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Reroofing Cost
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How Much Does it Cost to Reroof in Auckland 2023?

Looking after your home is an investment. From home recladding to double glazing windows to renovating spaces to upgrade it towards your living needs. To ensure your home will last for decades, you’d also want to ensure your roof is in good condition.

Before you start looking at companies to help you out. You’d want to ensure you have a rough estimate of how much roofing cost per square metre NZ is and find out roof replacement cost NZ. The cost to reroof a house NZ will be different from the cost of new roof NZ.


Are You Curious about the Cost of Reroofing?

Try our Reroofing Cost Calculator tool: There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of reroofing, including the size and complexity of the roof, the type of roofing material, the cost of labor, and any permits or fees required by your city. To get a better idea of the cost of reroofing your home, use the Reroofing Cost Calculator below.

Reroofing Cost Calculator Tool


What is Reroofing?

What is reroofing? How is it different from getting your roof repaired? The term ‘re-roofing’ describes the procedure of removing the old roof covering. Fixing any damage substrate (which may involve rebuilding roof trusses and support battens or purlins). Replacing underlay, and then putting up a new roof covering.

When you replace your roof, you may also be addressing any underlying problems. Such as rot or water damage to the ceiling, walls, and roof structure. The best approach to avoid harm to the internal structure of your home and the pricey repairs that will follow is to replace your roof and look at roof replacement costs NZ and how much roof cost per m2 is.

It should come as no surprise that getting a roof restoration rather than a full roof replacement can save you time and money. Whenever they work on a roof, roofing professionals will cover any worn shingles with a fresh layer of shingles. This not only enhances the look of your roof but also provides a barrier against leaks.

townhouse-roof-after-removal-of-the-old-shingles-ready-for-reroofing, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Reroofing a house | Photo Credit – iStock

What is Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement of your roof is always an option, but issues with your roof deck make it much more necessary. Roofing companies will need to remove all the existing shingles from the roof to expose the roof deck. After that, they will put in fresh felt or underlayment. New shingles will be used to cover the roof deck protecting it for at least 20 years.

In contrast to reroofing, which merely covers up any damage. This will fix all the issues you have with your roof. Your roofing contractor will need to repair your roof deck if it has significant damage to stop further damage. Though holes underneath, water can seep into the walls and harm the drywall and flooring. While cost of new roof NZ will be more expensive than cost to reroof a house NZ, the end results would be well worth it in the end.

Cost of new roof NZ repairs for this kind of damage may be very costly. Therefore, even though replacing your roof is an expensive project, it will end up saving you money in the long run. This is because it enables you to spot early indications of dropping and rot brought on by water damage to the deck. Therefore, a complete roof replacement can fix all your roof leaks.

scaffolding-is-erected-whilst-a-new-roof-is-installed, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Roof Replacement | Photo Credit – iStock

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What Is The Difference Between Reroof and Roof Replacement?

One of the most important maintenance decisions a homeowner must make is whether to fix a leaky roof or replace. The cost to reroof a house NZ or cost of new roof NZ against the cost of roof replacement. Along with the expected lifespan of the roof, are typically the deciding factors.

In its lifetime, a house may only require two complete roof replacement. During which the entire roof is removed and reroof with new roofing materials/cladding. Ensure you pick the right choice to save you some money as roofing costs per square metre NZ can be costly.

A modern roof with a localised leak is typically a suitable candidate for repair. If any rot or other damage to the substrate is discovered. It might soon grow to be a much bigger problem than it was initially. Getting the expert advice of a roof replacement expert will typically help you prevent any surprises. If your roof has required several repairs over the years. It may be time for a complete roof replacement and start looking at roof costs per square metre NZ.

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How to Decide Between Reroof and Roof Replacement?

Normally, roofs with small leaks or damages make suitable candidates for reroof. Additionally, if there is only one layer of shingles, reroofing is an alternative. On the other hand, you might want to avoid reroofing small parts because this could leave your roof looking noticeable uneven.

Roofing professionals will need to repair your roof deck if it has sustained significant water damage, has a lot of mildew or mould development, or is dropping. You will therefore require a complete roof replacement and consider looking at roof cost per m2.

If you want the solid peace of mind that come from knowing that your roof will survive for 20 years or more. A complete roof refurbishment can also be your best option. This is because roofing specialists will be able to look for significant damage indications and fix them. Giving you the strongest and most durable roof imaginable. This reduces the possibility of damage going undetected until it is too late, which can happen when reroofing.

Reroofing is an option if your roof only has one layer of shingles on it. On the other hand, due to building requirements. Roof restoration is prohibited when there are already two layers of shingles in place. You would require a complete roof replacement in this situation. If your roof’s materials and pitch are additional criteria that may rule out reroofing and have you looking at roof replacement cost NZ. If your roof has significant water damage, wet shingles, or missing shingles, reroofing is not an option either. Lastly, a reroof often has a shorter lifespan than a roof replacement and roof cost per m2 can be more expensive.

damaged-and-old-roofing-shingles-on-a-house, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Broken Roof. Most likely need a roof replacement | Photo Credit – iStock

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Cost to Reroof a House NZ

How much does it typically cost to reroof a house in NZ? After all, the roof is one of your home’s most crucial components, so you probably attach great importance to it despite knowing that it can be expensive. Cost to reroof a house NZ is a difficult task because so many variables can change the estimate that roofing companies give.

The cost to reroof a house NZ can vary depending on the roofing material you select. While tiles typically range from $49 to $56 per m2, an architectural long run roof can cost up to $150 per m2. Asphalt roofing costs between $100 and $120 per m2.

As there are many different materials you could use in your roofing materials. The cost will be different as some roofing materials cost more than other. With an average house that is roughly around 130 – 140 square metres, using metal tiles and long run iron roofing materials can cost around $55 per m2.

If you consider using steel roofing material, the roof cost per m2 for this material would roughly cost around $56 per m2. Compared to other roofing materials, steel roofing materials are lightweight and easier to install.

Another material to consider roofing costs per square metre NZ is metal roof tiles as the roof cost per m2 for this roof material is around $50 – $70 m2. You may be after this roof material if you’re after a more traditional look for your roof replacement.

Going into the slightly more expensive roof materials for your roof replacement cost NZ. Concrete tiles are a great choice and they’re highly durable and fire resistant. Cost of new roof NZ for concreate tiles would be around $75 per m2.

While clay tiles are on the high end and will cost more if you chose this material for your roof replacement the cost to reroof a house NZ can be expensive. Clay tiles are also durable and have high strength and when done properly, these tiles can last at least a century. roof cost per m2 for clay tiles would cost around $104 per m2.

Saving the best for last, but also the most expensive  option you can get with roof materials. With all roof materials, there are benefits and disadvantages to all roof materials when you’re considering roof replacement. If you happen to choose copper tiles, the cost of new roof NZ would be around $190 per m2.

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What are the common challenges with roof replacement?

Roof replacement can be a complex and challenging project, especially in New Zealand where the weather can be unpredictable. Some common challenges with roof replacement in New Zealand include:

  1. Weather: New Zealand’s weather can be unpredictable and can change quickly, which can make it difficult to schedule and complete a roof replacement project. High winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures can all make it difficult to work safely on a roof.
  2. Access: Some roofs may be difficult to access, especially if they are steep or have limited space. This can make it difficult to remove the old roof and install the new one.
  3. Age of the building: Older buildings may have structural issues or may not have been built to modern building codes, which can make it difficult to replace the roof.
  4. Building materials: Some roofing materials, such as asbestos, can be difficult to remove safely and may require specialized equipment and trained professionals.
  5. Budget: Replacing a roof can be a costly project, and it’s important to have a clear understanding of the cost before beginning the project.
  6. Time: A full roof replacement can take a lot of time, and it’s important to have a clear understanding of the time frame before beginning the project.

It’s important to work with a reputable and experienced roofing contractor when undertaking a roof replacement project. They will be able to advise on the best approach and materials to use and will be able to manage the challenges that arise during the project.

What is Asbestos In Your Roof?

Whether a roof includes asbestos or not is arguable one of the most important elements that affect the price of a roof. This dangerous building material is found in thousands of residences across the country. Small fibres make up the naturally occurring material known as asbestos. These fibres are sturdy and incredibly resistant to chemicals, heat, fire, and water. In NZ, asbestos was imported and used extensively in a variety of construction related fields, particularly in the manufacture of residential and commercial roofing.

What to do if you have Asbestos in your Roof?

While asbestos is simple to recognise on its own, other elements found in roof tiles make identification more challenging. Asbestos containing roof tiles frequently have a white or grey colour, while many other tiles manufactured of safe materials also have these colours. Although just one in every twenty asbestos containing roof tiles has an identification mark, this is one way to tell whether your roof tiles are asbestos free. You may scientifically test your roof’s tiles to determine whether they contain asbestos.

Working with asbestos requires several safety precautions. Even though asbestos cement is low risk and removal does not require a license.  We do advise asking a professional to remove any asbestos roof tiles rather than doing it yourself. Due to the enormous risk posed by the harmful fibres of asbestos. Roofing costs per square metre NZ can be tricky to calculate if professionals haven’t been able to look at the site.

old-fiber-cement-roof, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Asbestos on roof | Photo Credit – iStock

Changing Roof Material

When it’s time to upgrade your roof, you might think about switching out the components. Nevertheless, upgrading to stale, tile, wood shakes, or metal can initially cost you more. They will last you a lot lonoger than asphalt shingles will. If you want it, they will also give your house a more unique appearance. It’s crucial to understand that not all building frameworks are strudy enough to handle these heavier roofing materials without some modifications. Roofing costs per square metre NZ will cost more for a full roof replacement but you’d never have to worry about it again.

Be in the know with the latest full house trends. 

Roofing Materials for Your Roof Replacement 

Asphalt Shingles 

Asphalt roofing has only been in the market for a few decades which makes it a relatively new product in the market. For more than a century, asphalt shingles come in two options you can pick from – organic or fibreglass. The base layer of organic shingles is composed of wastepaper, cellulose, or wood fibres that have been treated with asphalt before a top coating of asphalt is put. The base layer of fibreglass in fibreglass shingles is joined to the upper layer by a urea-formaldehyde resin. Roofing costs per square metre NZ can vary based on the size and you’d want to ensure you have the right environment for this material.

Asphalt shingles are a visually appealing option because they are available in a variety of hues and patterns. High fire resistance is a feature of solutions made of fibreglass, which are also both lon-lasting and low maintenance. However, there are various options for use in areas with heavier winds.

Like most things, asphalt tiles will deteriorate over time despite them being a tougher alternative. If you’re planning to purchase an older home. It’s best to verify the roof tiles don’t have asbestos in the tiles. This is due to the tiles looking their granule coating which could cause problems with water leakage. You’d might have to reroof and look at the roof cost per m2 for asphalt shingles.

asphalt-shingle-display, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Asphalt Shingles | Photo Credit – iStock

Clay/Concrete Tiles 

In additional to being bug and fire resistant, clay tiles are also incredibly resilient. They are also recyclable at the end of their life cycle and have a choice of aesthetic colours and finishes. The downside of using tiles is that they require more support because they are a heavier roofing alternative. Which may raise the cost of new roof NZ. Walking on them may cause them to break, complicating roof replacement costs NZ and parts, as well as making it difficult to match colours when replacing the tiles.


orange-roof-tile-pattern-over-blue-and-cloudy-sky, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Clay/Concrete Tiles | Photo Credit – iStock


One of the most resilient roofing material you could use in your roof replacement cost NZ. Copper has been used for roofing for hundreds of years. Few materials can match copper’s aesthetic appeal, and it’s natural patina makes it a design statement for even the most modern of architectural styles.

Copper does not require any special coatings or finishes, unlike other steel roofing materials, and it will never rust or corrode, making it perfect for costal applications. Many roofing materials contain at least 75% recycled material, and copper is extremely recyclable.

The drawback of copper is that it is a very soft metal that could easily be dented by hail and other similar objects. If not placed appropriately, copper’s tendency to expand and contract due to temperature changes can cause problems with water infiltration. Roof replacement cost NZ for this material can be expensive. Be sure to seek out similar materials to this if this goes over budget. Roofing cost per square metre NZ is different for all materials.

copper_dormer, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Copper Tiles on a part of the house | Photo Credit – iStock

Corrugated/Long Run Steel 

Corrugated iron is a kiwi icon that has graced many sheds and homes across the country. Even though the word is somewhat misleading nowadays because it has been made from steel for more than a century. Technology advancements have led to the production of numerous new styles and finishes, and its endurance is well-known due to this.

In addition to being simple to install. Steel has a high performance to weight ration which complements almost any architectural style. It’s also recyclable at the end of its duration and can withstand our unpredictable weather with ease and roof replacement cost NZ won’t break the budget.

On the negative side, steel roofing will dent when sufficiently struck by something. Which can detract from its appearance and cause leaks near seams. Like faulty installation, you may experience issues with water leakage and your roof could collapse in high wind conditions. This roofing material may not be suitable for you if you live somewhere with high winds as you many need to look at roof replacement cost NZ much sooner than necessary.

roof-of-a-new-house-with-slants-a-skylight-a-plastered-chimney-and-ventilation-grilles-roof, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Steel Tiles on Roof | Photo Credit – iStock


Due to its sustainability for use on flat or low-pitched roofs. Membrane roofing solutions, which were historically the preserve of commercial structure, have recently acquired popularity in the residential market. There are five main varieties of membrane roofing. They are liquid, thermoset, thermoplastic, modified bitumen, and glass reinforced plastic.

Depending on the membrane roofing type you select, there are different advantages. They all offer strong performance to weight ratios, are simple for skilled contractors to install, and provide high level of aesthetics. Cost of new roof NZ with this material would be a suitable roof replacement.

The downside of thermoset and thermoplastic products is that improper installation or neglect can lead to water leakage or pooling. When examining the roof or making repairs to other roof structure, caution must be given because these materials have been known to sustain punctures.

problem-areas-for-house-asphalt-shingles-corner-roofing-construction-waterproofing-repair, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Use of Membrane Tiles | Photo Credit – iStock

Slate Shingles 

Few materials shine as brightly as slate if you want to make a statement with your roof and having a slate shingle roof on your property can raise its resale value. Slate is a very desirable material choice because of its inherent tonal changes and versatility in terms of architectural styles.

There is no better material than slate for durability. Slate shingles should be reused or recycled several times and require little to no ongoing upkeep.

The disadvantage of slate shingles is that they are the heaviest of the roofing materials and will require adequate structural support.

close-up-of-dark-gray-roof-slates, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Slate tiles used on roof | Photo Credit – iStock

Looking for the right roofing material can be tricky as there are many different materials you can choose from.  You’d also want to ensure that it’s long lasting, so you don’t have to fix up your roof again. Luckily you can also reroof your home if necessary for a quick fix as the cost to reroof a house NZ won’t be as expensive as roof replacement cost NZ. Always do extensive research and grab a consultation and advice from professionals before you try to DIY it yourself. Especially if you’re unsure if your roof contains asbestos or not as asbestos can be harmful. Roofing cost per square metre NZ has many variables that determine the total price for a reroof or roof replacement.


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Everything Your Need To Know – Full House Renovation Guide

2021 and 2022 were years filled with uncertainty and continuous lockdowns. Although this new year as some of us slowly returned to an office, it is safe to say we spent a lot of time at home, being the perfect opportunities for renovating house. Whether it is for in-person hangouts, parties, or a stay-cation, homes have the destination for these gatherings. It is hard to say what 2022 will bring, but let’s not make this uncertainty prevent us from getting those dream house renovations, and renovating house projects ticked off! In this blog we will cover upcoming full home renovation trends for renovating a house in New-Zealand.

Nowadays, especially when it comes to renovation old homes in NZ, homeowners become more aware of the home layout and the aesthetics for a space. This is because, the energy and atmosphere of the home can significantly change before and after a house renovation. A common renovating house trend in NZ that many homeowners’ favours is the process of turning a spare room or unused space to a home office. Due to the many hours spent at working from home, a home office has been a crowd favourite. When renovating house in New-Zealand, incorporating a home office will boost the functionality of home, and may be at the forefront when selling your home in the future.

Home renovation, whether it is a full house renovation nz or a singular room many homeowners value the layout and the aesthetic of the room. It can easily be said that these aspects can contribute to the productivity of the home. In 2022, since many homeowners will spend more time and effort in designing a unique working space to maximise their concentration and productivity when renovating house.

When renovating old nz homes, the home offices and dining rooms were the first rooms you see when entering the home. It is great to see that this home design trend is making a come back in renovating house projects in 2022! Homeowners can also try incorporating build in high-tech solutions such as smart boards, projectors and/or wet bars when renovating house.

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15 Full House Renovation Design Tips

1. Enhanced Outdoor Spaces and Features when Renovating House.

According to our in-house designers, 25 percent of more homeowners are now investing in patios, terraces, and decks compared to 2020. More homeowners are now prioritising creating space for family get together and entertainment when renovating houses. During the full home renovation process the floor plan can be extended to create flow from indoors to outdoors. New Zealand homeowners have quickly realised that when renovating house, with the correct landscaping, furnishing, and styling, it can make all the difference in how they use the space each day.

How to Enhances your Outdoor Space:

Although common outdoor spaces and features are located behind homes, you can also utilise the surround space of your home by renovating these features on the side and front of the home. By doing the house will be given a curb appeal and creates spaces around the house homeowners can relax in. A full house renovation can be a hefty topic, so it is important you plan before with a certified designer to think of ways and/or new trends you can maximise the current space you have. Some outdoor full home renovation designs we recommend are enclosed porches paired with natural plants and florals to bring the relaxing atmosphere from outdoors in. The use of natural plants and decorations can also create a sense of softness and dimension, therefore is one full house renovation design we highly recommend.

Another design aspects you can incorporate in your renovating house process is to introduce shade structures like awnings. We have seen an increase of homeowners making plans to incorporating awnings in full home and outdoor renovations. Awnings can create an aesthetically please shade structure and not only provide protection from the sun but helps make the outdoor living area feel more connected.

Try look for fabrics with certified UV sunlight protection. As more and more homeowners start their full house renovations in New Zealand, outdoor rooms such as pools, outdoor kitchens and fire pits are popular features added to the clients wish-list. Another full house renovation design idea for your outdoor space is connecting these spaces to indoor rooms with luxurious French doors or doors that fold back.

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luxury-bathroom-designs-3-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

2. Texture All Around

Texture, especially when it comes to renovating old homes in New-Zealand, will become the biggest trend you will see for 2022. It is amazing to see the differences of what incorporating of a texture can do to the before and after of your home renovation.

Faux Finishing

Another design trend that will be rising in 2022 is the use of texture. Faux finishing has significantly exploded in the house renovation nz market in New-Zealand. When renovating a house or planning your renovation journey say hello to a surface you want to run your hands over and/or engage with in a tactile way. A common texture used especially in full home renovations is Faux finishing. Faux finishing is when materials are used to mimic installed materials. This finishing has exploded within the renovation market with the advent of materials and processes that make home renovation and designing more approachable from both a cost and skill perspective. A popular way to incorporate faux finishing texture is through a faux brick wall. If this is done well with certified professionals, you can barely spot the difference. Within many of our clients we often see homeowners opt for using a faux finish to achieve the look of Venetian plaster, concrete, or marble.


Another texture to incorporate in your full home renovation journey is the use of Grasscloth. Grasscloth is a perfect option to create a more traditional and transitional space, as well as bring a soft subtle atmosphere to your home. This texture is perfect when you want to maintain the traditional aesthetic when renovation old homes NZ.  A common use of grasscloth is lines of 3D wall panels giving the home space a dimensional look, which have been very popular with home designers for modern or contemporary home renovations. Texture is a perfect way to spice up the atmosphere of your home and create a sort of visual interest. During a full room renovation process many of our designers have found many clients have become bored with basic paint for wall applications and have opt out for textured designs instead.


It is safe to say, that texture fabrics are here to stay and have always been a crowd favourite. Recently we have seen an increase in demand for crème bouclé in renovating house in 2021. Crème bouclé tones have been a popular colour in more traditional houses that we have seen a lot on our renovation projects for older homes in New-Zealand. We are happy to see this colour make a comeback as it is timeless, whilst providing the elegant warm aesthetic. This year texture fabrics such as sage green, pale yellow, pale greys, and blues can be predicted to be the new crowd favourite. Texture fabrics as well as soft-to-the-hand fabrics create a feeling of warmth to the house and are one of the upcoming home designs features our in-house designers are gravitating towards in 2022.

Laufen-4, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Raw Metals and Natural Wood

Interesting materials are taking the front seat for homeowners, especially those who are renovating old homes nz. Another interesting material to incorporate during your full home renovations are raw metals and natural wood textures. Wood textures can make a significant difference to the before and after of the home renovation nz. Being the reason, many homeowners are now more excited about making a sophisticated statement that highlight their distinct style and personality. Raw metals and other panelling options are commonly requested on modern and contemporary renovation projects. Whereas natural woody accents with a hint of patina tone textures have been popular for more traditional and country projects. Materials like raw metals and natural woods have an easy application during the renovation process and can be simply be placed on top of already existing walls without expensive structural work.

Textures are an upcoming trend in 2022 that we will most likely see a lot of homeowners considering textures during their full home renovation process, especially old home renovations. Textures give a home, even an old-fashioned home soul and richness to the space around us.

Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-33, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

3. Incorporate Technology within your Full Home Renovation

Technology will make huge advancements within full home renovation interior design. Digital interior design in renovating house was already increasing pre Covid days, and now more designers and homeowners we will see the efficiency of online interior design becoming bigger in 2022. The space and size of interior designs can  be seen to have gotten significantly bigger due practice social distancing. Whether the design is a renovation for an office or a new store the value of space have increases compared to before and after renovations nz. We also expect home decor apps and design firms to implement technological changes to their business plans for 2022. This could potentially lower renovation costs as design fees will be decreased.

A great way to start incorporating technology aspect to your home is during your full home renovation design process, using virtual staging with 3D models. The rise of technology within home renovation in New-Zealand when renovating a house nz are expected to rise and there has been a significant increase in demand before COVID. The ways technology is incorporated are also expected to increase as more home décor apps and design firms implement technology during any home renovation process and/or their design operations. An easy way to start incorporating technology into your home renovation design process is virtual staging. Virtual staging will be an easy way to get the idea of how your new home will look like, as well as will make it easier for furniture shopping.

These days, we are on our phones, tablets, and computers a lot more than before being more of a reason technology should be incorporating when renovating a house nz. Whether it is answering to emails, attending work conferences, or just mindlessly scrolling, technology has become an important sector of our day-to-day routines. Therefore, our in-house designers recommend incorporating more specialised outlets, such as the Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery with USB-C, or a pop-out outlet during the designing process of your full home renovation or renovating a house nz in general. These types of innovative outlets will provide homeowners with faster charging ports, as well as a sleek design with no bulky adapters needed.

4. Full Home Renovations: Create a Modern and Multi-Purpose Kitchen

When renovating a house nz, the kitchen is where the family spends most of their time together and can be seen as the home’s hub. Renovating the kitchen, whether it is a kitchen focused project or a full home renovation project, is one of the most common projects our clients undertake. As well as have a significant return in the renovation costs as it is the most commonly used areas in a home. More and more clients are investing in larger, modern design kitchens. This can be seen especially due to the increase in hours spent at home and the kitchen due to COVID lockdowns. The kitchen, during full home renovation projects are usually take up majority of the planning and designing stage. This is because, many of our clients have realised the importance of utilising the space, as the family spend so much time in that area. The median of clients spending time and money on kitchens have increases in the last past three years, the investment on the renovation to large kitchen is expected to jump in the coming years.

The house renovations before and after of a kitchen is truely amazing. Renovating house is truely an awarding experience.


Our-contemporary-bathroom-768x1024, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

5. House Renovations NZ: The Bathroom is your Private Sanctuary

The bathroom is the second most popular room renovated by homeowners during 2021 and the start of 2022 when renovating a house nz. During continuous lockdowns, having a little alone time at any point during the day is a reward. If you found yourself continuously hiding in the bathroom to get a little alone time, a luxurious bathroom renovation is for you! The before and after of bathroom renovations nz will amaze you.

So, what does a full home bathroom renovation entail in renovating a house nz? A typical bathroom renovation includes replacing the cabinetry/vanity, countertops, and the toilet. While the numbers spent by homeowners to renovation their bathroom has been steady along the years. The renovation cost spent on a primary bathroom renovation is at $8,000 nzd average. The renovation of smaller primary bathrooms has increased by 20 percent, as homeowners shift to maximising every room of their homes during a full house renovation process.

For many of our clients and homeowners, the bathroom during house renovations nz has become the only private space away from children or family. This space provides relaxation and respite; therefore, the renovation of the bathroom has become a necessity- especially with travel plans being cancelled. Our in house designers state, “For many, the bathroom is acted as a private space away from any distractions, and the bathroom provides relaxations and respire increased almost every night. This is why when clients are renovating a house nz, especially renovating old homes they like to focus on the bathroom”. 

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 6. Include your Guest Bedrooms

This year we encourage our clients and homeowners to give the guest bedrooms more love with the incorporation of trending home designs when renovating a house nz. Here are some of the guest bedrooms trends that have been increasing through the years:

  • Add a luxurious coffee bar or a mini fridge during your house renovations nz. A full house renovation nz calls for the opportunity to incorporate new features to the guest bedroom. Especially when it comes to the renovation old nz homes, the guest bedroom is the perfect opportunity to bring in more modern designs and move on from the traditional.
  • Include a spacious desk for guests who work remotely and will need a private area to have Zoom calls or check their emails during house renovation nz. Renovations cost to include a luxurious spacious desks for your guests do not cost a fortune. The simple act of incorporating new and modern design furniture can make a significant difference to your house renovation before and after nz.
  • House renovations nz: introduce an interesting wall treatment or specialty lighting. Incorporating wall treatment during renovation a house nz is a perfect way to make your house feel more foreign and luxurious. Wall treatments have been very popular overseas and we can see an increase in this trend with clients when renovating house.
  • Design for the destination. This includes adding coastal, farmhouse, metropolitan, or southwest elements that are specific to your home atmosphere and location. Designing to fit the destination is journey many clients take during house renovation nz. This is often because it breaks free from the traditional designs of New-Zealand house renovations nz. The house renovations before and after nz effect for these designs will amaze you!

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7. Create a unique place for Primary Bedrooms

Creating a space when renovation a house to retreat to so you van relax and recharge is the reason why many clients love renovating old nz homes primary bedrooms. The house renovations nz of the primary bedrooms is one of the sixth most popular interior projects taken. The primary bedroom is a place where homeowners can retreat to relax and recharge. The uprising trends for primary bedroom renovations are the incorporation of dramatic colours and wall treatments. This includes anything from 3D applications, like boards and battens to bold colours and textures, such as a bold green or even black. Our in house designer states, “It is refreshing to see when renovations old nz homes that many clients create a sanctuary from themselves. We encourage clients to choose and embrace design choices that are personalised to them and their lifestyle. It is always a joy to when renovating a house and during a house renovation nz project to see clients break free from text book designs and trends”. 

Metallic_Rock_Silver_600x1200-800x601, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

8. Go Bold!

Recently, we have been seeing a lot of homeowners incorporate the use of wallpapers and are an easy way to be installed, as well as be swapped out for any design changes during full house renovations nz. Current trends show many homeowners using wallpapers with bold patterns during their renovation process when they want to experiment with colour and texture. Experimenting with colours during the process of renovation a house nz and/or before house renovations is a perfect way to trail and error your colour choices. Wallpapers are often common in nurseries or the children’s room. However, more and more homeowners have created their own individuality through unique colours and patterns wallpapers can offer. Popular colours our in-house designs recommend for full home renovations are pinks, burnt oranges, peacock blues and pine greens. Wallpapers are not only used in rooms but can also be a unique way to create contrast in your kitchen on a backsplash, or cabinets.

For several years we have seen white dominating whole interior and exterior home renovations. However, this year we have seen a shift to dark neutrals, such as natural wood panelling or dark grey focus walls during full house renovations nz. The house renovations nz before and after nz from switching from neutral tones to bold personalised colours work wonders to the home atmosphere. Our in house designers state. “Dark is the new white. We are seeing a strong interesting in dark neutrals and dark wood stains when renovating a house nz. We see this especially when renovation old nz homes as these tones during more of a modern feel to the home atmosphere”.  

2022 is also the year we will see the rise of the “side-hustle bedroom” during house renovations as well as full house renovations nz. With many Gen Z and Millennials with an entrepreneurial mindset, a bedroom dedicated as a filming set to creative studio and/or a warehouse to ship facilities have become an increasing trend. Renovation costs for these bedrooms are not scary as it may sound, consult with your designers to build up a plan that works for you when renovation a house nz or even when renovating old nz homes.

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Using colour to make the most out of your space.

9. Become Green

Greens have been a huge factor in full house renovations in 2022. Many of our clients are inspired by historic and organic references in architectural design for their full home renovation design. People have gone back to the roots of a materials and incorporate chemical free paints and resources during their full home renovation journey. The pandemic has significantly contributed to the realisation of health and the environment, as more homeowners become less materialistic. Our in-house designers state that the primary focus on revamping up a space is to reuse materials and furniture.

During full house renovations nz, many homeowners inspired by historic and organic references, which pairs with the demand for reclaimed and sustainably made materials. The demand for more organic and refreshing designs can be seen increasing when renovating old nz homes. This is because many old nz homes come with traditional designs and wood features that can bring a dark atmosphere to the home. As these demands increase, many renovation company’s along with ourselves have been working on more creative ways to incorporate this innovation in house renovations.

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10. Natural Sunlight

The request for natural sunlight to be incorporate in their home by homeowners have been becoming increasingly popular. This can be done through bigger windows and door openings. When swapping out windows for doors and investing in adding larger windows, give a sense of greater connection to the outside and nature. We see many of our clients embarking on remodelling work to replace traditional patio doors with large scenic doors to create a seamless transition and sense of freedom.

Not only can you bring nature to your home through windows and doors, but through warm tone colours. Move beyond classic white and blues and gravitate towards colour-ways that bring the essence of nature. Try incorporating greens, ochre, terra-cotta, oatmeal beige, and greys during your full home renovation design process.

Our in house designers highly recommend homeowners when renovating an old house nz to lean into a soft modern aesthetic. This can be done by incorporating organic wood tones and clean, natural colours that will create a positive impact on well-being and inspire the sense of connection with nature.

11. Durable Surfaces

Having durable surfaces and a good quality home is a key when you are renovating your full house renovations nz. Especially with many homeowners stilling a large amount of time cleaning and scrubbing their countertops, it is important you incorporate durable material. Our in-house designers recommend acrylic solid surfaces. These surfaces are seamless and offer max durability with no additional maintenance, with a sleek beautiful design. Our in house designers state, “As more and more homeowners become more savvy about the maintenance required for countertops especially homeowners renovating old nz homes seek for acrylic surfaces. Acrylic surfaces are seamless and offer durability without any extra work required and will not be a burden to renovation costs. The home renovations before and after nz with wooden countertops and acrylic have a significant difference”. 

12. Sustainable Renovation

Eco-friendly home renovation designs are becoming a clever way to upgrade your home, while minimising environmental impact.  There are our top four sustainable home designs you can incorporate during your next renovation journey. A easy way to become a sustainable household as well as maintain renovation costs will involve upgrading appliances. Not only should you seek to find Energy Star-rated appliances that focus on energy use, but also do the research and find the brands that offer this efficiently. Making changes in your household does not need to be a full house renovation or have a huge renovation before and after difference. Making small changes like this can also contribute to making a change in your home, like a house renovations.

1. Living Walls

Living walls and living roofs involve installing live plants into the structure of your home. Not only does this turn into the statement of your home, but it is also highly sustainable as it acts like a natural air purifier. Incorporating natural greens in your renovation design is scientifically proven to make a person happiness and improve wellness and mood, making a huge difference in house renovations before and after nz.

2. Smart Homes

Implementing technology within your home is also boost sustainability in your home. There are many newly developed technologies that can track water levels and usage in bathrooms and kitchens and leak identifiers. Technology can now also track how much power you are using and make it easier to remember to turn off lights with automatic sensors.

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Guide to turning your home into a smart home.

3. Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home is a lifestyle change. However, tiny homes are identifiably more environmentally friendly, thus, being the reason why many homeowners consider tiny homes. Tiny homes are naturally smaller than your average home. Therefore, in the long run it will use much less water, gas, and electricity.

4. Solar Panels

Another smart way to opt out into a sustainable lifestyle is using solar panel energy. Solar energy is a renewable resource that will contribute into reducing energy use of a household astronomically. Whilst installing solar panels can be expensive and can involve a difficult renovation process, the end results and benefits it brings will not disappoint!

jason-goodman-6hDWAajuDv8-unsplash-683x1024, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

13. Smooth Curves

The trend of curves and sculptural furniture are expected to come back in 2022. Try incorporating these designs within your full home renovation design process to create an elegant European flair atmosphere, through using curved pod chairs, and arches.

Sustainable trends do not need to charge a significant amount to your renovation cost or budget. Simple acts of knowing where your materials are being sources and repurposed can turn any house renovation and renovating a house nz into one that helps the environment. Renovating old nz homes that did not focus on these aspects can also significantly improve your home’s sustainability and is a perfect way to reduce carbon footprint. When sustainability is trending in house renovations, everybody wins!

14. Vintage and DIY

Vintage and DIY projects are a great way to add a bit for your own personality into your home design. Some interior designs and furnitures can come with a high price point that just aren’t feasible. In this case, we recommend looking at what you already own and how you could spice up these items to create a new look. Could it be on-trend with a new fresh coat of paint or some new reupholstering?

York_Slim_Gris_Matt-800x822, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

15. Matte and Stone

Trends have shifted from gloss to matte and can be seen as an upcoming trend in 2022. More and more homeowners are now incorporating matte finishes in their bathrooms and kitchen fixtures, such as brass, brushed coppers, black matte, and even white matte. Move aside gloss, matte and stone finishes are here to stay!

Full home renovations can be a hefty topic. There are so many aspects to consider such as renovation costs, as well as renovation designs. In this blog we have highlighted upcoming full home renovations design trends for 2022, and there are a lot more trends to come throughout the years. Your full home renovation journey does not need to scary. With the correct specialist, contractors, and designers, we can guarantee your renovation journey will be a breeze.

How much does it cost to renovation in Auckland?

The price of your renovation project will vary depending on what materials and finishes you decide on. To get a estimate price, have a look at our blog that covers renovation pricing in Auckland: https://superiorrenovations.co.nz/renovation-costs-auckland/

Is it cheaper to renovate or build a home?

The price for both options can vary, therefore, there is no definite answer. Make sure to discuss with a professional to get a quote.

How long does it take for a full home renovation?

The estimated time period for a full home renovation is 7-10 months.

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A Guide For Your Smart Home Essentials. Benefits and Tips

In our digital world, technology is constantly changing and getting better which should come as no surprise that people have invented ways to make our homes smarter and our lives easier. But if you’re still unsure about investing into smart homes, then this article is perfect for you. There are plenty of benefits to having a smart home, keep reading to find out more!

Smart homes may seem convenient for others, but others may also struggle with the idea of smart homes. Smart homes are a huge change and can impact how you and your family live for the next few years. When considering your kitchen or bathroom renovation and design consider installing some smart home appliances.

Curious about smart bulbs or exploring the new amazing capabilities of your new voice assistant? There are many researches that can be found on smart homes NZ and how you can make your house a smart home. Best thing about it, is that you don’t need a full house renovation to make your house a smart home. Having some kitchen design ideas with smart solution home ideas can work wonders in just one room. This can be done in many ways and you’ve probably come across two keywords that is repeated in all your research findings. Smart home and home automation. So what are the differences between those two key terms?

If you assume that these two terms are somewhat similar, you are correct! These two terms are closely related, but they do refer to different things that makes them different from one another.

Smart homes in NZ refers to electronic devices and sensors that can be controlled over the internet or your own local network like your phone, computer and other devices. These devices most often have their own separate app that you’d use to control within certain ecosystem. And it also doesn’t require a full home renovation for it to work. For example, Alexa is a home assistant smart device that you can set up and make it towards your liking. As Alexa is a part of Amazon, there is a separate app needed in order to set up you Alexa.

Home automation refers to a methodology for using smart home devices. The purpose of home automation is to make devices work automatically so that it can response to what you’re doing. While also requiring little to no interaction with any app or physical interface as we try to incorporate this into smart homes NZ.

For example, Philips Hue smart bulbs. You can set them up to a certain ‘scene’ or lighting for a movie night. With a smart home, you’ll open your smart home app to adjust the lighting. But, with home automation, you can set up an automation that can detect when you’re watching a movie and adjust the lights for you. While this can be done to any room you pick, consider going for a full home renovation to be able to have all those nice features in every room.


  • 7 Benefits of having a Smart Home
  • Cost of Setting up and Running a Smart Home
  • How to get started on a Basic Smart home
  • Top 4 energy efficient Smart appliances
  • Creating Smart bathrooms
  • The future of Smart Kitchens in NZ
  • Tips to have a secure smart home security system
  • Our top 4 automation systems

7 Benefits of Having a Smart Home in NZ

1.      Entertainment

The main form of entertainment we indulge in nowadays is connecting our streaming services to our Tv’s. Which provides you with a bigger screen to watch your favourite movie or tv show on. When first starting to invest in smart homes, Google Chromecast or Apple TV is a good starting point. These are smart home gadgets which can be controlled via voice if you have a compatible smart assistant. Not only is it exclusive to watching movies and tv shows, it’s also another way to blast your music while doing chores.


photo-1461151304267-38535e780c79?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8c21hcnQlMjB0dnxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Chromecast/Apple Tv

2.      General Appliances

There are many appliances that be control towards your smart home and make your life easier. There are a huge variety of smart appliances that you could choose from. Few examples are fridges, ovens, heaters, air conditioners, which those appliances are able to give you notifications. A popular appliance that most people have in their homes are automatic vacuums which will send you a notification once it’s finished or if it’s stuck somewhere in the house. Some appliances can be controlled on your phone or by using voice commands. Voice commands only work if you have a smart device, like Alexa or Google Assistant.

3.      Lighting and Temperature Control

Are you all comfy and warm in your bed but forgot to turn the lights off? With your smart home appliances like purchasing smart lights, you can turn the lights off from your phone and stay in your cocoon of warmth. Having a smart thermostat in your household can also be controlled from your phone or using voice command.

4.      Home Security

Security plays a huge part in our lives as we want to keep our belongings secure. With a smart home, you’re able to control your gates from your phone. Install cameras which you can also see from your phone and purchase a smart doorbell which comes with a camera. Works best if you’re connected with Wi-Fi.

5.      Sustainability

Smart home appliances are environmentally friendly and can be sustainable for you as there are gadgets and appliances that can track your energy usage and water consumption. This can help you use less energy and water.

6.      Remote Access

The best thing about investing into a smart home is that everything can be controlled from your phone no matter where you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. Think you left the lights on while you’re on vacation? Worry no more because with remote access, you’re able to turn the lights off from your phone.

womans-hand-holding-mobile-phone-picture-id1094152938?k=6&m=1094152938&s=612x612&w=0&h=h2hwQMBv2-vJqSXIrOBd1VywWSyq4DCZG9LUTCog0IE=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Remote Access through your smart phone | Photo Credit – iStock

7.      Accessibility

Smart homes are easy to use and accessible to everyone. This can be extremely helpful with people who have a disability as they can use voice commands to turn things on and off and be able to control things without having to get up.

Cost of Setting up & Running a Smart Home

With upgrading your house, there will always be associated costs and creating a smart home is no different. Smart homes NZ do have smart home appliances and smart home technology that do cost significantly more due to the lack of interest and popularity in them. But it’s been predicted that these prices may drop and become more popular in the next few years. Running a smart home can also be costly as you’re introducing more powered devices to your house. Look at it this way, buying a house is an investment. Doing a full home renovation so that you love your house even more is also an investment. Setting up a smart home is also an investment.

Setup Costs

Setting up your smart home NZ or purchasing your very first smart home technology can cost significantly more than ordinary items that does the exact same things but with manual assistant. An example of this could be having LED bulbs. LED bulbs can range between $10 – $20. Whereas smart bulbs can range from $30 – $40. A little jump in price but it’s enough reason as to why consumers prefer not to adopt in smart home technology.

Running Costs

It’s no secret that having a smart home will incur additional running costs to your power bill. However, with intelligent choices and enough research, you can reduce your costs and lower you water and electricity usage.

Taking your time and carefully considering when choosing your smart home technology, setting up and managing your IoT (Internet of Things) appliances can have a positive impact on the cost in smart homes NZ.

Do Smart Homes Save Money?

Smart homes can indeed save money. As said before having a smart home is an investment that can pay off in the long run. To save money you’ll need to set up and manage the devices correctly. When setting up your smart home devices or items. Consider on-time and power consumption. Creating smart solution homes by choosing energy efficient smart homes technology. When you do a full home renovation, we encourage you to think about incorporating smart solution ideas in your full home renovation.

When purchasing smart bulbs, consider buying the more energy efficient LED lights. With many researches, LED lights are shown to be the better option as they run cooler, use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Studies have found that LED bulbs use between 75% and 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb.

Another benefit to encourage you to use LED bulbs is the extended lifetime they have. Most if not all LED bulbs have around 25,000 hours of life. Compared to incandescent bulb which can last around 1000 hours.

As said earlier, LED bulbs are significantly cooler than incandescent. Incandescent bulbs in the house can slowly increase the ambient temperature of the house, increasing the costs of cooling the house. When thinking about a full home renovation, consider opting for LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs in smart homes NZ.

Another way a smart home can help you save money is investing in purchasing a smart thermostat which can help you save on energy bills. Smart thermostats can allow excellent control over heating and cooling the house and you’re able to monitor the temperature with your phone.

How to Get Started with a Basic Smart Home?

Starting to move towards having a smart home is very exciting no matter if it’s one smart item or multiple smart items. But if you are looking to create an 100% smart home. It’s important to plan it out and consider smart home technology and smart solution homes. Which can help you get the best possible solution for your budget.


Thinking of having a smart home? But not sure where to start? There are many smart devices that is advertised to you. But not all of them are the right fit for you or your house. This is where planning becomes a vital stage of creating a smart home. There are many tools to help with this process and make your planning easier.

Firstly, you’d want to do research in which smart home device is compatible with your home. Start by writing down the different devices that would work well with your house. If there’s too many options, consider a pros and cons list of them all.

Secondly, you’d want to decide where you’ll place the device. The most popular place that people put their smart devices is usually in the living room or the kitchen. This is due to having easy access to power outlets. Some smart devices also have a wired network capability and can often work better when wired.

Once that is all sorted, you can go ahead and set up your smart device. You’d want to set up schedules which can help reduce your energy bills as well as playing around with it to get more comfortable with the app. Trying out all the features that your smart device can provide. This is a great way to slowly inch your way to making you house a smart house with smart home technology.


When it comes to setting up smart devices that are somewhat like Amazon Alexa, they are easy to set up. But with smart bulbs and smart outlets, it can be a different story entirely. If you need help installing new outlets or needing new cable runs. It’s the safest choice for you to hire an electrician who can do all the electrical work.

Top 4 Recommended Energy Efficient Appliances

1.      Smart Thermostats

When renovating your house, consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your house. Or if you’re designing your house, switch out your old thermostat for a smart thermostat. This can help cut down on energy consumption. Smart thermostats help regulate and automate your heating and cooling. They can also be controlled from your phone.

smart-thermostat-with-a-person-saving-energy-with-a-smart-device-on-a-picture-id1192217349?k=6&m=1192217349&s=612x612&w=0&h=VdxrXzrgn1YjyQqJTq30tfVXzMAZV5s8-kNR-G0ucbc=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Thermostat which can be controlled from phone | Photo Credit – iStock

2.      Smart Lighting

When designing your house, consider purchasing smart lighting that can connect to your smart home device. Having smart lights in your smart home means you can schedule when the lights turn on and off. Switching to LED bulbs will also help reduce your energy usage.

Check out some smart light bulbs from Bunnings 

3.      Smart Fridge

When considering your kitchen design, opt for a smart fridge as they are energy efficient and come with heaps of benefits. A smart fridge gives you an option to write a virtual bulletin board for your family with a ‘to do list’, reminders or quote of the day. Sick of having expired food in your fridge? With the smart fridge, the appliance is able to keep track of expiration dates, so you don’t waste any food.

front-view-of-smart-refrigerator-picture-id540518070?k=6&m=540518070&s=612x612&w=0&h=TpNwQ1SGvo_4Yw2tMCC0ErixpjxwXI01gN0OQG2Yx8w=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Fridge with touch screen options | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Smart Outlets

Thinking of making your house more modern? Consider switching some outlets to smart outlets to make your house eco-friendly. Normal outlets constantly drain energy even when you aren’t using it and to stop it from draining energy, you’ll have to turn the outlet off. Not everyone has time to turn the outlet on and off everything. With the smart outlet, they automatically detect when you aren’t using it and cuts the power off. This is a great way to be more energy efficient.

How to Secure Your Smart Home Security? 5 Essential Tips 

1.      Set up your router correctly

A key tip when thinking about securing your smart home security is understanding that your Wi-Fi router is the doorway to your smart home. Setting up your router correctly by following all instructions and these tips will secure your home security. Therefore, eliminating the threat of a possible hacker.

2.      Change the routers default name

It’s important to change your router name as keeping it as the default name will make it easier for people to find default login details. Using the default name will make it easier for others to gain access to your smart home. When changing the router name, be creative and remember to leave personal details out.

3.      Set the password to something unique

Include capital letters, numbers and symbols in your password which can create a super strong password for your smart home security. You can also consider using a random password generator if you can’t come with anything. The generator will provide you options and be sure to write the password down somewhere in case you forget it.

4.      Disable features you don’t use

There are many features that come with a smart device, and most times you’ll end up only using a few things. Be sure to disable any feature you don’t need like voice control on certain features. This is because if someone hacks into your smart device, they’re able to listen to your conversations and hear everything you say. Therefore, disabling features, you don’t use, eliminates the threat of that problem.

5.      Enable multi-factor authentication

Enable a multi-factor authentication onto your smart home device is a great way to increase security and prevent others from hacking your smart home device. The best two factor authentication to use for a smart device is sending a verification code to your mobile device to gain access to the smart home device. As we always have our phone on us, if you get sent a verification code that you’re unsure off you can change the password on your smart home device or improve the security.

Benefits of Installing Smart Kitchen Appliances 

1.      Smart devices provide useful notifications

With technology growing, smart appliances are becoming trendy and somewhat useful. Based on the smart appliances you have, they’re able to send you notifications to let you know if you didn’t close the fridge properly, or if the dishwasher is finished. Mundane tasks that could let you get on with other things you need to do without worrying if you left the fridge open or not as your smart appliances or devices will send you a notification.

With smart appliances and smart devices, they’ll let you know if they’re malfunctioning, and you’ll be able to get them fixed before they actually break.

photo-1584091377126-3817650725fc?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8bm90aWZpY2F0aW9ufGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Notification received on phone

2.      Energy efficient appliances cut costs

Although smart appliances are more expensive than normal household appliances, they’re a good investment to make when creating a smart home. Not only are you just investing in the appliance itself, but you’re also investing into the software and technology that is integrated into the appliance.

Smart kitchen appliances can help you track your energy consumption by letting you know which is using the most energy to help you cut cost. These smart kitchen appliances can be monitor on a regular daily basis from your phone.

3.      Cooking made easy

With having a smart kitchen, it makes cooking easier as there are some smart kitchen appliances that lets you know important information. An example of this would be letting you know the perfect temperature for cooked meat which will eliminate any food poisoning. This makes preparing food safer.

There are some smart ovens that don’t require you to sit around the kitchen and keep an eye on the oven to make sure your food isn’t burning. The smart oven itself will cook your dish for you and then put it on ‘warming mode’ until you’re ready to eat. There are many benefits to having smart appliances in your kitchen and this is one of them.

electric-oven-and-smart-phone-isolated-on-white-background-picture-id576715940?k=6&m=576715940&s=612x612&w=0&h=npAwth2SkVFO8jyvcFiZemzMhMoI7McbJkkUKT1OeEY=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a small smart oven | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Less worry when you’re on vacation

Constantly think someone is going to break into your house when you’re on vacation? With your smart home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home and eliminate any worries you might have. Having smart lights in your smart home will make your house feel less empty when you’re on vacation. Which can give an illusion of someone being home because the lights are on since smart lights are accessible from your device.

5.      Smart Appliances

Some great smart appliances to add to your smart home kitchen are smart dishwashers and smart refrigerators. Smart refrigerators have a camera in the inside so, when shopping for groceries you’ll know what you need. Having a smart refrigerator also helps monitor and control energy usage and sends you a notification letting you know if there is a power outage or if you didn’t close the door properly.

A great feature that is included in a smart dishwasher is that if there were a leak, the dishwasher would let you know. Smart dishwashers stop working once it detects a leak and shut themselves off to protect flooring. Which is helpful as you’re able to get that fixed asap. These are some essential items to think about having in your smart home.

woman-controlling-dishwasher-with-a-digital-tablet-at-home-picture-id1251345063?k=6&m=1251345063&s=612x612&w=0&h=MBTuOwlwuLPsMX4lRwu_RgHFdMbInnxWsx6aSdhcpj4=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having a smart dishwasher and features | Photo Credit – iStock

 How to Create a Smart Bathroom? 6 Tips to Help. 

1.      Voice control in the bathroom

With your smart device, you’re able to take advantage of using voice commands when showering or too busy to do it yourself. You can use your smart devices to adjust smart lighting or to change music. The best thing about this is that you can use any smart device to do this. Using a virtual digital assistant helps add another layer of convenience to your smart home and make your bathroom design more luxurious.

2.      Smart shower

Are you always waiting for your shower to heat up before jumping in? With smart showers you don’t have to wait for the shower to heat up. Smart showers let you adjust the temperature towards your liking, so you can step into the shower with the perfect water temperature. Another benefit of a smart shower is that you can adjust a time limit for your shower to ensure that you’re not late for anything. Smart showers help lower your water usage and smart showers also come with Bluetooth speakers which can connect to your phone. Have a shower, have a party, have a concert.

3.      Soaking tubs

Having a smart bathroom doesn’t always have to mean having smart appliances or a smart device. Creating a smart bathroom can be from how you design the space and keeping bathroom accessories organized. Standalone soaking tubs are a great way to help eliminate clutter in your bathroom.  Having a standalone soaking tub in your bathroom will help replicate the experience of a spa treatment. If your bathroom has space, consider purchasing a standing bathtub in your bathroom design.

Although our past renovated bathrooms don’t feature all smart bathroom appliances and gadgets. The most popular item that most bathroom renovations are standalone tubs or soaking tubs. Check out a few of our bathroom renovations with a standalone bathtub below!

photo-1575245122563-776ff6af7411?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MTN8fHNvYWtpbmclMjB0dWJ8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Soaking Tub | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Standalone Bathtub in Greenhithe

Standalone Bathtub in Redvale 

4.      21st century toilets

Bidets have been around for a while now, most popular in Japan. Although people see bidets as a luxury product and unusual to have in your home. When thinking of 21st century toilets, there are more products that aren’t bidets. So, if bidets aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are other ways to smarten up your bathroom.

Smart toilets have motion sensors that can put the toilet seat up or down, depending on your preference. Some toilets will automatically flush on its own once you’ve finished your business. There are also smart toilets that can self-clean. Some benefits of having a smart toilet are that they’re environmentally friendly, reduce the risk of overflowing and some smart toilets can instantly clean themselves. This will definitely add a new element into your smart home. Consider them in your bathroom design.

Web_1200x900-Roca-Meridian-Back-to-Wall-Bidet-1-Taphole-White, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Bidet in Bathroom | Photo Credit: Reece

5.      Intelligent faucets

Smart faucets have been around for a while and some shopping malls have implemented them into public toilets. This is a great idea nowadays as it reduces the risk of and germs and bacteria spreading as those faucets are motion sensor. Consider smart faucets in your bathroom design. Having a smart faucet in your smart home will help lower your water usage and saves energy. Also eliminates bacteria spreading around the house if someone in the family is sick.

6.      Design

Want a smart bathroom but on a budget? There are many different ways that you can create a smart bathroom without purchasing all the smart bathroom appliances. You can create a smart bathroom by purchasing small gadgets like a smart outlet to start off with. Changing your bathroom fixtures and fittings is a great way to create a smart bathroom without all the expensive appliances. Consider fittings and fixtures that can make your bathroom look smart in your bathroom design.

freestanding-bath-in-modern-bathroom-picture-id483861324?k=6&m=483861324&s=612x612&w=0&h=br7lw339aedHUBaicVE3Sc3sHNqsX_3oK0eXKeaZhrg=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a smart bathroom design | Photo Credit – iStock

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The History of Kitchen Technology

Kitchen technology has always been in the works since our technology has become more advanced. As it helps reduce the amount of work that we need to do in the kitchen. Since kitchen appliances have been around for a very long time, it’s hard to make changes to making your kitchen smarter. As decades go past, the design and style of kitchen appliances have become smarter, sleeker, and more energy efficient. Over the years there has been plenty of changes to create smart homes technology as well as coming up with smart solution homes to make life easier. Especially more creative ideas for small kitchen design as not everyone has the luxury of having a big kitchen.

High – tech Kitchen Trends

As often stated, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In your kitchen design idea, make sure to spend extra time making sure that the kitchen is perfect for your needs. As it is the heart of the home, we often spend a lot of time in there. Not only does it serve as a place where you cook, but a place where everyone can gather and where you can entertain guests. Or cooking a meal but also feeling included with friends and family. How to design a kitchen that can incorporate all these things? Smart home technology has come a long way and there are now smart kitchen appliances that you can purchase. Incorporate them into your kitchen design idea.

Total Integration and Automation

Due to the pandemic, everyone has spent most of the year stuck in their house. Some may have discovered that their house was lacking a bit in terms of entertainment and caring for their needs. It’s safe to say that we’ve had those days where we just want to be lazy. Having smart home technology can really help with being lazy on those days. Having total integration of your smart home devices will mean that you can control every smart home technology from your phone.

Smart homes NZ will need to have smart solution homes so that your device connected to smart home technology is flexible. Instead of having a full home renovation to make your smart home flexible. You can start small and consider kitchen design ideas to make space for smart home technology. Smart devices can be customised and will become more popular in the next few years to come.

Disaster Preparation

Due to climate change and the constant increase temperature of our planet, can cause natural disasters to happen more often. Homeowners are looking to be prepared for whatever my strike. We’d want to feel safe and comfortable knowing that we can survive instead our homes for an extended period. Which is ironic as many if not all of us have stayed in our houses for months, only leaving for groceries. Having these smart solution homes can help make your house more fun and enjoyable to live in if we were to be stuck inside for a long period of time.

To prepare, people are thinking how to design a kitchen? Sure, you’re current kitchen is fine but if you’re looking for an upgrade, you’d want to start thinking about small kitchen designs or kitchen design ideas based on how big your kitchen is.

Purchasing water storage systems, backup generators for refrigerators, long term food storage areas ad solar water heaters are becoming more popular for the unforeseeable future. Some research says that in the upcoming years. As we move into more of a technology age, new builds will also have some technology integrated into the houses to meet homeowners’ desires.

Self – Cleaning

We love a clean house. But sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself to clean the house. With smart home technology, there will soon be more smart solution home ideas to make cleaning easier. With touchless appliances, robot vacuums with built – in mops and be able to introduce more voice control integration. That way you can just shout out to your smart device to start the vacuum and the vacuum starts. How cool is that! Especially if you need small kitchen design idea to make your kitchen more interesting. Having self-cleaning appliances are perfect for the lazy days.

Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve been cleaning more often and sanitising everything. Not only that but we’ve been spending a whole year at home and more cautious around frequently touched surfaces in public spaces. How to design a kitchen that can also help reduce the spread of germs? Having smart home technology can help enable consumers to have touchless access and be able to control stuff straight from their mobile devices or through voice commands. This smart home solution will make your house even more safer during high risk times and more convenient for you.

Going Green

Nowadays, we are trying our best to reduce our environmental footprint. Therefore, resulting in kitchen design ideas that will ensure having a greener kitchen. Having a greener kitchen is expected to be the next upcoming trend for future kitchen design trends. Which you can think about adding in your small kitchen design idea. This is due to having more appliances that will be more sustainable and efficient.

Smart homes NZ requires smart solution home ideas to reduce your environmental footprint by purchasing smart home technology this is more efficient. Although having smart home technology uses power to work, you may be worried about your utility bill going up. But that’s not the case. Using smart appliances in smart homes NZ can help you reduce your utility bill due to them being energy efficient.

Devices to Expect in Kitchens of the Future

As we move more into the future, our technology will only gross and become more advance. Down below we have found 6 high tech that are already here or for the future that will make your time in the kitchen more fun. And what you can expect your smart home to look like in the next decade or so?

1.     Countertop Projector

Countertop project has been introduced to the world for the last decade or so but not many people are interested in it. As it’s still in the works and coming up with ways to make it better. Here is just a few reasons as to why you should get one for your smart home technology. This device allows you to control other appliances, scan the thickness of food as well as being able to get tips on how to cook certain items.

Another added benefit is that the countertop project doesn’t take up any counter space as we all know counter space is crucial. It can also help improve your cooking and baking skill. When thinking about your kitchen design ideas, consider having a countertop projector to make your cookier easier. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many options available to purchase from in New Zealand so further research is needed.

Countertop projector can be small which is perfect for a small kitchen design as storage space is super important in a small kitchen design as you’d want to ensure that your kitchen is perfect.

2.     Steam Oven

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, you’d love learning about smart solution home idea to make your cooking easier. This is where steam ovens come in. Steam cooking is becoming the healthier alternative to other cooking methods. Like frying or baking. Using the steam oven still provides the same taste as how you’ll cook it normally. This will eliminate the unnecessary oil that pops up when you cook.

An advantage of using a steam oven is that it’s energy efficient and have an energy efficient consumption system. With the steam oven, it can also cook your food faster than regular ovens which also helps you save energy. If you’re having a late dinner, using a steam oven would be more efficient as you won’t have to wait long to cook the food you’d want to eat.

3.     Smart Scales

If you’re interested in eating healthy or staring a new diet like going on a calorie deficit. The smart scale may be able to help you out. Not only does a smart scale tell you how much something weighs but they can break down it’s nutritional value. So, you won’t have to search it up as it’s right there in front of you.

In some cases, you can even use the smart scale to weigh your entire meal and get all the nutritional value of it. If set up right, you may even be able to connect the smart scale with your favourite nutritional app to keep track. It’s small and light, which is perfect for a small kitchen design as you’d want to utilise all the space available.

4.     Digital Backsplashes

In a small kitchen design, the most important thing is space. And knowing how to utilise the space. Having a digital backsplash instead of tiled backsplashes would prove more useful. Sure, it’s a bit expensive to have a digital backsplash but in the end, it’d be money well spent. This smart home technology can allow you to watch tv, look up recipes and be able to control your other smart home appliances.

Feeling bored of your tiled backsplash? With the digital backsplash you can change it to whatever you want. Whether that is photos of friends and family or artwork. Something that suits your aesthetic or mood of the day. you can. Change you backsplash every single day if you’d life. No need to go shopping and spending more money to change your tile backsplash when you get sick of it.

While this technology has yet to be introduced to the market. Consumers are already doing their research on how well the digital backsplash can benefit them. It’d make following a video teaching you how to make something much easier as you can use your entire backsplash as a screen. For small kitchen design ideas this would be perfection for decoration purposes as you have limited space to decorate as well as still being able to utilise your kitchen space.

5.     Smart Oven Hood

Oven hoods play a huge part in making our kitchen functional helps with air circulation and help reduce odours. When you question how to design a kitchen. You’d always want to make space for an oven hood as that is crucial to have in your kitchen design ideas. Smart oven hoods will be able to provide you access with your favourite apps. Even comes with a built in camera so you’re able to live stream your cooking skills and techniques.

Once again, this is perfect for a small kitchen design idea as every kitchen needs an oven hood. So why not get a smart oven hood that is multi-functional!

6.     High – Tech Lighting

As we slowly move into incorporating smart home technology in our homes. Smart homes NZ have introduced smart light bulbs and plugs as smart solution homes idea. This is due to them being easy to install and allow for total customization. As our technology evolves more, we’ll be able to control our lighting with our voice.

How to design a kitchen? Consider kitchen lighting as you’d want to make sure that every inch of the kitchen has light and not a dark corner. Consider ambient and task lighting in your kitchen design idea. In the next few upcoming years, windows and blinds can also be adjusted automatically to reduce sun glare, allow sunlight or darken a room based on your needs and activity.

Which Features Matter Most?

As consumers, we mainly only go for smart solutions home that can really benefit us. For example smart lights that we can control via voice command or from our smart devices. Which can lead to number of smart gadgets that don’t communicate well. Also resulting in have dozens of different apps to control your house.

To solve this issue and ensure that you won’t have this problem. Consider purchasing a smart home automation hub that can support all the devices you wish to have in your smart home.

Smart Sensors Protect the Home

There are many benefits to investing in smart home technology. Especially as they’re able to let you know how well they’re functioning and what needs repairing when faulty. Usually we wouldn’t notice if something was faulty unless it starts acting up. This can result in costly consequences.

Smart thermostats are able to provide alerts if your house loses power or if the temperature goes below or above your maximum or minimum temperature.

Having smart kitchen appliances can also help detect any water leaks. Alerting owner about any potential leaks. So you’re able to get it repaired before it gets worse.

How Environmentally Friendly are Smart Homes?

Smart homes have been known to be environmentally friendly with smart appliances as they help lower your water and energy usage. A popular smart technology that helps make your smart home environmentally friendly are smart thermostats. You can adjust the temperate from your phone and smart thermostats will automatically turn off if a door was left open. This can help minimize your carbon footprint.

Another way that having a smart home can help minimise your carbon footprint is having smart lighting. With smart lighting you’re able to control from your phone. This can ensure that you’ve turned your lights off when going on vacation. Wasting electricity and forgetting to turn lights off leaves a massive carbon footprint, so investing in smart lighting helps make your home environmentally friendly.

3 Reasons Why Smart Home Features Increase Your Home’s Value

1.     Increased Security

Video doorbells are amazing smart home technology that you can incorporate into your house to increase your home safety and your house value. Having a video doorbell is now becoming more popular as people purchase their first homes. This allows you to see who is it at door from your smart device as we’re more cautious when it comes to opening the front door. While it’s unlikely that a burglar would push past you to enter your home, it’s also handy to avoid talking to door to door salesman.

Video doorbells works with wireless technology as they’re easy to install and provides a two way video and audio communication system. That way you can jokingly deny access to your friends and family.

Not only that, but your video doorbell also works as a security camera so you’re able to see when your package has been delivered. And for many other reasons like being able to see if someone was causing a problem or vandalising your property.

2.     Fully Automated Home

Best thing about having one integrated systems that connects all your smart home technology in your smart home is that you’re able to control everything and anything at all times! This definitely creates a huge selling point to buyers as it brings more ease and convenience into your busy lives.

This is where your smart assistant like Amazon Alexa would come into play and be extremely helpful. As you can connect them all to your Alexa and control them from one app. This can work with any smart assistant and is not limited to Amazon Alexa.

Smart home assistants are completely voice controlled once set up and can be voice commanded to control your lights, home media, heating, air conditioner and many more. Not only can your smart assistant control your smart home technology. But it can also tell you information on just about everything. As smart assistants have AI technology, they’re able to learn from interactions and provide you with content that you’ll like.

3.     A Warm Welcome Home

Currently, the most popular smart home solution is smart lighting system. They can add significant value to your home as it provides many benefits. Did you know that smart lighting can increase the security in your home? This is due to you activating them to turn on even when you aren’t home to give the illusion that someone is home.

After having a long day, you don’t want to come home to complete darkness. Having smart lights that can activate around a certain time is a great way to be welcomed home to lift your spirits. Especially when you can also control your air conditioning from your phone. You’ll walk into a perfectly lit warm household. Perfect for those cold winter days.

Another benefit of smart lights is that you’re able to customise the light setting. Perfect if you’re waking up early or going to bed late. You’re able to dim the lights so that you’re still able to see but also not wake or disturb anyone else.

Having the help of your smart assistant, you can tell them to turn the lights on and off as you leave an empty room which can increase the value of your house.

Having automated heating systems allow you to pre-set the heating so your house temperature is perfect at all time. This ensures that your home is always warm or cool but also stops you from wasting money and energy heating up your house when you’re not there. Forgot if you turned the heater off or not? With an automated heating system, you’re able to double check straight from your phone.

There are many great benefits to investing in smart home technology as they have your home more comfortable and convenient for you and your family. If you’re interested, look for smart home technology that will help increase security. Creating a warm, comfortable environment and potentially your dream home without the extra costs of having a full house renovation.

Top Smart Devices to Use in Your Smart Home.

There are plenty of smart devices that are coming out nowadays, which gives you as a consumer plenty of options. Though having too many options can be overwhelming. The top three smart devices to install for your smart home is the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri aka HomePod.

Based on our research we have found some advantages of using these three smart devices. Advantages for Amazon Alexa is that it’s easy to use and easy to set up and Alexa has more than 10,000 skills. Alexa can answer anything you ask her although her response might not be the answer you want. Another advantage of Alexa is that it’s compatible with any device. A main disadvantage of Alexa is that you can’t trigger her from your phone and Alexa doesn’t always understand you inquires.

photo-1568910748155-01ca989dbdd6?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8YWxleGF8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Amazon Alexa | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Google Home or Google Assistant is another popular smart device suitable for your smart home. Some advantages of Google Home are that they’ve proven that their AI is more advance than any other smart devices. A disadvantage of Google Home is that you can only summon it by saying ‘Ok Google”, which can become annoying. Another one is that Google Home also won’t understand your commands and inquires all the time.

photo-1530546171585-cc042ea5d7ab?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8Z29vZ2xlJTIwYXNzaXN0YW50fGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Google Assistant | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Lastly, another smart device that is the HomePod which is associated with Apple’s Siri and some advantages of this smart device is that it’s easy to set up because it works directly with your home kit app that is already installed into your phone. A big disadvantage is that this is only accessible via apple products. So, if you don’t have an apple product then the HomePod is not available for you to use.

photo-1529359744902-86b2ab9edaea?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8aG9tZXBvZHxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Apple HomePod | Photo Credit – Unsplash


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