3 Vintage Styles With All The Modern Amenities Of Today

Vintage styles are becoming very popular with many Aucklanders as they often bring a touch of luxury and character to homes. So how exactly can we define a Vintage style? This has often been debatable as there is no definitive answer to that. The one consistent element that all renovators agree on is that vintage styles borrow the best bits from the past. Designs that aren’t common anymore, that have a rich heritage and traditional flare attached to them.

Vintage homes of today do not lack in any modern amenity. Most designers renovate homes to make them look Vintage with all the functionality and amenities that today has to offer. This is how we define vintage styles. However, there are many different styles but for the purpose of this article, we have narrowed it down to 3 distinct and overarching styles for home interior design.


Mid century modern styles take the best from pinnacle times of extraordinary architecture and history. These designs often incorporate vaulted ceilings with either natural or sleek painted wood with clean lines. The emphasis was on minimal, tidy designs that emphasised the available space in the home. The bathrooms and kitchens will be top priority in mid-century homes, focusing on simplistic colour palettes with surprising and intriguing splashes of extra colour and light.

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Home renovators in Auckland can implement this style particularly well with added features and availability of natural wooden materials. The intention is to highlight the traditional and bring it into the modern with mid-century vintage decor.

Vintage farmhouse

The emphasis with this design lies in the blending of white or off-whites to create a contrast with rustic warmer wooden coatings and materials. These combined elements are inspired by traditional farmhouses of well off families, without all the mess of course. The most important thing for home renovators to incorporate into a vintage farmhouse design is the abundance of wooden features.

The focus should be rustic farm life meets modern interior design. The wood is used to add chairs or stools or even floating shelves. The property will often include traditional furniture and cabinetry placed by the homeowners. These features are strong and durable while having the bonus of being aesthetically pleasing.

Many innovators of this particular style attempt to bring the table to the kitchen, making the kitchen the primary eating place for the family. This infusion highlights practicality and style while celebrating true craftsmanship.

Vintage industrial

 This style borrows from similar inspirations as the mid-century style, heavily using architecture to increase natural space and potential. These styles often implement an exposed brick wall for the simple, stripped back look of the mid-century. This element adds a touch of traditionalism and rustic appeal to any property.

Home renovators in Auckland should consider the limitations with this particular design. Because of the necessity for exposed natural materials, this calls for lots of metals and reclaimed wood. This can be expensive and difficult to find but can be worth it in the end.

The most appealing aspect of this style is the openness it adds to the house without needed to alter the light potential. The emphasis is on making everything accessible like pots and pans, spice racks and shelves. If you prefer a more simplistic, minimalist look then this may not be the style for you.

When defining these styles, the aim for many home renovators is to understand what is popular and what will increase the value of the property. Many home renovators in Auckland opt for unique designs that stand out on the market and attract interested individuals.

The goal with each design is staying true to the original style it is borrowed from. This doesn’t mean incorporating additional elements of modern design. It simply means keeping the colours consistent and the interior design complacent with the source material.


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