Gary Flemming, Full House Renovation in Ellerslie, Auckland - Superior Renovations

Hurst Street, Ellerslie

Full House

Completed on September 2017


Project Managed By

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Kevin Yang
Managing Director & BDM
0800 199 888

Full House Renovation in Ellerslie, Auckland

Duration of project

July 2017 – September 2017

House specifications

This is a small 3 bedroom home with one toilet and 1 bathroom.

Gary and his wife were living in a home that was centrally located in Ellerslie with all the local shops and train station at a walking distance. This definitely made life convenient. However Gary felt that he was living in a house that had limited space and was very unhappy with the layout. Due to the constraint in space it was hard for Gary to get any privacy in his home. He had lots of outdoor space but it was not utilised like he wanted it to be.

They did think about perhaps selling the place and buying a property somewhere else, but due to ever increasing costs of houses in Auckland he felt like he did not want to go to a faraway suburb. He loved Ellerslie but needed the house to feel like a new house with all the modern amenities. Hence his intentions for this renovation were to increase functionality, change the layout, have a great outdoor entertaining area and to completely revamp the house.

Gary’s main concerns:

  • He was not happy with the layout of the house
  • The house was outdated and old
  • Lack of privacy and space
  • A separate bathroom and toilet
  • No private outdoor entertainment area despite of ample outdoor available space
  • No fence and hence no privacy from the neighbouring homes
  • Lack of storage in the house
  • Did not want to invest in another property in a different suburb as he loved the location of the house
  • Kitchen was tiny and a closed off room of its own

Our Solution

Space and Layout – Design Highlight

  • We demolished the kitchen wall and created an airy and flowing space by making it an open plan living kitchen and dining area.
  • The wall and between the bathroom was also demolished to create a spacious ensuite.
  • Bathroom door was removed and sliding door was added to keep the area and narrow hallway less obstructive.

Outdoor entertainment area

  • We renovated and painted the deck and made it into a nice lounging area by putting a sunroof on the deck for the clients to enjoy their outdoor space.
  • We also created an outdoor fenced area with a patio so Gary’s family and friends could entertain in their private space. This area also includes an outdoor pizza oven.
  • Privacy – indoor and outdoor
  • The client lacked an area for his desk in the current house; hence we added a custom made wall desk in the living area which also doubled as a bookshelf and storage area.
  • Gary’s neighbours were also very close to his property; hence we added a fence around his property to give him some privacy.

Revamping the home – Home Exterior

  • Private outdoor entertainment area created
  • Sunroof added to the deck
  • Deck painted and renovated
  • All exterior walls painted.
  • A fence added to the property

Kitchen Renovation and Design

  • Kitchen wall demolished to make it an open plan kitchen.
  • All kitchen cabinets, floors and counter tops were removed.
  • Interior walls were painted.
  • Old floors were ripped out and laminate flooring was installed.
  • Custom made counter top from our supplier GJ Kitchens were installed. This was a 30mm engineered stone bench top which was made to look like marble.
  • DTC soft close drawers were also supplied and installed. This was a ‘no handle’ set up.
  • BLANCO Silgan stone sink was installed.
  • A set of Bosch appliances such as Gas cook top, range hood, oven and dishwasher were also included in the kitchen renovation.

Bathroom Renovation and Design

  • Wall between the toilet and bathroom was demolished to create a spacious ensuite
  • All flooring, toilet, shower, vanity and sink were removed.
  • Bathroom door removed and wall was sealed as it opened into a narrow hallway. To combat this issue we instead installed a sliding door to cause the least amount of disruption.
  • New shower, free standing bathtub, toilet, Vanity and sink were installed.
  • Plumbing throughout the bathroom was also changed to accommodate the new layout
  • Waterproofing of all bathroom floors and walls was also carried out.
  • Underlay in the bathroom also carried out
  • The shower was tiled along with the floors and walls.
  • GIB fitting for the bathroom wall
  • 3 in 1 heater installed. LED lights installed in the bathroom and front of the mirror.

Laundry Renovation

  • Removal of hot water cylinder and installation of GAS cylinder
  • All interior walls were repainted.
  • Previous flooring was demolished and tiles were installed.
  • Custom wall cabinets were made and installed.

Lounge and Dining area

  • Previous flooring was demolished and new Laminate flooring was installed
  • All Interior walls were painted.
  • The kitchen was included in the living space to make this a spacious open living space
  • Custom desk cum bookshelves were made and installed to give Gary some more personal space.
  • All Windows were tinted


  • Previous flooring was demolished and new Carpets were installed
  • All interior walls were painted
  • All windows were tinted
  • New storage space was created for the client as they lacked storage space.

Electrical work around the house

  • We rewired the entire house
  • We also installed LED lights throughout the house
  • HRV system was also installed
  • All the power banks were changed to PDL 600.


  • We painted the interior and exterior of the house.
  • GIB Stopping and Plastering done throughout the house.
  • We did 2 undercoats before applying the final coat.
  • We used water based Dulux paint for all walls and ceilings
  • All the skirting boards, doors, window frames and door frames were painted by oil based Dulux paint as it is more resilient to wear and tear compared to water based coats.


We work with a diverse group of suppliers for supplying our renovation materials. The choice of the supplier is entirely up to our clients. Once the proposal is signed, we take our clients to various showrooms across Auckland so they can choose all fixtures, flooring materials, cabinets, appliances etc. The cost of all these supplies and appliances is included in our renovations. Listed below are the suppliers that we worked with for Gary’s renovation.

Bath and Tile: We sourced all bathroom tiles, Shower, free standing tub, vanity and other bathroom fixtures from Bath and Tile.

Link Flooring: All the carpets and laminate flooring.

Dulux: The house was painted with Dulux paints.

Mr Blinds: All the roller and venetian blinds were sourced from Mr Blinds for the house.

BBQ Directs: We bought the outdoor pizza oven for the client from BBQ Direct. It was a St Moritz BBQ and Pizza Box.