Maria Chubb – Featuring Reece’s Showroom in Albany, Auckland

Maria Chubb

Showroom Consultant at Reece

Meet Maria Chubb (Showroom Consultant) from Reece – Our Trusted Local Supplier – we’ve put together a video featuring their showroom in Albany, Auckland.

When you’re renovating your home, you will no doubt be working with a variety of suppliers; we’ve forged valuable relationships with a range of reputable experts in their respective fields with a great attitude towards the end result and who also share the same values as Superior Renovations – putting client experience first.

After confirming your project with Superior Renovations, you will be personally taken to our supplier showrooms (dependant on your requirements) like Reece to feel and choose the materials you want/need for your renovation – you’ll also receive advice from our project manager along the way to ensure you’re choosing the correct fittings/products that fits your space.

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