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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Kitchen Design by our kitchen designers

When thinking about your kitchen design, you often think that it will mean a lot of fun and creativity. Kitchen renovations are not cheap so if you are looking at renovating or designing your kitchen then you would have thought long and hard about it. It’s a change that you’re willing to invest in to create a better space and environment that is best suited towards your aesthetic and liking. Not every kitchen design works for every family. An open plan kitchen design could work for some family dynamics while an separate kitchen might work for others.

Getting the kitchen design is vital for a fully functioning kitchen that works for your family and a space that you can enjoy in as a family.

Although the second we get into the process of designing and changing up our space it can become overwhelming. What colour goes best? What style is better? There are a hundred questions popping through your mind to ensure that you’re not spending thousands to end up making a mistake. Kitchen designers however are trained to put your vision into a working and fully functioning reality which is why they are often an integral part of a kitchen renovation process.

It is also easily possible to make mistakes when designing your kitchen so we created the top 10 mistakes that our designers have outlined that you should avoid during a kitchen renovation. We have also outlined the top design trend in kitchen design as well as bathroom design to find out what most Aucklanders prefer in terms of style.


In this Article:

  • Mistakes to avoid in your kitchen design
  • Design process at Superior Renovations
  • Elements of a contemporary bathroom
  • Elements of a modern kitchen

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Kitchen Design

There are many mistakes that are bound to happen when you’re designing your own kitchen for the first time. Kitchen designs require more thought as they are many factors, elements, and materials to consider which can make you unintentionally make these mistakes.

Here are 10 mistakes that you should avoid in your kitchen design.

1. Not Planning your Kitchen Design Properly

Planning and creating a new kitchen suited towards your needs or changing it to make it more modern is always exciting. You finally get to create a new space that you know you’ll love and enjoy spending time in. But it can be overwhelming as you’re looking on Pinterest for kitchen ideas and whilst they look good, they might not be the most functional for you. Not planning your kitchen design properly is a common mistake that people make as there’s so many factors to consider.

When thinking about your kitchen design, consider these 3 things.

  1. Convenience and Practically

When designing your kitchen, always have in consideration of making your kitchen convenience and practical for you and your family. Consider separating each section of the kitchen into 5 zones for consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation, and cooking. Doing this will ensure that your new kitchen will be organised and easy for you to use and within reach.

  1. Optimise your Kitchen Capacity

Storage plays a huge factor when designing your kitchen as there are many things we need to store in the kitchen. You want to create a kitchen that has heaps of storage space for your kitchenware and appliances. Consider including overhead cabinets and shelves to help reduce clutter in your kitchen.

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  1. How to Design your Kitchen Layout (Dos and Don’ts). 

Knowing the right layout for your kitchen is an important step to consider when designing your kitchen as you’d need to decide where your main kitchen components go like kitchen sink, countertop, fridge, etc. Picking the right layout for your kitchen will help eliminate any future clutter and help ensure the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen construction.

Do put ceiling lights along countertops

Having good lighting in your kitchen is important as it can create mood lighting and create a nice atmosphere in the room. Putting ceiling lights along the countertops will create more light for the work area. Using recessed lights will be perfect for installing lights along the countertops and help open up the kitchen space. This can also eliminate any dark corners on your kitchen counter.

kitchen-sink-in-modern-house-kitchen-with-vegetables-internal-view-of-picture-id1002612584?k=20&m=1002612584&s=612x612&w=0&h=IvvBmZqpxACdkAJghrVX5ZgWsMzl-AFoWa1kAr_a4gg=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having lights under the counter | Photo Credit – iStock

Don’t position your fridge near a wall

In your kitchen design layout, the biggest mistake you can make is putting your fridge right next to a wall. This can be a problem as you might not measure enough space between the wall and your fridge. Which can result in not being able to open your fridge door all the way, which can be a bit annoying. Try to keep your fridge away from the wall so that the fridge door can open all the way.

Do get an island if space allows

A kitchen island provides more counter space in your kitchen as well as a place where everyone gathers. The kitchen can be the heart of your home and having an island tend to be where everybody goes. Whether that be to eat, work, or simply have conversations. Having a kitchen island incorporated in your kitchen would be highly recommended.

Don’t put your waste basket too far from the sink

It’s always a good idea to put your waste basket close to the sink as it makes it easier for you to dispose of any rubbish. The most popular idea to put your kitchen waste basket is inside a cabinet. One of those pull out rubbish bins, that way you’re able to hid the bin and mask any odours that might occur.

DSC07130-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Pull out waste basket near sink

Unsure about kitchen layouts? Check out one of our blogs discussing kitchen layouts and find the one best suited for you!

2. Not Considering the Kitchen Work Triangle

Ever heard of the kitchen work triangle? The kitchen work triangle is a theory that states a kitchen’s three main work areas should form a triangle. The triangle makes it easier for you to reach between your cooking, cleaning, and food storage area with ease, while also providing enough space between them to avoid crowding and for other people to walk through.

Although the kitchen work triangle might not be suited towards you needs, it comes as suggestion from our designers as following the kitchen work triangle will make your kitchen more efficient and we’ve achieved the kitchen work triangle in our past renovations.

3. Not Allowing for Storage Needs

Having adequate storage in a kitchen is crucial as we can often run out of space. Sometimes we may be renovating our kitchen to create more storage space to make our kitchen more organised and less cluttered. Kitchen storage is not limited to being confined to a wall or base cabinets. There are heaps of different ways you can make the most out of your storage space. For a modern design kitchen, consider using open shelving or wall cabinets with glass doors.

4 Ideas to Utilise Storage Space in Your Kitchen   

  1. Make Use of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are often left empty as putting stuff there can cause them to be in our way when trying to find what we need in our kitchen drawers. Thought the inside of your cabinet doors is filled with storage possibilities and this is something you should consider utilising your storage space in your kitchen. You could install hooks to store pans or add a slim rack to stash your pot lids and keep all your pots and pans in one place.

  1. Hanging Rack for Pots and Pans

Constantly tired of digging in your kitchen cabinet trying to find the right pan/pot to use? Installing a hanging rack in your kitchen for pots and pans can help eliminate clutter in your cabinet and provide more space for other kitchenware or appliances. That way you can see all your pots and pans in one setting and be able to easily take it out and use it.

DSC06441-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a hanging pot rack to utilise space

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  1. Utilise Wall Space

Make the most out of your wall space by installing a knife magnet which displays all your knives in a row. But if that seems too dangerous with kids running around, consider putting in open shelves in your wall space in your kitchen. Having open shelving can be used as extra storage space and it will also become part of the kitchen décor which you could add small plants or succulents.

  1. Give Your Island Drawers

Considering going for an island kitchen layout? To get more storage space, always choose to have drawers in your island. That way you have more storage space for your kitchenware and island handles are often hidden so at first sight, people won’t even notice that your island has drawers.

DSC06905-1200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Kitchen Island with drawers

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4.  Not Having Enough Bench Space

Ensuring that you have enough storage space is as important as creating enough bench space in your kitchen. Most household nowadays have appliances like a toaster, coffee machine or an air fryer, and if you’re someone that loves purchasing small kitchen appliances or decorations then making sure you have enough counter space is important

3 Tips to Utilise your Bench Space

  1. Incorporate a Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island provides another space for food preparation or you could add some barstools and create an eating, working or entertaining space to. Not only does a kitchen island create more storage, it’s also a nice space to entertain people and if you like creating a charcuterie board, the kitchen island makes a great space to take photos and gather friends and family around.

house-renovation-epsom-auckland-23-1000-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Finished kitchen renovation in Epsom

87-empire-rd-page-011-1-300x234, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

3D Design of Kitchen

See more 3D design photos of this kitchen!

  1. Ditch the Double Sink

How often do you end up using 2 sinks? If you answer rarely, only consider sticking with one sink. Having one sink leaves you with more bench space for food preparation, decorations, or appliance placement. Having 2 sinks are always nice but if bench space is more important to you then having one sink is ideal. Especially if you have a small kitchen. Having one sink provides you with more bench space.

  1. Induction Cooktop

Not only are the induction cooktop used as a stove but when they’re turned off then can even be used as another space for food preparation. Can be a place to put your groceries, ingredients, or a mixing bowl without worrying about it spilling or falling. The best thing about having an induction cooktop is that they’re discrete, so depending on the angle it can be invisible. Another bonus is that the cooktops heat up and cool down quickly.

DSC07051-1200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Induction Cooktop in Kitchen

Notice how the induction cooktop blends in with the counter. At first glance you don’t notice the cooktop unless you look at it closely.

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5. Hindering Ventilation

When thinking about your kitchen design, always consider ventilation. Ventilation plays a huge part in your kitchen as cooking produces lots of smoke, steam, and odours which can irritate eyes and skin. Having good ventilation in your kitchen can create more comfort as kitchen hoods can provide ventilation to control the air temperature.

How to Improve Ventilation in Your Kitchen

  1. Use a Range Hood

Kitchen hoods are one of the best ways to improve ventilation in your kitchen. Not only do they help remove steam when cooking but they also filter out grease as well. Using your kitchen hood properly means to turn it on when you start cooking and not during the middle or at the end. Be sure to clean your filters regularly to maintain good ventilation.

  1. Open Windows

As we all know, opening windows helps let in fresh air which can help get rid of any odours in our house. It’s something that we do whenever it’s sunny. Opening windows during food preparation and when you’re cooking can help improve ventilation in your kitchen. The open window doesn’t have to be in the kitchen, it can be in another room. Whatever works for you as opening any window can help circulation in your house and improve ventilation.

DSC05453-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Window in the kitchen, letting natural light in

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  1. Use a Splatter Guard

Using a splatter guard is another way to improve ventilation in your house as they can help prevent any grease and grim from flying around. The splatter guard can also help protect your cabinets and splashback. The splatter guard is a more affordable option and won’t take up any valuable space and is easy to wash.

  1. Invest In an Air Purifier

An air purifier is another useful way to improve ventilation in your kitchen as well as your entire house. This option may not be everyone due to how expensive air purifiers can be, but they do come with great benefits and it’s something to consider. Air purifiers helps remove bad odours and is portable so you can move it to whichever room you want.

rendering-of-a-white-air-cleaner-making-indoor-air-fresh-all-day-in-a-picture-id1272073986?k=20&m=1272073986&s=612x612&w=0&h=qRV7CK3_dX2vjDxAhRDkvq5pEzqogStcc7h8Yv18AuA=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of air purifier in room | Photo credit – iStock

6.  Forgetting about power points

Power points is the last thing that comes to mind when designing your kitchen as they’re a small item that you need. Whilst power points are essential to have in your household and kitchen, the main problem with power points is placement. Where should power points go in your kitchen? You can’t put them near sinks, and they also need to be well placed so that you can access them easily and prevent overload.

Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-33, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Power outlets that can be pushed back into the counter

This is a great example of installing power outlets into your island or countertop as they can be pushed back into the counter or island and won’t be in the way. Makes it more convenient and less of a tangled mess of wires when using kitchen appliances.

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7. Not being creative enough with the design

Picking the right colour for your kitchen can be challenging. Having the right colour scheme can change the aesthetic of your kitchen. It’s almost tempting to have an all-white kitchen as white can go with anything. Use colours to add contrast to your kitchen and try refrain from having an all-white kitchen, unless that is what you’re after. Installing a nice splashback with a pattern or design can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Check our our blog discussing kitchen colour schemes

8. Poor Lighting

Having good lighting is important as lighting can change the room and adds functionality and it a key component to a great kitchen design. Unfortunately lighting comes as a last thought just like power outlets which is why we need to avoid this mistake. This is an important step to consider as nobody likes having a dark kitchen or uneven lighting.

Best Lighting for Your Kitchen Design and Where to Put Them

  1. What is Task Lighting?

Task lighting focuses on a specific area to provide targeted illumination for accomplishing tasks. This is useful lighting to have in your kitchen as it can be put under your cabinet for extra lighting. Having a well-placed task light can define and highlight the areas of your kitchen where you’re chopping, washing, or serving food. Having task lighting will get rid of any dark countertop corners and remove any shadows. LED strips are perfect for this.

parnell-house-renovation-2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of task lighting in kitchen

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  1. What is Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting is used to create a modern and illuminate the room. While there are many different options to choose from when deciding on what lighting you want. The most popular is recessed lighting. These lighting fit right into your ceiling and makes your kitchen look sleeker, while giving ample light to your space. The key thing to remember when using recessed lights is the placement as you want them to look appealing on your ceiling.

When choosing recessed lights, always go for white light bulbs.

  1. What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting is purely used as decorative lights that adds to the existing lighting in your kitchen. There are many different lights you can use for accent lighting like a wall lights or pendent lights. Accent lights creates a soft focus on certain key elements in your kitchen based off where you put them. This is one of the versatile kitchen lighting ideas as you can put them wherever you like and there are no limitations.

9. Not asking for professional advice

We love sticking to a budget and creating our own little project that we can do ourselves. There are many different ways that you’re able to change up your kitchen without having to rip everything apart or take things out. But it’s always wise to ask for professional help as it can help you save thousands of dollars and prevent you from making any expensive mistake.

10. Choose the wrong tapware.

When picking finishing touches for your kitchen, there are many different styles and design that you may like. Be careful to always pick finishing touches that are the same style as your kitchen design. You don’t want to have your new kitchen looking odd with different finishing touches. If you’re after a contemporary kitchen, stick with brass tapware.

What is our Design Process?

Design processes can be tricky and confusing if it’s not explained to you properly. Especially if it’s your first time choosing the right company to make your design come true. To ensure that you understand what happens, here is our design process.

  1. Site visit

Once you’ve had your first consultation with our designers, the next step will be to arrange a time that works for everyone so that our designer can have a site visit. This is a required step as our designers are about to take measurements and have a more in depth discussion with you about what you want and what’d you like.

  1. Designing the layout

Based on the measurements taken from the site visit, our designers are then able to starting researching and designing the best layout or style that is bested suited for you. While they’re designing the perfect layout, they’ll also give suggestion based on the structure. We try our best to design a bathroom or kitchen that is based off your requirements but our designers do make suggestions here and there.

  1. Colour Design and material choosing

Once we’ve finished designing the layout, we add some colour and materials that you have picked out for your kitchen or bathroom. During this process, our designers Cici and Dorothy are able to go with you to pick out colours and fittings and be able to give suggestions along the way.

  1. Finalise all the fittings and appliances

Lastly, we finalise all your fittings and appliances in the design and from then on, they’ll email you the finished 3D design that they have created for you. From then you can discuss with our designers about any changes you’d like to make. Once you’ve approved of the design, then we’re able to start renovating and making you one step closer to having your dream room!

0001-300x212, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

One of our 3D kitchen designs

Want more information about the process? Here is how we work with you!

Key Mistake to Avoid Making in the Design Process

The main mistake that you should avoid making in the design process is not communicating with our designers properly. Communication is an important step when renovating as miscommunication can create problems and end up having you wasting thousands on something you don’t like.

Advice From Our Designer

When trying to design your own kitchen or bathroom by yourself, our designers advice is to make sure that your design makes the space highly functionally and aesthetically pleasing but making your space aesthetically pleasing is a personal choice. Some more advice for you when you’re designing your own kitchen or bathroom, you should always question why you want to redesign the space. But most importantly, our designers have advised that you should always seek out professional help.

Before starting on your design, you need to first consider what kind of style would suit you best and go well with the rest of the house. To provide you with the best information possible, we’ve asked Cici and Dorothy our in house designers on what they think is the most popular style and trend for a kitchen or bathroom design. Our in house designers Cici and Dorothy both said that the most popular style for bathroom or kitchen is contemporary and modern.

Our in house designer Dorothy said, ‘that most clients prefer modern or contemporary design as they both has simple elements to boost the room size and tend to be naturally brighter.”

Down below, we have listed some elements that you need to make your bathroom or kitchen style look contemporary or modern.

Elements of a Contemporary Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathrooms just so happens to be the most popular bathroom style. We’ve also asked our designers on what style is popular when it comes to bathrooms and they both said contemporary. This style is most popular as you’re able to incorporate some modern features here and there.

Here are 6 elements that you need for your contemporary style bathroom.

1.     Neutral Foundation

When thinking about having a contemporary style bathroom, neutral hues is the way to go when thinking about colour choices. Contemporary bathrooms mainly use white, black or a neutral colour for the overall look of the bathroom. Pure white or black foundations work best, and it allows you more freedom to decorate your bathroom to your liking. Later on in your bathroom decorations, you can also be able to accentuate the setting with a vibrant greenery and natural earthy materials. You can always use some vibrate colours as well to frame the room and give it a unique vibe.

2.     Introducing Natural Elements Throughout

Designing a contemporary bathroom can be challenging as there are only certain elements you can choose that is within your style. Introducing natural elements throughout your bathroom can play a vital role to create a perfect symbiosis between modern sleek and timeless traditional. Opt for using natural materials like choosing natural instead of man-made materials. Look for hardwood, bamboo, cork, or stone to bring a bit of outdoors into your bathroom.

Natural Elements you can Add to your Bathroom

  1. Widen Windows

Consider having bigger windows in your bathroom instead of small one. This can add a sense of tranquillity in your bathroom. Having a wider window also helps let in fresh air which is good for ventilation and getting rid of any damp bathroom smell. Having wider windows also helps let in more natural sunlight which provides your bathroom with a more natural look.

bathroom-ideas-by-superior-renovations-17-1-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Wider windows in bathroom

  1. Natural Light

Allowing as much natural light into your bathroom will provide a natural element and make the bathroom feel more open. Try to avoid covering your windows during the daytime as you’ll block the natural light. If you’re concerned for your privacy, consider incorporating plants outside your bathroom window. So you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor view from your bathroom while still maintaining your privacy.

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-5, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Natural sunlight in bathroom

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  1. Add Greenery

Adding some succulents or plants to your bathroom decoration can help add vibrancy and natural focal points to your bathroom. Some plants can decrease levels of certain pollutants, reduce airborne dust, increase humidity and lower stress levels for people who see them.

3.     Clean Lines

Clean horizontal lines are a main element of a contemporary bathroom as this can be applied to bathtubs, cabinets, and fixtures. Curvy, undulating planes have little relevance in a contemporary bathroom. Though the sharpness of certain elements can be softened with smooth angles as well. Think rectilinear in your cabinet choices to keep it basic.

DSC00262-1170x800, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Clean lines in this modern contemporary bathroom

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4.     Less Ornamentation

Contemporary bathroom designs requires little to no ornamentation as contemporary design is all about sleek, clean lines. White tiles with solid colours or natural grain and texture are preferred over ones with ornate patterns. Instead of using ornate details and décor, contemporary spaces tend to stick more to colours with hues that are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

luxury-modern-renovated-apartment-with-closets-walkins-very-well-picture-id1276846269?k=20&m=1276846269&s=612x612&w=0&h=o9MqffLiq1avMAqjq6nd45E_2sbcppXW_GQqh7ssM9E=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of lack of ornamentation | Photo credit – iStock

5.     Simple Lighting

In contemporary bathrooms, simplicity is a running theme that extends towards lighting as well. Natural lighting is an important element to have in your contemporary bathroom as this can be easily achieved with the right choice of windows. Consider non ornate lighting fixtures or cone lighting on the walls, ample overhead lighting as well as top lighting for your vanity.

6.     Lack of Clutter

Contemporary spaces have a minimalistic aesthetic and may not be well suited for everyone. Appliances and bathroom necessities like lotions, brushes, and appliances all how their own space hidden and tucked away so you’re not able to see it. Therefore it helps eliminate any clutter in the bathroom. Giving the bathroom a nice sleek look.

DSC00172, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Lack of clutter on sink counter

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Elements of a Modern Kitchen Design

Nowadays, the most popular kitchen style ranges from modern or contemporary or a mix of modern and contemporary elements. We asked our inhouse designers on which style is most popular that our clients choose and they both said modern.

Down below we have come up with 8 elements that make a modern kitchen.

1.     Flat-Panel Door Style

Having a flat-panel door style helps create a sleek look in your kitchen. This can also be referred to as a slab-door style and is a signature element of a modern kitchen design. This is best used for your kitchen cabinets and is one of the most popular style. Some modern kitchens may use the shaker door style, but that leans more towards a transitional kitchen.

DSC07644, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Flat Panel Door Style in Kitchen Design

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2.     Frameless, fully-overlay cabinet construction

There are many names that are thrown around to describe this cabinet construction. What it means is that the door overlays the cabinet box, because when you look at the cabinets all you see are doors. Using these cabinets will allow you to have the exact same spacing between all your cabinets and drawers. This style is often use to create a more sleeker look for your modern kitchen design.

3.     Sleek and Simple Hardware

Sleek and simple hardware can be integrated into cabinets as well as tubular or flat linear pulls. The sleek handles helps defines the cabinets. Modern kitchen cabinet are often pair with this type of hardware as it helps accentuates the lines of the cabinet. Full length cabinets are also a great option because it can add to the minimalist aesthetic and the horizontal lines will also be accentuated by the cabinet.

4.     Lack of Ornamentation

The lack of ornamentation is where contemporary and modern kitchen stop being similar. In a modern kitchen, you won’t have or see any patterned tile shapes or colour with a modern design. The splashback is often glass to tie in with the sleek look and in a modern kitchen style, there will be no patterns or veining.

DSC05288-1190x665, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Lack of Ornamentation in Kitchen Design

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5.     Reliance on the beauty of natural materials

While a modern kitchen lacks ornamentation, that doesn’t mean your modern kitchen can’t be decorate. Since they don’t use any ornamentation for decorations, modern style rely on natural elements and materials. Using natural characteristics in materials, like the horizontal grain of oak or the veining of marble can often be found to add variety to the kitchen.

Tips to Bring A Natural Feel To Your Kitchen Design

  1. Incorporate Large House Plants

Adding natural elements like houseplants can help add a natural feel to your kitchen. This is a great way to decorate your kitchen. If you kitchen has any free space and receives lots of natural light then adding large house plants that do well with the environment can make it look more natural and open up your kitchen a bit more.

big-fiddle-leaf-fig-tree-in-stylish-modern-pot-near-kitchen-furniture-picture-id1155459956?k=20&m=1155459956&s=612x612&w=0&h=LE1EzFQWKdmOZMD7goWyMTalmTzIpeeFZH89t9GbFFk=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of house plant in kitchen | Photo Credit – iStock

  1. Wood

Wood has always been a popular natural element to add to any design as there are many things that can be constructed out of wood. Like flooring, cabinets, furniture, etc. Using wood accents helps create a natural look that contrasts well with foliage and light and will do well to provide your kitchen with a natural feel.

  1. Skylight

Being able to incorporate a skylight in your kitchen will definitely give your kitchen a natural feel. Having a skylight brightens up your kitchen with the amount of natural light coming in and can create a warm atmosphere. Although, skylights may not be for everyone or is too expensive to install, consider having large windows. Having large windows in your kitchen is also a great way to let natural light in, making the space feel more open.

modern-asian-style-sun-filled-kitchen-picture-id157484184?k=20&m=157484184&s=612x612&w=0&h=EzU5dxZISzlZVSOJkqJEXSxmQV87jAE85M9eceWoKGM=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having natural light from large windows | Photo Credit – iStock

6.     Use of Horizontal Lines

In a modern kitchen design, they all share the same tendency to using horizontal lines. They can either be wide or long stacks of drawer cabinets lined in a row. The hardware of these cabinets are set long and horizontal so that they’re able to accentuate the lines of the drawers.

7.     Consistency in style of accent pieces

In a modern kitchen style, all accent pieces like bar stools, lighting, chairs and tables should stay consistent in colour and style or else you end up having an eclectic kitchen rather than a modern kitchen. Sleek bar stools and pendant lights are consistent with a modern style and in some cases, you can add some colour to your accent pieces and you kitchen can still look modern.

Renovation-Massey-West-Auckland-15, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Consistent accent style pieces across the kitchen design

To conclude, the design process can be tricky especially if it’s your first time. Creating your own design can be fun as you’re able to create something you know you’ll love. But there are many mistakes that you can make and hopefully with the help of this blog, you’re able to avoid these mistakes. This blog also contains elements of a contemporary bathroom and elements of a modern kitchen as those two styles are the most popular at the moment as said by our designers Cici and Dorothy

Following this guide will be sure to help you avoid any mistakes that you could make in your kitchen design and tips to ensure that you don’t make these mistakes in your kitchen design. So get out there and start designing a space that you’d love and enjoy spending time in!


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In our digital world, technology is constantly changing and getting better which should come as no surprise that people have invented ways to make our homes smarter and our lives easier. But if you’re still unsure about investing into smart homes, then this article is perfect for you. There are plenty of benefits to having a smart home, keep reading to find out more!

Smart homes may seem convenient for others, but others may also struggle with the idea of smart homes. Smart homes are a huge change and can impact how you and your family live for the next few years. When considering your kitchen or bathroom renovation and design consider installing some smart home appliances.


  • Benefits of having a Smart Home
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7 Benefits of Having a Smart Home in NZ

1.      Entertainment

The main form of entertainment we indulge in nowadays is connecting our streaming services to our Tv’s. Which provides you with a bigger screen to watch your favourite movie or tv show on. When first starting to invest in smart homes, Google Chromecast or Apple TV is a good starting point. These are smart home gadgets which can be controlled via voice if you have a compatible smart assistant. Not only is it exclusive to watching movies and tv shows, it’s also another way to blast your music while doing chores.


photo-1461151304267-38535e780c79?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8c21hcnQlMjB0dnxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Chromecast/Apple Tv

2.      General Appliances

There are many appliances that be control towards your smart home and make your life easier. There are a huge variety of smart appliances that you could choose from. Few examples are fridges, ovens, heaters, air conditioners, which those appliances are able to give you notifications. A popular appliance that most people have in their homes are automatic vacuums which will send you a notification once it’s finished or if it’s stuck somewhere in the house. Some appliances can be controlled on your phone or by using voice commands. Voice commands only work if you have a smart device, like Alexa or Google Assistant.

3.      Lighting and Temperature Control

Are you all comfy and warm in your bed but forgot to turn the lights off? With your smart home appliances like purchasing smart lights, you can turn the lights off from your phone and stay in your cocoon of warmth. Having a smart thermostat in your household can also be controlled from your phone or using voice command.

4.      Home Security

Security plays a huge part in our lives as we want to keep our belongings secure. With a smart home, you’re able to control your gates from your phone. Install cameras which you can also see from your phone and purchase a smart doorbell which comes with a camera. Works best if you’re connected with Wi-Fi.

5.      Sustainability

Smart home appliances are environmentally friendly and can be sustainable for you as there are gadgets and appliances that can track your energy usage and water consumption. This can help you use less energy and water.

6.      Remote Access

The best thing about investing into a smart home is that everything can be controlled from your phone no matter where you are as long as you have a strong internet connection. Think you left the lights on while you’re on vacation? Worry no more because with remote access, you’re able to turn the lights off from your phone.

womans-hand-holding-mobile-phone-picture-id1094152938?k=6&m=1094152938&s=612x612&w=0&h=h2hwQMBv2-vJqSXIrOBd1VywWSyq4DCZG9LUTCog0IE=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Remote Access through your smart phone | Photo Credit – iStock

7.      Accessibility

Smart homes are easy to use and accessible to everyone. This can be extremely helpful with people who have a disability as they can use voice commands to turn things on and off and be able to control things without having to get up.

Top 4 Recommended Energy Efficient Appliances

1.      Smart Thermostats

When renovating your house, consider purchasing a smart thermostat for your house. Or if you’re designing your house, switch out your old thermostat for a smart thermostat. This can help cut down on energy consumption. Smart thermostats help regulate and automate your heating and cooling. They can also be controlled from your phone.

smart-thermostat-with-a-person-saving-energy-with-a-smart-device-on-a-picture-id1192217349?k=6&m=1192217349&s=612x612&w=0&h=VdxrXzrgn1YjyQqJTq30tfVXzMAZV5s8-kNR-G0ucbc=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Thermostat which can be controlled from phone | Photo Credit – iStock

2.      Smart Lighting

When designing your house, consider purchasing smart lighting that can connect to your smart home device. Having smart lights in your smart home means you can schedule when the lights turn on and off. Switching to LED bulbs will also help reduce your energy usage.

Check out some smart light bulbs from Bunnings 

3.      Smart Fridge

When considering your kitchen design, opt for a smart fridge as they are energy efficient and come with heaps of benefits. A smart fridge gives you an option to write a virtual bulletin board for your family with a ‘to do list’, reminders or quote of the day. Sick of having expired food in your fridge? With the smart fridge, the appliance is able to keep track of expiration dates, so you don’t waste any food.

front-view-of-smart-refrigerator-picture-id540518070?k=6&m=540518070&s=612x612&w=0&h=TpNwQ1SGvo_4Yw2tMCC0ErixpjxwXI01gN0OQG2Yx8w=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Smart Fridge with touch screen options | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Smart Outlets

Thinking of making your house more modern? Consider switching some outlets to smart outlets to make your house eco-friendly. Normal outlets constantly drain energy even when you aren’t using it and to stop it from draining energy, you’ll have to turn the outlet off. Not everyone has time to turn the outlet on and off everything. With the smart outlet, they automatically detect when you aren’t using it and cuts the power off. This is a great way to be more energy efficient.

How to Secure Your Smart Home Security? 5 Essential Tips 

1.      Set up your router correctly

A key tip when thinking about securing your smart home security is understanding that your Wi-Fi router is the doorway to your smart home. Setting up your router correctly by following all instructions and these tips will secure your home security. Therefore, eliminating the threat of a possible hacker.

2.      Change the routers default name

It’s important to change your router name as keeping it as the default name will make it easier for people to find default login details. Using the default name will make it easier for others to gain access to your smart home. When changing the router name, be creative and remember to leave personal details out.

3.      Set the password to something unique

Include capital letters, numbers and symbols in your password which can create a super strong password for your smart home security. You can also consider using a random password generator if you can’t come with anything. The generator will provide you options and be sure to write the password down somewhere in case you forget it.

4.      Disable features you don’t use

There are many features that come with a smart device, and most times you’ll end up only using a few things. Be sure to disable any feature you don’t need like voice control on certain features. This is because if someone hacks into your smart device, they’re able to listen to your conversations and hear everything you say. Therefore, disabling features, you don’t use, eliminates the threat of that problem.

5.      Enable multi-factor authentication

Enable a multi-factor authentication onto your smart home device is a great way to increase security and prevent others from hacking your smart home device. The best two factor authentication to use for a smart device is sending a verification code to your mobile device to gain access to the smart home device. As we always have our phone on us, if you get sent a verification code that you’re unsure off you can change the password on your smart home device or improve the security.

Benefits of Installing Smart Kitchen Appliances 

1.      Smart devices provide useful notifications

With technology growing, smart appliances are becoming trendy and somewhat useful. Based on the smart appliances you have, they’re able to send you notifications to let you know if you didn’t close the fridge properly, or if the dishwasher is finished. Mundane tasks that could let you get on with other things you need to do without worrying if you left the fridge open or not as your smart appliances or devices will send you a notification.

With smart appliances and smart devices, they’ll let you know if they’re malfunctioning, and you’ll be able to get them fixed before they actually break.

photo-1584091377126-3817650725fc?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8bm90aWZpY2F0aW9ufGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Notification received on phone

2.      Energy efficient appliances cut costs

Although smart appliances are more expensive than normal household appliances, they’re a good investment to make when creating a smart home. Not only are you just investing in the appliance itself, but you’re also investing into the software and technology that is integrated into the appliance.

Smart kitchen appliances can help you track your energy consumption by letting you know which is using the most energy to help you cut cost. These smart kitchen appliances can be monitor on a regular daily basis from your phone.

3.      Cooking made easy

With having a smart kitchen, it makes cooking easier as there are some smart kitchen appliances that lets you know important information. An example of this would be letting you know the perfect temperature for cooked meat which will eliminate any food poisoning. This makes preparing food safer.

There are some smart ovens that don’t require you to sit around the kitchen and keep an eye on the oven to make sure your food isn’t burning. The smart oven itself will cook your dish for you and then put it on ‘warming mode’ until you’re ready to eat. There are many benefits to having smart appliances in your kitchen and this is one of them.

electric-oven-and-smart-phone-isolated-on-white-background-picture-id576715940?k=6&m=576715940&s=612x612&w=0&h=npAwth2SkVFO8jyvcFiZemzMhMoI7McbJkkUKT1OeEY=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a small smart oven | Photo Credit – iStock

4.      Less worry when you’re on vacation

Constantly think someone is going to break into your house when you’re on vacation? With your smart home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your home and eliminate any worries you might have. Having smart lights in your smart home will make your house feel less empty when you’re on vacation. Which can give an illusion of someone being home because the lights are on since smart lights are accessible from your device.

5.      Smart Appliances

Some great smart appliances to add to your smart home kitchen are smart dishwashers and smart refrigerators. Smart refrigerators have a camera in the inside so, when shopping for groceries you’ll know what you need. Having a smart refrigerator also helps monitor and control energy usage and sends you a notification letting you know if there is a power outage or if you didn’t close the door properly.

A great feature that is included in a smart dishwasher is that if there were a leak, the dishwasher would let you know. Smart dishwashers stop working once it detects a leak and shut themselves off to protect flooring. Which is helpful as you’re able to get that fixed asap. These are some essential items to think about having in your smart home.

woman-controlling-dishwasher-with-a-digital-tablet-at-home-picture-id1251345063?k=6&m=1251345063&s=612x612&w=0&h=MBTuOwlwuLPsMX4lRwu_RgHFdMbInnxWsx6aSdhcpj4=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of having a smart dishwasher and features | Photo Credit – iStock

 How to Create a Smart Bathroom? 6 Tips to Help. 

1.      Voice control in the bathroom

With your smart device, you’re able to take advantage of using voice commands when showering or too busy to do it yourself. You can use your smart devices to adjust smart lighting or to change music. The best thing about this is that you can use any smart device to do this. Using a virtual digital assistant helps add another layer of convenience to your smart home and make your bathroom design more luxurious.

2.      Smart shower

Are you always waiting for your shower to heat up before jumping in? With smart showers you don’t have to wait for the shower to heat up. Smart showers let you adjust the temperature towards your liking, so you can step into the shower with the perfect water temperature. Another benefit of a smart shower is that you can adjust a time limit for your shower to ensure that you’re not late for anything. Smart showers help lower your water usage and smart showers also come with Bluetooth speakers which can connect to your phone. Have a shower, have a party, have a concert.

3.      Soaking tubs

Having a smart bathroom doesn’t always have to mean having smart appliances or a smart device. Creating a smart bathroom can be from how you design the space and keeping bathroom accessories organized. Standalone soaking tubs are a great way to help eliminate clutter in your bathroom.  Having a standalone soaking tub in your bathroom will help replicate the experience of a spa treatment. If your bathroom has space, consider purchasing a standing bathtub in your bathroom design.

Although our past renovated bathrooms don’t feature all smart bathroom appliances and gadgets. The most popular item that most bathroom renovations are standalone tubs or soaking tubs. Check out a few of our bathroom renovations with a standalone bathtub below!

photo-1575245122563-776ff6af7411?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MTN8fHNvYWtpbmclMjB0dWJ8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Soaking Tub | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Standalone Bathtub in Greenhithe

Standalone Bathtub in Redvale 

4.      21st century toilets

Bidets have been around for a while now, most popular in Japan. Although people see bidets as a luxury product and unusual to have in your home. When thinking of 21st century toilets, there are more products that aren’t bidets. So, if bidets aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There are other ways to smarten up your bathroom.

Smart toilets have motion sensors that can put the toilet seat up or down, depending on your preference. Some toilets will automatically flush on its own once you’ve finished your business. There are also smart toilets that can self-clean. Some benefits of having a smart toilet are that they’re environmentally friendly, reduce the risk of overflowing and some smart toilets can instantly clean themselves. This will definitely add a new element into your smart home. Consider them in your bathroom design.

Web_1200x900-Roca-Meridian-Back-to-Wall-Bidet-1-Taphole-White, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of Bidet in Bathroom | Photo Credit: Reece

5.      Intelligent faucets

Smart faucets have been around for a while and some shopping malls have implemented them into public toilets. This is a great idea nowadays as it reduces the risk of and germs and bacteria spreading as those faucets are motion sensor. Consider smart faucets in your bathroom design. Having a smart faucet in your smart home will help lower your water usage and saves energy. Also eliminates bacteria spreading around the house if someone in the family is sick.

6.      Design

Want a smart bathroom but on a budget? There are many different ways that you can create a smart bathroom without purchasing all the smart bathroom appliances. You can create a smart bathroom by purchasing small gadgets like a smart outlet to start off with. Changing your bathroom fixtures and fittings is a great way to create a smart bathroom without all the expensive appliances. Consider fittings and fixtures that can make your bathroom look smart in your bathroom design.

freestanding-bath-in-modern-bathroom-picture-id483861324?k=6&m=483861324&s=612x612&w=0&h=br7lw339aedHUBaicVE3Sc3sHNqsX_3oK0eXKeaZhrg=, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of a smart bathroom design | Photo Credit – iStock

Check out our top 15 bathroom design trends blog for more inspiration 

How Environmentally Friendly are Smart Homes?

Smart homes have been known to be environmentally friendly with smart appliances as they help lower your water and energy usage. A popular smart technology that helps make your smart home environmentally friendly are smart thermostats. You can adjust the temperate from your phone and smart thermostats will automatically turn off if a door was left open. This can help minimize your carbon footprint.

Another way that having a smart home can help minimise your carbon footprint is having smart lighting. With smart lighting you’re able to control from your phone. This can ensure that you’ve turned your lights off when going on vacation. Wasting electricity and forgetting to turn lights off leaves a massive carbon footprint, so investing in smart lighting helps make your home environmentally friendly.

Top Smart Devices to Use in Your Smart Home.

There are plenty of smart devices that are coming out nowadays, which gives you as a consumer plenty of options. Though having too many options can be overwhelming. The top three smart devices to install for your smart home is the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri aka HomePod.

Based on our research we have found some advantages of using these three smart devices. Advantages for Amazon Alexa is that it’s easy to use and easy to set up and Alexa has more than 10,000 skills. Alexa can answer anything you ask her although her response might not be the answer you want. Another advantage of Alexa is that it’s compatible with any device. A main disadvantage of Alexa is that you can’t trigger her from your phone and Alexa doesn’t always understand you inquires.

photo-1568910748155-01ca989dbdd6?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8YWxleGF8ZW58MHx8MHx8&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Amazon Alexa | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Google Home or Google Assistant is another popular smart device suitable for your smart home. Some advantages of Google Home are that they’ve proven that their AI is more advance than any other smart devices. A disadvantage of Google Home is that you can only summon it by saying ‘Ok Google”, which can become annoying. Another one is that Google Home also won’t understand your commands and inquires all the time.

photo-1530546171585-cc042ea5d7ab?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8Mnx8Z29vZ2xlJTIwYXNzaXN0YW50fGVufDB8fDB8fA%3D%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Google Assistant | Photo Credit – Unsplash

Lastly, another smart device that is the HomePod which is associated with Apple’s Siri and some advantages of this smart device is that it’s easy to set up because it works directly with your home kit app that is already installed into your phone. A big disadvantage is that this is only accessible via apple products. So, if you don’t have an apple product then the HomePod is not available for you to use.

photo-1529359744902-86b2ab9edaea?ixid=MnwxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MXx8aG9tZXBvZHxlbnwwfHwwfHw%3D&ixlib=rb-1.2, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Apple HomePod | Photo Credit – Unsplash


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Read more

Bathroom Renovation

A Guide on Small Bathroom Renovations: Layout, Costs and Design (2021)

Do you have a small bathroom that you dream to renovation, or do you simply wish for a fresh new look? Small bathroom renovation can be seen as a challenge. However, with the right composition and layout, you will be able to the most out of your small bathroom. Small bathrooms have a charm of its own, throughout this blog we will cover few key elements that you help you enhance your small bathroom.

This article with cover…

  • Different types of layouts for your small bathroom.
  • How to maximise the space for your small bathroom.
  • Cost for small bathroom renovation.
  • Tips when renovating your small bathroom on a budget.
  • Mistakes to avoid for a small bathroom renovation.

Small Bathroom Layout

After a long day at work, everyone wants to come home to a relaxing bath to unwind or have a rainfall shower. To some, this may be a reality, however, to some these luxury fixtures maybe just a long-term dream. Even though small bathroom designs have a charm of their own, sometimes it may be a daily struggle and stress, due to the limitation of space.

Do not worry, we have good news! With a well-planned layout, all your struggles and inconveniences will be solved. However, there will be a few compromises that will need to be faced, including tearing out your tub.

Just by the simple act of rearranging the layout of your bathroom, you can make a tremendous difference. The figures below, highlight the ideal layouts we have picked out, that will work with the most common small bathrooms. These layouts do not need any demolishing and will allow you to keep the same footprint.

Small Bathroom: Full Size Bathroom Layout

SmallBath-Layout-e1627512420227-1024x373, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dimensions: 40 square feet (5’ x 8’), Fixture: Sink, Toilet and Tub Shower Combo or Luxury Shower.

The most common dimensions of a small bathroom are 5’ x 8’ and requires a minimum of 36 to 40 square feet to be considered a full bathroom. If your small bathroom has similar measurements, you have a standard-sized small bathroom. We have two different layout recommendations that you can consider to jazz-up your bathroom. Depending on your bathing preferences there are two options you can choose from.

  1. Choose a modest tub-shower combo, shown on the left-hand side figure, or.
  2. Choose a fancy shower with multiple shower heads.

Whether you decide to choose option one or two, we can guarantee you will be able to towel off with ease without hitting or dumping on your door or toilet.


Small Bathroom: Three-Quarter Bathroom Layout

Quarter-Bathroom-e1627513740185-290x300, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dimensions: 36 square feet (6’x 6’), Fixtures: Sink, Toilet and Standard Shower.

A three-quarter bathroom is another common small bathroom size and are usually 6’ x 6’ in dimension. This type of bathroom meets the minimum requirement of a full bathroom. A small bathroom is considered a full bathroom if it consists of a toilet, vanity, shower, and bathtub. Our recommended layout for this type of small bathroom, consists of a toilet, vanity, and shower. We like to keep the layout simple for a few reasons.

Reason one: Having a bathroom in a limited space can take up too much space.

Reason two: The bathroom can give a bulky image giving your bathroom a cramped feeling. As we are working with limited space, we want to aim to keep the layout simple and have a smooth traffic flow. Another idea to keep your small bathroom spacious, you can position your shower or vanity in the corner.


Small Bathroom with a Separate Tub and Shower

Separate-bathtub-Bath-e1627515065289, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dimensions: 45 square feet (5’ x 9’), Fixtures: Sink, Toilet, Tub and Shower. 

DSC02157-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Small Bathroom with a Sliding Door

Having a small bathroom that has both a bathtub and shower may sound like a tricky dream to achieve. However, with a well-planned layout, nothing is impossible! To achieve fitting both fixtures into your small bathroom, and having an enough space to get in/out of your tub and shower, the ideal size of your bathroom should be no less than 45 square feet. Shown on our recommended layout plan above, we can see that there will be limited space for dressing and undressing. Therefore, to make your small bathroom dreams come true and have enough space we recommend swapping out your average swing door with a sliding door.


Narrow Small Bathroom

Narrow-Small-Bathroom-e1627515548295-1024x356, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dimensions: 27 square feet (3’ x 9’) or 32 square feet (4’ x 8’), Fixtures: Sink, toilet, and shower.

Homeowners with narrow and small bathrooms, usually struggle to arrange the placement of essentials fixtures. Most customers find that most standard-sized fixtures stick out too much or interrupt with traffic flow. But do not worry! We have some universal tips that may help with this problem.

  • Outward Swinging Door: An outward swinging door will offer benefits, such as getting in and out of the bathroom with ease, as well as allows you to make the most out of your narrow bathroom.
  • Sink and Toilet Side by Side: By placing your sink and toilet along the same wall, this gives the bathroom a cleaner look, as well as creates storage and foot traffic along the other walls.
  • Wall Niches for Sink and Toilet Cistern: Using wall niches prevents your sink and toilet cistern from sticking out too much. You should consider using wall niches if a standard-sized sink and toilet are too big.
  • Shower Against the Short Wall: Make your narrow bathroom look more spacious and help arrange the rests of your fixtures, by placing your shower against the short wall.

Small-Bathroom-Design-Superior-Renovations-15, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Small Bathroom: Tiny-Half Bathroom Layout

tiny-bath-e1627521187742-300x300, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dimensions: 20 to 30 square feet, Fixtures: Toilet and sink/shower.

A tiny bathroom layout is one of the smallest bathroom layout you will find, with dimensions between 20 to 30 square feet. Often, homeowners use these tiny bathrooms as a half bathroom that only contains a toilet and a sink. However, even though the space is small, you can still make use of the space and create a full bathroom without the need to carve out extra space. How? Is it very simple, use a sink faucet converter. With a sink faucet converter your sink can do double-duty as a shower and a sink without the extra space. But note, you will need to make sure you get a drain installed on your floor.

Small bathroom owners, there is no need to envy big bathrooms. With a simple layout, you can make your small bathroom look more spacious and more comfortable. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding renovating your small bathroom.

How to Maximise the Space for Small Bathroom Renovation?

In most cases, the bigger the home there is a lack of evenly distributing the space. There are usually a lot of excess storage or closet space, but only one or one-and-a-half bathrooms. Yes, extra storage may sound very appealing, however adding an extra bathroom to your floor plan can have great benefits. It will pay off significantly when you ever decide to resell your home and will make your life easier if you have a large family, or ever decide to expand your family.

If you find a little bit of extra space in your home, maybe you have an extra closet space you do not use, or there is corner in your living room you can close off. Or even if you have unnecessary space in your home that needs a bit of love. We recommend you consider converting it into a bathroom!

Here are a few tips you can maximise the space for a small bathroom renovation.

1. Take in account of fixtures and solutions of your small bathroom

The next step when you have finalized the location of your small bathroom is to make a design plan. Do not underestimated the size of your small bathroom. Even small bathrooms need a bathroom layout and bathroom design, that include the essentials- a sink, lighting, a toilet, and other fixtures (mirrors and cabinets).

Depending on the size of the space you are wanted to renovate, turning a moderately sized closet into a full bathroom can be a challenge. However, give up hope just yet! If you are effective with your space, you can use space-saving fixtures such as fold-up tubs, corner showers or half-footprint tubs.

2. Be Careful with Plumbing

Make sure where you are placing plumbing fixtures, if possible, try to locate them near existing water and sewage lines. By doing this, it will be a huge time and money saver, as you will not need to pay extra costs to relocate pipes. Another aspect to take caution, is adding fixtures to your small bathroom design. Make sure to check the structure of the floor before making any further additions. This means you will need to ensure the floor maintain the weight of new fixtures if the floor seems like it will not support the weight you can alternatively reinforce the floor by adding more joists.

3. Plan for you Towel Hanging Space

Since you will be working with limited space, suing a washstand that comes with built in towel bars can be a great space-saver.

4. Windows and Venting

A crucial aspect of a small bathroom renovation that is often ignored during the planning process is venting and window space. The main concerns are usually focused on plumbing; however, a form of ventilation is very important and required to avoid any development of mold and mildew.

If the circumstances of your new small bathroom cannot fit a window, you can use fan vents to help keep air circulating. No one wants a stuffy bathroom, by investing in a fan vent it will reduce stuffiness, as well as prevent any development of mold or mildew.

Ultimately, you should consider talking to your contractor about which option, whether it is installing a vent or adding a window, is best fit for you!

5. Taller and Leggier Tables are your Best Friend!

Opting for tall, open base tables will significantly take up less space in your floor plan. Remember it is important to make the most of your small bathroom space.

6. Simplicity is Key

The overuse of colour and patterns can give your small bathroom a negative effect. When colour and patterns are overdone, especially in smaller spaces, it will make the bathroom look enclosed, cluttered and claustrophobic. To avoid this, we recommend using paint or tiles with bright, simple colours that will make your small bathroom feel and look more open.

7. Simple Storage Solutions for Small Bathroom Designs

Extra storage in the bathroom is always a nice touch to have, however, storage should not be put in at the expense of mobility. Especially for small bathrooms, storages and fixtures should be spaced out so they are accessible and still have room in the bathroom for movement.

If space is very limited, where the vanities are taking too much room in the small bathroom, you should consider using medicine cabinets instead or small racks instead!

Remember, before going ahead with any construction on your small bathroom, make sure you are keeping everything up to code and your local ordinances. Have a look at the permits for your town or suburb.

Cost for a Small Bathroom Renovation

Average Cost to Remodel a Small Bathroom

AVERAGE-COST-e1627520232468-300x300, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Option Material (NZD) Labour (NZD) Removal & Disposable (NZD) Total (NZD)
Bathroom Installation $566-$1420 $636-$850 $70-$425 $1273-$2688
Countertop Installation $141-$1420 $70-$212 $7-$42 $219-$1669
Flooring $84-$183 $495-$919 $42-$850 $622-$1953
Lighting Fixture Installation $70-$169 $212-$311 $7-$14 $290-$495
Shower Installation $350-$450 $495-$636 $42-$70 $1033-$1415
Sink Installation $141-$353 $424-$495 $21-$134 $587-$983
Toilet Installation $141-$707 $495-$636 $14-$28 $651-$1372

In New-Zealand to remodel a small bathroom can be expected to range anywhere from $2,122 to $21,228 NZD more. When wanting to do a full remodel of your small bathroom you can either go with low-end fixtures with DIY labour, or high-end fixtures installed by a licensed contractor. There is a price difference between the two options. With DIY labour, you will be expected to pay approximately $99 NZD per square foot, in contrast $353 NZD per square foot with a licensed contractor.

Remodeling your small bathroom is an easy, inexpensive way to increase the value of your home and to update the look of your home. On average, 66% of your remodeling cost will be retained back after you sell your home, as updated homes are statistically found to sell a lot faster. If your primary goal of remodeling your small bathroom is to sell, we recommend choosing inexpensive but new fixtures. New fixtures usually add extra value to a sale, rather than high-end fixtures.

For skilled DIYers who have the tools and experience, remodeling a small bathroom is a great task to take on. However, it is recommended that you consult with a licensed professional before undertaking any projects to ensure plumbing pipes and other necessities are up to code.


Remodeling your Small Bathroom by Function

The planning process of your small bathroom remodeling journey can vary depending on the room’s function. The function of each room determines on what type of finishes you install. For example, for a children bath you would usually use less expensive and function fixtures, such as a basic bathtub and new surrounds. However, on the other hand, for a master or main bathroom you may use high-end finishes, such as a glass tiled walk-in shower and glass mosaic features. Functions and fixtures used for guest bathrooms usually consists of a mixture of both two extremes.

Powder Room Remodel

bathroom-renovation-cost-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Powder Room

Remodeling a powder room is the perfect opportunity for a DIY project. The final costs of this type of bathroom usually fall below $990 NZD for a basic DIY remodel. On the other hand, a professional remodel will cost $1,981 NZD on average. A powder room can be referred to as the main floor half bathroom that is intended for guest use. These bathrooms usually consist of only a sink and toilet, with a simple set up requiring less plumbing and electrical assisting. A powder room are grouped with smaller bathrooms, with dimensions around 15-25 square feet.

Guest Bathroom

DSC00262-1024x683-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Guest bathrooms fall under the mid-range category, with a cost of $212 NZD per square foot for remodeling. Unlike powder rooms, the guest bathroom is a private three quarter or full bath set for overnight guests. We have no recommendations when it comes to remodeling a guest bathroom beyond personal preference of fixtures and finish choice. Let your imagination go wild!

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Master Bathroom

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-7-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Master Bathroom Client based in Redvale. 

Read more about Sarah’s bathroom renovation journey here.

Master bathrooms are the focal point when to comes to selling your home. Remodeling master bathrooms usually consists of increasing space, which require moving walls, electrical, plumbing, and engineering and architectural concerns. Therefore, can significantly increase costs.

Kids Bathroom

A child’s bathroom is primarily focused on functionality. You will be expected to pay approximately $141-$253 per square foot, covering costs for lower end finishes and functions, for more practical use rather than aesthetic design.

Other Price Factors

When hiring a general contractor, you may need to organize a various subcontractor, such as framing, plumbing, electrical subcontractors, and the drywall and tiling professionals. This may sound scary and a hassle but do not worry, there are some organizations, like the team at Superior Renovations that organize everything for you!

Overall Small Bathroom Renovation Costs

Remodel and renovation are used interchangeably, the two words are very similar yet slightly different. Remodeling refers to changing the appearance of the bathroom, whereas renovation is more about repairing and updating. Taking away the old and dated fixtures and bring in the new and modern fixtures.

The cost for small bathroom renovations will vary depending on what type of finish you want. For example, hardwood floors or glass tiles are generally more expensive per square foot compared to vinyl. High-end finishes will ultimately be more cost effective but will have its benefits when it comes to re-selling your home.

Here is a breakdown of the costs that goes into renovating your renovations.

Note: Price are per square foot so will vary depending on the size of your bathroom, as well as what type of finish you are after.

  Types of Installation Cost
Hardwood Floor $4.25-$11 NZD per square foot. Small bathrooms usually vary between 20-40 square foot so hardwood floor, it will be cost between $84-$452 NZD.
Tile : Ceramic floor tiles usually cost between $21-$28 NZD per square foot. Compared to hardwood floors, ceramic floor tiles are more durable in wet and steamy environments.


Mirror Installation costs $247-$672 NZD.
Painting To hire a professional to will cost $254-$693 NZD. However, is this a perfect DIY job to save a bit of money as a cost of paint will cost between $42-$141 NZD.


Installation of Lights $113-$424 NZD.
Cabinet Costs $636-$1273 NZD.
Glass Shower Enclosure If you are after a modernized bathroom without a shower curtain, a glass enclosure will be the perfect update. This will cost $778-$1910 NZD.



 Gutting & Demolishing and Half to Full Bathroom Redoing

Demolition costs of a small bathroom will cost between $707-$2122 NZD. Demolishing your previous bathroom does not require any specialized tool but does require some basic knowledge about demolition. You must understand what processes to take before going further with your demolishing, such as understanding electrical wire and plumbing are located. If these processes are followed feel free to make this your next DIY project, or else you can always contact a professional to do the job.

Adding a Shower to a Half Size Small Bathroom

The addition of a shower will convert your half/three quarter bathroom into a full bathroom. Adding a shower will have the same costs and considerations. Adding a shower to your half bathroom will require to make more space or a new layout with plumbing and possibly new electricals. This process will cost an average of $4953 NZD. 

Retiling a Small Bathroom

Artisan_Navy_Sette-800x1001-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Photo Credit: Tile Depot NZ 

Renovating your small bathroom equals getting new fresh tiles. Fresh new tiles equal a luxury contemporary look for your bathroom! The average costs for new ceramic or porcelain titles are approximately $1415 NZD. There is also the option for glass or stone tiles, but these can be more expensive.

Read more about bathroom tiles here

Want More Space?

Whether you want to install and new bathtub or a new shower in your small bathroom, you will need to make more space. As a result, you may need to alter the layout of your current bathroom and shift around your plumbing to accommodate new drain locations. To redesign the layout, this is going to require hiring an architect or a structural engineer. This will usually cost an average of $7000 NZD, but prices can vary if it is just expanding your bathroom.

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Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator for New Zealand 

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Tips when Remodeling your Small Bathroom on a Budget

Not everyone can afford the luxury of spending thousands on remodeling/renovating our small bathroom, and that is okay! You can still update and refresh the look of your bathroom with these simple upgrades.

  • Re-grout your tiles for a fresh look.
  • Give your bathtub a resurface.
  • Refinish your cabinets and give them the extra shine!
  • Install new faucets.
  • Re-paint your bathroom. A perfect DIY job.

Do It Yourself? Or Hire a Pro?

Inspections are usually put into place when you are selling your home. If your next DIY project is remodeling or renovating your small bathroom make sure your work is up to code standards. When doing DIY work in general, remember to check with local and national codes. As well as getting the proper permits and inspections done. In this an important aspect to consider not just to sell your home but also for safety reasons. Since a bathroom is a wet environment, there are many requirements, specific electrical and safety hazards that must be followed!

DIY projects is usually an alternative homeowners consider when trying to save money. Sometimes the quality of the bathroom can fall, resulting the bathroom looking cheap affecting the resale process. Remember, the bathroom is one of the top selling points when it comes to home selling.  Therefore, we recommend homeowners with the right experience and tools to go through with the DIY projects for your bathroom. Alternatively, there are always licensed professional contractors just a call away.

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5 Ways you can Renovate your Bathroom Cost-Effectively.

8 Mistakes to Avoid for a Small Bathroom Renovation

1. Not Having a Budget

Many first-time renovators do not priorities time to plan their costs and budgets before renovating their small bathroom. Not having a detailed understanding of the costs and your set budgets will cause major setbacks along the journey. It is important to know what aspects of your bathroom you are wanting to repair or replace and know what your cost limits are. Find a company that respects and fits your budget. By doing this, it will prevent any bumps along the journey- including not being able to complete the renovation.

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Top Tips on How to Remodel your Bathroom Within Your Budget.

 2. Poor Ventilation

Air circulation and having a good ventilation system for your bathroom is key. This is often overlooked resulting in many bathrooms with poor ventilation. Poor ventilation equals a damp bathroom and the growth of mold and mildew. No one likes having a damp, suffocating bathroom. There are always alternative ventilation options, such as extraction fans if your bathroom does not come with a window.

 3. Poor Finishes

The most common mistake people make when trying to budget or cut corners is not using good quality trades and products. When budgeting, we recommend prioritizing investing in good waterproof fixtures and the best finishes you can afford. These aspects will contribute to making your bathroom look and feel more luxurious.

4. Wrong Choice of Materials

The bathroom deals with a lot of wet surfaces due to all the washing and splashing of water. Therefore, it is crucial you select materials that are suitable to high amounts of moisture. This is especially important for your vanity top, cabinets, and tiles as the necessities for a long-lasting bathroom. We recommend avoiding materials made from wood, metal and porous. These materials are more prone to either rot, rust or gathering more bacteria.

5. Bad Lighting

Bathrooms with dim lighting may make your bathroom selfie look amazing. However, bright lightening is an important aspect to a good functional bathroom. Having good crisp lighting in your bathroom makes it easier to clean and a provides shadow-free lighting to make tasks such as applying make up easier. Imagine all the mildew and mold growth you will miss when cleaning in dim light!

6. Unskilled DIY

It may be very tempted to have a go at plumbing or tiling your bathroom yourself. Many homeowners think due to the size, renovating the bathroom is a simple process. However, there are approximately up to 10 to 12 trades involved. Renovating your bathroom is not as easy as it seems, so make sure you consult with a professional before moving forward.

7. Storage

Storage is a key element to a bathroom but is often entirely missed. Remember to consider where you will store your essential supplies, such as toilet paper, make-up, cleaning products, towels and/or dirty laundry.

8. Bad Placement of Fixtures

Just having good-quality fixtures and a nice design means nothing without good placement. Placement is very important. No one wants to walk straight into a toilet, or have a toilet placed right behind the toilet. It is crucial you consider the placement and think about what placements work and what do not. This is where designers are here to help!



There are many ways you can change up your small bathroom. All you need is to find the right layout that best fits your needs. The key elements to make your small bathroom renovation less hectic have been highlighted throughout this blog.

Can you remodel a bathroom for $5000?

Yes, this is possible if you are a DIY project. However, if you are wanting to work with a professional renovation company it will cost more. At Superior Renovations our bathroom renovations start at $18,000 NZD. This includes service before and after, design, supply and project manage. You can find more information at

Does a bathroom need a window?

Yes, it is very important your bathroom has a window or a ventilation system. This will help keep the air circulating and reduce the growth of mold or mildew. If you do not have a window, you can opt for a ventilation system.

How do you renovate a small bathroom?

You can either start your small bathroom renovation journey with a professional renovation company or DIY. DIY projects are only recommend to homeowners with the right experience and tools, as bathroom renovation can be very complex. If you have any enquiries or want to start your renovation journey feel free to contact us at 0800 199 888.

Need more information?

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Master Bathroom Small Bathroom
Bathroom Renovation

Making The Most Out Of Your Small Bathroom Design? (Mistakes to Avoid)

Small bathrooms are often a determining factor that decides whether you purchase a house or apartment. Renovating a small bathroom can sometimes seem pointless as you might not be staying there for too long or you might just not have any ideas. But even so, there are plenty of tips to design your small bathroom to give an illusion of space.

There are many different bathroom designs that would best suit your and your family’s taste. Our small bathroom design tips have been curated based on advice from our in-house designers as well as the trend we have seen with Auckland home owners.

In this article about small bathroom renovations:

  • 17 Tips to Design your small bathroom design
  • Dos and Don’ts of Tilling Your small bathroom design
  • Design mistakes to avoid for a small bathroom design
  • 10 Small Powder Room Design Ideas

How to make the most out of your Small Bathroom Design

Found the perfect place? Is the bathroom too small for your liking?

No matter where you live, bathrooms are always lacking in square footage. You want a home that you love in every room including the bathroom. Just because the bathroom is small. It just means it gives you a little side project to redecorate and design a bathroom to your liking.

But there’s no reason why having a small bathroom should stop you from creating a space that you love and enjoy spending time in. All it takes to improve your small bathroom is the right type of storage space. Some carefully placed decorations and a bit of optimism and effort to make it happen. Down below are 17 tips that we think will help you design your small bathroom and ways you can make it feel more open and spacious.

17 Tips To Designing and Renovating your Small Bathroom

1. Don’t Block the Sunlight

Natural light is best proven to style your small bathroom to make it feel open and spacious. Dark bathroom can dampens your mood and doesn’t look as nice compared to natural sunlight and having a dark bathroom won’t help make your bathroom feel open and spacious.

The combination of white wall and an abundance of natural light can make a space look a lot bigger. I your bathroom has a window, consider blinds, and get rid of your curtains. Especially if you have a mirror in the bathroom. The natural light will reflect and provide your bathroom with a sense of peace and makes it feel more open and spacious.

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-5-1-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Natural light from windows with blinds in Redvale

See the full bathroom renovation in Redvale. 

2. Keep it Simple

Using larger tiles also helps make your small bathroom look more bigger. Especially with a simple design as well as using subway tiles and hardware. Keeping your bathroom simple also implies sticking with one or two colors as having too many colors won’t make your bathroom look more spacious. Here is an example of one of our renovated bathrooms keeping it simple with sticking with one or two colors.

DSC06492-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Simple colors used in bathroom renovation

DSC06496-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Simple bathroom tiles in Greenlane

 See full bathroom renovation at Joanne and Steve’s in Greenlane. 

3. Use Dark Accents

A style success that works well with designing a bathroom to make it look more spacious is using black and white with metallic hardware. When designing your bathroom, it’s good to keep dark accents in mind as they can help provide a pop of contrast in a white bathroom.

Luxury-Bathroom-Design-Redvale-7-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Dark accents used in bathroom renovation in Redvale

Design tip: This vanity set was custom built to fit within this small bathroom design which utilizes the space well and provides more storage space.

4. Try Something Different

If you’re going for a more modern style in your bathroom, you should try mixing it up with traditional elements which can help create a rich and colourful bathroom. If you’re styling a bathroom based on a budget, invest on wallpaper as they are a great way to play with pattern or add a fun little flair without having to spend a ton of money and can fit within your budget. Just because the bathroom is small, don’t limit yourself to how much you can really do with the style.

If you’re feeling bold, go ahead and arrange a gallery wall on your bathroom walls.

DSC06403-1000-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Spanish style mosaic tiles and brass gold sink

DSC06158-1000-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Mosaic tiles in Hillsborough

Read more… 

Rustic style renovation in Stanmore Bay 

Full home renovation in Hillsborough 

5. Opt for a Monochromatic Palette. 

Finding the perfect colour for your small bathroom may be the hardest part of designing your bathroom. It can often feel overwhelming and to help minimise your stress by picking just one colour, switch to choosing a monochromatic palette instead. That way you have different shades of colour which would also work well with bathroom sinks, tiles, shower, etc.

6. Swap your Shower Curtain for a Glass Door

Ever notice how lucite and acrylic furniture tends to disappear and make the space look much bigger? Glass shower doors have the same effect. To make the most out of your space in your small bathroom, considering swapping out your shower curtain for glass doors as this will help make your bathroom feel bigger.

bathroom-ideas-by-superior-renovations-17-1-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Glass Shower Door in West Harbour

Read more

Glass shower door in a project in Westmere

Bathroom Renovation in Greenhithe 

Black and White Bathroom Renovation in Rosedale, Albany 


7. Even if there’s room for two, consider a single sink to increase counter space.

Although having two sinks are nice, realistically how often do you really use two sinks? Even if there is enough space for two sinks, consider only getting one as you’ll be able to have more counter space allowing you more storage space for your skincare/beauty products. Most people use counter space more than the sink when getting ready, therefore eliminating the need for two sinks. To make your small bathroom feel larger, consider only purchasing one sink. Storage space is important!

DSC00172, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Single sink in contemporary design in Titirangi

See full contemporary bathroom renovation in Titirangi 

8. Hang a medicine cabinet above the toilet.

Most medicine cabinets are always hung above the sink with a mirror at the front which eliminates you the chance of having a big, beautiful mirror above the sink which can also help reflect natural light and make your small bathroom feel bigger. To solve this problem, you should hang your medicine cabinet above the toilet as it keeps it out of your way and provides you with another option for storage space.

9. Use open shelving to store towels or other pretty essentials.

Using open storage is a perfect way to make your bathroom look bigger and more open. In a small bathroom there is plenty of space on the wall for open shelves compared to having cabinets which can make the space feel compact and small. They also give you an option to redecorate where you put your bathroom essentials whenever you feel like it.

10. Take your shower tile all the way to the ceiling.

Experts agree that you should always take you shower tile all the way to the ceiling as it adds a feeling of height and draws your attention away from how close the walls are. Doing this will also help make your small bathroom feel more modern and make the shower space look larger. If you’re designing your small bathroom on a budget, consider purchasing white subway tiles as they’re an affordable and classic option for this look.

DSC02173-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Tiling to the ceiling in vintage bathroom renovation

Modern Vintage Bathroom Renovation in Greenhithe

11. Decorative Waste Baskets

Whilst creating an illusion to making your bathroom look bigger, there is only so much decorating you can do to keep up that illusion. One of the things you can decorate however you want is waste baskets. Waste baskets are nice and small and doesn’t take up space which is perfect for your small bathroom as every bathroom needs a waste basket.

There are several different ways to use a decorative waste basket in your bathroom. First, you can choose a beautiful leather waste basket which is an incredibly elegant option. Leather is very beautiful and quite versatile in terms of looks. Leather is mainly known to be a traditional brown or black colour. But those aren’t the only colours that can help decorate your bathroom. Colours like white, grey, pink, etc are also good in terms of boosting your design quality and there many other options for decorative waste baskets.

Another popular option that people have in their bathrooms for waste baskets is stainless steel waste baskets. Chrome is a great example of a stainless-steel waste basket as they are extremely versatile in bathroom design, due to their durability, reliability, and affordability. The shine of these metallic finishes is very attractive and can often serve as a small focal point of a smaller bathroom design.

12. Decorative Towel Hooks

Another decorating option for you when designing your small bathroom is towel hooks. Although they are some of the smallest bathroom accessories, that doesn’t mean you can’t find the most decorative towel hooks. For a bathroom that is mainly white, finding black towel hooks would give the bathroom more contrast and make it pop due to the dark accents. There are different styles that towel hooks come in like chrome, stainless-steel, matte black or white and many more. Each of these different designs will offer a unique yet traditional element to your small bathroom design.

Bathroom hooks have more than one purpose and there are many ways you can use them for. Since you are designing your bathroom, don’t limit yourself to different decorative ideas. Here are just a few examples on the different ways you can use bathrooms hooks. You can use bathroom hooks to hang shelves, mesh bags for storage, loofahs, and shower scrubs, hanging baskets, etc. Bathroom hooks are incredibly versatile and are worth using when decorating a small bathroom area so let your creativity shine through here!

13. Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Wall mounted bathroom sinks are crucial to have when designing your small bathroom as you’d want to have as much storage space as you can and having a wall mounted bathroom sink opens up space underneath the sink for you to store bathroom essentials. Not only does having a wall mounted sink opens more space, but it also helps make your bathroom feel bigger which is what we want. There are plenty of various shapes and designs that can add a great level of sense to your small bathroom design.

DSC06614-1024x682-1024x682, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Wall mounted sink in Papatoetoe bathroom renovation

14. Bathroom Vanity Accessory Sets

There’s only so much creativity input that you can put into designing your small bathroom. But what all bathroom needs are vanity accessory sets which includes soap dishes, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and other similar small accessories. Purchasing a bathroom vanity accessory set with increase the cohesiveness of your vanity area and is another thing you can decorate to your liking.

When purchasing bathroom vanity accessory sets, it’s important to find colours that best match your bathroom theme. It would be good to pick dark colours for your bathroom vanity accessory set if the theme of your bathroom is bright, as it will bring a bit of contrast and bring some colour to the room. Some common materials and finishes include ceramic, solid brass, chrome, brushed nickel, gold, and many more.

15. Magnifying Mirrors

You can never have too many mirrors, right? Magnifying mirrors are another small bathroom decoration that you can either put away or keep it on the counter. The mirror is perfect for the ladies when getting ready and applying their makeup. Since magnifying mirrors don’t take much space even if they were mounted on the wall. This is the preferred installation method for small bathrooms. To decorate the magnifying mirror some more, consider purchasing ones that have LED lighting which is useful for shaving, makeup, and similar things you may need it for.

Not only are the extremely useful, but they also come with a series of elegant design features that make a great addition of décor to your small bathroom. Main colours they come in are chrome, matte black, matte white. This is a great feature to consider as they’re highly likely to match well with your other bathroom accessories. This will create the perfect bathroom vanity area for yourself or a guest and receive compliments for your bathroom design. This magnifying mirror will be an additional with a wall mirror for better comfort as no bathroom is complete without a wall mirror.

16. Wall Décor

Wall décor is one of the best ways to decorate your small bathroom as there is limited space. Keeping your wall space empty eliminates potential storage space. Which limits you to how much decorating you can do for your bathroom. One of the most common wall décors in a small bathroom is wall art as they come in many different forms. Therefore, providing you with plenty of options to choose from. It’s important to choose a wall art that goes with the theme of your bathroom design to create a cohesive and comfortable space.

DSC00218-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Featured tile wall in Westmere

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Green textured tiles used as an Accent wall for a Westmere bathroom renovation

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17. Ceiling Décor

Nowadays plants and succulents are very popular in households. They give people more creativity when it comes to decorating their house and provides a touch of colour. So why stop there? Add some hanging plants that thrive in humidity from the steam in the shower. It provides a touch of colour and gives you more decorating opportunities. Some plants that thrive well are aloe vera and ferns which is the perfect ceiling décor that you could have in your bathroom as finishing touches.

Another ceiling décor is lighting as that is another creativity opportunity for you to find the perfect lights for your bathroom that goes with your design. LED lights are most known to be used for bathrooms, but they might not suit your bathroom design. Ceiling décor is usually the last thought, but they are the most useful and most needed. Take your time and explore your options and pick what works best for your bathroom theme or style.

Dos and Don’ts of Tiling a Small Bathroom Design

When designing your small bathroom, there are many of tiles to choose from and different ways you can install them into your small bathroom. But there are many mistakes that are often made. These tips will help make your small bathroom look more attractive and spacious.

Due to the abundance of design and colors in the market nowadays. Choosing the perfect tiles for you can help make your small bathroom look bigger. Picking correct tile for your small bathroom takes planning and deliberations. This may be the biggest task you’d need to do before you can decorate your bathroom and requires a huge amount of patience. Before you invest into any materials, consider the following guidelines to help avoid an expensive mistake or something you’ll regret.

Do Carefully Measure the Space

Before you start making any major changes in your small bathroom, it’s best to measure the space beforehand and write it down which would help you find the right tiles you need, etc. Especially with smaller bathrooms, you’d want to make sure that the numbers are right to make the most out of the space. When calculating the amount of tile needed for floors or walls, you need to multiply the lengths of the area you are covering by the width to find the square footage. Double check your numbers before ordering and always purchase more than you need in case it’s not enough.

Don’t Scrimp When Buying Tiles

Why should you buy extra tiles? It’s always good to purchase more than you need as you never know when you might run out of material, and it can be frustrating as you’d have to pause the task to purchase some more and if you’re after custom tiles then it could take the supplier a few weeks to get more before you can finish your tiling. Ordering extra tiles are always useful as you might’ve miscalculated, or some tiles broke and cutting them up to fit into spaces. There are many reasons as to why you should always have extra tiles for future purposes. Check to see if your retailers offer refunds or exchanges on unopened boxes of tiles.

Read more…

Emerging tile treads (2021) by tile depot (common mistakes to avoid)

Do Think Small-Scale

If large tiles aren’t your style, there are many small-scale tiles that are the perfect fit for you that can make your small bathroom feel bigger. Using mosaic tiles are a great way to visually expand your small bathroom as they come with a variety of colors and style. Consider using glass mosaics tiles as they help deepen the illusion of having a bigger bathroom with more reflected light.

Don’t Underestimate Large Tiles

You may think large tiles won’t look good in a small bathroom due to the lack of square footage. You should think about using large tiles when designing your small bathroom. Because it can actually make your bathroom look bigger. Since our brain associates big tiles with a larger space, it gives off an illusion that a room is bigger than it is. If you’re considering large tiles treatment to your floors, consider continuing them up the wall to the height of a chair rail.

DSC00262-1024x683-1024x683, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Large 600 by 600 tiles used on the floors

More examples… 

Ellerslie bathroom renovation with large 600 by 600 tiles used on the floors

Papatoetoe bathroom renovation with large 600 by 600 tiles used on the floors

Greenlane bathroom renovation with large 600 by 600 tiles used on the floors


Do Keep It Simple

Select a variety of soft-hued colors that are a few shades lighter or darker than each other when selecting tiles as this will keep the bathroom simple compared to having different colors and patterns as that will overwhelm the space and make it seem cramped which is not what we want. Keep it simple, consider smaller-scale design.

Don’t Skip the Preparation

This is an extremely important step that you shouldn’t skip when tiling a small bathroom. Before you start, ensure that the surface you’re working on is clean, smooth, and solid, otherwise it will cause tiles to crack of loosen and allows moisture to get behind tiles from uneven walls which can cause them to loosen and fall off. Which would be disappointing to see after completing this labor-intensive project. Also remember to remove any wallpaper from walls and sand the surface before applying tiles to prevent those things from happening.

Do Set Tiles in a Diagonal Pattern

Another way you can make your small bathroom be perceived as bigger is by tiling your tiles in a diagonal pattern which gives off an illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. Although doing diagonal tile patterns require more planning, precise measuring, and cutting and may seem easier to not diagonal patterns, this is something to think about as it would make your small bathroom feel larger.

Key tip before starting – Use a graph paper to lay out a scaled diagram of your floor.

Don’t Use Shiny Tiles for small floor tiles

When thinking about tiles for your bathroom, don’t consider glossy tiles or polished stone as they can be a hazard for you. Although they may look nice and luxurious in your bathroom, you will more likely injure yourself more in your bathroom than anywhere else in your house. Once those tiles get wet, they become slippery and when rushing in the morning you can forget that they get slippery. But if you are 100% sold on glossy tiles, there are tiles that have a low slip resistance which can help minimize risk of falls/injuries. Be sure to check with your retailer before purchasing.

7 Design mistakes to avoid in Renovating a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms aren’t always ideal but we just have to make do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it the second you get in there. Our bathrooms are supposed to be a relaxing space to end our days.

Thinking of designing your small bathroom to your style and standard? Don’t let your lack of square footage discourage your creativity side. Design and organization experts explained the mistakes people make in their small bathroom design that aren’t doing any favors to make your small bathroom look more open and spacious.

Down below are 7 mistakes you should avoid when designing your small bathroom.

1. Thinking Everything Needs to Be White

Nowadays a lot of people are going for a more modern design for their bathroom regardless of the size which entails having white sinks. White counters. White bathtubs, and white walls. Although using white isn’t a bad thing but using dark colours and bold patterns in a small space can make a huge impact in a small room and bring colour into it. Don’t be afraid to use colours!

Although you have limited space, don’t hold your creativity back!

DSC02083-1170x800, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Use of colour on the floor and bathroom vanity

DSC06416-300x200, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Spanish Style mosaic tiles in Stanmore Bay

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Sarah’s Dark Accent Bathroom in Redvale 

2. Keeping Everything Out in the Open

Storage is one of the most crucial things that you need in your small bathroom. Clutter has always been the enemy of small spaces. Without the proper storage space, you will end up having a cramped-up area eliminating your goal of making you small bathroom look bigger. This would be a good idea to purchase bathroom vanity accessories set that go with your colour theme as you can put your toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, etc. Minimizing the items on your bathroom counter, stick to 3 things which most of them include what you need in a bathroom vanity accessory set. Add a decorative item like a plant or succulent.

Often, we forgot to utilize our storage space under our sink as we tend to put our bathroom stuff on the sink counter. Have them on shelves that we have scatter around the bathroom. To avoid making this mistake, invest more into looking at storage spaces to hide your bathroom essentials to make the room look more organized and less cluttered.  Remember to use the space under your sink.

3. Focusing on Décor Without a Purpose

Designing a small bathroom can be overwhelming as there’s only so much decorating you can do, and you can either have a bathroom that is overflowing with decorations or have a bathroom that barely has any decorations. Even if you don’t want to over decorate your bathroom with flowers, wall art or succulents you can purchase an open storage shelf and place functional items like towels. Gathering inspiration from Pinterest on how to decorate your small bathroom is also extremely helpful.

4. Limiting Yourself to Bathroom Specific Items

If other houses in your room have wall art, or flowers, consider purchasing some to put in your bathroom. Another design mistake to avoid is limiting yourself to ONLY bathroom decorations and let’s be honest here. Bathroom decorations aren’t always the best. Using decorations in the bathroom that you can find anywhere else in the house makes it feel homier.

Based on previous small bathroom designs. The best non bathroom decoration you could put in your bathroom are plants that thrive well with the humidity of the bathroom. Hanging plants are a most popular one.  

5. Not Thinking Beyond the Vanity

Counter space is not the only storage space available! Skincare products, makeup tend to fill up counter space which creates more clutter and makes your small bathroom feel more cramped that it is. Although it’s easy to put most products near the vanity/counter because it’s easier for you to reach, they aren’t the most helpful. Consider getting a medicine cabinet with storage space or install some floating shelves to utilize that wall space.

6.Going Small Because the Room is Small

Go big or go home! Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t purchase big items for your bathroom. In fact, only purchasing small items can make your small bathroom feel crowded and create clutter which is not what we want. Purchasing medium/big decorations can make a huge difference in a small space.

7. Letting the Room Flatter You

A key point to always remember is that you’re designing the bathroom towards your needs and your standards. Bathrooms are always a space that’s about taking a moment for yourself and self-care no matter the size. It’s a place where we go every night to relax.

Key tips – create good lighting using natural light. A dim bedroom may be nice, but a dim bathroom is not. A brighter space can brighten up your mood more so than a dark space.

10 Small Powder Room Design Ideas

Powder rooms only contain the essentials like a toilet, sink and a mirror. It’s mainly used for guests when they stay over or when you host get togethers. It’s a place where you and your guests can get ready. Touch up on their makeup or for people to recharge themselves. Powder rooms are a lot easier and cheaper to design as it’s a small space and won’t suffer from steam or humidity. Which opens a range of options when thinking about designing it. To gather inspiration for your powder room design, here are 10 small powder room ideas.

1. Eclectic

There are many ways you can decorate your powder room with the eclectic theme. Eclectic powder rooms mainly consist of vintage decorations. This would be a perfect chance for you to transform a period dresser into a washbasin. If you are very interested in vintage items, and vintage theme rooms, then this is the perfect design for you.

2. Metallic

Metallic finishes on your powder room gives it the perfect touch to bring the whole room together. These finishes are currently trendy, and these touches can be applied to any rooms in your house. Using gold, copper, and bronze with polished nickel and chrome metal will give the room warm. But for a more luxurious upscale look, use marble and dark wood accents to compliment your metallic powder room.

MVG1001_lifestyle_image_copy-800x600, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of metallic finishes | (Photo credit: Tile Depot)

3. Minimal

If you’re after a simpler design, then this minimal powder room idea is perfect for you. This design only requires a single colour to tie walls, fixtures and finishing touches together. Using a darker wall colour will create a dramatic and intimate atmosphere and a metal washbasin creates focus. When creating a minimal design, always opt for a light-colours floor as it bounces light around and will help keep the room from feeling small.

4. Oriental

After a more eastern décor? This oriental theme powder room design is the right fit for you. Create a custom vanity with a mosaic design and combine it with a patterned tile accent wall. Using a dark red wall colour will create a rich backdrop that invokes oriental designs and will help highlight the accent wall. Include an eastern-influenced vanity mirror and decorative lightning to complete the look.

Still stuck on ideas for your oriental design power room? Check out Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

MVG1010_lifestyle_image_copy-800x800, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Red accent wall |(Photo credit: Tile Depot)

5. Rustic

Rustic powder room design has finishing touches that include wood and. You can create a more modern design to this rustic powder room look by using a natural wood vanity and a black metal mirror. To avoid a heavy cabin like feel to your powder room. Opt for lighter wood finishes, and white tiles to bring the room together.

6. Colourful

Be creative and have fun designing your powder room by making it colourful! Use bold colour wallpaper to create a theme and choose different colours for bath accessories that complement the wallpaper well to create a fun, simple, and colourful room. Go bold and have a different colour washbasin instead of sticking with the usual white colour ones. Contrast the room with simple white fixtures and finishes to keep it from overwhelming the room.

MVG1002_lifestyle_image_copy-800x601, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Example of adding colour to bathroom |(Photo credit: Tile Depot)

7. Playful

Create a playful powder room by using fun wallpaper with different patterns and colour that provides the room with a  more playful feel. Using an interesting wallpaper will add colour and interest as well as character to your powder room without overwhelming it and making it look busy and cramped.

26156802_184420328812816_3834399806613094400_n2-800x763, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Playful wallpaper in bathroom | (Photo credit: Tile Depot)

8. Mid-Century Modern

Sick of the modern powder room design? With the mid-century modern design twist, you are sure to spruce up your powder room with this theme. Add a pop of colour to your walls, even your floors. Add in a nice rug to give it some colour. Make it interesting and include fun details like retro wallpaper, mid-century artwork and include some vintage vibes.

9. Organic

Love natural light? Love plants? This organic design is perfect for your powder room. Using light colour wood with earth-tone finishes and textures would make the room lighter. Include plants and river stone pebbles to tie the room together and make it more organic.

10. Urban

Make your powder room have characteristics of a city you love by using colours like black and white. Use dark walls and furnishings to visually expand the room. Also consider using large scale tiles to create a graphic pattern. To finish it off, use white in contrast to draw attention the key features in your powder room.


As you can see, there are many different creative ways to design your small bathroom and 17 design tips to design your small bathroom to make it more open and create the illusion of space. We have also included 7 mistakes that you should avoid when designing your small bathroom to help you avoid cluttering up the small space. If you’re on a budget and decided to DIY your own tiles in your small bathroom, we have also given a few dos and don’ts when it comes to tilling your small bathroom. Not only do we have tips for small bathrooms, but we also have 10 small powder room ideas to help make it more look more appealing and towards your liking.

With our helpful tips, you’ll be sure to design a beautiful bathroom and make your small bathroom look more open and spacious as the lack of square footage shouldn’t discourage you from designing a small bathroom towards your liking.

Read more

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Q & A with Holly (The Kitchen Hub) – Choosing the right tapware for your bathroom design

Bathrooms are often the smallest space in any home which means that they must find the right balance between functionality and aesthetics within any bathroom design. Even a decade ago, most bathrooms had a clinical look about them with white tiles or walls and standard shiny chrome fixtures. Bathrooms of today however are very different in terms of aesthetics as there are many more options to choose from.

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your bathroom is to integrate statement taps within your bathroom design. Bathroom accessories are often overshadowed by bathtubs and vanity which means that they are often a secondary consideration when renovating. Most people don’t realise however that statement tapware can really elevate a bathroom design.

Statement tapware and basins can transform a bathroom whether you are doing minor upgrades or renovating your entire bathroom. In the last year or so we have seen an increasing number of our clients opting for designer tapware for their bathroom design.

Hence we decided to look for suppliers in Auckland that could fill this niche and hence our partnership with The Kitchen Hub was formed. The Kitchen Hub specialises in designer tapware for bathrooms and kitchens designed by leading designers in Australia, UK and the USA.

We met with Holly from The Kitchen Hub to understand a bit more about their company and the trends in tapware seen in Auckland.

This article will discuss the following: 

  • Q & A with Holly – The Kitchen Hub’s process on narrowing down the right tapware for clients
  • Top 5 Tips on choosing the right type of bathroom accessories for different styled homes in Auckland

Holly-e1605140718870, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Meet Holly from The Kitchen Hub

“My role is to assist in promoting and advertising our bespoke collection of kitchen, bathroom and laundry products. My passion is to create brand awareness for our high-end boutique ranges that will assist our clients in discovering and selecting the right products for their homes. At The Kitchen Hub, we strive ourselves on offering unique brands that create luxury statements. Which is why I am always working closely alongside our clients to help provide innovative outcomes.”

Holly, Sales & Marketing Manager


DSC00378, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00320, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00317, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


We sat down with Holly from The Kitchen Hub to see how she helps clients with their tapware choice


Superior Renovations: How can clients narrow down their choices amidst such an overwhelming tapware selection?

Holly: I usually first ask what kind of budget they are working with and how much they are willing to allocate towards the products that they are after. If they are working with a tight budget then I will usually point them towards Meir and our other more cost effective brands, or if they have a larger budget then I will suggest Astra Walker or The Watermark Collection.

Understanding the client’s budget helps me identify the brands that are suited for them. Once I have identified the brand, then I dive a little deeper and start to understand the design a bit more. This is where I ask what kind of build it is (new build or renovation) and whether it is contemporary or traditional design. This helps me narrow down to specific product ranges which I can then show to the client.

Superior Renovations: How do people choose through the various finishes? How do you help them choose?

HollySelecting finishes will depend on various factors. First I need to understand what the setting is and who will be using the tapware. If it is for a family home, then clients will be wanting something that is durable and easy to clean. So I tend to recommend a stainless steel or brushed finish, something that won’t show finger prints and is low maintenance. Sometimes, if clients have young children, I do suggest not to use a matte black finish. While most of our matte black finishes are electroplated and are very durable, they still tend be easier to scratch if they are not handled carefully.

Superior Renovations: What is the difference between living finishes and Sealed finishes?

Holly: Living finishes are becoming more popular for their raw and organic appearance. They are designed to change and evolve, so they will develop a unique worn appearance over time. But the aged look is not for everyone.

If our clients want a living finish then our go to would be either Astra Walker or Buddy. These brands offer of range of living finishes, including natural brass and aged brass, which are the most common finishes that our clients tend to go for.

If the client wants a finish that will remain the same over time then I would recommend our trending sealed finishes which are matte black, brushed brass, stainless steel, brushed nickel and gunmetal. These finishes are offered by various different brands which gives a bit more flexibility when it comes to product selection.


Sealed-finish, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Sealed Finish

Living-finish-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Living Finish


Superior Renovations: Are there any specific trends that you are seeing in bathroom tapware?

Holly: There are a couple of design trends that have started to emerge with bathroom tapware. I have noticed a lot of people are now going for coloured tapware, especially brass finishes, as opposed to standard chrome and matte black. Living finishes are also becoming increasingly popular for the more industrial and retro design look. Elevated tapware is coming back into fashion as well, with a lot of interest in our cross handle and lever options as opposed to standard wall mixers.


Top 5 tips on choosing the right tapware for your bathroom design

Tip 1 – Design your bathroom which complements the rest of your home

Every person is unique which means that the style of every home is different from the other. However, the 5 broad categories that most homes fit into is contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Rustic, and Industrial. Most homes are not however designed to specific style and often contain a mix and match of various styles.

Modern or minimalistic Bathroom designs

Modern bathroom designs usually have tapware which are sleek and with straight lines. The overall look of a modern bathroom design often features a minimalistic look with a clean and uncluttered look. Most modern bathrooms used to feature shiny tapware, but a growing trend has seen a shift towards black matte tapware. Matte black look adds a certain sophistication to a bathroom design. It is versatile and works with most colour schemes in a bathroom. Even with smaller bathrooms where the colour scheme is often neutral, black matte taps can add a great design element to the bathroom.




Contemporary-modern-zig-zag, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

DSC00346, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00353, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00373, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

If you are going for a Trendy and modern look for your bathroom then this range can be great to incorporate within your bathroom design.

Traditional Villas and Bungalows

Most bungalows and villas in Auckland feature traditional elements within their structure like hardwood floors, casement windows, and traditional chandeliers. The overall design of traditional homes can be carried on to bathrooms while still having modern luxurious like bathtubs and wet rooms. You can add a traditional element to your bathroom design by installing traditional tapware like the classic range from Aster walker.  The classic range has taps and bathroom accessories are reminiscent of old Victorian and Edwardian times which come in over 23 textures and colours to suit most traditional bathroom tastes.


cropped-matte-black-olde-english, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

DSC00336, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00338, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00340, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Matte Black Olde English 3 tap set up used from the Astra Walker range. This set up is perfect for Villas and Bungalows that want to retain the old world charm for their homes.


Rustic Style bathrooms

There has been a growing trend in rustic style bathrooms in Auckland. We recently renovated two rustic style bathrooms which featured brass sinks and antique gold finishes. Rustic style bathrooms often feature elements of nature such as wooden accents, warm colours and matte brown or golden fixtures with an antique finish. If you are looking at adding rustic elements to your bathroom then changing your tapware could be a great way to do so.


elk_eco_brass-Jpg, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Elk Eco Brass is a great choice for a
Rustic bathroom

Icon-Lever-Flatlay_Eco-Brass-p1emvad0i8161g5b39iu1mg11gqt, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Icon range can be used for a modern
Rustic Style bathroom

Contemporary bathrooms

Contemporary styled bathrooms are one of the most popular in bathroom designs of today. The contemporary style borrows a bit of every style for a streamlined look. It is mostly a bit of old and a bit of new. There is a lot to choose from when you are designing your bathroom in a contemporary style. When choosing accessories for a contemporary bathroom, think about your colour scheme as well as your family situation.


Metropolis-Matt-Black-Jpeg-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

Contemporary bathrooms often feature basins which are placed above the countertop with tapware attached on the wall (Metropolis Black matte tapware from The Kitchen Hub)


If you do have a young family then opt for tapware which is shiny and not matte. Matte finish tapware leaves fingerprints on them a lot easier which means you will have to wipe it more often. Hence, if you have a busy household with young children then we would recommend you to use a shiny finish for your tapware.


Industrial style bathrooms

The industrial look was first inspired by the typical New York style apartments. Most industrial design takes clues from old industrial pipes and old factories. This style works great for apartments and architectural homes. However, if you love the look then you can add a vanity, basin or tapware in an industrial design without changing the whole look of the bathroom.


Tip 2 – Choose the right type of shape for your bathroom fixtures

Not all types shapes are right for certain bathroom designs or even the layout.  When choosing your tapware make sure that you are choosing something that looks great but also something that is functional for your family. Think about your family dynamics and who is going to be using that bathroom. Are your young children going to use the bathroom, are adults or the elderly members? If young children or someone who is elderly are using the bathroom then it would be best to install a basin and tapware that is easy to use. Perhaps a single leaver which can be used with one hand is more suitable but if there are adults using the bathroom then you can install a 2-leaver set up for your bathroom.

Also think about your overall bathroom design to make decisions on the tapware that you choose. If you have a traditional or vintage look in your bathroom then opt for 3 tap set up for your basin. Use a separate hot and cold-water knob fixture to re-create a traditional vibe. Do not use a very sleek or shiny tapware and basin. Opt for more traditional looking basins and tapware. If you have a more modern or contemporary like set-up then go for large square sinks with tall-curved tapware.

If you have a small bathroom design then think about a smaller and less cumbersome vanity set up. Always choose your bathroom fixtures in accordance with the size of your bathroom. A lot of people make the mistake of buying bulky fixtures for their small bathrooms which often ends up becoming an eyesore when the renovation is completed. A great advantage now is that there are a lot of options when it comes to smaller vanities in various design and style options.

Further inspiration for small bathrooms



Tip 3 – The type of finish you choose should depends on your family situation

Our clients often find it hard to choose the right finish for their tapware due to the countless options available today. They often struggle with whether they should get chrome, matte black, or a brushed finish.

Choosing the right type of sheen or finish is important as they determine how your bathroom will look as well as how you will be maintaining it. So we decided to ask Holly for her expertise in choosing the right finish for bathroom tapware.

When asked how she helped clients using the right finish she said “Selecting finishes will depend on various factors. First, I need to understand what the setting is and who will be using the tapware. If it is for a family home, then clients will be wanting something that is durable and easy to clean. So, I tend to recommend a stainless steel or brushed finish, something that will not show fingerprints and is low maintenance. Sometimes, if clients have young children, I do suggest not to use a matte black finish. While most of our matte black finishes are electroplated and are very durable, they still tend be easier to scratch if they are not handled carefully.


Tip 4 – Size of your bathroom

It is important to choose the correct size of tapware for the size of your bathroom. Getting the size of your tapware wrong can disrupt the overall look and flow of your bathroom design. Before you choose your fittings, you should measure up the space of your bathroom. Measure the space for your vanity, shower, toilet and the height available between your vanity and mirror for the tapware.

If you have a small bathroom then perhaps you can opt for a shorter tapware set up or even wall mounted tapware. If you have plenty of space available, then you can choose a long-arched tapware. The same goes for your vanity. If you have a small bathroom then make sure you measure the space available for your vanity before you go shopping. This will help you choose a set up for your bathroom in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Tip 5 – Choose tapware that is compatible with your water pressure

If you are renovating your home, then chances are that you are going to be using your existing plumbing. Auckland homes that are built over 20 years ago often have low water pressure. Its always good to check the type of water pressure you are working with before you buy your tapware. You can get your water pressure checked by a professional or simply look at your water cylinder. If you have unequal or low water pressure, then your water cylinder will say ‘low pressure’. Unequal water pressure means that your cold water will have more pressure as compared to your hot water, hence unequal water pressure.


edwardian_nickel_black_porc_basin-jpg, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland

This porcelain basin and 3 tap set up is perfect for villas with low pressure water (Edwardian Nickel black porcelain basin and tapware from the Astra walker range)


Newer homes do not have unequal water pressure which means that your cylinder will say ‘main pressure’. The pressure for hot and cold water for newer homes however is equal. Most villas and bungalows in Auckland have low pressure which means that you will have to find tapware which is compatible for low pressure. Most single leaver tapware is only suited for main pressure cylinders . If you have a low pressure water system and are not ready to change it to main pressure then you have to ensure that you choose tapware which is compatible for low pressure water cylinders.


Our Featured renovation projects highlighting bathroom accessories

Rustic Bathroom Renovation in Westmere

This rustic bathroom has all the classic features of natural elements that make a space look warm and inviting. The use of green tiles as a feature wall adds depth to the wet area by making it a calm and serene space. Matte gold is often used in rustic design and was hence used in the design of this bathroom.

ReadFull project details for this bathroom renovation


DSC00238-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00212, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00204-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
DSC00222, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00228, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00207, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Tracey’s Artisan Style Contemporary Bathroom renovation in Titirangi, Auckland

This small bathroom was renovated in a black and white theme using designer tiles on the floors and white subway tiles on the walls. We also used a floating wooden vanity to add some warmth in the bathroom along with matte black tapware and shower fixtures keeping the theme in mind.

ReadFull project specifications for this bathroom renovation.


DSC00169-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00119-1, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC00141, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland


Spanish Style Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Mary Stuart’s renovation was as much as a credit to her as it was to our designers and renovators. She had a clear vision tearing of converting an old closed off kitchen into an open and spacious Spanish style rustic kitchen. Her inspiration came from the arched hallways when she first bought her home. She was not afraid of bold colours and wanted to convert her bathroom and kitchen into a rustic villa reminiscent of Spain right her in Auckland see more


DSC06403-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06372-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06370-1000, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
DSC06398, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06404, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06405, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland
DSC06415, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06432, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland DSC06468, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, House Renovation Auckland



Further Resources for your house interior design

  1. Ideas for Bathroom renovations in our bathroom renovation gallery of bathrooms we have renovated in Auckland
  2. Ideas for Kitchen renovations in our kitchen renovation gallery for kitchens we have renovated in Auckland
  3. Featured projects and Client stories to see specifications on some of the projects.
  4. Real client stories from Auckland

What kind of bathrooms are best for contemporary bathrooms?

The great thing about contemporary bathroom designs is that they take elements from various styles to bring a cohesive bathroom design and look. This means that you have a lot of options when choose tapware or fixtures for bathroom designs. The growing trend however has been black matte in contemporary designs and stainless steel. If you have more questions about which tapware or bathroom fixture is best for your bathroom design then get in touch with our design team at 0800 199 888 ext 1.

Do I have to get my own designer?

Not when you are renovating with us. We have designers on our team which will help you choose the right bathroom fixtures and tapware for your bathroom.

Can I buy my own bathroom tapware?

We prefer working with our own suppliers in Auckland so we can maintain quality and workmanship. However if there is something that you prefer then bring it along and we can see what we can do.


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