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How to do a budget kitchen remodel

The kitchen is one of the most favourite areas in the house for many Aucklanders. Renovating your kitchen can be a great way to upgrade the look of your home while creating a beautiful space for many shared meals and memories.

However, the truth is: kitchens are always one of the most expensive areas in your house to remodel. If you are not careful, a kitchen renovation project can go well over the budget.

Here at the Superior Renovations, we believe that renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune! You can achieve superior results without breaking a bank.

Check out our top 4 cost-saving tips for budget kitchens Auckland:


 1. Come up with a solid plan

Having a solid plan from the start will save you from any surprise costs down the road. We always recommend booking a free, no-obligation session with one of our designers to dis- cuss your kitchen renovation ideas. From here, we will help you develop an actionable plan and break down the costs. Whether it’s new appliances, cabinets or tiles, it helps to know how much each element of a renovation will most likely cost so that you could plan your budget accordingly.

We will also assist you with coming up with a functional kitchen layout that would be perfect for you and your family. You can rest assured that our designers have the experience necessary to create budget kitchens Auckland that is beautiful, yet cost-effective.


2.    Stay open minded

If you’re going for a particularly trendy look, see if you can achieve the same aesthetics with much more affordable materials. There are some things you can do on the cheap while splurging on something you can’t live without. For example, you might want to in- vest in a high-end stove if you cook a lot, and install pre-made budget-friendly cabinets to save some money. Staying flexible and open-minded will help you cut corners on cost, while still achieving the magazine-worthy look.


3.    Paint your cabinets

Installing new cabinets is a sure fire way to drive your costs up. Painting your cabinets, on the other hand, is a cost-effective and straightforward way to achieve a stunning kitchen remodel! When it comes to budget kitchens Auckland, we always recommend hiring trust- ed professional painters to refresh the outside shell of your cabinets. Sometimes a fresh coat of brand new paint is all you need to modernise their appearance. Check out our friends, Superior Painters for great quality kitchen painting galleries here.


4.     Find the right contractor

Once you have a new kitchen layout and a solid plan in place, you can start contacting various contractors to get quotes. Make sure to collect four to five bids to make sure you’re getting the best deals. However, finding the right contractor is not always about getting the cheapest quote. You should feel confident that you’re trusting your kitchen to the team of true professionals. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy contractor will not only save you tons of money in the long term but will help ensure your brand new kitchen will serve you for many years to come.

When it comes to budget kitchens Auckland renovations, look for a contractor who has the skills to complete the project in addition to the impeccable customer service. At Superior Renovations, we pride ourselves in providing premium quality remodeling services, from conceptual design to actual construction. Our dedicated project manager will provide you with valuable tips to stay within your budget while getting perfect results. Con- tact us here to book your complimentary consultation today!


Already have all your own trades and you’re comfortable managing them for your kitchen renovation?

Although we don’t recommend if you haven’t renovated a kitchen before and/or you don’t have trades people you can trust, most renovations if not all comes with it’s own surprises because not all homes are the same – this is where experience/project management plays an important role in minimises risks to maintain costs/delays giving you higher certainty of outcome/quality backed by associated guarantees and warranties.

However, if you do intend to manage the kitchen renovation yourself, it does work out more cost effective to contact a kitchen cabinetry manufacturer directly to get the kitchen cabinets designed, manufactured and installed – leaving you to manage the other trades such as flooring, demolition, painting, plastering, splashback/tiling, electrician, plumber, and sometimes a carpenter/builder.


Try Little Giant Interiors cost calculator below to see what you can expect to pay for cabinetry.



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