks. For these areas, we need to choose the best grout for tiling. Do you know the difference between cement grout and epoxy grout? If not, then continue reading this article because we will compare both these options, and help you choose the best one.

No doubt, Epoxy grout has become the most widely used option for grouting. Various renovation companies around the world, especially in New Zealand are using Epoxy grouting in tiled showers, and floors. However, there must be a reason for it. Are you interested in knowing what that is? Then continue reading this article, we have a lot to share with you.

Why Do Bathroom or Kitchen Grout Crack?

No doubt, grout crack is common and happens mainly due to movement between two surfaces. Homes are continually moving in tiny increments as a result of humidity, foundation settling, temperature, and many other factors. However, if the grout in the kitchen or bathroom is a rigid material, then it results in cracks when a bathtub moves on the way while the installed tile wall moves another way.

There are various ways in which installation can doom grout to failure, so it is vital to give your bathroom tile project in the professional hands. For instance, if the grout is indecorously mixed with too much water concentration or additives, then it could leave air pockets after the grout has fully dried. That could make the grout frail and extremely weak, and eventually lead to cracks.

Grout can also be cracked if too little adhesive is used in tiles installation. If a tile pulls away from the wall after the adhesive dries, then it is up to the grout to hold in the right place, and that stress is likely to cause cracks.

Even old or damaged grout can make the most beautiful looking tiles ugly. It also causes structural damage to your home. However, re-grouting is a process of removing the old and poorly installed grout with the new one for better results.

So now you know the main reasons why you may need re-grouting, here are two forms of grouting you may need to know. However, if you are looking for the professional grouting services, then we are here to help you. We have been in this industry for the past many years, and has helped thousands of residential and commercial buildings with the best services.

tiles-248638_1920-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Epoxy Grout

Unlike cement grout, Epoxy grout is made from two-part epoxy resins. These two are mixed with filler powder. This grouting option has been used for renovation companies for many years because of its durability, non-porous, and stain-resistance nature.

Cement Grout

Cement grout is a mixture of sand and water and often comes in un-sanded varieties. It is the injection under pressure of cement to fill fractures or voids in the soil or concrete structure. It is a process used to fill voids with cement injected under pressure.

So, What Is The Main Difference Between Epoxy Grout and Cement Grout?

As we know, cement grout is made up of some cementitious powder mixture. While epoxy grout is made from epoxy resins, and a filler powder, which however makes epoxy grout extremely durable, non-porous and stain proof. When it comes to cement grout, then this is the cheap grouting option as compared to epoxy grout because of its porous nature. It can easily absorb water and so stain that results in discoloration over time.

Most people ask a question about epoxy grout, whether it is waterproof or not, so here is the answer.

Is Epoxy Grout Waterproof?

The answer is yes, it is waterproof. Its non-porous nature makes it waterproof. It is resistant to staining, which makes it the first choice of many people. However, it is not recommended to combine it with cement grout as it can result in stain non-resistance.

Now you have the basic idea of cement and epoxy grout; now we will discuss each one in more detail to help you decide the best grout for tiling.

shower-389273_1280-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Detailed Overview

What Is Cement Grout? 

Portland cement is the most common type of cement, manufactured from clay and chalk which hardens when undergoes water, and upon getting harden resembles Portland stone in color. Cement grout contains filler particles of various sizes and water-retention additive. No doubt, cement grout has been used for residential and commercial applications because of its multiple properties.

It comes in various colors to let the users match it with the tile color. For applying cement grout on a surface, it is first mixed with water and then applied with a trowel. However, the presence of a water-absorbent agent in it impedes the drying, and let the cement set and dry slowly for maximum hardness. Drying time is one of the main reasons why people don’t like cement grout.

It is formed by mixing cement powder with water in the same ratio. No doubt, setting, and hardening are the two main features always to consider while looking for grout for tiling. Cement grouting is more time consuming and so it affects its performance. Its efficiency also gets decrease because of excessive voids that hit its stiffness, porousness. But anyway, it is still used as an excellent traditional option to fill voids and gaps in the structures. It is not recommended to use cement grout with porous tiles like natural stone, quarry, and many more because this combination can stain the surfaces.

Cement grouting has various variations, like sanded and unsanded. Let’s discuss what these are.

Sanded vs. Unsanded

The main difference between sanded and unsanded is sanded one contains more sand particles, while the other one has a smooth texture with less fine powder particles.

The big sand particles of sanded cement grouts look and feel resolute. Sanded cement is recommended where the voids are about 1/8 inch wide, and especially for its durability and power to prevent cracking. One needs to be careful while applying this type of cement as it can scratch the surfaces

Unsanded grouts don’t have visible grit. These are the best for filling 1/16 to 1/8 inch wide voids in the structures. It is not recommended to use it with more full seams because it can result in cracks due to lack of binding power of sanded grouts.

Latex-Modified Grout

Formulation of sanded grouts can be done with a latex polymer additive. This process can be made possible by including latex polymer additive in the dry mix or by adding it while mixing grout with water. This additive plays an essential role in enhancing the grout’s water-proof nature and increasing its strength.

Maintenance of Cement Grout

Cement grouts are the most popular grouts for tiling, and it works best in any area where there’s a need for title installation. However, the latex additives grouts can stain and feature the porous properties. Therefore, it is essential to seal all the cementitious grouts. This sealing can be done with a penetrating sealer once or twice in a year. This step is the right choice since it keeps the cement grout free from stains and ensures that it’s fully waterproof.

tiles-1373189_1920-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandWhat is Epoxy Grout? 

Epoxy grout is a unique and popular grout for tiling that does not use Portland cement or water in the mixing process. It features a hardener, pigments, epoxy resin, and silica fillers. Epoxy grout is less porous compared to the cementitious grout. Also, epoxy grouts work best in areas containing greases and acids such as kitchens.

The construction sector applies a variety of epoxy resins such as polyurethane, epoxy, and many more. Yes, epoxy has a name that implies the presence of cement material, but it does not feature any cement percentage. For the epoxy hardener, it plays an essential role in initiating epoxy grout’s hardening process. Also, the epoxy hardener is vital in repairing cavities and hairline cracks in concrete structures. Other than this, this element can work best as a primer or bonding agent.

There are two primary forms of epoxy grouts

Which include sanded and unsanded epoxy grouts. However, a vast difference exists between the sand used for these forms and the one used for the cementitious grouts. Also, epoxy grouts give a little challenge to the amateurs since they set up reasonably fast.  Other than this, epoxy grouts go at a relatively high price compared to the cement grouts. They cost around $12 per kg as the cement grouts cost between $2 and $4 per kg. But epoxy grout is the right choice in any place where there’s a need for maximum stain resistance.

However, there are high chances for epoxy grout to stain the unglazed and porous surfaces badly. Examples of these surfaces include the limestone and quarry tiles. It is essential to seal the epoxy grout before grouting if there’s a need to use them on these tiles.

Epoxy grout is a product of two different resins that contain a filler in their mixer. This feature is the main behind epoxy grout’s waterproof nature. Also, this is the reason why epoxy grout works best with the harsher cleaning products. Other than this, the thin sets property of epoxy grout gives higher chemical resistance and bond strength compared to cementitious grouts.

Maintenance of Epoxy Grout

The main benefit of epoxy grouts is that they don’t have to get sealed as for the case of cementitious grouts. But, there are high chances for them to get stained. Scrubbing epoxy grouts with a mixture of water and vinegar, or bleach and water is the right way to clean them. It is important to take care the epoxy grout, as it can easily be stained due to various factors.

Modified Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy grout modified with Portland cement is another hybrid grout available for tiling. This grout shares the same characteristics with the standard Portland cement. Therefore, this means that this grout requires regular sealing. However, this hybrid grout is more stain-resistant, harder, and stronger compared to the standard cementitious grouts.

Why Use Epoxy Grout? 

Yes, epoxy grout features a variety of benefits, but it’s more challenging to work with compared to the regular grout for tiling. Also, epoxy grout tends to feature a plastic look, which a certain percentage of homeowners who are renovating their home don’t like. Other than this, epoxy grout goes at a high cost, and most tilers charge more for using it as opposed to the regular grout.

Regular grout is the most preferred for other individuals since it’s easy to design in outside corners. These include the places where the tile wraps around the shower niche, wall, or kerb. Some people don’t like epoxy grout since they find it hard to achieve the same effect with it. Epoxy takes much time to set up in a grout joint. Also, epoxy grout consumes less time and requires a smaller mix to work with since it sets quicker compared to the regular grout.

Other than this, epoxy grout needs an acid wash, which is essential in removing any excess resin residue from the tile surfaces. Also, some epoxy grouts work well only with glass. Here, most brands feature a unique glass epoxy and regular epoxy. The filler used in the mixture is the only thing that creates a difference between these two. For the glass tiles, they have a smoother filler, meaning it will not scratch the delicate tiles.

white-tile-shower-1-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

What Are The Key Differences? 

The cleaning and installation time is the primary thing that creates a big difference between regular grout and epoxy grout. Also, the cost is another factor that separates the two. For epoxy grout, its price can be three to four times higher compared to the regular grout. This cost explains the main reason why some installers don’t prefer epoxy grout.

Which Are The Places To Use Epoxy Grout Versus Cement Grout? 

Epoxy grout is the choice for tiled floors and showers. It is the most preferred option for these areas since adds a second layer of protection for the moisture that’s under the tile. The first protection layer is the waterproofing section. Also, epoxy grout works best for splashback tiling over vanities.

Color is another essential thing that attracts most people to epoxy grout. This color originates from epoxy grout’s filler and remains constant throughout. For the regular grout, it is possible to remove its pigment during the cleaning process.

There is a vast difference between using epoxy grout and regular cement grout. The main difference is that the two feature unique processes. This uniqueness covers everything from mixing up to cleaning.

For the case of bathroom tiling, it is essential to bathroom professionals who possess the right experience. Ensure that they have a deep understanding of either epoxy grout or regular cement grout and their applications. Also, don’t forget to note the cost difference between regular cement grout and epoxy grout. Yes, epoxy grout goes at a relatively high cost but is the right choice for most people because of its durability, waterproofing, and staining features.

Why No One Loves Regular Cement Grout

Yes, most people use cement grout in tile work, but it is not the right option. They prefer cement-based grout products because of their thinner properties compared to the mortar and building cement. This feature makes it possible for this regular grout to flow better into cracks and any other area. However, their porous nature is one thing that destroys the impression of all these benefits. The cement grout mixture features several undetectable openings, which becomes evident even after it dries.

Through these pores, dirt and other elements from the outside find access to the grout, making it embedded. They result in staining and gives a chance for the embedding of mold and mildew into the cement grout. Cement-based grout act as the conduit for stains. Also, cement makes it possible for the stains to adhere to the grout lines. Therefore, there are high chances for the new grout lines to start taking on discoloration whenever they get exposed to the staining materials.

Other than this, cement-based products do not feature waterproof properties. Therefore, there are high chances for excess water and moisture found in tiled showers to cause damage to this type of grout for filing. Also, this explains the main reason sealing is an essential requirement for all projects using the cement-based grout.

Features That Make Epoxy Grout The Right Choice

Most people prefer epoxy grout because it’s sturdy and durable. It’s a grout for tiling that’s highly resistant to climatic changes, stains, harsh weather conditions, cracks, and stains. These features make epoxy grout the right choice for those individuals looking for the efficient and most durable way to do tile work. Its strength is the main reason it works perfectly for outdoors, indoors or tile job.

Also, it is an excellent option for areas with high traffic because of its chemical, stain, and crack-resistant properties. Other than this, resistance to climatic changes and harsh weather conditions makes epoxy grout the right choice. Therefore, it’s the most preferred option in areas where it’s likely to get subjected to severe cold or excessive amounts of humidity.

It’s common to come across people talking about how it’s challenging to work with epoxy grout

Yes, epoxy products were so complicated in the past, but now that’s history. Nowadays, it’s easy to work with epoxy because of changes in its formulation. Advancement in various products such as Litokol Starlike Grout makes using epoxy grout a more manageable task compared to when using other grouts for tilling. The establishment of Starlike Grout is essential for easy clean-up. Other than this, Starlike Grout is 100% safe and non-toxic. Therefore, it is the right choice for the installers, environment, people, and pets.

Yes, epoxy grout costs more than cement-based grout, but that’s not a big issue in the long run. Also, there are several reasons why you need to go for the epoxy grout as opposed to the traditional grout. It’s not expensive to upgrade from the cement-based grout to epoxy grout. A good example is the 20SQM bathroom renovation project. Here, tile and professional installation cost go at $1,500. The same job can get upgraded from cement-based grout to epoxy grout with an additional fee of 5%, which is less than $75. Therefore, this shows why everyone needs to go for epoxy grout.

Epoxy grout is more durable compared to the traditional grout. Therefore, this means that epoxy grout is worth the higher expense. There are minimal to zero chances for this grout to crumble and start falling apart over time. For the case of cement grout, it tends to weaken. Thus, this means that there are high chances to incur additional expenses while redoing the tile. Epoxy grout requires only light maintenance, and it can last a lifetime.

Is It Possible To Put Epoxy Grout Over Cement-Based Grout?

Yes, it is possible to put epoxy grout over cement-based grout. However, it is essential to dig the existing cement out of the joints until its halfway the tile’s depth before doing this process. Scraper or the grout saw is the most appropriate tool to use for this case. This depth is vital for the new epoxy grout so it can adhere to the tile edges and the remaining sanded grout.  For overhead installation, it is crucial to leave the epoxy in the bucket for a few minutes after mixing so it can set up. Through this, the epoxy mixture becomes stiffer and tackier.

Summary – Pros vs Cons


Cement Grout


  • It’s easier to work with
  • It works perfectly for any width grout joint
  • Cement grout is a better choice for DIY as it’s every forgiving
  • It takes only a few to set up as opposed to epoxy grout
  • It’s much cheaper as compared to epoxy grout
  • Cement grout seals to protect from bacteria, water, mildew, chemicals, and mold
  • It works best for most applications such as submerged indoors, outdoors, wet, residential, dry and commercial areas
  • It features a few slump cases on vertical surfaces. Cement grout has a thicker consistency, meaning it can hold up well on any wall installation, even in the cases with wider gaps
  • Cement grout is easy to clean
  • It works best for joints that are greater than 1/8-inch. Cement grout is the right choice for the broader joints since it shrinks less and bonds well.



  • It can get vulnerable whenever exposed to high-traffic environments or high impact
  • Most of the cement grouts get deteriorated whenever subjected to alkali or acid compounds
  • There are high chances for it to feature inconsistent color because of inconsistent drying
  • It features a salty look
  • It is not highly resistant to chemicals or stain
  • Always need a variety of equipment such as tools and sponges since the grout is hard on them
  • Presence of porous features which makes it possible for water to seep down into the cement grout. Therefore, the material is not good since it can cause the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew under the grout’s surface
  • It cannot work best in narrow joints.



Epoxy Grout


  • Low porosity features, meaning it is not possible for bacteria, mildew or mold access the area beneath the surface
  • It’s highly resistant to breakage, stains, and abrasions
  • It is the right option for light-colored grouts since it is easy to clean
  • Epoxy grout is highly resistant to chemicals, hence the right choice for substantial commercial, industrial and commercial
  • It is the best option for harsh locations where there’s regular use of harsh chemicals such as schools, healthcare, and commercial kitchens
  • It features consistent color
  • Epoxy grout is a waterproof grout for tiling because of its impermeable nature of plastic. Therefore, this explains why it’s not recommended to seal epoxy grout
  • It is the right choice since it cannot scratch the delicate metal, marble, or glass tiles
  • It has an excellent bond strength
  • Epoxy needs low maintenance compared to cement grout.


  • It goes at a relatively high cost compared to cement grouts
  • It’s not useful sealing epoxy grout since this process can compromise its safety and effectiveness
  • The epoxy grout need to be mixed in small batches, and there’s limited working after mixing this grout
  • There are high chances for light colors to turn yellow whenever exposed to sunlight
  • It’s more challenging to work with
  • It consumes much time to apply compared to cement grouts
  • There are high chances for it to degrade whenever it interacts with chemical substances
  • It looks the same even after setting it up. It features a shiny, plastic look, which most of the clients cannot appreciate over a large span
  • There are high chances for it to ruin porous tiles such as natural stones. The epoxy resins are likely to soak into the unglazed tiles or natural stones’ pores, and it’s hard to remove them
  • It’s possible for the epoxy grout to slump down through the vertical joints in the absence of the thicker viscosity and if they are too wide.



I hope this detailed guide on epoxy grout VS cement grout for tiling will help you understand the use of right form grouting for your home and office. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you whatever you want to choose for your property. We are always here to help you.

Recommended suppliers for grout

  • Bunnings  –
  • Mitre10 –
  • Ardex –
  • Cemix –

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House Renovation Blog

Todd Chandler – Full House Renovation, Glendowie – Auckland

Todd Chandler

Full House Renovation

“It now feels like a big, simple, inspiring space, whereas before it was a big space but it was very dated and there was a lot of distractions around – now it’s quite a nice clean, modern, minimalist feel to it. It felt like before, it was a 1980’s home, but now when you walk in, the house is impressive, it’s a lovely space to be in, it feels impressive and everyone who comes here are impressed and enjoys it – but it still feels like a home..”

Glendowie, Auckland

Todd’s Full House Renovation Project included:

☑️ Renovation of the toilet
☑️ Bathroom Renovation x 2
☑️ Laundry Renovation
☑️ Full Interior Painting
☑️ Desk Renovation
☑️ Interior door replacements
☑️ Interior Stairs and Balustrade Installation (Glass)
☑️ Wallpaper Removal and Plaster
☑️ Exterior Painting and installation of Balustrade

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House Renovation Blog

Donny Phillips – Full House Renovation, Glenfield – Auckland

Donny Phillips

Full House Renovation

“I think it’s to his nature, he takes everything on-board and fixes it, and thats what you want to see; you don’t want to be mucked around with just being told what you wanted to hear, you want action and he was pretty good at it…”

Glenfield, Auckland

Donny’s Full House Renovation Project included: New Floors, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Full Interior Painting, Remove in Bathroom Wall to Open Up Space, Carpet Flooring, New LED Lights throughout the house, Custom Bathroom Design and Custom Kitchen Design.

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House Renovation Blog

Stephanie & Kieran Eades – Bathroom + Kitchen Renovation, Wattle Downs – Auckland

Stephanie & Kieran Eades

Bathroom Renovation + Kitchen Renovation

“To me it just seems like he just slotted in like he’s always known us, there was no awkward moments…he was just a part of the family…very personable, easy to talk to and always calm all the time and thats what we really liked..”

Wattle Downs, Auckland


I just wanted to give a lift to this house, renovated and make it look nicer and to use it we always had old vanities and everything, so I just wanted something new and something modern. We were just looking for someone that does everything – that’s what we needed.
When I called Superior Renovations, the lady said Jimmy will come and see you. So they gave us a time and a date. When he came, we told him what we wanted and he took it down on his paper and it was easy peesy – he made everything look easy.

The project was done quickly too, so Jimmy was very easy to talk to too and to understand. I wanted a bit like pale colors to make it look spacey – like I think dark colors make it look smaller and thats the idea we had so Jimmy allowed us to pick the tiles and fittings and everything – so that was quite nice, he didn’t just put what he wanted to put.
He asked us to come to the showroom and pick the tiles, the vanities, the fittings which was really good thing to do. So we picked all the pale/whiter tiles – it looks smaller before and now it looks a little bit bigger now I think because of the tiles and the white paint Jimmy and the team has put.

Yes I have already spoke to Jimmy and Kevin about Superior Renovations to do the kitchen. What you guys did with the bathroom – was so impressed, so so impressed. I think the kitchen, once we’re ready, we’ll have Superior Renovations, Jimmy and his team to come and do it. Because of the bathrooms, we’ve come to trust him, we’ve come to like his work and the trust is a big thing. And to keep everything in the budget was very important to us, and Jimmy/Kevin and with all the renovation team I think, with the kitchen we won’t be going over budget, I think it will be the same experience we had with the bathroom.

Thats the reason why I even told Kevin and Jimmy I won’t go looking for any other renovation company for the kitchen, because I like you guys. I wasn’t here during when he was doing it so, I just saw the end result which was really good. I mean we told him what we wanted and he just put it in and he did it, and the end result was what we wanted. It just looks nice and better then we thought, it was really nice dealing with Jimmy.

To me it’s just like he just slotted in like he’s always known us, there was no sort of awkward moments or any thing like that, just a part of the family – part of the family almost He was very personable, easy to talk to, and was calm all the time, that’s what The way they were calm about everything, I think is also important, it helps keep us calm, because doing a renovation can always be scary but with you guys, working with you guys it’s been very peaceful, it was fantastic.

Stephanie & Kieran Eades, Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation in Wattle Downs, Auckland

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Ensuite Bathroom design nz
Bathroom Renovation Blog

Five Great Ideas for Ensuite Bathroom Design NZ

En-suites are all the rage at the moment as they make life a whole lot easier, especially in the mornings! When it comes to design however, our clients are usually overwhelmed by the number of options out there. 

We have put together a list of ideas to help you design the en-suite of your dreams. 

1.Modernise with the use of mosaics

First in the list of tips is actually our favourite one. Make use of mosaics in en-suite bathroom design NZ. Not only does it injects a certain vibrant feel, but it also adds an exotic personality to the bathroom. If you want a nice extra touch, make sure to introduce some decorative lettering into your space and personalize the look even more.

mosaid, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

The use of Mosaic on walls and floors changes the look of the bathroom completely giving it an exotic Moorish feel

2.Play with the colour pallet

A bathroom suite can be positioned center-stage if you decide to restrict your colour scheme. The goal here is to reflect the chrome details of a basin or the silver paint finish on a roll-top bath – and choose your elements wisely. Make sure to add more contrasting colors that highlight the originality of your white ceramics or other items.

size-of-bathroom, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

En-Suite renovated in Greenhithe – by Superior Renovations

3.Introduce a theme

A theme can work well for your en-suite. In fact, it is one of the best ways to add personality for example an absolutely white bathroom. Another example is a nautical feel as one of the easiest themes to implement – all thanks to the choice of (blue and marine-like) accessories available. To begin, just decide on an accent color and just build up the accessories as you go.

4.Recreate your favourite hotel bathroom scheme

One of the best ways to make most of the en-suite bathroom is to find the best ideas from hotels; mastering this design – and re-creating them with your own boudoir hotel-inspired scheme. As you will notice, hotels use strong and textured tiles as well as reflective surfaces in order to build glamour and glitz around a modern bathroom suite.

5.Patterns are your friend

Last but not the least in our list of en-suite bathroom designs are patterns. As you probably know, this has become a new modern trend which is embraced by many minimalist-inspired bathrooms as well as functional spaces all around the world. If you want to use patterns in your bathroom suite, make sure to start with one wall and see how much you actually need.

 Are you ready to transform them to reality and give your bathroom a facelift?


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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services, Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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House Renovation Blog

Alma Uka – Full House Renovation for a Rental Property


“Main reason why I wanted to renovate it was because the property looked a little bit worn out and I needed to do a little bit of a change of plan so I create a little bit of more space I had three things that I was really worried about it was of course budget I wanted to stay within the budget, the quality of workmanship and the timing because obviously this is intended to be rented out again.

I didn’t have really much idea how long these projects run, the companies for example that I spoke with before, before I got in contact with Superior Renovations they were talking about two months you know, ten weeks and so which with and then the start time they wouldn’t some of the companies weren’t happy to start straight away for example they would be very busy with other projects which with Superior Renovations, Kevin said oh we can start next week.

Once I got in touch with Superior Renovations, I had a little bit of a plan but I needed someone to put it together for me so I got in contact with Jimmy It just we sort of like that energy he was very approachable he was listening, I saw that he’s very organized as well every suggestion with the idea that I had he would also write it straight away and it just felt easy communicating and easy working with Jimmy.

He made it look so easy for me, really the process as well was so easy I thought it’s going to be such a time consuming and stressful process but it actually it wasn’t at all Jimmy took me in the office and he set me down with Kevin and he sat me down with designers and we went through all the process and through all that they made few designs for me and let me choose what I want and even I made some minor changes to the designs which they made it work as well and then they showed me you know the materials the colors so I can touch and feel them you know that was really good.

I picked all the tiles and Jimmy is very patient so I changed my mind about tiles a few times which was very fine with Jimmy he said that’s okay that’s okay we can do it so yeah I chose as I said they took me in their showroom and they said you could just choose whatever you want and it was some suggestions from them about the colors it was very helpful.

They did even more than I expected them to do my ceiling was really ruined so I wanted a brand new ceiling there were companies would say we can just paint it if you want to save money but with Superior Renovations they said nope we have to change the ceiling but that’s within the budget of course and then they put after they change the ceiling they put insulation as well which I didn’t expect them to do really.

I absolutely would choose Superior Renovations definitely, I like the whole Process it was so easy working with the whole team really Yeah definitely, I’ve already spoken to some of my friends who are intending to do the renovation that I’m absolutely amazed with the results that have you know that I’ve got with my property, with quality of workmanship with professionalism that they handled every single detail, it was absolutely fantastic I feel like I want to live here, even my son whose, you know maybe he will move in here because he really likes now that the place it really looks brand-new maybe tenant it for a little while if he doesn’t move in here and then we’ll see from then on I don’t know.”

Alma Uka – Full Home Renovation Project in Hillsborough, Auckland

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House Renovation Blog

What should you be paying your builder?

These days keeping up with the interior and exterior design trends is way more challenging than ever before. Trends are always changing and what was ‘in’ today could easily be considered dated tomorrow. Cost is another factor that concerns people as they are unsure how much they should be how much they should be paying their builders. 

There is no price that is carved in stone when it comes to home renovations. However, there are three important factors that you need to consider. 

1.The actual value of your renovations

Ask yourself, 

‘How much value will my renovation bring – and what will it add to my home?’

Ideally, every dollar that you  spend on your house renovation should give you a solid return on your investment. While some improvements have a higher rate of return, others have a short one. For example, if you hire renovation builders in Auckland for a room addition, the value of a project like that will be big.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are also great in terms of value – and can increase the value of your home, paying back around $1.50 for every $1 spent. A swimming pool, on the other hand, is generally a big investment and something that is difficult to maintain and might not yield a great return.

2.Are you renovating your home for profit – or for your comfort?

Some people are hire renovation builders to renovate their homes so they can get the best price when selling them. Others want their renovation to pay off in terms of comfort.

The idea here is to see the actual purpose of renovating before calling a Auckland renovation builder. For example you might want to erect a wall and split your living room to add another room which will be great if you are renting out the property (another room means a higher rent!). However this will definitely not be great in terms of comfort if you plan to continue living in the house. 

3.Where will your money come from?

How are you financing your home renovation?

If you are using your savings to pay the renovation builders in Auckland, you should avoid the trap of thinking that your project will ‘squeeze itself’ to fit your budget. As you probably see it on TV, renovation projects come with a lot of unplanned renovation costs which is why you should plan your budget ahead and know how much the work will cost.

On average, New Zealanders spend from $15,000 to $50,000 for typical home renovations – still depending on the type of renovation and the amount of work needed. So, it is always wise to estimate the costs and work out how much value your renovation will add – whether to yourself or your pocket.

We hope that this article helped you determine how much to pay your renovation builders in Auckland!


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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services, Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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Bathroom Renovation Blog

5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Guest Bathroom Ideas

Make Your Guest Bathroom Truly Comfortable

The guest bathroom should be so nice that those of your household prefer it, but avoid using it in order to maintain its excellence. It’s like the living room, where the lady of your home has situated all the fine china behind a transparent wooden cabinet adorned with floral arrangements and family photos.

But getting your guest bathroom “up to muster”, as it were, can be costly if you’re pulling out all the stops. Bathroom Renovations  Auckland wide can easily cost you upto $30,000. The thing is, it doesn’t need to be. You don’t have to effect a total remodel. Here are some ideas for bathroom remodeling on a budget. You can use these, and the five featured below, to help you round out your strategy in terms of designing your guest bathroom. 

guest-blogger-pic-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Doing up your walls with decorate murals and paintings can be a great way to add a new life to your bathroom

1.Artwork On The Walls/Murals

This is a simple beatification technique: put some pretty pictures on the walls. You can choose anything. You might have your bathroom totally agree with the theme in the rest of your home, or you could have it be entirely separate—its own “animal”, as it were. Natural landscapes framed on the walls can really spice up a space.


Something else you can do involves actually making the walls in your guest bathroom an art project. How handy are you with a paintbrush? Could you make a piece of art on the walls? Or could you incorporate a fractal, geometric design? There are a lot of options worth pursuing here, and they can all be done with a fair amount of affordability.

2.Luxurious Hand Soap With Exotic Aromas

Hand soap with a fragrance is simple, and has a big impact. The most simple things are often the most impacting. You can avoid the majority of medical conditions and fully flourish through proper diet and exercise. This is simple, yet effective. So is washing your hands regularly. Accordingly, good soap and reliable water from an aesthetically-designed faucet can make your guest bathroom sing, and won’t cost you much.

3.Aesthetically Excellent Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets don’t have to be expensive, and they can really make a room feel classy. There are all kinds of options to choose from out there which fit any budget. One excellent resource for bathroom vanity cabinets is Cabinet City; they offer modern and traditional styles in a variety of designs in the States. Auckland also has a myriad of options for vanity cabinets. A few of them are Kohler, Athena and FRECO.  

4.Aromatic Candles

There are smells to consider when it comes to the restroom. If you want your guests to be at their ease, you’re going to need to take that into advisement. Aromatic candles can make things easier on everybody. When you know you’ve got guests coming over, just light them up. Many are designed such that they’ll burn out safely if you forget—do try to keep from forgetting them, though.

guest-blogger-picture-2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

5.Reading Material

This may sound cliché, but you can put some stylish books sourced from a second-hand store in your restroom. Look for those that are large, professionally printed, and include full-page color pictures. Comic strip collections can be ideal here. So can nature books which show foreign locales.

Avoid novels and the like; these aren’t as classy, and the implication of their presence isn’t all that polite to consider. Joke books can also be good, depending on the theme of your guest bathroom décor.


Make Your Guest Bathroom An Oasis

Using your imagination to design a restroom for your guests that is aesthetically pleasing can help you see the results you seek without impacting your budget. Using a restroom that isn’t your preferred one can be something that makes anybody uncomfortable. If you’ve got a nice guest restroom, this goes a long way to giving those who visit your home the most comfort possible

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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services, Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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Bathroom Renovation Blog

4 Bathroom renovation tips that will Add Value your home

Whether you are renovating your home or preparing to put it on the market for a sale, you should know that renovating your bathroom can be a great way to add value and interest to your home. 

Nowadays, renovating a bathroom is more than just a popular trend. They can add a sense of true rest and relaxation. The idea of a bathroom that resembles a spa with a giant soaking tub, double-headed shower and separate sinks definitely puts the “rest” in what a restroom should look like.

Bathroom-tub-focus, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandMyths About Bathroom Renovations 

When dreaming about a bathroom renovation, you should think realistically. For example, a cost of a remodel will definitely pay off in the long run. Still, bathroom renovations in North Shore are also associated with many myths. Below, we are debunking most of them.

1. Cracks will cost you thousands in repairs

First of all is the myth associated with cracks – seen by Aucklanders as something that may cost you thousands of dollars for a single repair. However, the truth is that most of the cracks are a result of small seasonal expansion and contraction – which means that there is no structural failure.

2. A wallpaper will work just anywhere

Even though many people in New Zealand are confident that a wallpaper works anywhere, you should know that in most of the cases, improperly hung wallpapers look horrible. Also, it is safe to say that a wallpaper is after all a long-term investment and you must consider how it will look after three, five and ten years from now.

3. DIY will save you money

Doing bathroom renovations in North Shore by yourself do not always translate to big bangs for the buck. In other words, things like major roofing projects, electrical repairs and structural work are best left to the expertise of a professional. At the end of the day, it’s always better to know and admit your (DIY) limits.

4. White bathroom walls will help you sell

Planning a sale of your home usually starts with a budget for bathroom renovations in North Shore. If you decide to paint your bathroom walls white (in order to save money), you should know that nowadays, painting a bathroom white may make it dull and boring. Instead, adding splashes of color tastefully will help you sell a home and get a better price on it.

Plants, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

A Final Word

In the end, it is safe to say that bathroom renovations in North Shore positively impact the resale value of your home. They attract more serious buyers and can help you sale your home in a quicker way. Aside from this, most of them are cost-effective and result in a more functional and comfortable space.

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Superior Renovations is quickly becoming one of the most recommended Kitchen Renovation & Bathroom Renovation company in Auckland and it all comes down to our friendly approach, straightforward pricing, and transparency. When your Auckland home needs renovation/ remodeling services, Superior Renovation is the team you can count on for high-quality workmanship, efficient progress, and cost-effective solutions.

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