Alma Uka – Full House Renovation for a Rental Property


“Main reason why I wanted to renovate it was because the property looked a little bit worn out and I needed to do a little bit of a change of plan so I create a little bit of more space I had three things that I was really worried about it was of course budget I wanted to stay within the budget, the quality of workmanship and the timing because obviously this is intended to be rented out again.
I didn’t have really much idea how long these projects run, the companies for example that I spoke with before, before I got in contact with Superior Renovations they were talking about two months you know, ten weeks and so which with and then the start time they wouldn’t some of the companies weren’t happy to start straight away for example they would be very busy with other projects which with Superior Renovations, Kevin said oh we can start next week.
Once I got in touch with Superior Renovations, I had a little bit of a plan but I needed someone to put it together for me so I got in contact with Jimmy It just we sort of like that energy he was very approachable he was listening, I saw that he’s very organized as well every suggestion with the idea that I had he would also write it straight away and it just felt easy communicating and easy working with Jimmy.
He made it look so easy for me, really the process as well was so easy I thought it’s going to be such a time consuming and stressful process but it actually it wasn’t at all Jimmy took me in the office and he set me down with Kevin and he sat me down with designers and we went through all the process and through all that they made few designs for me and let me choose what I want and even I made some minor changes to the designs which they made it work as well and then they showed me you know the materials the colors so I can touch and feel them you know that was really good.
I picked all the tiles and Jimmy is very patient so I changed my mind about tiles a few times which was very fine with Jimmy he said that’s okay that’s okay we can do it so yeah I chose as I said they took me in their showroom and they said you could just choose whatever you want and it was some suggestions from them about the colors it was very helpful.
They did even more than I expected them to do my ceiling was really ruined so I wanted a brand new ceiling there were companies would say we can just paint it if you want to save money but with Superior Renovations they said nope we have to change the ceiling but that’s within the budget of course and then they put after they change the ceiling they put insulation as well which I didn’t expect them to do really.
I absolutely would choose Superior Renovations definitely, I like the whole Process it was so easy working with the whole team really Yeah definitely, I’ve already spoken to some of my friends who are intending to do the renovation that I’m absolutely amazed with the results that have you know that I’ve got with my property, with quality of workmanship with professionalism that they handled every single detail, it was absolutely fantastic I feel like I want to live here, even my son whose, you know maybe he will move in here because he really likes now that the place it really looks brand-new maybe tenant it for a little while if he doesn’t move in here and then we’ll see from then on I don’t know.”

Alma Uka – Full Home Renovation Project in Hillsborough, Auckland

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