How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A Bathroom NZ – 2024 (updated)

This article has been updated with additional content and project portfolios to reflect the bathroom renovation cost trends in 2024. 

A Bathroom renovation might seem simple and straight forward. This however is far from the truth. The fact is that a bathroom renovation is the most complex of all renovations due to the number of trades involved in a relatively small space.

Average bathroom renovation cost in Auckland 2024 can only be determined when all the various factors are considered. Trades involved in a bathroom renovation include a designer, demolisher, plumber, electrician, tiler, water proofer, installer, painter, grouter, and plasterer. Imagine managing the above trades within a small space. You can easily understand why organisation and planning is key to a bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovations typically should take about 3-4 weeks to complete if you have a project manager on site managing the trades for you.

Curious about how much your bathroom renovation would cost?

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Managing the trades on your own comes at a risk of either blowing your budget as you are dealing with so many different companies or extending the timeline of your project. Our first advice would be to get a company that provides project manager as part of their service.

But more on project management later, lets talk about the costs related to bathroom renovations.

Before you renovate your bathroom ask yourself the reason for your renovation and plan from there. Once you have determined the reason for your renovation then we can work out a plan and costs related to them.

In this article we will discuss the following:

  1. How much does it cost on an average in Auckland for a bathroom renovation
  2. 6 Factors that Affect the cost of renovating a bathroom in Auckland.
  3. Why the reason for your renovation will determine the budget for your bathroom renovation
  4. Tips for reducing the cost of a new bathroom renovation
  5. Cost to install a tile shower
  6. Cost to install a new toilet
  7. Average cost for a Basic bathroom renovation, Mid-range bathroom renovation and Luxury bathroom renovation
  8. A sharable condensed version of this article in a form of infographic
  9. Featured Case studies of bathrooms that we have renovated in Auckland
  10. How Much to Tile a Bathroom in New Zealand
  11. Can You Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply?


If you’re looking for “specific” cost estimates, try our Renovation Cost Calculator Tools


1.How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Auckland?

Whether you have lived in the same house for several years or just purchased an older home you may be facing the need to renovate that old bathroom. As most Aucklanders know, renovating a bathroom can be one of the most expensive renovations that can be undertaken. Hence it is only natural that one of the first questions people have when considering renovating their bathroom is What is the average cost of a new bathroom renovation?

However, that is also one of the most difficult questions to answer since renovating a bathroom means different things to different people.

For example, a major bathroom renovation can involve changing the layout of bathroom, purchasing new bathroom appliances, purchasing fixtures, changing flooring, new paint, changing plumbing and electrical work may mean an average cost between $18,000 and $22,000 for a mid-range bathroom (this seems to be the most popular choice)


See further examples of Mid-Range bathrooms

Bathroom and Toilet renovation in Papatoetoe

Rental renovation in Hillsborough 

Classic Kitchen and bathroom renovation in West harbour

Bathroom renovation in Greenlane


On the other hand if you are only planning on a new coat of paint and making few other small changes then the average cost of a new bathroom renovation could only run a couple of thousand of dollars.

However, since most bathroom renovations falls somewhere in between the two extremes the average cost of a new bathroom renovation will fall somewhere between these two extremes.

See full project specifications for the bathroom renovation below + Pictures

DSC04028, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This contemporary bathroom renovation in Henderson Valley features matte black tiles, wall bathtub, custom vanity, top sink, Tiled shower and brushed brass fittings.

How to Figure Out Your Average Cost of a New Bathroom Renovation

Understanding the average cost of a new bathroom renovation can be tricky since it varies significantly depending on the scope of the project and specific circumstances. However, at Superior Renovations, we have some valuable tips to help you estimate the cost of your bathroom renovation effectively.

First, determine the purpose of your bathroom renovation. Are you looking to create more space, or do you want to modernize your bathroom to match the rest of your home’s décor? Clarifying your primary goal will help you define the necessary steps and elements required to achieve it. For instance, if your aim is to increase space, you might need to focus on reconfiguring the layout, while modernizing might involve updating fixtures and finishes.

Once you have a clear purpose, make a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be remodeled. This list should include fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and bathtubs; lighting options; wall and ceiling paint; tiles for floors and walls; cabinetry; and flooring materials. Don’t forget to consider smaller details like mirrors, towel racks, and storage solutions, as these can also impact the overall cost.

Next, research the costs of these items. Visit home improvement stores, check online marketplaces, and compare prices to get an idea of what you will need to spend on materials. Websites like Bunnings, Mitre 10, and Trade Me can provide a range of options and price points. Additionally, look for sales or clearance items to save on high-quality materials.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the cost of hiring professionals for the renovation. Depending on your project’s complexity, you might need to hire tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians, tilers, and painters. To get a realistic estimate, seek quotes from multiple contractors and check reviews or references to ensure they provide quality work. Websites like Builderscrack and NoCowboys can help you find reputable tradespeople in your area.

To further refine your cost estimate, consider potential additional expenses. These might include the cost of permits if structural changes are required, disposal fees for old materials, and unexpected repairs that might arise during the renovation process. Adding a contingency fund of around 10-15% of your total budget can help cover these unforeseen costs.

Lastly, evaluate whether you can handle any part of the renovation yourself to save on labor costs. Simple tasks like demolition, painting, or installing accessories can be managed by DIY enthusiasts, reducing the amount you need to spend on professional services.


Keep in mind that you can do the bigger projects of your bathroom renovation first and then add in some of the smaller details to help you spread out the cost of that renovation job.


2. 7 Factors that contribute to the Cost of a bathroom Renovation in NZ.

  1. Size of the bathroom: The size of the bathroom is a key factor that affects the cost of a renovation. Larger bathrooms require more materials and labour, which can drive up the cost. A standard-sized bathroom in NZ is usually around 8-12 square metres. If your bathroom is larger than this, you can expect to pay more for the renovation. However, if your bathroom is smaller, it may be more affordable to renovate.
  2. Quality of materials: The quality of materials used for the renovation can also have a significant impact on the overall cost. Higher-quality materials such as natural stone, premium tiles, and fixtures made of premium materials like brass and stainless steel will be more expensive. Lower-quality materials like vinyl, laminate, or ceramic tiles will be more affordable. However, it’s important to note that using lower-quality materials may not last as long and may require more maintenance and repair over time.
  3. Complexity of the design: The complexity of the design of the bathroom is another factor that can affect the cost of the renovation. If you have a unique design in mind or want to incorporate custom features, this will likely require more labour and materials, which can increase the cost of the project. For example, adding a new shower or bath, changing the layout of the bathroom, or installing custom cabinetry can all increase the complexity of the design and add to the cost.
  4. Plumbing and electrical work: If your bathroom renovation involves changing the plumbing or electrical systems, this can add to the cost of the project. This is because licensed professionals will need to be hired to ensure that the work is done safely and up to code. Plumbing work may include installing new pipes or moving existing ones, while electrical work may include installing new lighting or adding outlets.
  5. Labour costs: Labour costs are a significant component of the cost of a bathroom renovation. The cost of labour can vary depending on the level of experience and expertise of the contractors or tradespeople involved in the project. It’s important to choose a reputable and experienced renovation company to ensure that the work is done to a high standard and within budget.
  6. Permits and fees: Depending on the scope of the renovation, permits and fees may be required from the local council. These costs should be factored into the overall renovation budget. The cost of permits and fees can vary depending on the location of the property and the scope of the renovation.
  7. Location: The location of the property can also impact the cost of the renovation. Renovations in Auckland may be more expensive than other parts of New Zealand due to higher labour and material costs. Additionally, if the bathroom is in an apartment or multi-level building, there may be additional costs associated with access to the site, such as elevator or stair fees.

In summary, the cost to renovate a bathroom in NZ can vary based on several factors, including the size of the bathroom, quality of materials used, complexity of the design, plumbing and electrical work involved, labour costs, permits and fees, and location. By considering these factors and working with a reputable and experienced renovation company, you can ensure that your bathroom renovation is completed to a high standard and within budget.

3.Why do you need to renovate your bathroom?

Having a plan will ensure that you are spending your money at the right places.

Different families have different needs to renovate a bathroom. The fittings they choose and the choice between a bathtub or shower or both will be determined by your reason to renovate.


1.      A young family

A young family has very different needs compared to a mature family with older kids. If you have a toddler or a new baby on the way and there is no bathtub in your bathroom then it would be a wise choice to include a bathtub for your renovation.

Bathroom renovation for a young family

Renovating a bathroom in NZ for families with young children requires careful consideration of several important factors to create a space that is both safe and functional. Here are some specific features that can make a bathroom more suitable for families with young children:

  • Durable and easy-to-clean surfaces: Choosing durable and easy-to-clean surfaces for walls, floors, and fixtures is essential when renovating a bathroom. For example, textured tiles or non-slip mats are a good choice for flooring to prevent slips and falls, and tiles are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Adequate storage: Families with young children require a lot of storage space for toiletries, bath toys, and other items. Incorporating storage solutions like built-in shelving, cabinets, or baskets will keep the bathroom organized and clutter-free.
  • Child-friendly fixtures: Installing child-friendly fixtures can make a big difference in the safety and convenience of the bathroom for young children. Soft-close toilet seats can prevent accidental slamming, while a handheld showerhead can make it easier to rinse children off.
  • Slip-resistant flooring: Bathroom floors can become slippery when wet, which can be especially dangerous for young children. Choose slip-resistant flooring options like textured tiles or non-slip mats to help prevent slips and falls.
  • Safety features: Safety features like grab bars or non-slip mats in the tub or shower can provide additional support for children who are learning to bathe independently. Additionally, child locks on cabinets or drawers can keep hazardous items like cleaning supplies out of reach.

When planning a bathroom renovation for a family with young children, it’s important to work with an experienced renovation company in NZ to ensure that the renovation meets the family’s needs and is done to a high standard. With the right design and features, a renovated bathroom can be a safe and functional space for the entire family to enjoy.

Examples of bathroom renovations for families with Young children – How much does this type of a bathroom renovation Cost?

Bathroom renovation in Westmere 

This rustic bathroom renovation in Westmere features a large custom built wet area, double sink custom vanity and matte anti-slip tiles. This large wet area is perfect for families with young children because of the ample space available to bathe kids.

The anti slip tiles also makes it safe for children and the double sinks allow the adults to use the bathroom with their kids together. The MDF panels used in the cabinetry of the vanity is easy to clean and maintain making it a convenient to clean.

Spotlight: See full project specifications + Pictures of the bathroom renovation shown below. 

The cost to renovate the bathroom below would be on a slightly higher side because of the choice of fittings. The tiles used in the feature wall of the wet area from Tile Depot are of the size 6.5 x 20 which is a fairly small size. This means that it is a lot more labour intensive to install as opposed to tiles in a larger format as there is less grouting to do. These Artisan Moss green tiles come in various shades of green with a glossy texture are also from Tile Depot’s more premium range in tiles.

The custom built vanity and benchtop also contributes to higher cost of the bathroom.

DSC00238, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This bathroom is a good example of a bathroom design for families with young children. The ample space in the wet area is a perfect space for adults to bathe their children.

Bathroom Renovation in West Harbour 

This bathroom renovation features a large bathtub which is again a good addition when you have young children. The free standing bathtub makes it easier to clean around the tub which allows for a healthy and hygienic environment.

Spotlight: See full project specifications + Before and After pictures.

As this bathroom is quite large, with full wall and floor tiles, a free standing bathtub, a vanity, toilet and custom tiled shower, the cost to renovate this bathroom would be between $35,000 to $38,000. The fixtures chosen for this bathroom design were from mid-range brands which means that the cost were on the lower side compared to if the fixtures were more premium.

IMG_0749, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This bathroom renovation design shows a free standing bathtub.

2.      Growing family/Increase convenience

A growing family might mean that you need more space for adults to live comfortably in the house. This could either mean creating a separate toilet or dividing one en-suite into a toilet and a bathroom. If you have space in your home, then you can add an entire bathroom to increase convenience.

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Bathroom renovation in Albany

This type of a bathroom renovation is good for families with young children but also families with grown up children. It has a shower as well as a bathtub which would suit members of all ages in a family.

Spotlight: See full project specifications + More pictures for project below.

DSC00260, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Our clients have shown a strong preference for modern bathroom designs due to their versatility and ability to complement a wide range of home styles. To achieve an attractive contrast, we opted for oversized dark tiles on the floor that coordinated well with the neutral color palettes of the walls and bathtub. Additionally, we aimed to create a cozy atmosphere in the room by installing floating vanities made of wood.


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This home was renovated for a large family. Bathrooms were created in a space that previously was a bedroom for two young girls. See full project specifications below:

Bathroom renovation in Avondale for a growing 3 generational family

3.      Adding Value for Re-sale

We advise clients to not over capitalise if you are looking at adding value before a sale or renting your home. Renters and buyers alike prefer homes where they do not have to renovate. They want homes that are updated with little or no need of repairs.

Generally speaking, bathroom renovations add $1.50 for every $1 spent. People looking at selling their home should look at using simple yet updated products and fixtures. There is no need to buy a designer sink costing you $3000 if you are selling as that will not yield any return on investment.

Bathroom renovation in St Heliers to Add value to sell

ff5b-H2105474-hires.20332-WEB13, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This bathroom design features a narrow bathtub to accommodate the small layout of the bathroom, wall hung vanity, dark hued tiles and a tiled glass shower. The walls were lain only halfway across the ceiling to keep the bathroom renovation costs down.

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Bathroom Design NZ Guide – For Guest Bathrooms and Master Ensuite Bathroom

A guide on Small Bathroom Designs – Layout, Cost of Bathroom and Design 

4.      Improving quality of living/Adding a luxury bathroom

If you are renovating with the idea of adding comfort and a bit of luxury, then overcapitalising is not a bad idea at all. You can opt for a Wet room style bathroom if you have a small space, create a spa like feel or even splurge on that $3000 sink. The possibilities are endless depending on your budget.

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Spotlight: Contemporary bathroom renovation in Titirangi

While the bathroom below may look like a simple bathroom renovation, it in fact is a work of art when it comes to its tiling work. The art deco tiles used on the floors required a high skill level to tile and grout because all the tiles had to be perfectly laid to match the patterns of the other tiles to create the design.

DSC00165-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

The fixtures used in this bathroom like the vanity, mirror cupboard and matte black tapware are from a more premium range of bathroom supplies using brands such as St Michels, and Methven.

DSC00168, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

See more Luxury bathroom renovations…

Luxury Bathroom in Parnell

Dark and Moody bathroom in Redvale

Spotlight: This bathroom renovation in Mellons Bay, features a dramatic with design with matte tiles that look seamless and without grout lines.

DSC03720, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

The shower features a sliding door which is a feature that increases the overall cost of the bathroom renovation compared to glass doors that open like a door. The vanity is also custom built with a round black top mounted basin. The MDF wooden looking textured panels of the vanity exudes some warms in the overall bathroom design.

DSC03724, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

4.Tips for Reducing the Average Cost of A New Bathroom Renovation

You also need to keep in mind that the average cost of A new bathroom renovation is just an estimate.  However, there are some ways to reduces the costs of your bathroom renovation including:

  • Your Bathroom Cabinets- Instead of replacing those bathroom cabinets consider restraining them or painting them in a new modern color. You can also refinish your bathtub and sink and give it a new bright look.
  • Go for New Faucets and Handles Instead of All New Bathroom Appliances- Many times simply changing your sink and bath tub handles and faucets is enough to give your bathroom a more modern look.
  • Go Lighter- You don’t have to actually enlarge your bathroom to make it look spacious. In fact painting your bathroom in a lighter yellow or beige can make it look spacious without breaking down a wall.

Whether you want a complete bathroom renovation or just want to give your bathroom a new face lift then give us a call at 0800-199-888 between the hours of 9 and 5 and we will be happy to be of assistance.

If you are not yet ready to renovate your bathroom, then feel free to visit our Renovation showroom in Wairau Valley which features 5 bathroom renovation displays, 3 Kitchen renovation displays and hundreds of renovation materials to help you get ideas with your bathroom Renovation. Our renovation showroom is open 7 days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Check out the directions to our showroom here. 

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Making the most of Small Bathroom designs + Mistakes to Avoid when designing a small bathroom 

cover-video-showroom-showcase, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Average cost to replace shower NZ

An average replacement shower costs can be between $1,150 to $8,850, depending on the size and features you want. You might pay as little as $1,150 to install a new acrylic shower box – while tiled showers are a more luxurious option they are harder to clean, so those who are time poor may prefer to go for the easy clean acrylic option. If you need to add plumbing or you want to use expensive materials, the total will run higher, particularly if you’re wanting to do a full re-tile.

Unit Parts

Cost of Labour and Materials

Acrylic Shower Box $900 – $1,800 +
Custom Shower $1,900 – $3,200
Shower Glass Door $1,200 – $2,000
New Faucet $250 – $1,200
Adding Plumbing $900 – $2,100 +

Spotlight: Bathroom Renovation in Redvale, Auckland

This bathroom was renovated in dark tones of grey and brown for tiles with a custom tiled shower and custom made vanity.

See full project specifications + Pictures for this bathroom renovation. 

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-24, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

4.Cost to Install Tile Shower

Tile showers are on the higher range and it is reflected in the price, installing a new tile shower runs $1,550 to $8,250. If you only need to replace the wall and floor materials, the cost to retile a shower ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 which doesn’t include waterproofing costs. It offers more options in terms of colour, pattern and design. Well-designed tiled walls can look stunning.

Ceramic tiles are around $25 per square metre. Natural stone and other high-end options can go up to $75 per square metre.

Costs to Replace a Shower

Remove Old Unit $100 – $200
Haul Away Debris $200 – $400
Prepare Surface $400 – $900
New Shower $850 – $6,750
Total $1,550 – $8,250


5.Average Toilet Renovation Cost

Most homes in Auckland have a separate and often neglected toilet. Usually the space is small, there is the old style discoloured Vinyl flooring and an a toilet hardly to be proud of. If you are renovating your bathroom then this would be a good time to consider renovating your toilet as well. This would save you time as both the bathroom and toilet can be renovated side by side. Generally it works out cheaper if the toilet renovation is done together with the bathroom renovation so there is no double up in labour/resources and product.

This includes removing all fixtures, toilet, basin (if any) and accessories in the bathroom before re-tiling. It takes about 5-10 or so working days per toilet, and new accessories have to be purchased prior to commencement.

Below is a rough toilet renovation price and job scope as a guide.

Tiling Works

  1. Supply & Overlay Wall Tiles To Ceiling Height — $1900-$3150 (Depending on Size and Complexity)
  2. Supply & Overlay Floor Tiles For Toilet — $800 – $1000

Plumbing Works

  1. Supply & Install 01 Set Toilet Bowl & Bidet Spray For Toilet — $520 – $850 (Depending on Model)
  2. Supply & Install 01 set Wash Basin w/ Tap — $250 – $420 (Depending on Model)
  3. Supply & Replace Stainless Steel Piping for Toilet — $450 – $800 (Depending on Hot/Cold)

Haulage & Disposal

  1. Haulage & Disposal of Debris Generated — $350 – $600

Items To Purchase

  1. Purchase of New Toilet & Accessories for the Toilet Renovation — $200 to $300 and above

Estimated Toilet Renovation Cost: $6xxx.xx and up for full toilet renovation overlay job
Estimated Turnaround: 5-6 Working Days

Spotlight: Vintage bathroom renovation in North Shore (pictured below) 

DSC02144-Copy, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This bathroom renovation highlights the use of bathroom fixtures that contribute to the overall bathroom design. Our client wanted a vintage bathroom design and hence we chose vintage fixtures from Englefield.

Watch Kalun from Tile Depot discussing emerging Tiling Trends

6.How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom – NZ average

Pricing guide for 2024 (updated)

Once you know your exact reason to renovate then you can start planning your budget for your renovation. If you are carrying out your renovation through a renovation company then your renovation would include demolition, supplying of products and fixtures, installation, water proofing, flooring, painting and most importantly project management.


Type of Bathroom Renovation Average Bathroom Renovation Cost
Standard Bathroom Minor Alterations (Not Demolishing Everything)

If you’d like to keep the cost of your bathroom renovation on the low side or at least lower than the average cost, you have options. Instead of completely rearranging the bathroom, it’s less expensive to leave the sink, bathtub, shower and toilet where they are. Simply swap the older models for newer, updated versions.

$8,000 – $13,000 (this would be applicable as a DIY job or if you just get a plumber to replace some fixtures. This is not applicable when using a renovation company). 
Mid Range Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom has several benefits for the homeowner, aside from making the room look better and improving its function. Adding another sink to a master bathroom, improving the lighting and making the shower function better are a few examples of bathroom updates that pay off in the long run. This type of bathroom renovation is done usually with a mix of mid-range fixtures, and few premium fixtures.

$26,000 – $32,000 (with a renovation company to include materials, all labour and, fixtures and project management) 
Custom Bathroom Renovation (high-end)

If you have a bit more to spend, you can upgrade your renovation in a few ways. One option is to get higher-quality, custom countertops, such as quartz or custom-cut granite. Also, you may want to invest in higher-quality fixtures, such as faucets made of bronze or copper and solid wood, glazed cabinets.

$34,000 – $40,000 + (with a renovation company to include materials, all labour and, fixtures and project management)  


8.Example’s of completed bathroom renovations

Completed by Superior Renovations

Featured Projects (Mid Range to Luxury)

Sarah’s Luxury Bathroom renovation in Redvale, Auckland

We renovated two of these bathrooms to give a luxury feel but was actually a mid range bathroom. The bathroom was fully renovated before selling the property. One of the highlights of this project was the custom built vanities to maximise the space in the bathroom. See full project specifications + photos

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-7, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-24, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Todd Chandler’s Mid-Range Bathroom renovation in St Heliers 

We renovated Todd’s 3 leaky bathrooms in a contemporary style with wooden looking tiles and cabinets. The wooden looking tiles against the white fixtures made the bathroom look spacious and modern. See project specifications

d064-H2105474-hires.20233-WEB12-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland Superior-Renovations-Renovations-Auckland-6-1-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Luxury Contemporary bathroom renovation in Titirangi, Auckland

Our client wanted to renovate her bathroom to match the aesthetics of the rest of her home. The highlight of this renovation was the clever use of patterns for their tiles to give it a contemporary artisan look. See full project specifications + Photos.

DSC00169, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00120, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland




Mary Stuart’s Spanish style bathroom with Mosaic tiles

Mary’s kitchen and bathroom in Stanmore Bay was renovated by keeping the design of Spanish Villa’s in mind. The bathroom was painted Blue with Mosaic tiles as feature on the walls. A brass sink and tap-ware added to the feel of a Spanish rustic villa see project specifications.

renovations-auckland-11-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland renovations-auckland-12-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
renovations-auckland-7-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06389-1024x681, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Designer Bathroom in Westmere

designer-bathroom-auckland-3-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland designer-bathroom-auckland-6, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
designer-bathroom-auckland-9, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland designer-bathroom-auckland-18, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


9. Small Bathroom Renovation Cost (NZ)

Renovating a bathroom is a significant undertaking for any homeowner, often involving a complex blend of trades and considerations. In New Zealand, where space is sometimes at a premium, the challenges of renovating smaller bathrooms can be particularly pronounced. Contrary to popular belief, however, the size of the bathroom doesn’t necessarily correlate directly with the renovation cost. Let’s delve into the intricacies of small bathroom renovations in New Zealand and explore why the size might not be the primary determinant of expenses.

One common misconception among homeowners is that the size of their bathroom will significantly impact the renovation cost. However, the reality is that while larger bathrooms may require more materials such as tiles and waterproofing membranes, the fundamental aspects of the renovation process remain consistent regardless of size. The need for plumbing, demolition, electrical work, painting, installation, and other specialized trades persists whether you’re renovating a compact powder room or a spacious ensuite.

Bathroom renovations involve a multitude of trades, each contributing their expertise to different facets of the project. From plumbing to tiling, electrical work to painting, and everything in between, the coordination of these specialized trades is essential for a successful renovation. In smaller bathrooms, the same array of trades is required, albeit within a more confined space. This means that the costs associated with engaging these professionals remain relatively consistent, regardless of the bathroom’s size.

While the renovation process itself may not vary significantly based on size, the choice and placement of fixtures and fittings can influence the overall cost. In smaller bathrooms, there is less space available for larger showers, vanities, or freestanding baths. Consequently, homeowners may opt for more compact or space-saving alternatives, which could potentially reduce the cost of these products compared to their larger counterparts. However, it’s essential to balance cost considerations with functionality and aesthetic preferences to ensure the final result meets your needs and desires.

It’s crucial to distinguish between a full bathroom renovation and minor upgrades or maintenance. While replacing a few components or addressing specific issues may incur lower costs, a comprehensive renovation involves overhauling the entire space. This includes addressing structural issues, updating plumbing and electrical systems, replacing fixtures, and often reconfiguring the layout to optimize space utilization and functionality. As such, the costs associated with a full renovation are more substantial but offer the opportunity for a transformative and long-lasting upgrade to your home.

The cost of renovating a small bathroom in New Zealand is not solely determined by its size. While smaller bathrooms may require less material for certain aspects such as tiling, the overall cost is influenced by factors such as the complexity of the renovation, the involvement of specialized trades, and the selection of fixtures and fittings. By understanding these nuances and carefully planning your renovation project, you can achieve a stylish and functional bathroom that enhances your home’s value and your quality of life.


10. How Much To Tile A Bathroom (NZ)

If you’re looking to tile your bathroom in New Zealand, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Tiling can really transform the look of your bathroom, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into financially. Let’s break it down.

Cost to Tile a Bathroom: Per Square Metre Breakdown

The cost to tile a bathroom can vary depending on the size of the tiles you choose and the amount of tiling and grout work required. Here’s a handy table to give you an idea:

Tile Size Cost per Square Metre Comments
Small (10×10 cm) $60 – $100 More grout work, higher labour cost
Medium (30×30 cm) $50 – $90 Standard choice, balanced cost
Large (60×60 cm) $70 – $120 Less grout work, but can be trickier to install

Factors Affecting the Cost to Tile a Bathroom

  1. Size of the Tiles: Smaller tiles generally mean more grout lines and more work for the installer, which can increase the cost.
  2. Amount of Tiling: Full wall and floor tiling will cost more than just tiling the shower area.
  3. Pattern and Complexity: Intricate patterns and layouts can also bump up the price because they take longer to install.

Added Costs for Waterproofing

Waterproofing is a crucial step when tiling a bathroom, especially in areas that get a lot of moisture, like the shower. Skipping this can lead to serious issues down the line, such as mold and water damage.

Waterproofing Costs

Here’s what you can expect to pay for waterproofing your bathroom in New Zealand:

Area Cost Range Comments
Shower area $300 – $500 Essential for preventing leaks and water damage
Entire bathroom (walls and floors) $600 – $1,200 Recommended for complete protection

Total Cost Estimate

So, how much will it all add up to? Let’s say you have a medium-sized bathroom of 10 square metres. If you choose medium-sized tiles and decide to waterproof the entire bathroom, here’s a rough estimate:

  • Tiling: 10 sqm x $70 (average cost for medium tiles) = $700
  • Waterproofing: Around $1,000 for the whole bathroom

Total estimated cost: $1,700

Remember, these are just ballpark figures. The actual cost to tile a bathroom in New Zealand can vary based on the specific materials you choose and the complexity of the job. Always get a few quotes from local tilers to get a precise estimate.


11. Can You Renovate Your Bathroom Cheaply?

First up, if you’re into DIY, you’re already saving big. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Plan and Budget: Begin with a solid plan. Identify what you want to change – maybe it’s the tiles, fixtures, or a new vanity. Use trusted budgeting tools from Consumer NZ to keep your costs in check.
  2. Keep the Plumbing As-Is: This is essential. Moving plumbing is a major cost driver. Stick to the existing positions of your sink, toilet, and shower.
  3. Paint and Refresh: A fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Opt for moisture-resistant paint recommended by Resene, a well-known New Zealand paint company. You can also repaint tiles with special tile paint for a fresh look without replacing them.
  4. Update Fixtures: Replace old taps, showerheads, and handles. This simple upgrade can make a huge difference and is generally easy to do on your own.
  5. Re-Grout and Seal: Refresh your tiles by re-grouting and sealing. It’s a bit of elbow grease, but it yields a clean, new appearance.

Sourcing Materials and Fittings

Here’s where to find your materials and fittings:

  • Online Marketplaces: Websites like Trade Me and Facebook Marketplace are excellent for finding second-hand or discounted bathroom fittings and fixtures.
  • DIY Stores: Bunnings and Mitre 10 often have sales or clearance items that are perfect for a budget-friendly renovation.
  • Salvage Yards: Don’t overlook architectural salvage yards, such as those listed on Builderscrack. They offer unique and affordable pieces.

Hiring Individual Trades

If DIY isn’t your thing, or for tasks requiring a professional touch, hiring individual tradespeople can be more cost-effective than a full-service contractor. Here’s how to manage it:

  1. Find Tradespeople: Use local community groups on Facebook, or websites like Builderscrack or NoCowboys to find reputable plumbers, electricians, and tilers. Always get multiple quotes to ensure fair pricing.
  2. Schedule and Manage: Act as your own project manager. Coordinate the tradespeople yourself to ensure timely and orderly work.
  3. Do Some Prep Work: Handle simple tasks yourself, like demolition or surface prep, to save on labor costs.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Reuse and Upcycle: If your existing vanity or fixtures are still in decent shape, consider painting or refinishing them instead of buying new ones.
  • Affordable Alternatives: Look for laminate or composite countertops that mimic the appearance of pricier materials without the high cost.
  • Simple Updates: Sometimes, just updating the mirror or adding new accessories can dramatically improve your bathroom’s look.

Example Scenario

Imagine you want to refresh your bathroom. You decide to keep the layout the same to avoid plumbing costs. You find a nearly-new vanity on Trade Me for half the price of a new one. You paint the walls yourself with moisture-resistant paint from Resene. You hire a local tiler you found on Builderscrack to re-tile the shower area, but you remove the old tiles yourself to reduce labor costs. Finally, you replace the old taps and showerhead with new ones you found on sale at Mitre 10.

By blending DIY efforts with strategic hiring and sourcing materials wisely from trusted sources, you’ve managed a cheap bathroom renovation that looks great and didn’t cost a fortune.



To summarise

How much does it cost to replace a shower NZ?

An average replacement shower costs can be between $1,150 to $8,850

What is the cost to install a tile shower?

Tile showers are on the higher range and it is reflected in the price, installing a new tile shower runs $1,550 to $8,250

How much does it cost to renovate a toilet only?

The average cost to renovate a toilet in NZ is around $6,000 which includes products, installation, plumbing, and labour.

How much does a full bathroom (mid-range) renovation cost?

A major bathroom renovation can involve changing the layout of bathroom, purchasing new bathroom appliances, purchasing fixtures, changing flooring, new paint, changing plumbing and electrical work may mean an an average cost between $28,000 and $32,000 for a mid-range bathroom.


If you’re looking for “specific” cost estimates, try our Renovation Cost Calculator Tools


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