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Cost Of Recladding A House in Auckland (2022) – Recladding Cost Guide

What is Recladding?

Recladding a home means that you replace your current cladding which has started to deteriorate and starting to become unsafe to live, or start to affect your health.

Since the leaky home epidemic, house cladding has been the soltion to fix up houses that were affected by the epidemic. By doing a home recladding, builders would see how your timber framing is and fix any structural damage before they’re able to start recladding your house. Which can be quite expensive, so it’s best to have a budget it place.

In This Article:

  • Cost of Recladding
  • Leaky Homes
  • Partial vs Full Recladding
  • Estimated Costs
  • The Recladding Process
  • FAQ’s

Cost of Recladding a House in NZ

Back in the 1990s, there was controversy for the New Zealand construction industry as there were a lot of poorly designed homes which created weathertightness issues. You might know that as ‘leaky home’. We’re here to provide you with all the recladding information you need if you’re interested in home recladding.

When it comes to home recladding, some projects can be more straightforward than others. For example, if we were recladding a sturdy state house, or a trusty brick and tile it would be straightforward. But with a low-risk home, there will be hidden surprises that our builders might find that could cause your house recladding to cost more.

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How Much To Reclad a House in NZ?

How much to reclad a house NZ? When it comes down to it, no renovation consultant can give you a 100% accurate price. This is due to many several factors that can occur once they get started. The cost of recladding your house can be expensive but a great investment in the long run.

Cost of recladding your house varies based on the size of your home. If you have a one level home, it would be more cost effective to reclad complared to one with multiple levels or with a more complext design. The cost to reclad your house can also cost more if your house is situated on a steep or tricky site as this will need more extensive scaffolding.

Cost to reclad a house can also depend on the amount of remedial work needed. Therefore, renovation consultants can’t give you an accurate price. Once we strip back your existing cladding, that’s when the real problem begins. The state of your framing underneath determines how much work our builders would have to do as well as adding on additional costs if your framing is badly damaged. This is the biggest unknown as we’re unable to know how good or bad your framing is until we get started.

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What Is a Leaky Home?

Houses built in the mid 1990s are known to be leaky homes as they aren’t weathertight. And they were not built well enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Houses built back then wouldn’t have been up to regulations with the New Zealand Building Code. Leaky homes nowadagys still get sold which can create a financial problem for new homeowners.

What do we mean by leaky homes? Having a leaky home doesn’t necessarily mean having leaks whenever it’s raining. Moreso when water gets behind the cladding and if there is no ventilation between the cladding and the framing. This can cause the water or moisture to become trap with nowhere to go. Which can cause fungal growth, mould and rotting which can rapidly increase if not dealt with.

How to now if you have a leaky home? There are many issues to having a leaky home which could influence our health if damages got worse. A leaky home essentially is when water from outside has made it’s way inside your house and is causing damage.

leaking-ceiling-picture-id154926525?k=20&m=154926525&s=612x612&w=0&h=kG8sxqpJ9R_Rpif2sQz8vnV7cRvy6DHuevo_0_DP4d4=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a leaky home | Photo Credit – iStock

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What Is The Leaky Home Syndrome and Why Did It Happen?

The 1990’s was the worse time for New Zealand construction industry. During this time, there was por design and shoddy building practices with low quality plaster cladding. This resulted in leaky home syndrome over time as the cladding would crack, which continues to be a problem that homeowners face nowadays,

Once potential houseowners or current houseowner hear about a moisture problem in their homes, it creates a new problem which can be expensive to fix up. For potential homeowners, they might not have the budget right away to reclad their house. Based on research, we know that our clients would like to get away from having monolithic plaster cladding in their homes.

To know if the house you’re thinking of buying or living in has bad cladding, we can provide you with clues to your level of risk when it comes to house recladding. If your house or the house you’re thinking of buying was built between 1990 – 1009. Then there’s a high risk that it’s a leaky home. Which means you’d have to think about house recladding. But if it was built between 1998 – 2004 there is a very high risk that you need to reclad your home. It would provide better comfort and make your house super nice and cosy during winter season. Houses built after 2004 are low risk and may not need house recladding.

As said before, the biggest unknown is that nobody knows that state of your framing until we expose it by removing the cladding. If the framing is damaged or isn’t up to code, then by law we’d have to put up new framing which can add more to your recladding cost.

Not Every Reclad Means a Leaky Home

When homeowners decide to reclad their house, it doesn’t mean that they have a leaky home. Home recladding is often thought of due to weathertightness issues to ensure that water stays out. But house recladding can also be that homeowners want to refresh their house exterior. An example of this would be changing their monolithic plaster cladding to a more modern weatherboard cladding instead.

Common Signs To Look Out For

As you know, a leaky home is not weathertight and most these issues aren’t obvious. Some signs to look out for are:

  • Sagging ceiling linings
  • Uneven floor surfaced
  • Musty smells
  • Stained or rotting carpet
  • Poor ventilation
neighbors-have-a-water-leak-waterdamaged-ceiling-closeup-of-a-stain-picture-id1302865674?k=20&m=1302865674&s=612x612&w=0&h=EH8Tk7fjgH9bQYmRwkgBhJqYO1SIn6yNUR24-wULa_o=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having a Leaky Home | Photo Credit – iStock

If you have these happening inside your home, then you most likely have a leaky home. This is where you might start looking into recladding your house to fix these problems.

Building Features That Can Cause Problems

Some areas of your house have building features that can cause problems more so than other parts in your house. These building features would take on more moisture than others. Some of these features are associated with weathertightness issues:

  • Decks over living areas
  • Lack of flashings to windows and penetrations
  • Flat roofs
  • Roof to wall junctions
  • Handrail fixings

If your home has some of these features, then you’d want to consider recladding. Whilst these issues don’t mean you have a leaky home. But it’d be important to keep an eye on them before they get worse.

Partial vs Full Recladding

When you decide to reclad your house, you will be presented with two options. Partial house recladding lets you only reclad a specific area of the house which can be cheaper than a full reclad. Full house recladding is where you reclad the entire house which can be an expensive option. But you’d know that your house is weathertight and won’t cause any damage for a very long time.

Advantages of a full reclad:

  • Fix up framing and remove all moisture and create a wall cavity
  • Provide you an opportunity to improve your weathertightness issues
  • Ability to identify water leakage

Disadvantages of a Full Reclad:

  • Takes longer to complete
  • More expensive that partial reclad
  • Disrupt living patterns – you’d have to move out

Why Most Aucklanders Might Reclad

Aucklanders are thinking of home recladding as there are a lot of reasons why and great benefits that come from home recladding. The main reason why kiwis want to reclad is to fix up the damage caused by the leaky house crisis back in the 1990s.

As mentioned before, houses built between 1994 and 2004 weren’t designed to suit New Zealand’s unique climate conditions. Back then, the cladding systems that was used to build the house were from overseas and weren’t meant to last long. Which has resulted to people living in leaky homes which continues to haunt us to this day.

A lot has changed since, especially New Zealand building code. As these homes aren’t weathertight. It is one of the main reasons why Aucklanders chose to reclad their homes.

If you find any of the following symptoms, your home may be suffering from weathertightness issues:

  • Leaks or mould
  • Bulging or cracked walls
  • Warped flooring
  • Musty smells
  • Persistent allergy symptoms

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Example of house with cracked walls | Photo Credit – iStock

How Much Will it Cost to Reclad my Plaster Home

Cost of recladding your home always depends on your property type and your future plans for your house. Keep in mind that consultants are only able to give you an estimated cost as there are many underlying factors that could add to your total cost when it comes to recladding a house NZ.

The cost to reclad your house depends on your goals. You could choose to reclad your house to give is a new look and make it more modern if you’re thinking of selling. Or simply to just make sure your house is weathertight. It’s important to have a budget sorted before you speak to a consultant. That way you’re able to know how much you’re willing to spend and not go too much over budget.

When determining a project’s costs, these are the key areas that we take into consideration. Factors that affect the cost of recladding a house:

  1. The size and level of complexity of the project
  2. Site access, for example if the house on a step site requiring extensive scaffolding
  3. The extent of the damage to the structure of the building
  4. Where the damage was sustained – damage to more costly areas in the house like kitchens and bathrooms will require more redecoration work
  5. Whether the home requires new joinery such as door and window joinery

How Much Does Recladding Cost?

Cladding cost per square metre NZ depends on the size of your house and any other damages that our builders may find when they get started. The estimated cost to reclad your home is roughly around $40,000 for a single-storey house. Cost to reclad your home if it was a two – storey home it would be around $80,000. Including an extra $5,000 – $10,000 building consent cost.

As mentioned before, it’s hard for consultants to provide a fixed cost how much it would cost to reclad your house. This is due to seeing how damaged your framing is and how much extra work our builders would have to do.

How much to reclad a house NZ? Well, the overall cost of recladding your house will ultimately depend on your pick of materials and the size of your home. As well as any other problems that we may find.

Cost of recladding your house can be determined by these factors:

  • Complexity of your project (size, site access, level of difficulty)
  • Damages you already have
  • Alterations you’d want to make to your home
  • If you need to replace any joinery

Top 3 Factors that will affect the recladding of your house in NZ

What is the size of the home?

This is a simple one because if your house is bigger then you will require more re-cladding material and hence higher the cost.  The dimensions of your home will also determine the surface area that need recladding.

How complex is the design and layout of the home?

Cost to reclad your house can also increase due to the design and layout of your home. If your house was on a steep hill then our contractors would need more extensive scaffolding which can add to your cost. Recladding a house in NZ would mean that we would have to work around the layout of your home as well as the design.

How much damage is in your current home that needs to be fixed before recladding?

You’d want to get ahead of the problem before it gets worse and the longer you wait the worse it would get and the more expensive it would be for you. You should check whether there is damage before you get a recladding company on board and carry these inspections out in the preliminary stage. Most recladding companies will provide this by getting an external third party inspection.

Want to know the cladding cost per square metre NZ? While the costs aren’t 100% accurate, we’re able to provide all the information you need to be aware of how much you’re spending. You may be recladding your house due to it leaking or you’re getting ahead of the problem. Knowing this we can determine the extent of the damage and how much we need to repair.

Contact us for a consultation and we’re able to provide you with a few examples as a reference. This way we’re also able to provide you with more information and let you understand where you home may stand and the future of it.

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new-construction-home-residential-construction-home-framing-against-a-picture-id1195687584?k=20&m=1195687584&s=612x612&w=0&h=tR5dQ_flF_3ECDppZWvKtaErwTAezwu9C4h4eJj-I64=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having good condition framing. No moulds. | Photo Credit – iStock

Estimated Costs

How much to reclad a house NZ? For a simple kiwi home that is one storey, and your framing underneath is in good condition and with no additional work required. It’s a rough estimate that it would cost around $120,000 for home recladding.

For a split-level home that have a brick or block base with plaster on top and requires no additional work, recladding cost should be around $140,000 if you are cladding the whole house.

Now, for a standard kiwi home, that is 160+ square metre. The cladding cost for a home like this would cost around $200,000. That is of course with no additional work required if your framing underneath is in good condition.

Most new homes would not require recladding which means that if someone wants to reclad their home then chances are that they will require some additional work in terms of repairs. Like fixing up the roof or getting new materials in to replace the framing. The estimated recladding cost would be around $230,000.

For a more architecturally designed plaster home, you might require a more comprehensive design for recladding so the current issues do not arise again. This estimated recladding cost would be around $300,000.

modern-home-with-front-door-entrance-picture-id1132962258?k=20&m=1132962258&s=612x612&w=0&h=cLXzZ5vR0P-7F9xl0Y8amk9VMAyQl73fkauaKkhhlqE=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of an Architecturally Designed Plaster Home | Photo Credit – iStock


The examples that were given above with the estimated recladding cost are only based off the homes that are most common when our clients ask for a home recladding. By providing you with these examples, we hope it would give you a ballpark figure of how much you’ll be needing to spend for your home recladding. While many other types of renovations are easier to estimate and have a pretty fixed cost for variations (like leaking bathrooms), this is however not true for recladding homes. Before we remove the old recladding, it is impossible to tell what the damage is underneath the cladding. This makes every recladding project unique.

To see how well your framing is underneath, we’d do a moisture testing. Whilst moisture testing isn’t an accurate way to see the condition of your framing. This will somewhat help provide an estimate cost for you. This way you’re prepared for the worst-case scenario if it ever arises. This could add more to the cost of recladding your house.

The worse-case scenario when it comes to home recladding is having to replace all the timber. Replacing all your timber adds on an extra cost of $10,000 if not more depending on the size of your house.

Mostly with Timber damage you will usually find decay/mould as it may be wet currently. Nobody wants to live in a house that is decaying or starting to mould. As this could cause the spores created from the mould to become airborne which can lead to health risks. This is something to keep in mind when thinking about recladding a house NZ.

Do I need consent from Auckland council to reclad my house?

Recladding a house NZ is not easy and can be quite expensive. You’d have to get building consent for house recladding, and it’d cost around $5,000 to $10,000. Auckland Council is mainly in charge of giving you your building consent.

Auckland council will conduct a thorough inspection of their own before you get your consent. to the workload of Auckland Council, it’d be best to get this process down a month before you start house recladding. This is due to the inspection officer needing to come visit the site which can take round 2-3 weeks before it happens.

Once that is all sorted, you’d be given the Code of Compliance. When working with recladding companies, project managers should know about building consent so they’re able to discuss it more with you if you need more information. That way you’re able to get a clearer timeline of when the recladding would be done.


There are many different stages you’d go through in the recladding process depends on how big the project is. Usually there are only four steps that our contractors follow when doing each recladding project.

These four steps are:


Firstly, we’d make sure that your home is protected from these weather conditions by wrapping it to keep the interior dry.


Next step, we’d remove the old cladding and dispose of it off-site.


After we remove your old cladding. There will be an independent building consultant that inspects for any damage or rot that may have occurred in your framing.


Lastly, if there is any damaged timber. We’d removed that and rebuilt it. Thought replacing the whole framing will cost extra. Once that is all finished, we’d then be able to reclad the whole house.

Why you need a code of compliance certificate.

The Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) came in around 1992 which meant houses built before then did not have a code of compliance certificate. Since then, houses nowadays must have a code of compliance before they start building them.You can get a code of compliance if you do not have it.


These are the most frequently asked questions that we get from our clients. These questions down below would be sure to answer all your queries and inform you. Ranging from the cost of recladding your house to understanding what you do when builders come around to reclad.

Should you stay at home or move out during your recladding project?

Most people only reclad their homes once in their lifetime so make sure you do your research and meet several companies before starting your recladding project. Ensue that you have an experienced team that would be helping you even if it means going for a more expensive one. As you’re spending a lot of money already, you don’t want to make any mistakes as house recladding is more of a one-time fix. Therefore, you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to weathertightness and ensuring that your cladding is compliant.

It’s been advised that you should move out while they’re recladding your house as it’s quite noisy and will disturb your day to day tasks. It can prove to be challenging to remain in the house while you recladding is taking place.  This is due to how intrusive the work is. As they’re getting rid of your old cladding, it’d be like living with no walls which means no privacy and it would be noisy and cold. So if you work from home and need peace and quiet then moving out for that duration would be best.

Based off previous projects, our builders have found it easier when homeowners move out while they reclad their homes. As our builders won’t have to clean up and set up every day. Our builders can also work faster and they have uninterrupted access.

Should I replace my window joinery?

If your house was built around the leaky home era then you’d most likely have to replace your window joinery. Before you’re able to start, the inspection officer will check to see that you’re eliminating all water risks. If your window joinery isn’t up to code then you’d have to replace it. Cost of recladding your house including new window joinery would include an extra 5% in your total recladding cost.

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residence-renovation-picture-id464547032?k=20&m=464547032&s=612x612&w=0&h=5Hl4LsomS9ecWteC_zK_glCCHD-tWMcOkHiuJNQxMZc=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having new window joinery | Photo Credit – iStock

There are so many materials to reclad, what is the right type of material for my house?

There are many cladding materials that can be suited towards your liking and your budget. Most people who have a plaster home that chose to reclad usually go for weatherboard material instead. A more expensive material to use would be clay brick or concrete brick. These two types of material have a longer lifespan then the other materials as they can last between 60-80 years before needed to reclad again. Only needing to repaint every 5-10 years.

Using plaster material for your recladding is also perfectly fine. Plaster cladding has had a bad stigma attached to it due to the leaky home era but that was due to how it was built. In order to prevent leaky homes, you have to build a wall cavity to let the moisture out and this way your home will last for decades despite it being plaster cladding.

Luxury recladding

How much does high-end recladding cost?

Cost of recladding your house can be expensive and even more expensive if you go for high-end cladding materials. Choosing a more premium option will add to the cost of recladding your house especially if you have a large home. If there is extensive damage to your framing then that would also add more to your recladding cost. We’re able to help work around you budget and ensure that we stay within your budget.

What is the best design or style for my cladding?

Recladding a house NZ provides you with a chance to modernise your house. There are many styles to choose from and you can do a little mix match with your recladding. It have been a trend lately where homeowners are incorporating natural wood elements into their house recladding design. This could be done by using a combination of weatherboard, metal and stone.

By doing this, it allows homeowners to be more creative with their materials and it can also fit within your budget as well.

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What is weatherboard?

Weatherboard is one of New Zealand’s most popular cladding material as they come in many different material. Like timber, aluminium and vinyl. It’s been known that timber is the most popular material to choose from when house recladding. This is due to the material being durable and cost effective and most timber products have a warranty of 25 years.

With weatherboard, there are many different ways you can design them to give you home a different look. You could run it horizontally and give it a flat profile, or bevel-back and give is a more traditional bungalow look. For a more modern and contemporary design, your cladding can be placed vertically. If you choose to use weatherboards then you can paint them using dulux or Resene paints as they have a wide range of colour selection available.

windows-on-pale-blue-wall-picture-id1268586539?k=20&m=1268586539&s=612x612&w=0&h=oRgTyHjnIm5o1yocJvZm0pf8NMhvP6AoydPKZY24Oq4=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of weatherboard claddding | Photo Credit – iStock

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How do I maintain my cladding?

Cost to reclad your house and to maintain the cladding will require some ongoing maintenance costs. With the cladding material you pick, they will need a repaint every 10 years. Though not every cladding material needs repainting. Some of these include concrete and clay bricks and PVC weatherboards. The cost to reclad your house with those materials can cost a bit more than others.

Not only is repainting the only maintenance you need to worry about but also about the function components. You’d want to ensure that the vented wall cavity drainage outlets are checked regularly and maintained as you don’t want to end up having a leaky home again.

Lucky for you, your contractor will inform you about all the maintenance you need to worry about finding out this information for yourself. Based on the consumer protection measures legislation, your contractor is obligated to provide you with all the maintenance requirements that you need.

Will there be extra costs when I reclad?

How much to reclad a house NZ? The cost to reclad your home in NZ will largely depend on the type of material you choose. There will be extra costs when you reclad as you’d have to take into account of how damaged your framing is. The extra cost will be re-doing your current framing due to damage and not just using premium recladding materials. There are many factors that could add to your recladding cost which is why we’re unable to provide a 100% accurate price when it comes to the cost of recladding your house.

Cost to reclad your house can also increase if there is a huge amount of moisture in timber or gib which means that both sides of the wall would have to come out. There are many little things that will add to your cost to reclad your house but our project managers would let you know them before they get started.

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Re-cladding for Villas

Kiwi Villas have been proven to be incredibly enduring even after 100 years. But of course, all houses need recladding at some point. When it comes to the villa, the weatherboard exterior would need a bit of a reclad. This is because old villas are especially prone to water damage and are wet and also the unforgiving NZ sun. How much to reclad a house NZ? What kind of budget are you going for?

What is the process to reclad a Villa and how is it different from other homes?

It has been often stated that recladding is full of traps for first time homeowners. This is due to the recladding process and the steps you need to take before we’re able to start recladding. This is why it’s important to pick an experienced team as they’d be able to inform you on everything you need to know. Cost to reclad you house will always be determined around how much work is needed to be done. A villa might not need as much work as you may only need to replace a few weatherboard. Recladding a villa can be more complex than other newer homes.

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What are the best materials to reclad a villa?

Most villas were made of solid plastered brick which is why there is a heritage restrictions around changing the look of your villa. As these villa has been around for a very long time, you’d have to keep the aesthetics of your house so that it looks the same with the rest of the villas on your street.

If you choose to upgrade the design of your house like going for a monolithic cladding then the cost to reclad your house would go up. This is due to additional consent costs and there will be more building prep.

There are lots of factors to consider when it comes to recladding your home but by knowing more information on home recladding it might make it less scary. Recladding is neither inexpensive or complex and you should only consider working with qualified and experienced recladding companies.  With the information in this blog we hope we’re able to provide you with the information you need. Or at least a brief outline of what it’d look like when you decide to reclad your home.


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Texture, especially when it comes to renovating old homes in New-Zealand, will become the biggest trend you will see for 2022. It is amazing to see the differences of what incorporating of a texture can do to the before and after of your home renovation.

Faux Finishing

Another design trend that will be rising in 2022 is the use of texture. Faux finishing has significantly exploded in the house renovation nz market in New-Zealand. When renovating a house or planning your renovation journey say hello to a surface you want to run your hands over and/or engage with in a tactile way. A common texture used especially in full home renovations is Faux finishing. Faux finishing is when materials are used to mimic installed materials. This finishing has exploded within the renovation market with the advent of materials and processes that make home renovation and designing more approachable from both a cost and skill perspective. A popular way to incorporate faux finishing texture is through a faux brick wall. If this is done well with certified professionals, you can barely spot the difference. Within many of our clients we often see homeowners opt for using a faux finish to achieve the look of Venetian plaster, concrete, or marble.


Another texture to incorporate in your full home renovation journey is the use of Grasscloth. Grasscloth is a perfect option to create a more traditional and transitional space, as well as bring a soft subtle atmosphere to your home. This texture is perfect when you want to maintain the traditional aesthetic when renovation old homes NZ.  A common use of grasscloth is lines of 3D wall panels giving the home space a dimensional look, which have been very popular with home designers for modern or contemporary home renovations. Texture is a perfect way to spice up the atmosphere of your home and create a sort of visual interest. During a full room renovation process many of our designers have found many clients have become bored with basic paint for wall applications and have opt out for textured designs instead.


It is safe to say, that texture fabrics are here to stay and have always been a crowd favourite. Recently we have seen an increase in demand for crème bouclé in renovating house in 2021. Crème bouclé tones have been a popular colour in more traditional houses that we have seen a lot on our renovation projects for older homes in New-Zealand. We are happy to see this colour make a comeback as it is timeless, whilst providing the elegant warm aesthetic. This year texture fabrics such as sage green, pale yellow, pale greys, and blues can be predicted to be the new crowd favourite. Texture fabrics as well as soft-to-the-hand fabrics create a feeling of warmth to the house and are one of the upcoming home designs features our in-house designers are gravitating towards in 2022.

Laufen-4, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Raw Metals and Natural Wood

Interesting materials are taking the front seat for homeowners, especially those who are renovating old homes nz. Another interesting material to incorporate during your full home renovations are raw metals and natural wood textures. Wood textures can make a significant difference to the before and after of the home renovation nz. Being the reason, many homeowners are now more excited about making a sophisticated statement that highlight their distinct style and personality. Raw metals and other panelling options are commonly requested on modern and contemporary renovation projects. Whereas natural woody accents with a hint of patina tone textures have been popular for more traditional and country projects. Materials like raw metals and natural woods have an easy application during the renovation process and can be simply be placed on top of already existing walls without expensive structural work.

Textures are an upcoming trend in 2022 that we will most likely see a lot of homeowners considering textures during their full home renovation process, especially old home renovations. Textures give a home, even an old-fashioned home soul and richness to the space around us.

Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-33, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

3. Incorporate Technology within your Full Home Renovation

Technology will make huge advancements within full home renovation interior design. Digital interior design in renovating house was already increasing pre Covid days, and now more designers and homeowners we will see the efficiency of online interior design becoming bigger in 2022. The space and size of interior designs can  be seen to have gotten significantly bigger due practice social distancing. Whether the design is a renovation for an office or a new store the value of space have increases compared to before and after renovations nz. We also expect home decor apps and design firms to implement technological changes to their business plans for 2022. This could potentially lower renovation costs as design fees will be decreased.

A great way to start incorporating technology aspect to your home is during your full home renovation design process, using virtual staging with 3D models. The rise of technology within home renovation in New-Zealand when renovating a house nz are expected to rise and there has been a significant increase in demand before COVID. The ways technology is incorporated are also expected to increase as more home décor apps and design firms implement technology during any home renovation process and/or their design operations. An easy way to start incorporating technology into your home renovation design process is virtual staging. Virtual staging will be an easy way to get the idea of how your new home will look like, as well as will make it easier for furniture shopping.

These days, we are on our phones, tablets, and computers a lot more than before being more of a reason technology should be incorporating when renovating a house nz. Whether it is answering to emails, attending work conferences, or just mindlessly scrolling, technology has become an important sector of our day-to-day routines. Therefore, our in-house designers recommend incorporating more specialised outlets, such as the Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery with USB-C, or a pop-out outlet during the designing process of your full home renovation or renovating a house nz in general. These types of innovative outlets will provide homeowners with faster charging ports, as well as a sleek design with no bulky adapters needed.

4. Full Home Renovations: Create a Modern and Multi-Purpose Kitchen

When renovating a house nz, the kitchen is where the family spends most of their time together and can be seen as the home’s hub. Renovating the kitchen, whether it is a kitchen focused project or a full home renovation project, is one of the most common projects our clients undertake. As well as have a significant return in the renovation costs as it is the most commonly used areas in a home. More and more clients are investing in larger, modern design kitchens. This can be seen especially due to the increase in hours spent at home and the kitchen due to COVID lockdowns. The kitchen, during full home renovation projects are usually take up majority of the planning and designing stage. This is because, many of our clients have realised the importance of utilising the space, as the family spend so much time in that area. The median of clients spending time and money on kitchens have increases in the last past three years, the investment on the renovation to large kitchen is expected to jump in the coming years.

The house renovations before and after of a kitchen is truely amazing. Renovating house is truely an awarding experience.


Our-contemporary-bathroom-768x1024, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

5. House Renovations NZ: The Bathroom is your Private Sanctuary

The bathroom is the second most popular room renovated by homeowners during 2021 and the start of 2022 when renovating a house nz. During continuous lockdowns, having a little alone time at any point during the day is a reward. If you found yourself continuously hiding in the bathroom to get a little alone time, a luxurious bathroom renovation is for you! The before and after of bathroom renovations nz will amaze you.

So, what does a full home bathroom renovation entail in renovating a house nz? A typical bathroom renovation includes replacing the cabinetry/vanity, countertops, and the toilet. While the numbers spent by homeowners to renovation their bathroom has been steady along the years. The renovation cost spent on a primary bathroom renovation is at $8,000 nzd average. The renovation of smaller primary bathrooms has increased by 20 percent, as homeowners shift to maximising every room of their homes during a full house renovation process.

For many of our clients and homeowners, the bathroom during house renovations nz has become the only private space away from children or family. This space provides relaxation and respite; therefore, the renovation of the bathroom has become a necessity- especially with travel plans being cancelled. Our in house designers state, “For many, the bathroom is acted as a private space away from any distractions, and the bathroom provides relaxations and respire increased almost every night. This is why when clients are renovating a house nz, especially renovating old homes they like to focus on the bathroom”. 

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 6. Include your Guest Bedrooms

This year we encourage our clients and homeowners to give the guest bedrooms more love with the incorporation of trending home designs when renovating a house nz. Here are some of the guest bedrooms trends that have been increasing through the years:

  • Add a luxurious coffee bar or a mini fridge during your house renovations nz. A full house renovation nz calls for the opportunity to incorporate new features to the guest bedroom. Especially when it comes to the renovation old nz homes, the guest bedroom is the perfect opportunity to bring in more modern designs and move on from the traditional.
  • Include a spacious desk for guests who work remotely and will need a private area to have Zoom calls or check their emails during house renovation nz. Renovations cost to include a luxurious spacious desks for your guests do not cost a fortune. The simple act of incorporating new and modern design furniture can make a significant difference to your house renovation before and after nz.
  • House renovations nz: introduce an interesting wall treatment or specialty lighting. Incorporating wall treatment during renovation a house nz is a perfect way to make your house feel more foreign and luxurious. Wall treatments have been very popular overseas and we can see an increase in this trend with clients when renovating house.
  • Design for the destination. This includes adding coastal, farmhouse, metropolitan, or southwest elements that are specific to your home atmosphere and location. Designing to fit the destination is journey many clients take during house renovation nz. This is often because it breaks free from the traditional designs of New-Zealand house renovations nz. The house renovations before and after nz effect for these designs will amaze you!

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7. Create a unique place for Primary Bedrooms

Creating a space when renovation a house to retreat to so you van relax and recharge is the reason why many clients love renovating old nz homes primary bedrooms. The house renovations nz of the primary bedrooms is one of the sixth most popular interior projects taken. The primary bedroom is a place where homeowners can retreat to relax and recharge. The uprising trends for primary bedroom renovations are the incorporation of dramatic colours and wall treatments. This includes anything from 3D applications, like boards and battens to bold colours and textures, such as a bold green or even black. Our in house designer states, “It is refreshing to see when renovations old nz homes that many clients create a sanctuary from themselves. We encourage clients to choose and embrace design choices that are personalised to them and their lifestyle. It is always a joy to when renovating a house and during a house renovation nz project to see clients break free from text book designs and trends”. 

Metallic_Rock_Silver_600x1200-800x601, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

8. Go Bold!

Recently, we have been seeing a lot of homeowners incorporate the use of wallpapers and are an easy way to be installed, as well as be swapped out for any design changes during full house renovations nz. Current trends show many homeowners using wallpapers with bold patterns during their renovation process when they want to experiment with colour and texture. Experimenting with colours during the process of renovation a house nz and/or before house renovations is a perfect way to trail and error your colour choices. Wallpapers are often common in nurseries or the children’s room. However, more and more homeowners have created their own individuality through unique colours and patterns wallpapers can offer. Popular colours our in-house designs recommend for full home renovations are pinks, burnt oranges, peacock blues and pine greens. Wallpapers are not only used in rooms but can also be a unique way to create contrast in your kitchen on a backsplash, or cabinets.

For several years we have seen white dominating whole interior and exterior home renovations. However, this year we have seen a shift to dark neutrals, such as natural wood panelling or dark grey focus walls during full house renovations nz. The house renovations nz before and after nz from switching from neutral tones to bold personalised colours work wonders to the home atmosphere. Our in house designers state. “Dark is the new white. We are seeing a strong interesting in dark neutrals and dark wood stains when renovating a house nz. We see this especially when renovation old nz homes as these tones during more of a modern feel to the home atmosphere”.  

2022 is also the year we will see the rise of the “side-hustle bedroom” during house renovations as well as full house renovations nz. With many Gen Z and Millennials with an entrepreneurial mindset, a bedroom dedicated as a filming set to creative studio and/or a warehouse to ship facilities have become an increasing trend. Renovation costs for these bedrooms are not scary as it may sound, consult with your designers to build up a plan that works for you when renovation a house nz or even when renovating old nz homes.

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Using colour to make the most out of your space.

9. Become Green

Greens have been a huge factor in full house renovations in 2022. Many of our clients are inspired by historic and organic references in architectural design for their full home renovation design. People have gone back to the roots of a materials and incorporate chemical free paints and resources during their full home renovation journey. The pandemic has significantly contributed to the realisation of health and the environment, as more homeowners become less materialistic. Our in-house designers state that the primary focus on revamping up a space is to reuse materials and furniture.

During full house renovations nz, many homeowners inspired by historic and organic references, which pairs with the demand for reclaimed and sustainably made materials. The demand for more organic and refreshing designs can be seen increasing when renovating old nz homes. This is because many old nz homes come with traditional designs and wood features that can bring a dark atmosphere to the home. As these demands increase, many renovation company’s along with ourselves have been working on more creative ways to incorporate this innovation in house renovations.

DSC06739-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

10. Natural Sunlight

The request for natural sunlight to be incorporate in their home by homeowners have been becoming increasingly popular. This can be done through bigger windows and door openings. When swapping out windows for doors and investing in adding larger windows, give a sense of greater connection to the outside and nature. We see many of our clients embarking on remodelling work to replace traditional patio doors with large scenic doors to create a seamless transition and sense of freedom.

Not only can you bring nature to your home through windows and doors, but through warm tone colours. Move beyond classic white and blues and gravitate towards colour-ways that bring the essence of nature. Try incorporating greens, ochre, terra-cotta, oatmeal beige, and greys during your full home renovation design process.

Our in house designers highly recommend homeowners when renovating an old house nz to lean into a soft modern aesthetic. This can be done by incorporating organic wood tones and clean, natural colours that will create a positive impact on well-being and inspire the sense of connection with nature.

11. Durable Surfaces

Having durable surfaces and a good quality home is a key when you are renovating your full house renovations nz. Especially with many homeowners stilling a large amount of time cleaning and scrubbing their countertops, it is important you incorporate durable material. Our in-house designers recommend acrylic solid surfaces. These surfaces are seamless and offer max durability with no additional maintenance, with a sleek beautiful design. Our in house designers state, “As more and more homeowners become more savvy about the maintenance required for countertops especially homeowners renovating old nz homes seek for acrylic surfaces. Acrylic surfaces are seamless and offer durability without any extra work required and will not be a burden to renovation costs. The home renovations before and after nz with wooden countertops and acrylic have a significant difference”. 

12. Sustainable Renovation

Eco-friendly home renovation designs are becoming a clever way to upgrade your home, while minimising environmental impact.  There are our top four sustainable home designs you can incorporate during your next renovation journey. A easy way to become a sustainable household as well as maintain renovation costs will involve upgrading appliances. Not only should you seek to find Energy Star-rated appliances that focus on energy use, but also do the research and find the brands that offer this efficiently. Making changes in your household does not need to be a full house renovation or have a huge renovation before and after difference. Making small changes like this can also contribute to making a change in your home, like a house renovations.

1. Living Walls

Living walls and living roofs involve installing live plants into the structure of your home. Not only does this turn into the statement of your home, but it is also highly sustainable as it acts like a natural air purifier. Incorporating natural greens in your renovation design is scientifically proven to make a person happiness and improve wellness and mood, making a huge difference in house renovations before and after nz.

2. Smart Homes

Implementing technology within your home is also boost sustainability in your home. There are many newly developed technologies that can track water levels and usage in bathrooms and kitchens and leak identifiers. Technology can now also track how much power you are using and make it easier to remember to turn off lights with automatic sensors.

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3. Tiny Homes

Living in a tiny home is a lifestyle change. However, tiny homes are identifiably more environmentally friendly, thus, being the reason why many homeowners consider tiny homes. Tiny homes are naturally smaller than your average home. Therefore, in the long run it will use much less water, gas, and electricity.

4. Solar Panels

Another smart way to opt out into a sustainable lifestyle is using solar panel energy. Solar energy is a renewable resource that will contribute into reducing energy use of a household astronomically. Whilst installing solar panels can be expensive and can involve a difficult renovation process, the end results and benefits it brings will not disappoint!

jason-goodman-6hDWAajuDv8-unsplash-683x1024, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

13. Smooth Curves

The trend of curves and sculptural furniture are expected to come back in 2022. Try incorporating these designs within your full home renovation design process to create an elegant European flair atmosphere, through using curved pod chairs, and arches.

Sustainable trends do not need to charge a significant amount to your renovation cost or budget. Simple acts of knowing where your materials are being sources and repurposed can turn any house renovation and renovating a house nz into one that helps the environment. Renovating old nz homes that did not focus on these aspects can also significantly improve your home’s sustainability and is a perfect way to reduce carbon footprint. When sustainability is trending in house renovations, everybody wins!

14. Vintage and DIY

Vintage and DIY projects are a great way to add a bit for your own personality into your home design. Some interior designs and furnitures can come with a high price point that just aren’t feasible. In this case, we recommend looking at what you already own and how you could spice up these items to create a new look. Could it be on-trend with a new fresh coat of paint or some new reupholstering?

York_Slim_Gris_Matt-800x822, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

15. Matte and Stone

Trends have shifted from gloss to matte and can be seen as an upcoming trend in 2022. More and more homeowners are now incorporating matte finishes in their bathrooms and kitchen fixtures, such as brass, brushed coppers, black matte, and even white matte. Move aside gloss, matte and stone finishes are here to stay!

Full home renovations can be a hefty topic. There are so many aspects to consider such as renovation costs, as well as renovation designs. In this blog we have highlighted upcoming full home renovations design trends for 2022, and there are a lot more trends to come throughout the years. Your full home renovation journey does not need to scary. With the correct specialist, contractors, and designers, we can guarantee your renovation journey will be a breeze.

How much does it cost to renovation in Auckland?

The price of your renovation project will vary depending on what materials and finishes you decide on. To get a estimate price, have a look at our blog that covers renovation pricing in Auckland: https://superiorrenovations.co.nz/renovation-costs-auckland/

Is it cheaper to renovate or build a home?

The price for both options can vary, therefore, there is no definite answer. Make sure to discuss with a professional to get a quote.

How long does it take for a full home renovation?

The estimated time period for a full home renovation is 7-10 months.

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House Renovation


本指南已重新整理,其中包含 7 个反映 2022 年的趋势且针对新西兰房主的紧凑型厨房的设计理念。







Kitchen things(我们的首选家电供应商)拥有各种顶级品牌的产品,这些品牌主要是为小户型打造的家电。这些电器可以分开并储存在橱柜里,不占用任何台面空间。








你知道吗,有些颜色容易让人觉得空间狭小,而有些颜色则非常适合营造一种空间增大的错觉。我们建议客户使用更多的中性颜色来使他们的空间看起来更大。Dulux的Mason Bay Quater WN27或Epsom VW C100作为厨房的主要色调,以展示你的空间。


2. 灯光照明很重要

自然采光是你在厨房里可以拥有的最好的照明。你可以通过使用大型垂直窗户来营造高度感,或者增加天窗来提高天花板(并且可为更多的橱柜提供额外的空间),从而最大限度地利用自然光。 然而,如果这些没有办法完成,那么仍然有办法将照明纳入你的厨房设计。

5  Small kitchens ideas

  • 贴近天花板的照明设备。考虑安装吊灯或接近天花板的灯。一定避免低垂的吊灯,因为它们会使你的厨房看起来很笨重。而安装贴近天花板的照明设备,也可以让你省却任何(安装在)墙壁的照明设备,从而可以更好地利用墙壁用于安装置物架。
  • 嵌入式照明设备。嵌入式式照明是一个伟大的选择,可以在不牺牲厨房空间的情况下照亮厨房的一个区域。
  • 吊线灯:吊线灯是由金属弦或金属链悬挂的单独照明装置。这是枝形吊灯的一种变体,占用空间较小。您可以使用一组吊线灯,也可以只使用一个,具体取决于您的空间。吊线灯也为任何厨房空间创造了很多氛围感,并为其增添了特色。
  • 橱柜下面的LED灯带:在你的橱柜和橱柜把手下面安装LED灯带,既能节省空间,又能增强厨房的气氛。这些LED灯带大多可以调暗,这也可以作为一种气氛的增强剂。
  • 埋入式照明:奥克兰的大多数房子都有埋入式照明。它们很好,因为有很多样式,而且可以节省很多空间。


DSC07317-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandLED lighting below cabinets DSC07535-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandPendant Lighting DSC07532-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation AucklandPendant Lighting
Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-32, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC07315-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC07335-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland





选择专门为狭小空间设计的厨房电器和家具。厨房电器有很多选择,无论你的空间有多小,它们都是灵活、多变和高效的。博世和Kitchen Things专门为小厨房设计了电器。例如,可以拆卸并放入抽屉易于收纳的电器,而不是那些占用柜台空间的电器。





如今,翻新或设计一个紧凑型厨房需要规划和研究适当的空间解决方案。很多室内设计师都认为,最好的厨房设计理念需要适当的收纳 – 这就是为什么置物架很重要。




Ambury-6-002-768x1024, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

位于Mangere Bridge的全厨房改造-壁挂置物架不仅是厨房的焦点还增加了存储空间 




5. 厨房收纳



DSC06659-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06663-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06664-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
DSC06665-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06588-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06656-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


5 种紧凑型厨房最大化储藏空间的方法

  • 通顶开放式搁板:您还可以考虑使用一些开放式搁板,这不仅实用,还有助于为您的厨房营造更开放的感觉。
  • 魔术角:魔术角对角落里的柜子很有帮助,这些柜子很笨拙,角落里的空间往往被浪费掉。魔术角的特点是可以拉出类似手推车的抽屉,让你利用角落的空间。 我们经常选用Blum公司的产品,这些产品在紧凑型厨房的存储解决方案方面非常创新。
  • 岛台可以作为一个存储解决方案:对大多数人来说,存储空间越多越好。在你的厨房设计中,早餐岛台是另一个可以作为一个存储空间的地方。早餐岛台可以定制,有存储柜和抽屉,以进一步增加存储空间。
  • 带有储物架的橱柜:正如上面所讨论的,在橱柜内安装收纳架可以使你的抽屉不凌乱,以及有一个专门的空间来放置物品。储藏室的抽屉也正在成为收纳和节省空间的流行方式。
  • 墙面挂钩:锅碗瓢盆或厨房器皿的挂架可以是另一种储存物品的好方法,否则会占用橱柜的空间。风格上的建议是购买色彩鲜艳、充满活力的装饰和器皿。

6. 兼具储物和用餐功能的厨房岛台



DSC06731-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

位于Blockhouse Bay的厨房改造 – 这个岛台提供了大量的储物柜以及台面空间





Superior-Renovations-Showroom-12, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland我们的家装展厅位于奥克兰Wairau Valley。这是一个现代和时尚完美结合的厨房例子,在厨房岛台的两侧都有存储空间。当你浏览该厨房岛台的图片时,你会发现一个整体无缝的设计,似乎没有橱柜或抽屉。但实际上,岛台朝向走廊的部分有2个双层储藏柜和一个单层储藏柜。岛台面向厨房的部分有2个拉出式调味品柜,2个双抽屉,里面有一个隐藏的抽屉。这个隐藏的抽屉更好的让其拥有了一个整体无缝的外观。


人们常常认为,岛台不能被纳入紧凑型厨房的设计中。然而,这并非事实。紧凑型的厨房经常存在于一个开放的生活环境中。它们可以由一面墙组成,上面有几个台面、灶台和一个洗碗机。如果你正在进行厨房改造,那么可以考虑在中间安装一个小的早餐吧,将厨房和客厅 “分开”。你可以把用餐区全部取消,把早餐吧作为一个可以用餐的空间,也可以作为一个台面。


house-renovation-19-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

位于Greenlane的厨房改造 – 岛台作为用餐区,有水槽和台面空间用于厨房操作,另一边是橱柜形式的存储空间。




7. 隐藏式厨房


从本质上讲,这些是由抽屉隔开的紧凑型厨房空间–而且是在需要时变得 “看不见 “的空间。有了这样的厨房,你可以轻松地隐藏你的厨房的混乱,并在几秒钟内将带厨房的客厅变成一个完整的客厅。




 9. 使用更大的瓷砖铺设厨房地板

与流行的看法相反,更大的瓷砖实际上使空间看起来更大。如果你考虑厨房的地面使用瓷砖(铺装),那么考虑使用900×600或600×600尺寸的瓷砖,它们会使你的地面看起来空间更大。这是由于灌浆线的数量较少,“断裂”会减少。如果你想知道更多关于大型厨房瓷砖,以及它们如何给人一种空间的错觉的信息,请阅读我们与瓷砖Tile Depot的问答文章

10. 用抽屉取代厨房橱柜 



11. 关注橱柜的纹理,并合理运用镜子






13. 把你的墙饰和背景墙作为一个设计元素来考虑





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15. 让你的厨房橱柜与墙壁颜色协调统一


16. 安装大水槽







DSC07336-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC07355-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC07351-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
DSC07314-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC07326-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland





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