Do you need a Bathtub or a Walk-in Shower for your new Bathroom?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, most people cannot make up their mind on whether they want a walk in shower or a bathtub. A bathtub is great for a nice relaxing bath but a shower is a blessing when you are getting late for work in the morning.

Choosing between a walk-in shower renovation and bathtub installation could be a daunting task when it comes to getting a bathroom renovation. Weighing features, pros, and cons can make things complicated. We’ve put together a guide on how to choose between bathtub and walk-in showers, and how one of them can be a value adding element to have a renovated bathroom.

Do You Have an existing Bathtub?

Walk-in showers are trendy and look beautiful but ripping out tubs will isolate couples having small children. So if you want to sell your home, you need to consider this factor. It’s important to know that houses with one fully equipped bathroom are the best for having multiple combination shower/tub bathrooms in your home.


If you have a tub installed in the small guest room’s bathroom, then you should replace it with a walk-in shower so that one can have enough space to change.

But if you have a bathtub in your master suite, then you can keep it or update it for resale purpose. Moreover, if it is in your forever lovely home, and you never use it, then maybe you can replace it with a luxury sauna.

Who Is Going To Use This Bathroom The Most?

Bathroom renovation in Auckland is costly. So it is always best to go for a bathroom renovation option which is budget-friendly but also serves a purpose/function. Which is why the best way to start a bathroom renovation is to determine how you’re going to use it. Like, if someone elderly or disabled person in your home will use it, then it is better to go with walk-in shower. The benefit is it is convenient for them to take a shower. It is super-easy, fast, and efficient. Many mothers with young kids prefer tubs so that they can give a proper bath.

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Are You Selling The House?

According to various real estate agents, it’s always recommended to have one bathroom with attached bathtub. Sellers show interest in those houses who have at least one bathroom with a beautiful bathtub. So if you have a plan of selling your house, then it is recommended to consider this option. Check out our article when we sat down with Linda from Loan market – If you’re looking at financing your renovation through a home loan.

Always check your budget before making a crucial decision

Yes, this is very important. Always check if your needs and requirements are aligned with your specified budget, or you need to hold off on your bathroom renovation.

Does Your Bathroom Have Enough Space?

How much space does your bathroom have? Will it be easy to install a bathtub? If your bathroom has enough space, then it’s fine to go with the tub option. But if it is not, then it’s advisable not to make your space weighty.

Do You Need to Make an Eco-Friendly Choice?

Nowadays, people are concerned about the eco-friendly environment. They are opting for every possible option that could support the eco-friendly environment. Below are some benefits of installing walk-in showers.

  • It saves electricity and water bills.
  • A bathtub is not an energy-efficient solution, and it doubles the water wastage ratio.
  • In an average estimate, the walk-in the shower takes 20 gallons water while tubs demand 30 gallons.

Quick and Convenient Access

A walk-in shower is super convenient and super easy to use, especially if you don’t have enough time for taking a tub bath. You can have instant hot and cold water.

Other than this, bathtubs are not convenient. Firstly, you need to wait for it to fill up; you need to sit in and rinse off yourself. But if you are a person with a busy schedule, then surely this option is not for you.

Is Relaxation High On Your Priority List?

Having a bathtubs can be a blessing for many people, it’s a nice option to relax, and destress. It gives a spiritual experience and study also shows tha warm water bath relaxes your muscles and softens your skin. So yes, if relaxation is high on your priority list, then we recommend you to have a bathtub.

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New Bathroom Renovation and Design


Pros & Cons of Having A Walk-In Shower

Undoubtedly, walk-in showers are the symbol of class and trendy. But it comes with pros and cons. Many times, unique designs can compromise the functionality of a bathroom. So now have a look on the pros and cons and then decide.


  • Walk-in showers are made with glass, and so the continuous design without moving parts eliminates the chances for anything to break.
  • These showers are easy to clean. These don’t get rushed. Moreover, you even don’t need to clean them all the time expect the corners where water can gather.
  • It adds to the beauty of bathroom décor. As these are purely made of glass, without rails, so no element will distract others intention from your bathroom décor.


  • A #1 disadvantage of having a walk-in shower is a slip hazard. Yes, when water comes out and gathers, it can make floor slippers, and anyone can get hurt when getting out of a shower.
  • It is an open shower, so hot air is free to circulate into your bathroom, which however makes the environment less relaxing while taking a bath. It can create humidity in the whole bathroom.
  • Walk-in showers are more expensive than regular ones due to needing for tiling and custom shower glass.


When Is The Last Time You Actually Took A Bath?

If you are a one who rarely takes a bath in a tub, then this option is not a worthy option for you. According to 2014, Houzz Poll indicates 39% of people aged 23-34 years skip tub bath anywhere in the house.

However, if you are going to sell your home, then tubs removal can affect the worth of it.

Bathtub Guidelines:

  • If your home has multiple bathrooms, then any of them should have one tub installed in it.
  • If you have cute little kids, then it’s a must to have a tub.
  • If you like soaking up yourself in the water, then a tub is a must.

The resale value of a house can be affected with tub-less bathroom. Because usually, buyers like to have a bathroom with a tub. But it is up to you. It’s better not to consider future predictions and trends, and should never compromise on your comfort and preferences.

Walk-in Shower Cost

A normal walk-in shower costs $750 to $6850, and it mostly depends on the style, material, size, and features you look for. You can pay $750 for a simple stall with new faucets.

What Are Average Bathtub Prices?

A new bathtub can cost between $300, for fiberglass tubs, to almost $3,000 for marble tubs. However, the cost depends on the style, type, and size you choose; however, material like steel, acrylic, cast iron, all these costs differently.

We hope this guide has somewhat helped you with your decision between bath tub or walk-in shower. There isn’t really a wrong or right decision and it all comes down to personal preference and circumstance. It is not always necessary to follow trends which make you feel uncomfortable or which can be heavy on your pocket; so think about it carefully and make an informed decision that you won’t regret later on.

What Are Average Bathtub Prices?

A new bathtub can cost between $300, for fiberglass tubs, to almost $3,000 for marble tubs. However, the cost depends on the style, type, and size you choose; however, material like steel, acrylic, cast iron, all these costs differently.

What is the cost of a walk-in shower?

A normal walk-in shower costs $750 to $6850, and it mostly depends on the style, material, size, and features you look for. You can pay $750 for a simple stall with new faucets.

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