16 Top Trends In Bathroom Tile Design For 2019

Nowadays, picking out the best tile for bathroom renovation is an overwhelming task because of a variety of factors you need to consider, such as texture, color, shape, and design. In the past, it was easy to choose the best tile for remodeling purposes since functional benefits such as low maintenance, durability, and water resistance were the only things considered. However, this is the opposite of this era. Today, the tile’s aesthetic impact has the same weight as its functions. As a result, manufacturers have made several changes on their selections to provide unique tiles to the homeowners. From the current research, we have come out with the top trends in bathroom tiles in 2019 that every homeowner should consider when deciding to renovate their home. These trends essentially covers the tiles’ patterns, finishes, shapes, and colors.

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Most people prefer statement tiles for their bathroom renovations, but it’s not such easy to choose the best brand as per their desires because of the variety of colors and shapes available in the market. Worry no more! With the currents trends, it will become easy to choose the best bathroom tile for your renovation task.

However, you should note that choosing a riotous pattern or brash color is the best way the best option for making a statement with your bathroom tiles. Considering also variation, shape, and the texture of your bathroom tile is essential in selecting the one capable of creating a stimulating effect. Here, you need to go for things like the quirky arrangement or a single color.

A featured wall, tiled floor, or splashback is not an option if you want to invest less but create a statement look that has a significant impact. Considering the effect the tile will bring is essential for anyone who’s after tiling the entire room. Check the image the tiles are likely to bring. Will they make the space to look larger and lighter or they’ll make it moodier and more intimate? Are the tiles eye-attractive? Do they create a sense of height?

What are the different types of Tiles available?

There’s actually a lot to choose from that not many people are aware of, we’ve come up with a list of 16 different types.

  1. Ceramic Tiles
  2. Terracotta Tiles
  3. Vinyl Tiles
  4. Stone Tiles
  5. Marble Tile
  6. Granite Tiles
  7. Limestone Tiles
  8. Wood Floor
  9. Linoleum Floor Tiles
  10. Cork Tiles
  11. Glass Tiles (including Mosaic)
  12. Metal Tile
  13. Cement-Bodied Tile
  14. Slate Tiles
  15. Porcelain Tiles
  16. Pebble Tile

What is the most common/popular tile type?

  1. Porcelain Tile (most popular)
  2. Ceramic Tile
  3. Marble

Below are the top 16 trends in bathroom tile design that every Auckland homeowner should consider.

1.     Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are the best option if you want to get a clear memory of the subway stations. They’re rectangular, brick-like tiles coming with a wide range of colors. They are the most preferred tiles because they can fit any style, be it, the traditional or the contemporary one.

Other than this, subway tiles are the best option because they’re fashionable. It should be an alternative if you want to create an excellent look for your bathroom and keep the value of its decoration for several years.

Now everyone can come up with a delightful wall mosaic for their bathrooms by coupling different colors of a subway tile either in horizontal or vertical bands or incorporating various patterned tiles. Nowadays, it’s common to come across homeowners installing patterns or textures of tiles that don’t match to get a unique bathroom as per their desires. Therefore, subway tiles give rise to a wide range of possibilities since you can mix and match them with many sorts of interesting variations.

2.     Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are the best option for the creation of a honeycomb effect, which can create a lasting statement. They work best as the feature walls, and you can customize them to suit any home by varying their patterns, size, and even tone.


3.     Geometric Tiles

There are high chances to create a real statement using your tiles if you keep repeating the dramatic angles and sharp corners. Now you can pull your bathroom space together to add interest and depth by using the geometric tiles.

Geometric tiles are the best option for setting the tone on the entire flooring or all your bathroom walls. Other than this, they work best on an accent wall, and you can use them to create a definite pivot from the rest of your bathroom.

You can use geometric tiles in small bathrooms to improve the perception of that place by matching them with neutral colors. For the large bathrooms, these tiles are the best option for forming artful accents in different areas such as the makeup station or spa area.


4.     Dark And Stormy Tiles

A dark bathroom is the best option for an area that receives little natural light. Blacks and dark grays are the best options for enhancing a moody look filled with a luxury feeling.

5.     Spanish And Moroccan Tiles

This style is the best option for any tile referencing the traditional geometric patterns but expressing them out in a modern way. Using a neutral color palette is the best option for the creation of a Moroccan look.

6.     Mosaics Tiles

Mosaics are the sheets featured by small, glass tiles. They’re the best for attracting attention because of their reflections. For the best experience, you can mosaic one feature wall or your entire bathroom for glitter and texture addition.

7.     Brick Tiles

Yes, we’re used to several types of tiles featuring brick shapes, but now there is a new design that works best when used as a wall tile. Now you can get these tiles in a wide range of colors, with the District Track Brick being the best brand.

8.     Baltimore Natural Tiles

Do you want a contemporary home? If yes, then Baltimore natural must be your best option in this case. However, you should go to the Newport and newcomers Rhin options if you’re after a more random design with an aged appearance.

9.     Plant Ash Tiles

Venis Ferroker is the most preferred floor tile that works great with everything. Most people love it because of its ability to make a remarkable statement look for your bathroom floor. For those who want an aged look, Plant is the best option. You can get it in a variety of colors that works best in the New Zealand market.

10. Deck Day Tiles

Almost everyone has indeed come across a wood looking tile. These are the most popular tiles that keep attracting the attention of most people from time to time. However, their quality depends on the designer and your budget. If you want a natural, modern look, Deck is the best option for shorter lengths while Montana is the best for longer stretches.

11. Petra Pacific Grey Tiles

In the past, everyone loved the natural stone for the floor and wall covering because of the luxurious feel it bestowed. As a result, several manufacturers have been at the forefront in adjusting the texture and appearance of the natural stone to create a more welcoming look from the porcelain tiles.

12. Matte Finish Tiles

Matte finish tiles have always been recording an impressive record for several years now. They’re the most preferred option because of their soft and sturdy beauty-style. If you compare these tiles with the glossy ones, you’ll realize that it’s rare for them to show water marks and smudges. As a result, matte finish tiles are the best option for busy bathrooms.

Also, most people prefer matte finish tiles because the low sheen makes it easier to maintain them. It is always essential to ensure that there is enough lighting whenever installing these tiles since they’re not the best for reflecting light.

For a dramatic effect, Glossy tiles are the best option to install in your bathroom. These are the most preferred because of their ability to create a highly polished look. They work best for the small bathrooms since they reflect much light, and they create a perception of a larger space. Mostly, these tiles work best whenever installed in a bathroom with low traffic or on the walls because they require more maintenance.

Matte finish tiles are the best option for those who’re after an understated elegance. They work best for those who want to create an earth style on their bathrooms. However, you should consider going for the glossy finish tiles if you’re after an attention-grabbing and more dramatic look.

13. Neutral Bathroom Tiles

Neutrals colors are the popular features for a contemporary design. It’s rare to come across a homeowner installing bright colors such as yellow, blue, and red in their bathrooms. Instead, you’ll find most homeowners installing neutrals such as creams and grey. Nowadays, grey and beige are the most popular colors used as complementary neutrals.

White is the best option if you want your bathroom to be more bright. Since a bathroom is one of the relaxing places, you should install neutral since they play an essential role in reinforcing this atmosphere. Natural color is the best option for any bathroom since it keeps the mind calm and relaxing, hence creating a sanctuary in this atmosphere. For the best experience, consider using these colors from the bathroom floors up to the ceiling.

Also, layering in various shades of neutral finishes, colors, shapes, or textures is essential to create a more active bathroom since these installations give a new and lovely look to everything.

14. Flooring Using Wooden Planks

Woods planks are other trends emerging in the tiles’ market. Most people go for these tiles whenever customizing the size of their bathrooms. Also, wood grained tiles are the most preferred option because they enhance the creation of ornate patterns like herringbone. Most of the wood-grained tiles have their widths measuring 6 inches as their lengths vary from 12 inches to 48 inches. However, wood grained tiles can become distressed, whitewashed, and even weathered because of the effects other finishes in the market.

Porcelain wood grain tiles work best for any bathroom because of their ability to provide significant water resistance and stain without the cases of sacrificing the design aesthetics. Make a step of using the wood grain tiles if you’re after improving the organic feel required in every bathroom space. Also, consider matching natural stone planks with other materials in the market such as wooden grains and concrete, if you’re after a compelling look. By doing this, you’ll add an unexpected and welcoming style to your bathroom flooring.

15. Textural Finished Tiles

Now it’s easy to add surface interest, color depth, and variation to your bathroom. You only need to incorporate a textured field tile and create that compelling look you want. But you should note that textures can appear in two forms depending on the color you want, the finishes applied, and the material used. They either appear subtle or pronounced.

3D dimensional tiles are the best option in this case because of their ability to inspire everything from an object or place up to a feeling. You can get these pieces of art in a wide range of shapes, styles, and sizes. Other than this, these tiles are the best option if you’re after creating new focal points in your home. They make this possible by using distinctive pieces of tiles. Also, they’re the most preferred because they work best in different areas within the house, including in the wall in your dining room.

16. Metallic Finishes

Metallic is also another thing that has attracted the attention of most people. Most prefer it because of the shining effect it creates on their bathrooms. It is a shiny and reflective material that gives any bathroom a gorgeous look for everyone’s desires. It’s amongst the modern look for bathrooms, that’s expected to pop up more and more for the next few years.

What Determines The Cost Of A Tile?

It’s evident that most people don’t know the difference between a designer tile and a budget-friendly tile.  For the budget-friendly tiles, they go at around $50 per square meter as the designer tiles go at approximately $100 per square meter. However, there are cases where the designer tiles go up to $150 per square meter. But they can also cost more than this depending on the size and finish you want.

Quality, depth, and colors are the main things that dictate the price of a tile. You’ll realize that a cheaper one usually looks flat, features fewer colors, and sometimes has a lower pixel on its printed image, resulting in a blurred look. Also, a tile that costs less features a noticeable pattern that keeps repeating across it. For an expensive tile, you’ll realize that it features a fresh design, has a more realistic look, and better color depth.

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Final Thoughts

The wide range of tiles in the market makes it almost impossible or hard to choose the right brand for your bathroom. The best way to handle this challenge is to consider the material, color, shape, and finish you want. Also, by putting the above trends into practice whenever purchasing a tile for your bathroom, it’ll become easier to land on the best brand as per your desires and needs.


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